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2019 Argos reincarnated 1976 Oakland Raiders?


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  • 2019 Argos reincarnated 1976 Oakland Raiders?

    In reviewing the Argos thrilling and record breaking 2019 season I was struck by the eerie parallels between the Argos and one of the most famous and successful Super Bowl teams of all time- the1976 Oakland Raiders.The more I looked at the two teams the more similarities I found between them to the point that it could be argued that Argo Coach Shinnick has recreated the 1976 Raiders at West Florida in 2019. In support I offer the following strange and interesting facts:

    1. Actual Connection- Argo coach Shinnick grew up watching the 1970's Raiders and threw balls with Ken Stabler at practice since coach Shinnick's dad was an assistant coach for the Raiders during the Madden years. What coach Shinnick absorbed during his childhood on the sidelines with the Raiders has apparently been recreated on the Argo sidelines in 2019.

    2. Coach- Like Raider coach Madden coach Shinnick is an ex-offensive lineman who lets his players be themselves as long as they play hard and their best at kickoff. As a result, the Argos and the Raiders players love their coach, play hard and win for him.

    3. Players- Like the Raiders the Argos are a group of long haired, bearded and tattooed players who play with a lot of excitement and energy. Both teams are made up of a collection of draft choices and castoff veterans from other teams that the coaches get them to play together as a team.

    4. Location/field- Both teams are located on a large bay in the northern part of their coastal states and play home games on a converted baseball field with early season games on the infield dirt.

    5. Mascot- Both the Argo and Raider mascots are seafaring adventurers who travel in ships to seek treasure.

    6. Motto- The Argo "Arete" motto is the Greek version of the Raiders "Commitment to Excellence", which itself is a phrase taken from a Vince Lombardi quote- "The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."

    7. Passing game- Both the Argos and the Raiders throw more than they run and throw deep, often and successfully to an outstanding corps of receivers.

    8. Running game- Both have unheralded running games that were overshadowed by their flashy passing games, but were effective and averaged the same amount of yards per game.

    9. Bend not Break D- Both teams have defenses that were not statistically tops in their league, but were known to hit hard and got the job done when the game was on the line. Both also had a great punter to pin opposing offenses back to their own side of the field..

    10. Season Record- Both teams set program season win records, won six close games, did not lose at home and were great on the road.

    11. Championship Opponents- Both teams had to beat a hated rival (Valdosta and Steelers) in the early playoff rounds and beat a Minnesota team dressed in purple for their first championship title in program history.

    I don't know if coach Shinnick has done any of the above consciously or unconsciously or if it's just eerie coincidence, but I'll take a 1970's Raiders championship run of success at UWF and look forward to "just winning baby" in the upcoming years
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    Lol. Stabler also grew up 30 miles away in Foley, AL.

    Too bad the Raiders have been mediocre to terrible since that era.
    Go GSC and Roar LIONS!!


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      If UWF relocates to LA and later Vegas this will be scary.


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        Someone said Reed their qb was going to throw left handed next year.


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          I am predicting an "immaculate reception" against UWF in the 2020 playoffs.


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            Originally posted by Buckwheat191 View Post
            I am predicting an "immaculate reception" against UWF in the 2020 playoffs.
            And it's probably the black helmeted Valdosta State Blazers that would turn that trick as payback for the 2019 last second loss.


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              Come to think of it the Argos v Blazers rivalry looks a lot like the Raiders v Steelers rivalry of the 70’s and the games in the coming years should be nothing but intense and dramatic thrillers for titles.