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  • I think Drury overachieved this season and that's great. They are young and will be better next season. But today showed how bad the GLVC as a whole is right now. Neither Lewis or Drury could compete today.

    On another note, Reese Schaaf as Midwest Region Player of the Year was a complete joke. Drury has had some great players in the past, but at this stage of her career she isn't even in the same league as some of Drury's greats. Can't grade on a curve.


    • We knew going into this season that depth would be a big issue. It's safe to say that this was one of the weakest Lady Panther rosters top to bottom they have ever had... at no fault of this coaching staff.

      Because of this fact, Matas Martin, Daniels and Schaaf had to play great almost every single game. Their overall shooting numbers were spectacular considering the very athletic shots these three had to make on a very consistent basis.

      I strongly disagree about Schaaf. Until Mendel began to contribute late in the season, Schaaf had to do it all inside. That tends to clog things up a lot when they can sag off your teammate consistently. That lady routinely had to beat double teams inside.. offensively and on the boards. Considering this fact, her numbers were spectacular this season.

      Shout out to Anna Hitt, who played excellent defense again this season and was incredible in the open court.

      Sara Mendel is going to be a great one, the future of this program is bright.


      • If you think Schaaf is the best player in the region, you need to watch more GLIAC and GMAC basketball. Northern, Grand Valley, Trevecca all have players better than her. She couldn't even handle Ashland's player that by all accounts is second best on their team.

        Playing weak competition and stacking up numbers don't make you the best player in the region. Many more deserving players than her this year


        • You know as well as I do that the MVP doesn't always go to the "best" player. Downplaying what Schaaf accomplished this season isn't fair either. Her numbers alone put her in contention for the award. D

          What I consider blatant disregard for the facts is the choice for GLVC COY.


          • True! Lewis underachieved this season for what they had back. Yes, they won the league, but to not even play in the regional semis?

            When is the last time no GLVC women's team advanced to the semis at least? I can't think of a time off my head.


            • A couple really quick comments while I'm waiting here.
              There is talent in the conference (women's side). I think it's obvious, but I don't want to comment on what I think the reason is for the inconsistency of some of these teams.

              A couple examples:

              *Maryville had a ton of experience, including several current and former all league players on their roster and they were deep. This same group beat D1 ST Louis University last season on the road by 8.

              *Illinois Springfield beat Bradley and Indiana State in the last couple of seasons and also was a deep talented team this season.

              *Mckendree returned their entire roster and had three players make all GLVC. They had some big wins, including one at Lewis, but lost in the GLVC opening round against Upper Iowa.

              *Lewis returned a ton of talent and experience as they had several who have been with the program 4 plus years. BTW, Drury was within 3 points of the flyers inside of 2 minutes left in the GLVC championship game. This being Drury's third straight game day didn't help their odds of winning this one.

              *Drury only had four national level players (all starters) on this season's team IMO. That made the Lady Panthers a heck of a lot easier to scout than in season's past when they had much deeper teams. When Schaaf gets help inside, she will dominate even more.

              It was a fantastic job of coaching and spectacular play from a few that made this season a success. There is a lot of talent returning and more coming for Drury.

              Drury's Sara Mendel, and Kaylee King are future stars in this league. Prediction: If Schaaf and Daniels continue to improve, they will be named All Americans next season.

              *The GLVCSN and the fast forward button made it possible for me to watch a few teams play during the cold snap this season. Without mentioning teams, there are certain coaches (none of the above) who made multiple bizarre in game (and recruiting) decisions. I bet there are a couple schools regretting their hiring choices.
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              • Wow, the portal:
                *The Missouri State Lady Bears have lost seven players, including 3 starters, and the conference freshman of the year to the transfer portal. Two of these girls are local products.

                *Western Illinois lost 5^11" freshman guard, Raegan McCowan to the portal. She averaged 19 points and 8 rebounds. She is another local player having played at nearby Lebanon High.

                *Morehead State Women have lost 10 players to the portal.

                *Maryville women lose a lot to graduation. They also lose starter Haidyn Pitsch to the portal.

                *Drury Men get a transfer from Missouri State. 6'3" Kanon Gipson.

                *Lady Panther fans are elated that one of the conference's most entertaining players, Kaitlyn Daniels, decided to return for next season.

                Both Drury teams took major injury hits last season. It will be good to get Hardrick, Gordon, Riak, King and Gibbons back on the court for their respective teams. Both teams should be much improved going into next season.


