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  • Regional Rankings 2020

    Its getting close. First rankings should come out Wednesday. I got no clue but will give an uneducated guess anyway:

    1. Indy
    2. UMSL
    3. Ferris
    4. GVSU
    5. USI
    6. Truman
    7. BU
    8. Walsh
    9. Findlay
    10.SW Baptist

    I can't say that I even have 8 of the right teams in there. Davenport, MI Tech, Drury could all definitely make it. Got to say this may be the hardest year in memory to rank this region.

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    There is going to be a lot of teams with 6+ losses when they pick the 8 for the regional. The conference tournaments will add another loss for all but 3 teams. Still 4 regular season GLVC games and 3 regular season games for the other 2 conferences. Expect a few more upsets. Having upset winners of the conference tournaments will add to the uncertainty.


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      From the NCAA website the selection process involves picking teams based on the following
      • In-region winning percentage
      • DII winning percentage
      • Strength of schedule against DII programs
      • Head-to-head wins and losses against DII programs
      • Results against common DII opponents
      • RPI
      • Performance indicator
      • Record vs. ranked teams


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        (Posted in "Regional ranking predictions" thread under General Discussion)
        1. Indianapolis (18-5)
        2. Bellarmine (16-6)
        3. Truman (17-7)
        4. UMSL (15-5)
        5. Ferris State (20-5)
        6. Grand Valley State (18-5)
        7. Southern Indiana (18-5)
        8. Davenport (16-8)
        9. Walsh (15-4)
        10. Michigan Tech (15-8)
        This region is a mess.

        In my weighted average, there's a logjam from #2 through #6. And another from #8 through... well, it's hard to tell exactly where that one ends, but it goes way past tenth. Among those just outside this top 10 (and potentially inside the committee's top 10) are Findlay, Drury, Ashland, Southwest Baptist, and Rockhurst.

        One thing I think is clear, though, is that the GMAC will be a one-bid conference. The odds of a GMAC team losing in the conference tournament and remaining in the top seven seem low.
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          A mess is a good description this year.

          If all of your regions are predicted correctly, then that puts the records against ranked teams as such:
          Indianapolis 4-2 (GVSU, USI, BU, TSU / BU, UMSL)
          Bellarmine 3-2 (UIndy, USI, UMSL / UIndy, TSU)
          Truman 3-5 (MO Southern, UMSL, BU / NWMSU, GVSU, Davenport, USI, UIndy)
          UMSL 2-4 (UIndy, USI / Walsh, BU, TSU, USI)
          Ferris State 3-2 (Concordia CA, GVSU, MTU / Davenport, MTU)
          Grand Valley State 3-2 (TSU, Davenport, MTU / UIndy, Ferris)
          Southern Indiana 3-3 (King, TSU, UMSL / BU, UIndy, UMSL)
          Davenport 3-3 (USC Aiken, TSU, Ferris / Lincoln Memorial, GVSU, MTU)
          Walsh 1-0 (UMSL / - )
          Michigan Tech 2-3 (Ferris, Davenport / Minn-Duluth, GVSU, Ferris)
          Findlay 2-3 (St Thomas Aquinas, Walsh / TSU, Ferris, Walsh)
          Ashland 4-4 (Le Moyne, Ferris, Davenport, GVSU / Ferris, MTU, GVSU, Davenport)
          Southwest Baptist 2-2 (USI, BU / UMSL, UIndy)
          Drury 1-4 (Rogers State / USI, UMSL, UIndy, BU)
          Rockhurst 2-4 (TSU, BU / Davenport, USI, TSU, UIndy)


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            Walsh loses tonight, their 5th loss of the season. The plot thickens.


