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  • Dante Spadafora has quite a repertoire of underhand passes made with one hand, which are not commonly seen in basketball today. Reminiscent of a great passer from Aliquippa who played college ball in the 1960s... :-)


    • Observations from a Dummy - West Liberty at Frostburg State

      Many good things to like about the game. Here is just a small sample. I welcome other additional observations.

      1. WLU brand of ball continued with predictable results against a team playing playground ball. Incredible 1.47 Points Per Possession (PPP) versus only 0.87 for FSU. Amazing 1.83 Assist to Turnover Ratio to only 0.37 for Frostburg State. Assists on 48% of FGs, which would have been even higher, but Frostburg was not getting back on defense, which led to run-outs by WLU.

      2. With 10:40 left in 1st half, WLU led 22-20. Then the flood gates opened and massive blackouts occurred. Half was 64-38. There was no garbage time in the second half. WLU kept playing unselfish ball with the extra pass, which continued to increase the lead, reaching a high of 55 points.

      3. Really good judgment on shot selection.

      4. We had an incredible 50% Offensive Rebounding Efficiency. That means that WLU got half of all the rebounds off our basket

      5. Freshmen are getting more comfortable with each game. The future is bright for all of them.

      Areas for Improvement
      1. Some guys are still too high in their defensive stance. When an opponent moves quickly or jumps, if one sees the WLU defender first bend his knees and lower their stance, before moving or jumping, that means their leg muscles were not contracted and ready to move (whether running or jumping). That creates a half-second delay and an opening for an opponent to get open or get a shot off.
      2. Some foul shooters have little or no backspin on the ball and need more arc on the trajectory, which is causing them to missing shots hard off the rim (no shooter's bounce). Strangely enough, these same shooters may be OK with their mechanics from three point range

      Statistic West Liberty at Frostburg St.
      POINTS 128 75
      FGM 46 24
      FGA 84 63
      FGPCT 54.8% 38.1%
      3FGM 14 7
      3FGA 38 23
      3FGPCT 36.8% 30.4%
      FTM 22 20
      FTA 28 35
      FTPCT 78.6% 57.1%
      REBOUND TOTAL 58 32
      ASSISTS 22 7
      TURNOVERS 12 19
      BLOCKS 1 0
      STEALS 12 4
      Num Possessions 87 86
      Points per Possession 1.47 0.87
      Assists per 100 Possessions 25.3 8.1
      Assists to FG Made ratio 47.8% 29.2%
      Assist to Turnover Ratio 1.83 0.37
      Turnovers per 100 Possessions
      (< better)
      13.8 22.1
      WL Opponent Defensive Rebounds 21 37
      Offensive Rebound Efficiency % 50.0% 22.9%
      Effective FG % 63.1% 43.7%
      Effective FG% Difference (team-Opp) 19.4% -19.4%
      FGA % Diff ((team FGA-Opp.FGA)/Opp FGA) 33.3% -25.0%


      • Another encouraging sign. WLU now has 4 players shooting over 39% from three. There are still several players in abysmal slumps who made over 40% last year. If they break out, look out!


        • Originally posted by Columbuseer View Post
          Dante Spadafora has quite a repertoire of underhand passes made with one hand, which are not commonly seen in basketball today. Reminiscent of a great passer from Aliquippa who played college ball in the 1960s... :-)
          Malik McKinney must be reading this forum, as he pulled off the perfect-behind-the-back-pass-in-transition play against Frostburg late yesterday. It was a closer pass than the one you describe here, but Malik wanted to make sure you knew that it wasn't just incoming guys who can do those things!


          • Lol
            that was one sweet play. Also Very unselfish to give it up, for he is a great finisher at the rim.

            BTW do u recall the name of the great passer from Aliquippa?


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              • Originally posted by Columbuseer View Post
                that was one sweet play. Also Very unselfish to give it up, for he is a great finisher at the rim.

                BTW do u recall the name of the great passer from Aliquippa?
                Are you referring to Pistol Pete?


