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  • Time to get ready

    Since we moved away from the campus of LRU I have to drive over if I want to spy on the team. Where we lived for 28 years I could just walk about a fourth of a mile. Before the monsoon hit I got a sneak peek at the early workout. Back several years ago there was a group of us older fellows that would regularly go over and watch the boys practice. For most of the time I was over there I was the only one of that group there. Sad that a couple have passed on. I miss them a lot. One I know is in the hospital with COVID. These were good Bear Club members. I think people are staying home because of it. I didn't wear no mask but I saw some people with them on later on. Quick observation is we have got some well fed linemen who tip the scale at 300 pounds or real close to it. Back when I played Coach Painter wanted the linemen to to be solid but fast because we did a lot of pull out blocking and you had to be quick to get on your man. The game has sure changed since then. Most of what I got to see was WR running routes. They appear to be pretty fast and catch pretty good. I will try to get over there after the monsoon when the boys start hitting. That's when you can tell what the team is like.
    Da Bears

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    Fourteen days until kickoff. Go Bears!