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  • The "Cardiac Kids" are showing how good they are by continuing to win without the division 2 player of the year (Robinson) and another player (Lynch) who was a first team GLVC pick.

    1/11/22 WBCA Poll
    1. Drury (16-1)
    2. Fort Hays State (13-1)
    3. Glenville State (12-0)
    4. Lubbock Christian (13-2)
    5. Western Washington (10-0)
    6. Texas A&M-Commerce (11-1)
    7. Ashland (12-1)
    8. Azusa Pacific (9-1)
    9. Alaska Anchorage (9-1)
    10. Lander (10-2)
    11. North Georgia (10-1)
    12. Indiana, PA (10-1)
    13. Colorado Mines (12-1)
    14. Grand Valley State (11-1)
    15. Gannon (10-1)
    16. Nebraska Kearney (12-2)
    17. Southwestern Oklahoma State (14-2)
    18. Union, TN (11-2)
    19. Valdosta State (11-2)
    20. Tampa (15-3)
    21. Catawba (12-1)
    22. Missouri Western State (12-1)
    23. Barton (10-1)
    24. Eckerd (9-1)
    25. University of the Sciences (9-1


    • Lady Panthers keep taking hits. They're still missing Robinson to a hand injury. Lynch is back, but coming off COVID and will be a step slow and now Kaylee DaMitz (who has carried them in Robinson's absence) has entered protocols.


      • Originally posted by PantherClaws1 View Post
        Lady Panthers keep taking hits. They're still missing Robinson to a hand injury. Lynch is back, but coming off COVID and will be a step slow and now Kaylee DaMitz (who has carried them in Robinson's absence) has entered protocols.
        Those hits started early in the season with injuries that has slowed several key players. What started out as a very promising season is now is marked with much uncertainty.

        IF the losses come, hopefully they can still make a run in the postseason if/when they get the key players back.


        • Drury by 24 over William Jewell. Lynch 10. Clevenger 15. Findley double, double, freshman Hitt 14. Freshmen looked good off bench in second half.


          • Originally posted by RosieD View Post
            Drury by 24 over William Jewell. Lynch 10. Clevenger 15. Findley double, double, freshman Hitt 14. Freshmen looked good off bench in second half.
            The Lady Panthers are on a 40 game road streak and will play the Rock U Lady Hawks in what feels like a rivalry game despite Drury winning 40 of the last 42.

            Hopefully the Rockhurst bench will be more respectful than they were at the last game when they mocked a Drury player who stumbled and mocked another Drury player who questioned a call by making the crying gesture among other over the top actions unbecoming of any team, anywhere. Being boisterous is one thing, being disrespectful is another.


            • It would be nice to have this one back


              • Multiple School Districts are shutting down in this area, we should be happy we have basketball at all.


                • The Lady Panthers win number 18 after being down by as many as 19 points in the first half. With Drury being without two of the best players in the nation and Lynch obviously lacking her usual explosiveness, Terrion Moore and Alana Findley have shown their ability to lead this team. Freshman Anna Hitt has also contributed greatly and has shown flashes of her superior athletic ability.

                  This was the third game out of the last 4 the Lady Panthers have won after trailing by huge margins. This next game will be a monumental challenge being very shorthanded and at the tail end of a three game road swing. Also, you can bet Truman has had this game circled since the schedule came out. If Drury wants road win number 42 in a row, they can't afford to fall behind early again.


                  • Man, poor shooting is contributing to these huge first half deficits for the Lady Panthers. Kudos to the coaching staff for the halftime adjustments. It's hard to watch great teams with great shooters who are in shooting slumps partly because of flaws in their shooting form. Yes, playing a furious pace under pressure can jack the heart rate sky high and affect one's shot, but It's easy to pick out the shooting flaws in pre-game warmups: one snaps the release back and doesn't stay on top of the ball with her follow through, another great shooter has developed a side spin on her shot, and another's elbow is way too low like she's aiming for the bottom of the net (A lot of past great players would make baskets from behind the backboard to force their elbow up).

                    Despite the outside shooting woes, the depth of this team and their will to win is a testament to the strength of this program top to bottom. We all have seen other teams decimated after losing just one or two key players. This next game will be another tremendous challenge.


