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    He was talking about tomorrow night. The KCAC hosts the finals of the Heritage Conference high basketball for boys and girls. I was just being sarcastic.

    I think if you buy tickets for Joe at the box office they start at $9 ... probably $11 or $12 after the fees. The better seats cost more. If you buy online they are like $18-$20 once the fees are tacked on to them. Again ... that's PER SEAT. For a D2 game.

    I made it a goal to have no KCAC rants this season. Lol. I'll save them for after the season.


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      Not going to lie ... this game tonight has me a little uneasy.

      UPJ does a lot things that play to the weaknesses of IUP -- more so than other teams.

      When you play a Slippery Rock .. you can almost count on the inevitable implosion at some point. You know they'll miss 10 foul shots and go through stretches they can't hit the basket. At some point they will get the big technical foul.

      UPJ doesn't do those things. They play very clean, hit deep shots and shoot very well at the line (near 80%). They also don't turn the ball over much (numerous single digit TO games) and don't foul much.

      Their weakness is depth. However, without Malik again tonight, that IUP advantage is gone.

      UPJ has 10 losses this year ... by a combined 50 points. Within that is the very odd Edinboro game that went to OT ... and UPJ ended up losing by 15. UPJ has 8 losses by 5 points or less. That's depth not a lack of talent.

      Essentially going 6 on 6 tonight ... cross your fingers. This is a scary game.

      In the first meeting UPJ, despite being much smaller, beat up IUP on the boards. The difference in the game was UPJ hit 7 treys in the first half ... then shot 0-8 from deep in the second half. Part of that was going cold ... a big part was Joe really turning up the defense. IUP also hit 15 of 27 treys in the game. That won't happen very often. BTW, Malik was 4-for-4 from deep in that meeting.

      It's also worth noting UPJ's Dale Clancy and Issac Vescovi, two the most underrated players in the PSAC, have never beat IUP in their careers. This could be their last shot.

      I think IUP finds a way tonight. This team is good at doing so. But, the final margin will be 5 points or less. Cobo and Willem need to take over tonight.


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        As per the Joe interview, looks like Malik Miller should be back in around two weeks. This would mean he would miss:
        Pitt-Johnstown, Gannon, and Clarion. He may be back by the California game on Saturday (02/17) but would most likely be back by the Edinboro game (Senior Night, 02/21).
        Really wish him well, he's had a tough go of it.



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          Nor only did IUP have to battle some bad shooting, the officials were subpar also. I'll leave it at that.


          • Re: Iup basketball

            Watch the last two minutes again ... try not to vomit.

            Blow a 6 point lead with 90 seconds left.

            UPJ wanted it and took it.


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              • Re: Iup basketball

                Hate to be the bearer of bad news, boys and girls, but this was the game that will likely keep them home in March.

                Seton Hill 2016 all over again.

                They'll lose at Gannon on Monday and again in the PSAC Tournament. That will be 8 losses.

                As long as Malik is out beating Edinboro will likely be a big task.

                The luck finally ran out.

                Wonder if Dante knew they only had six players tonight? Can't seem to come up with any other feasible reason he'd commit 3 awful fouls in his first 7-8 minutes and literally sit half the game on a chair?


                • Re: Iup basketball

                  I don't think they'll lose at Gannon Monday but that's my opinion. Gannon isn't good and they are a sinking ship!!!


                  • Does it really keep them home though? I don’t know.

                    Some of the other teams with around the same number of losses... Gannon, SRU, Boro.. They haven’t beaten anybody. If the only criteria was W/L record, I get it. But that’s not the only criteria.

                    In terms of total body of work within the Atlantic Region, they’re currently one of the top 8. I firmly believe that. This hurts their chances at a 3-4 seed which still could have been possible. But whether you play Ship in a first round 3-6 or 4-5 game as the higher or lower seed, does it really matter?

                    Just get it. And I think they will. You said it yourself on the WL thread. No great team. Fairmont lost last night too. Put 8 in a gym. See who comes out.

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                    • Re: Iup basketball

                      I'll toss our three opinions in the wash here and see what comes out.


