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    Originally posted by GLIAC Fan View Post
    Wish there were more week 1 games between PSAC & GMAC.
    I agree, the Shepherd vs ODU in week 1 should be a good one. Shepherd should have a pretty strong team next year.


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      There used to be some sort of agreement between the PSAC, WVIAC, and NE10 but I don't see any remnants of that remaining outside of geographical convenience. Between the CIAA, GMAC, MEC, NE10, and PSAC there shouldn't be a need to schedule week 1 non-conference games. Throw Central State of the SIAC in there, too; they're 4 hours from Cal and Slippery Rock, 4 1/2 from Edinboro, Gannon, and Mercyhurst.


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        For about the last 6 yrs GU opened H & H against So Conn of the NE 10 (@ 500 miles) before that it was Lake Erie (@ 75mi ) for 6yrs
        which was a good opener for both fans as it was only an 1.5hr drive down I-90.


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          95% is a reach. Beating an average (at best) Gannon is a little different than playing IUP, Cal, Slippery Rock, Shepherd and West Chester.


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            That's funny!


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              Well here we are, chock up another loss for Gannon 37-22 to Davenport.
              same team that beat them 3 weeks ago by a 30-22 score.
              Same story Fumbles, interceptions & missed tackles.
              Wonder when GU practices are they practicing Donkey Kong Football?
              or do they just stink. ooh, did I just say that....

              D line played pretty good

              QB #15 Quinque out of Cannon-Mac had a pretty good game with only 1 mistake
              He overthrew a lob pass while under heavy pressure.

              #40 DB was getting beat all night long & should have been pulled before the half.

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                Originally posted by IUPalum View Post

                That's funny!
                He might be talking out of his hat, but this board often tends to think the PSAC is a little better as a whole than it is.


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                  I was thinking of this thread over the weekend. A disadvantage of this pseudo-season is that most teams are playing a lot of non-conference games. So you've got a somewhat new staff with a roster that hasn't practiced in a year going up against teams they don't have a lot of scouting on. Sure they have film but its not like playing Clarion where you can build a plan that considers a coach's tendencies. Give him the fall "real" season to see if he was a good hire.


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                    Originally posted by jrshooter View Post

                    He might be talking out of his hat, but this board often tends to think the PSAC is a little better as a whole than it is.
                    PSAC doesn't compete on a national level we know that but neither does Tiffin!


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                      At half GU leads hurst 10-0
                      MH scores next 21
                      in 4th GU scores the next 11.
                      Tied 21-21 going into OT.


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                        OT #1
                        GU gets ball pick up TD GU 28-21
                        MH ball 1st & goal on 7
                        MH 4th & 1 on 1yd
                        GU stops hurst for no gain

                        GU wins 28 -21