                    • Congratulations to Truman on one of their biggest wins in several years. Unsurprisingly, they absolutely dominated inside.

                      Hopefully the Lady Panthers can stop the bleeding until everyone returns. They only have two losses by a total of two points this season. They cannot afford anymore losses in hopes of hosting the regional.

                      Hopefully this season gets played out despite Covid rampaging in BIBLICAL proportions. I personally know several people who are currently infected with Covid and all are fully vaccinated except for one.


                      • The Lady Panthers have played 20 games, the last 7 in less than two weeks, 5 of those including the last three were played on the road. They were missing two All league starters every game and lost the last game to a good team on the road on last second free throws. Very impressive play by Drury though they are disappointed.

                        Speaking of missing starters, Paige Robinson has missed 7 games already but will be back before the end of the season. Her latest injury was to her shooting hand/wrist. Hopefully she regains her shooting accuracy quickly because there is no one I've seen like her in D2: averages over 22 points, able to score from 25 feet under heavy pressure, drive to the hoop against the best defenders, shoot the mid range, and score in the post. Word is she has played most of this season through significant pain and will have off season surgery. Recent report affirms that she is indeed coming back for next season. Her work ethic will put her in position to play at the next level. Bless her and others to not let the disappointment of the last three years affect their decision to continue their careers.

                        Kaylee DaMitz has missed the last 3 games and has averaged over 21 points during Robinson's absence. She is only 5'5 but this kid dominates at times and is the best point guard in the league IMO. She will be an all American candidate.

                        More schools have shut down in this area and the CDC has recommended all K-12 suspend sports activities. Say your prayers.


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                          • Number two ranked Fort Hays State women lost their game last night to Missouri Southern and they now have two losses on the season. Defending National Champion Lubbock Christian has three losses. It looks like undefeated Glenville State will move to number 1 when the new poll is released and Ashland should move to number 2.

                            Glenville State has scored over 100 points several times, over 130 twice, over 140 once. I could be wrong, but their schedule looks weak.

                            It appears Ashland holds the upper hand at this point to host the regional. It may come down to who is healthy in March.


                            • The Lady Panthers beat an improving SBU team soundly. DaMitz returned to the lineup while Robinson and Mitchell weren't even in the gym. This is the sharpest Drury has played in over a month IMO.

                              SBU will be very good eventually as they have several freshmen who are big contributors. The best of these is probably Faith Gilkey, the reigning Missouri Class 2 Player of the Year.

                              Southern Indiana lost, Truman won another and Rockhurst found out what it's like to play without their two best players as they lose badly in an upset to S and T. This Rockhurst loss hurts Drury's strength of schedule in the league's points rating system.

                              Drury Men have already postponed next Thursday's game with Maryville due to Covid Protocol. They have a busy upcoming schedule with all the make-up games being added. This season's GLVC Tournament format that includes all 15 league teams gives hope to any team getting hot at the right time. Four upsets in last season's 8 team GLVC tournament proves this is a fact. One of these upsets was #9 Indianapolis (Southern Indiana's replacement) over top seed Truman.


                              • The Drury / S & T doubleheader was a blocked shot fest. According to Live Stats, there were 27 blocks in the two games. Most of these were very exciting, athletic and emphatic. IMO, the most exciting one was Alana Findley's full court sprint to block a kick out three. After long jumping for the block, she ended up face down in the home tunnel.

                                The Lady Panther's shooting was poor in their win even though they got the looks they wanted. Even their free throw percentage was poor. The offensive rebounding and defense was phenomenal as usual though as they won in front of 1800 fans to move to 21-2.

                                Mia Henderson led the Lady Panthers with 16 points. After missing last season with health issues, circumstances have pushed her into the starting lineup. There appears to be some upside as 2 seasons ago when they were freshmen, Henderson received more playing time than Findley.

                                In the men's win, 6'2" Victor Nwagbarachoa had 22 points, 10 rebounds (4 offensive), 6 blocks, 3 steals, no turnovers. His athleticism in the post against a much bigger Miner team was impressive and led the Panthers to a much needed win.