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  • LR vs Erskine

    I left the game at LR 62 to Erskine 0 with 6 minutes left in game. Normally I stay until the very end of any game I go to, but this evening I was so happy that I had to get to the restroom so I would not pee in my pants!
    It only took a complete year plus 2 games and 1.25 quarters of this year for the coaching staff at LR to finally play the correct quarterback. While the defense of the Bears is playing lights out D and the special teams stepping to upper level play by any measure, the offense was really a much different experience.

    So with no offensive play to speak of, someone made the decision to put Jalen Ferguson in at QB. The change in the team was immediate and significant. 3 Possessions, 3 scores. Passing was pinpoint, he was able to buy time when needed, made great decisions. As I said, and several other people around me all agreed, Ferguson is the QB that deserves to be leading the charge.

    Make no mistake, LR was winning and would have won this game whether Ferguson had played or not. The defense and special teams had this game in hand from the beginning.

    But if LR has a chance to do the things that I know every Bear fan, every player, every Bear Coach, wants, we now have a chance to accomplish those things with Ferguson securely in the QB position.

    Finally, bless be the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you to which ever coach made this decision.

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    I agree that Ferguson made a big difference for the offense. I did notice though that White did have a few passes that in my opinion the receivers should have caught. That being said I am looking forward to seeing what Ferguson will bring to the game against CN next week after having a full week of practice with the first team.


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      No way am I "downing" Sean White. He has tried his best to do what they have asked. But he, in my opinion, is just not talented enough to lead LR deep into the playoffs. And the coaching staff, if in fact, they have made the decision to go with Ferguson, should be credited with the decision. However, omg, why did it take so long?

      On the defense and special teams they certainly appear to be making much better decisions in regard to player decisions and play calling. But the offensive play calling has been less than stealer the entire time they have been at LR.


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        Agree. Excited for the rest of the season.


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          Proper play calling can make a difference in one’s performance and playing against a team that is not much of a challenge can make you appear to be better than you are. We have yet to play a team that would be ranked in the top seven of our conference. So its still up for determination for me on who should be on the field for our offense. Maybe we will find out this coming weekend at Mossey Creek against the Eagles of CNU. The one to me that needs to have a better game is the one calling the plays.


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            In Ferguson we trust!


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              I agree the competition has a lot to do with how a player plays. On Saturday, White and Ferguson and the other two people that played time at QB were playing against the same team.
              Now, early in the 3rd quarter when #7 went in and the game was completely settled, maybe he did not play against the same team as in the first half. But Ferguson went in and just took over, settled the team and gave them confidence and belief. It was obvious. The team responded.

              I have said for the past 55 years that on most teams, the best way to decide who the starters should be is to ask the players themselves. Buy in large they know. Yes, Yes, I know the Coaching Staff has to decide. But if they do, if they have the right to decide as they do, THEN the coaching staff has to be held accountable for the decisions!

              That is why Jacobs and the offensive coaches get no "pass" from me for taking 1 full season, 2 games and 1.25 Quarters before getting Ferguson on the field.

              Understand I do not know this young man, never met him, he did not go to my high school, etc. But watching two spring games, talking to players on the team, and watching warmups, anyone could see who the most skilled and gifted QB on the team is.

              We also still have the same problem at Tailback. Yes we have a speedster. And he is good. But what pile will he move when we have to have 3 yards. What games will we win when the only play calling gets from the coaches is speedster to the center 15 out of 20 calls.? Yes get McGee a hole or around the end with blocking and he looks really really good.

              But he is not the Tailback that Newberry had the past several years. He will not break tackles, he will not make linebackers think twice about hitting him head to head.

              This not to belittle McGee. He works his tail off and plays with heart and soul. It is to beat the coaches over the head with the fact that it is year 4 and they do not have the running back stable that LR needs to go to the National Championship Game.


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                I thought Ferguson looked good as well, but think anyone half decent could have a good game against Erskine, at least they could have Saturday night. I've not had a chance to see Ferguson play much, didn't get to see the scrimmages, etc.. but he looks more comfortable for sure throwing the ball. Nothing against White, but it seems they only run quick outs or quick slants with him for the most part and Ferguson might allow LR have to have a more dynamic medium-long range passing attack.


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                  I was convinced by that deep ball he threw in the second quarter. Not since Grayson have we had a QB who has that sort of accuracy throwing the ball down the field - and it was his first meaningful pass to boot! You can tell he's got arm strength by the way he slings it, even on screens or quick passes.


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                    I will promise you this and that it’ll not matter who is playing where if we don’t have a good game plan or can adjust if needed like we didn’t do at Fayetteville State ,,then it will not matter who’s in the game. I personally think it’s better if you have two guys in the sky box working the game and calling the plays on offense. In case you didn’t know I have a degree in arm chair coaching from grad school at Holy Smoke University.