2021 NFL Draft Preview

April 29th, 2021 12:00pm

2021 NFL Draft Preview

The 2020 NFL Draft was unique because not many D2 players were allowed to work out for NFL scouts because of the new Covid-19 pandemic.  The 2021 NFL Draft could be just as unique because most D2 players have gone a year without playing a game.

But like every year, Josh Buchanan has evaluated and predicted how small college players, including Division II, should do in the draft and free agency.

Among the top in Division II are:

Mike Strachan - WR - Charleston - 6th/7th
JaQuan Hardy - RB - Tiffin - 7th
Kenny Randall - DT - Charleston - 7th
Zach Davidson - TE - Central Missouri - 7th

For Josh's complete list, check out drafscout.com.


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