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    On to the next! Can’t sit around sulking. Emporia came out and started hot against MoWest. I believe they showed they have what it takes. Unfortunately, they ran out of gas before the end of the trip. The defense looked lights out 3/4 of the game. Defensive front 7 took care of business all night. The DB’s gave up some questionable plays. Offense looked good the first Half, but was cut short the second. I feel like a lot of that was play calling and a little bit of MoWest/Momentum changes.

    Looking to this game, I’m not sure where Pitt stands. If they have a decent passing game. From seeing the little MoWest got going in the air. I’d be nervous for our defense. However, the Dline can get home at will. So there’s that.

    Our offense will put up points. The question is can we prevent Pitt from doing the same. I like where we are despite the loss. I’m looking at NW, UNK/WU, MWSU/ESU/Pittt as my top four with 2-4 still being in the air until more of them see each other.

    I’ll be interested to hear from PP and everyone else on where Pitt stands. No sandbagging, give it straight! How will this go?

    ESU 28
    Pitt 24


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    Pitt Fans waiting for next week like:


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      ESU is a ton better on special teams than Pitt. I think that could make a huge difference.

      I honestly don't know what to make of Pitt's chances in this one.

      They are young and inconsistent on offense, and it seems like the playcalling is almost Broyles like at times, stubbornly sticking with what doesn't work. The OL is questionable at times, the qb is good if he throws enough to find a rhythm, the backs are pretty steady, but I think Horack is still hurt, and Adkins got dingeda little tonight. Bryce Murphy will be back at WR, so that will help with depth there.

      The D can't get pressure without blitzing, and the back end lacks depth. Playcalling there is also slow to adjust. ie: never bringing any heatvafter the UNK qb when he was in obvious passing situations. The soft zone they like to get in is very susceptible to a good qb.

      Pitt will have to put a much better game together than they have so far if they want to hang with Emporia.

      I think they have the pieces to do it, but don't know if they will.


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        ESU tailgate
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          “stubbornly sticking to what doesn’t work”. Reminds me of a team I know as well.

          well, I’d like to say I’m not concerned about this game PP, but I still hold Pitt to high standards. So I can’t completely write them off. Unlike UCO or NSU. You have history in your program. So I can’t forget that. Maybe they will call on some of that and make this one interesting.


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            It seems to me that "play it safe". Has been the default at times. That may just be a function of not having the right pieces in place, idk?

            The staff will have a learning curve. If Pitt beats 2 out of unk, mw, esu, wu, nw, hays I will consider it a good first season for the staff. They have 5 chances left to do that.


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              I’m look for the same wins for ESU.


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                Pitt will have to really put it all together, to hang with ESU.

                Could be a 3 td win for the hornets or a good close game. I really have no idea. I just want Pitt to learn how to win at home.


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                  Don't start no stuff, won't be no stuff.


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                    Originally posted by GorillaTeacher View Post
                    Don't start no stuff, won't be no stuff.


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                      Originally posted by reloadmvp View Post

                      I would pay to see your internet search history.


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                        Originally posted by Predatory Primates View Post

                        I would pay to see your internet search history.
                        Save something back to pay for the eye bleach.


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                            Hornets suck
                            Roll Chos!


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                              Looks like Saleamea and Horack are still not back on the depth chart for Pitt.