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    Originally posted by BearsLRU View Post

    Considering we schedule games years ahead of time, I'd say no. Maybe the GSC didn't want to play the top of the SAC since none of your teams made it out of the first round last year, aside from Valdosta. I don't think this will be a blowout, it should likely be a very competitive game, but WF is not the favorite here.
    Of course LR is the favorite, 13-0 and the #2 seed, that could have been the #1 seed vs the #6 seed. Yes the rest of the GSC took a crap in the first round last season but the season before that all 4 GSC teams advanced past the first round and had to knock one another out of the playoffs. None of that crap matters this Saturday, not whose the favorite, not what seed you are, the only thing that will matter is which team shows up and outplays the other. It's been said a million times but the team that can limit turnovers and control the trenches should be in pretty good shape. If we win, fantastic, Go Argos! If LR wins, congrats and good luck in the rest of the playoffs.

    FYI : LR has 1 open date in 2020 and 2 in 2021, West Florida still has 2 open dates to fill in 2020 and 2 more in 2021, and no the dates don't coincide.


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      Originally posted by D2FootballFanatic View Post
      Man it sounds like the only question remaining to ask UWF fans is if the Argos drop 80 or 90 points on the Bears..

      Do you post this on every game thread?


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        Originally posted by William Fisher Iv View Post
        Argos troop off to North Carolina again to take on the undefeated LR Bears between the bricks for theregion title. These are my impressions of next Saturday’s game.

        1. Weather/field/crowd-

        The weather is forecast to be sunny, 50’s with little chance of rain and field is turf. The LR playoff crowds have dropped to 1-2,000 and the black LR uniforms should not be much of handicap in cooler temps. The Argos are familiar with these weather and field conditions which are perfect for their passing game. The low crowds should also help Argos and all of this eliminates most of Bears home field advantage.

        2. Coaches-

        The LR coach has been very successful in his two years at LR, but Argo coach has more experience and has done this playoff trip before with great success. Advantage to Argos.

        3. Rosters-

        The Bears are made up of in house developed high school talent from Carolinas and Georgia with less than 10 junior college and D2/D1 transfers. The Argos are made up with in house high school and dozens of JC, D2 and D1 Florida talent throughout two deep starters. Advantage to Argos.

        4. QB-

        Bear QB mainly gives and throws to RB with a few throws to WR and he doesn’t run that much. He throws with 56% accuracy, has thrown quite a few picks and will be easier to contain than Valdosta QB. Argos should be able to get pressure and force some mistakes. Bears don’t see QB like Argo QB very often in their running conference and they give up 200 yards in passing on average. Argo QB should have good day with good weather as long as O line protects from Bear sacks, which they do well. Advantage to Argos.

        5. Bear offense vs. Argo defense-

        Bears run heavy with multiple backs and throw a lot to backs and play action deep to WR. Teams that do well against Argo D run well and mix up short and medium pass evenly with run. If Bears try run heavy and throw little style like Wingate they will have problems against Argo D. If Argos contain run and passes to RB they should be able to force mistakes for short fields for offense. Slight edge to Argos.

        6. Argo offense vs. Bear defense-

        Bears have problems defending balanced teams that run and throw well and can control clock like Valdosta and Argos. The weather will be perfect for Argos to run their offense and a few turnovers by D will help Argos control clock and keep Bear offense on sidelines watching Argo offense. Advantage to Argos.

        7. Kicking/return teams-

        Bears have better FG kicker and Argos better punter. Argos return kicks and punts slighter better than Bears. Slight edge to Argos.

        8. Prior games/prediction-

        Bears beat Wingate recently at home by one TD and Argos beat Wingate on road by three TDs in terrible weather where Argo passing not at 100%. Blazers controlled clock, contained and ran all over Bears with multiple picks last year in playoffs and Argos now are same type of balanced team as Blazers. Argos now are not same team that lost to Carson-Newman in first game this year. It may take some time for Argo D to adjust to Bear offense, but Argo offense will score more on Bear D than Bear offense will score on Argo D. Argos by 10.
        UWF beats LR handily.