                • Originally posted by Scrub View Post

                  Are you referring to Pistol Pete?
                  Yep. Grew up liking wvu and wanting to play there but when his father got LSU job, that was not going to happen Lol


                  • Just had to make sure you weren't referring to the legendary Chucky Humphries. ; )


                    • Those are the plays we need but have been largely missing from our arsenal. If driving players start kicking the ball outside for open 3's, you are going to see fewer defenders sagging inside when we do drive.


                      • NDC beats fairmont 96-85!


                        • Originally posted by Columbuseer View Post
                          NDC beats fairmont 96-85!
                          Even more reason to be thankful that WLU woke up in the second half and didn't drop a stupid one to D&E


                          • D&E implemented what some might call the "Save the Coach's job" Offense, where the goal is to lose by 20 and not by 50 to WLU. They did not start the offense until 12 seconds left in the shot clock. If WLU were ice cold, then just maybe the opponent would have a chance to stay in the game. The problem is that you must have players who can break down our best defenders to get a good shot in just 10 seconds.

                            However, the WLU defense forced them into difficult shots as the shot clock neared zero.

                            The basic strategy kept the game close, as WLU was ice cold in the first half from three (13%) from two (31%) and subpar foul shooting (66%), despite getting wide open looks. WLU stayed with the rapid ball movement, which opened up lanes to the basket, where WLU was drawing fouls. Their press forced needed turnovers.

                            That kept the game 33-32 at half.

                            In the second half, the fouls, fatigue and the smothering WLU defense took its toll on D&E. Inexorably, WLU gradually started widening the lead up to 13. However, D&E still stayed in the stalling offense, milking the clock, which is not the way to come back against WLU, when D&E was not getting good shots. Even with 6 minutes and down 19, D&E maintained their strategy to help WLU burn clock.

                            Puzzling to say the least.

                            Very impressed with WLU effort, to persevere when nothing is falling and stay the course on offense. With the offense spread and D&E rotating late against the rapid ball movement, it was a feast for Patrick, Malik, Bryce and Dalton.
                            They were leaving Luke wide open and he made them pay in the second half.

                            All platoons contributed with solid defense.
                            Just one example, WLU got one 10 second call and would have had another, but the D&E coach called a frantic timeout at 9.75 seconds in the backcourt, as the players were oblivious to the elapsed time.

                            Great win
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                            • #1top 4top 10top 20 top 50 in 24 categories, which is over 92% of the relevant 26 stats

                              Note: The WL style is incongruous with some statistics, such as fewest fouls, personal fouls per game, fewest turnovers, turnovers per game, scoring defense, etc.,
                              which leaves only 26 relevant stats for WLU.
                              Date Stat Rank Value
                              2/20/2021 Rebound Margin 1 11
                              2/20/2021 Scoring Offense 1 106.5
                              2/20/2021 Total Rebounds per game 1 46.54
                              2/20/2021 Assists per game 2 20.8
                              2/20/2021 Scoring margin 2 26
                              2/20/2021 Steals per Game 3 10.7
                              2/20/2021 Turnover margin 3 6.4
                              2/20/2021 Offensive rebounds per game 4 16.46
                              2/20/2021 Turnovers forced per game 4 19.23
                              2/20/2021 Defensive Rebounds per game 6 30.08
                              2/20/2021 Assist to turnover ratio 7 1.62
                              2/20/2021 Total steals 7 139
                              2/20/2021 Three-point FG per game 13 10.8
                              2/20/2021 Three Point FG Defense 15 30.20%
                              2/20/2021 Total Assists 17 271
                              2/20/2021 Blocked shots per game 18 4.1
                              2/20/2021 Free Throw Percentage 21 77.74%
                              2/20/2021 Free Throw Made 23 262
                              2/20/2021 FG percentage 25 48.81
                              2/20/2021 Total Blocks 30 53
                              2/20/2021 Free Throw Attempts 31 337
                              2/20/2021 Total Rebounds 40 605
                              2/20/2021 Total three-point FG Made 44 141
                              2/20/2021 3-point FG attempts 45 396


                              • What's up with Yoakum? Sub'ed out with 18:23 left in the second half vs Frostburg Saturday and then didn't play at all vs D&E.