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  • Top 25 Poll (10/12)

    D2Football Top 25 (10/12)
    1. West Florida (5-0)
    2. Ferris State (5-0)
    3. Valdosta State (5-0)
    4. Northwest Missouri State (5-0)
    5. Colorado School of Mines (6-0)
    6. Grand Valley State (5-0)
    7. Slippery Rock (6-0)
    8. Wingate (5-0)
    9. Harding (5-1)
    10. West Alabama (6-0)
    11. Ouachita Baptist (5-1)
    12. Bowie State (5-1)
    13. Shepherd (5-1)
    14. Notre Dame College (5-1)
    15. West Georgia (5-1)
    16. Minnesota-Duluth (5-1)
    17. Midwestern State (5-1)
    18. Henderson State (6-0)
    19. Augustana (5-1)
    20. Bentley (6-0)
    21. California (PA) (6-0)
    22. Nebraska-Kearney (5-1)
    23. Wayne State (NE) (5-1)
    24. Minnesota State-Mankato (4-2)

    25. Kutztown (5-1)

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    I see they didn't get Wayne and Duluth's order correct either.


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      Originally posted by Tundra_Man View Post
      I see they didn't get Wayne and Duluth's order correct either.
      While I have Wayne ahead of UMD in mine that was submitted....I do understand why not all the entries did that.

      First off, I don't think many voters consider who each team has lost to when drumming up their top 25. Most voters spend about 15 mins on their entry....I'm guessing. I'm a dork, so mine takes twice that long. (there are like 20 voters, roughly)

      Often times people leave teams in the order they had them unless a team falls..and then teams bump up a slot, etc. Personally, I look at each poll as new....and don't just leave teams in their exact same order. Big wins or ugly performances (albeit wins) can change my it's a resume year-to-date.

      Since Wayne just made it into the poll this week, I'm doubting the voters noticed they'd beaten both MSU and UMD as well. (those in the NSIC world notice that, yes) Furthermore, Wayne has a loss to Bemidji who isn't even ranked..while Mankato beat Bemidji..and so that kinda confuses things since you aren't looking at just one game in a poll setting, but instead the entire body of work.

      At the moment I have Wayne as my highest ranked NSIC team because of the quality of their wins, 2 of them on the road. In an effort to show transparency, I have them at #15 and Augie right behind them. Duluth at #20....and I don't have Kato in my top 25, as I don't have any 2 loss squads in the mix at this time.