                • The portal is crazy! Like you said Morehead State women have 10 players in it. Akron has seven in it the last I look. As of today almost 900 players are in the portal from D1 women's basketball. If you have to figure there are 100's from D2 and D3 too.


                  • One of those Morehead State players transferred to MO State. Times have changed. At one time, The Missouri State Lady Bears was an elite program that routinely played in front of several thousand fans a game. There is obviously something wrong with this whole scenario.

                    While scanning for portal information, I stumbled upon multiple video shorts on shooting the ball and was reminded of this. Several years ago I studied numerous pro and college player practice routines. The following routine has turned players known as only defenders into HIGH percentage scorers:

                    *#1 set a goal of made shots that day. Let's say 300 for example.

                    *#2 Break this down into sets of 10.

                    *#3 Set goals for each shot you are working on. Example for an average shooter:
                    Free throws 8 of 10

                    Mid range jumpers 7 of 10

                    Threes 6 of 10.

                    *This is the part that differs from most other routines. If only 7 of 10 free throws were made, that seven did not count toward the 300 total and same for the other shots. One's concentration level tends to go up by following this rule.

                    Increase your goal as your shot gets better to 9 of 10 free throws and so on.

                    I've heard a successful coach say if one can't make 7 of 10 midrange in practice, you aren't allowed to shoot that shot in a game.

                    Don't worry about speed, but don't waste time and don't worry about jumping high on your shot. These things will happen naturally as more reps are taken. The proper form is a must first developing muscle memory.


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                    • The Lady Bears were quite good at one time. Lot of talented players in Missouri girls basketball so they should be good!


                      • Originally posted by Bballfan View Post
                        The Lady Bears were quite good at one time. Lot of talented players in Missouri girls basketball so they should be good!
                        Hammons Student Center was the best home court in women's basketball with up to 9,000 enthusiastic fans in attendance for the big games. I think guard Melody Howard and the then unheard of home and away Lady Bear game coverage provided by local television station KY3 were the big catalysts for the explosion of fan interest in girls basketball in this area.


                        • Originally posted by Bballfan View Post
                          The portal is crazy! Like you said Morehead State women have 10 players in it. Akron has seven in it the last I look. As of today almost 900 players are in the portal from D1 women's basketball. If you have to figure there are 100's from D2 and D3 too.
                          Where can one find entries to the portal?


                          • Originally posted by TSU_Mike59 View Post

                            Where can one find entries to the portal?
                            D1 only.... but still very informative. A few years back a site did D1, D2, and D3. Now just D1.



                            • The Lady Panthers had their post season banquet in front of a packed house this past Saturday, a good indication of the state of this program. This team will be better next year even if no other recruits are added, as three guards who sat the bench last season due to injury or ineligibility are set to return:

                              *Top reserve Rhi Gibbons was just starting to be a big producer off the bench after missing much of the preseason with an injury. Later in the young season, Drury's guard rotation was eliminated for 2023-2024 when doctors determined Rhi had to sit.

                              *High Scoring Guard Kaylee King didn't play at all last season, also due to injury. All she did was average 32 points a game in high school (8 minute quarters) and was a two time state player of the year in Missouri Class 2. Her team also made multiple trips to the state championship, winning once.

                              *Highly recruited guard Jazz Gray, had to sit after originally signing with Washburn. Reports say she is going to help this team in a big way with her skill and athleticism.

                              *Zoe Newland, a high school teammate of Jazz Gray signed with Drury last season. She appears to be another young athletic guard who will be an immediate contributor.

                              *Heard rumors of a possible commitment that will be very exciting news for Drury if it comes to fruition.

                              *Sharpshooter Hailey Tunnell will play for a very good Mid American Christian University team in Oklahoma City next season after transferring from Drury. Good luck to her.

                              *Lebanon's Reagan McCowan has left the portal and will return to Western Illinois.

                              *Waynesville's Naudia Evans has left Grand Canyon where she was a huge contributor, and transferred to Loyola Marymount.

                              *Springfield Kickapoo's Indya Green has signed with Georgia Southern after transferring from Missouri State.

                              *1,314 young ladies are still in the portal


                              • Originally posted by crazznewt View Post
                                The Lady Panthers had their post season banquet in front of a packed house this past Saturdayl
                                What exactly constitutes a packed house for a banquet?