                      West Liberty (20-1)

                      Wheeling Jesuit (18-5)

                      Fairmont State (17-6)

                      Shepherd (14-8)


                      West Chester (18-4)

                      Shippensburg (17-4)

                      Kutztown (15-5)

                      East Stroudsburg (16-5)

                      IUP (18-6)

                      Edinboro (14-7)

                      Gannon (15-8)

                      Slippery Rock (18-6)


                      Virginia State (18-3)

                      Johnson C. Smith (16-7)

                      Shaw (15-8)

                      Of that:

                      West Liberty
                      Virginia State

                      Next Wave:
                      Wheeling Jesuit: Worst-case they pick up two more losses (WL in regular season and in MEC Tourn.) ----> Projection 7 losses max
                      West Chester: Worst-case they pick up 2-3 more losses (likely a stretch). -----> Projection 6-7 losses (has head to head over IUP)
                      Shippensburg: Worst-case they pick up two more losses --- Projection 6 losses max
                      ESU: Worst-case they pick up 2-3 more losses --- Projection 7-8 losses max (has head to head over IUP)
                      Kutztown: Worst-case they pick up 2-3 more losses --- Projection 7-8 losses
                      IUP: Worst-case they pick up 1-3 more losses --- Projection 7-9 losses
                      Fairmont State: Likely at least one more loss in MEC Tournament --- Projection 7 losses (they are done with WLU/WJ in regular season)

                      Deep Bubble:
                      Gannon: Likely needs to win PSAC Tournament
                      Slippery Rock: Needs to run table or win PSAC Tournament
                      Shepherd: Needs to win MEC Tournament
                      Johnson C. Smith: Needs to run table or win CIAA Tournament
                      Shaw: Needs to win run table or win CIAA Tournament
                      Edinboro: Likely needs to run table or win PSAC Tournament

                      Many teams better pray Virginia State wins the CIAA Tournament. They are in either way. Adding a second CIAA team due to a tournament win ... major problem for many.
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                      • Re: Iup basketball

                        When you look at it from there ... IUP could be the No. 8 seed. It does own the head-to-head over Fairmont.

                        That said, I just can't be confident this team can run the table (and that's getting more and more imperative at this point). With Malik ... whole different story. They don't lose last night. As it was ... that game was 5 on 4 half the night. I hate to say that but it was pretty obvious.

                        Gannon will also be full strength up there Monday night (they weren't in the first meeting as their top reserve, Webb, was suspended for the game). IUP can win up there but somebody other than Cobo and Glover has to be able to score the ball. Blake going 1-for-7 again last night from outside ... it's just killing the team. Dante being in foul trouble before the first media timeout ... these are the reasons I just lack confidence at this point.

                        John Reilly isn't dumb. He's going to watch the tape and see what UPJ did last night when Dylan Benton is in the game (they totally ignored him). I'm not picking on Benton. It is what it is. He's a true freshman walk-on. He's all they got. That, of course, is a whole different topic.

                        With Blake mentally shot, Malik still out, no bench and Dante being such a wild card (especially against strong defensive teams) ... I just don't see how they run the table in the regular season.

                        If they are still in mix when Malik returns ... things change. But, can they still be in the mix when Malik returns? Malik healthy ... they can play with any team in the Region. We'll see if they get the chance.

                        They had to close that game out last night. Sixty seconds left and up 6-7 points. Can't lose that game. I really think that's the one that comes back to bite them.
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                        • Re: Iup basketball

                          24-hour rule ....

                          I watched the ending. Several times.

                          The UPJ game is gone.

                          Three weeks ... bring 'em on. IUP at full strength ... UPJ can't beat them. My opinion ... no chance. UPJ celebrated last night.

                          Can they celebrate again when the lights are bright? Will lady luck be on their side again? Can they beat IUP when IUP is full strength and not a JV team? The final 90 seconds last night were out of a dream sequence. It won't happen again. Sure, the streak ends. Round 3, however, will be the one that counts. It will be in the KCAC. Basketball is a karma sport. Last nights calls won't go the same way. UPJ won't have a walk-on out there to deal with ... rather Malik Miller.

                          UPJ is a respected opponent. But ... see you again, old friend. Real soon.

                          Monday night ... wrap it up. End the mystery.

                          Some birdies are saying Malik will be back.
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                          • Re: Iup basketball

                            I sure hope those birdies are right about Malik being back. He's a big part of this team and how far they go!!! I love his style of play!!!


                            • Re: Iup basketball

                              IUP Crimson Hawks ... thought you may enjoy this one on a Saturday night



                              • Re: Iup basketball

                                Originally posted by IUPbigINDIANS View Post
                                IUP Crimson Hawks ... thought you may enjoy this one on a Saturday night

                                I never cared much for that one. I think that was a cover they did of someone else's song. In the mushy Beach Boys love song genre I prefer "Please Let Me Wonder" and "Kiss Me Baby." Well-constructed songs by some kids from Hawthorne circa 1965. Unreal.

                                Is IUP playing tonite?

                                I spent the day watching elementary basketball.