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              Current top 10 in various rating systems:

              1. Indianapolis
              2. Truman
              3. UMSL
              4. USI
              5. Ferris
              6. Bellarmine
              7. GVSU
              8. Walsh (before tonight's loss)
              9. Davenport
              10. Drury

              1. Indianapolis
              2. Bellarmine
              T3. USI
              T3. GVSU
              5. Ferris
              6. UMSL
              7. Truman
              8. Davenport
              9. Michigan Tech
              10. Drury

              1. Indianapolis
              2. Bellarmine
              3. UMSL
              4. Ferris
              5. GVSU
              6. Truman
              7. USI
              8. Findlay
              9. Walsh
              10. Michigan Tech

              1. Indianapolis
              2. Truman
              3. Bellarmine
              4. UMSL
              5. Ferris
              6. GVSU
              7. USI
              8. Northwood
              9. Rockhurst
              10. Drury


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                Originally posted by BGrad1971 View Post
                Walsh loses tonight, their 5th loss of the season. The plot thickens.
                It's GMAC tournament title or bust for them now. (It might have already been.)


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                  After looking at Schnautza's rankings, it's actually pretty interesting to see that there are seven clear teams that are "in". UIndy is likely to be 1, Ferris appears pretty solid in the 4/5 range, but then the other five (TSU, UMSL, BU, GV and USI) could probably be anywhere in the 2-7 range with little to gripe about.


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                    A team that could easily throw a wrench into the works is Ashland. They were preseason pick to win the GLIAC and just got off to a horrible start. They have won 9 of their last 10, including a win over Ferris and road wins against GVSU and Davenport. They are a definite threat to win the GLIAC tournament.


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                      Regarding NCAA Regional my guess for bids is following:

                      GMAC - 1 - Winner of Conf. Tourney is in
                      GLVC - 4 - The winners of the 1st round of the Conf. Tourney are in
                      GLIAC - 2 - The Finalists of Conf. Tourney are in
                      GLVC/GLIAC - 1 - Best team left out from above gets in.

                      Yes, there could be a GLIAC team get hot but lose in Champ. that won't get bid.
                      Yes, If Drury or SW Baptist beats Indy but loses next game, they may not get bid.

                      But overall I think this is way it will go because GLVC is so even 1 through 8.


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                        As far as ultimate No. 1 and host seeding, obviously Indy right now has the upper hand. I do believe that if one of BU, USI, TSU or UMSL were to win out including winning the GLVC tourney, that team would get it. I think Ferris or GVSU need to win out and not have any of the above GLVC teams do the same plus Indy would need to lose 2 more times.
                        Out of the GLVC, UMSL probably has the easiest remaining regular season with all 4 games at home where they are undefeated. Rockhurst, Lewis and UIS are no pushovers, especially with Rockhurst still having some incentive for the postseason but I don't see UMSL losing any of them. BU and Indy have nearly identical schedules with the big exception being BU gets USI at home and Indy has to play at USI. Other than the USI game for both of them, they should not have any other problems with their remaining schedule. TSU has Drury on the road and SW Baptist at home. Interesting enough Indy BU and TSU all have S&T and Maryville on the road. USI by far has the toughest remaining schedule (@UIS, Lewis, @BU, Indy) but if they would win them all would definitely improve their position on all of the rating systems. Of course, the GLVC tourney is a total toss up. Doesn't matter who is 1 and who is 8, they will all have a shot. The GLVC tourney will be much more difficult than the Regional.


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                          Rank School Overall DII Record In-Region Record
                          1 UIndy 18-5 17-5
                          2 Truman 17-7 17-7
                          3 Bellarmine 16-6 16-6
                          4 Ferris State 20-5 17-5
                          5 Grand Valley State 18-5 18-5
                          6 Missouri-St. Louis 15-5 15-5
                          7 Southern Indiana 18-5 18-5
                          8 Michigan Tech 15-8 13-8
                          9 Davenport 16-8 15-8
                          10 Findlay 16-6 15-6

                          Here it is. I guess their opinion is as good as any. UMSL is kind of underated IMO. Michigan Tech is the first team out, since there has to be a GMAC team. It is all going to change by bid time.


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                            So the next question becomes how many games can each team in the top 7 afford to lose before falling out?


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                              Truman at #2 is a surprise