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Ashland to the GMAC


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    KWC still fits better geographically in the GLVC than in the GMAC.


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      Originally posted by JDonAB92 View Post

      I did chart this for KWC:

      Campbellsville 2 hrs 6 min 133 miles
      Lindsey Wilson 2 hrs 9 min 142 miles
      Cumberland 2 hrs 14 min 132 miles
      Georgetown 2 hrs 47 min 184 miles
      Thomas More 3 hrs 204 miles
      Univ Cumberlands 3 hrs 51 min 230 miles
      Shawnee 4 hrs 42 min 300 miles
      Pikeville 4 hrs 58 min 330 miles

      I realize KWC has a rich tradition in men's basketball in the NCAA D2 ranks. But I wonder if they would ever consider a move to the Mid-South and NAIA which is a very good conference. There are other NAIA schools throughout KY too. Midway, Alice Lloyd, Brescia, Berea, Asbury, etc...come to my mind off the top of my head especially those for OOC olympic sports. I am not advocating it. I am just wondering if they look at that. Or is there a D2 conference in the south that shortens travel?

      When Cumberland and Georgetown were denied D2 admission, it really hurt KWC and TNU hard.
      I think that KWC should be at the very least non-football for the GMAC, call themselves independent and play that NAIA schedule plus Kentucky State for football


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        This is great news for SR1. Ashland is a strong program joining a strong conference that is now clearly the PSAC's main competition for region superiority, even more so if/when NDC makes their way. Looking forward to the great battles to come.