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          Originally posted by We-Are-Lions View Post


          Do you post this on every game thread?
          Nah but the two threads I have posted it on have a common theme of one teams fans stating that they are world class and the team they're playing doesn't deserve to step on the field with them


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            I almost always give the edge to a GSC team, but this one is up in the air. LR is a great team and even has some South Georgia Talent. Senior Landon Scott was on back to back undefeated Colquitt County State Championship teams here in Georgia. I think this game will determine the D2 National Championship.


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              West Florida by 14!


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                Originally posted by 87Bear View Post
                If you are looking for the best BBQ in the Hickory area try JDs in Rutherford College, about 10 miles west of Hickory.
                Will have to check this one out

                Originally posted by Northeast01 View Post
                Does anyone know if West Florida is flying or busing to LR?
                They are Busing, Close to 600 miles but not close enough!

                Go Argos! Hopefully, it'll be a great game!


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                  Originally posted by Fan_the_Flame View Post
                  Gonna be a good game. And we'll see (I'm not saying what will happen - just possibilities).
                  We're only 90 minutes away from Hickory, so defiantly going to game.
                  I'll be pulling for our GSC brothers, but will be wearing bright red!!


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                    Should be a good one, and weather should be much better than the the last time the Argos were in North Carolina. Here is my preview.



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                      A little guide for WF fans as we've never played before.

                      Get a hotel near LR blvd and US 70, they're all fine, Red Roof is a little lower end, but still decent for the $$$.

                      Some good restaurants include the The Station, Tapp Room, Cafe Rule and Boca, the last two being higher end.

                      Get your tailgate supplies from Lowes Foods, its right by campus, there is a Publix too a little further, but the family that owns Lowes are one of LR's largest donors, so I always recommend them (awesome beer selection too).

                      If you're willing to make a slight drive after the game (about 25 minutes) downtown Morganton is beautiful and has several world class breweries in Catawba, Fonta Flora, and Sidetracked, as well as my favorite restaurants Root & Vine (very expensive for dinner).


                      Hickory has an insanely confusing road system, if you're coming off I-40 east, you'll take a left, I-40 west you'll take a right onto Lenoir Rhyne Blvd, head straight on that road until you can't anymore, make sure you're in the left right turn lane, then take an immediate left again and head straight, stadium is on your left after you go through the next two lights, parking will fill up early so get there early! Your GPS may try to tell you to take a left after you go under the bridge on LR Blvd, ignore it, the roads to the stadium from that side will be closed for Bears Club and President's parking.

                      Have a safe trip everyone! Go Bears!


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                        Originally posted by William Fisher Iv View Post
                        Next up for Storm Troopers is another trip to North Carolina to take on another good running team at their place between the bricks for another regional title.

                        Goooo Arrrgggooosss!
                        Go get em guys. We blew them out last yr! GSC all the way!


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                          You blew everybody out last year. What a great team.


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                            Originally posted by BearsLRU View Post

                            If you're willing to make a slight drive after the game (about 25 minutes) downtown Morganton is beautiful and has several world class breweries in Catawba, Fonta Flora, and Sidetracked, as well as my favorite restaurants Root & Vine (very expensive for dinner).
                            Thanks for these recommendations. I live by Lake Norman and my wife and I always like to get to Morganton in the fall. There is an apple orchard there we go to every year, but I've never been to these breweries. As fate would have it, we are doing a late Thanksgiving/early Christmas with my side of the family this weekend in Bryson City so I have to do the unthinkable of missing this game that would be so easy for me to get to. Any Argo fans that are making the trip, I would also recommend Asheville if you can find the time this weekend. It's probably about an hour and 15 minutes away from Hickory, but it's a really fun and beautiful place.
                            Go Argos!


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                              This is from Chuck Bitner's write up on the game...

                              The Bears are celebrating their 100th season of football in 2019 while West Florida is celebrating year number…four? Yes, that’s right, year four.

                              Gosh, that really puts things in perspective. Really proud of what everyone at West Florida has done to make this football program so special.
                              Go Argos!


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                                In four years the Argos are only behind 22 teams in playoff wins and a deep run could land them in top 15-simply incredible!

                                Gooooo Arrrgggooosss!