GAC Announces Conference Football Awards

November 15th, 2023 1:00pm

GAC Announces Conference Football Awards

The GAC announced its annual All-GAC Teams on Wednesday and we’re here to break it all down for you. 

Quarterback Gage Porter of Southern Nazarene repeated as the conference Offensive Player of the Year, becoming the third player in conference history with multiple recognitions in that category. Harding’s Nathaniel Wallace was named Defensive Player of the Year and Ouachita Baptist’s Carter McElhany was named Freshman of the Year. Harding’s Paul Simmons was named Coach of the Year. 

Here’s the full rundown on the three teams. 




QB - Gage Porter, SNU, Sr.

QB - Andrew Edwards, HSU, So.

QB - Cole Keylon, HU, So.

* RB - Kendel Givens, OUA, Jr.

RB - DJ Brown, SE, So.

RB - David Hall, ECU, Jr.

RB - Jariq Scales, SAU, Jr.

RB - Miles Davis, ECU, Sr.

RB - Angel Ramirez, SNU, Sr.

FB - Blake Delacruz, HU, Jr.

FB - Jordan Edington, ATU, Jr.

FB - Ian Meche, UAM, Sr.

WR - Connor Flannigan, OUA, Jr.

WR - Nick Harris, OKB, Jr.

WR -Isaiah Cross, UAM, Jr.

WR - Marquis Gray, SE, Sr.

WR - Dior Scott, ECU, Sr.

WR - Hunter Hawthorne, SE, Sr.

WR - Chris Hatzis, HSU, Sr.

WR - Caleb Tanis, ATU, Jr.

WR -Michael Marshall, OKB, Jr.

TE - Cayden Davis, HSU So.

TE - Matt Whitten, SAU, Jr.

TE - Garrison Jackson, OUA, So.

UTL - Braden Jay, HU, So.

UTL - Arlie Lee, UAM, Fr.

TE - Dalen Smith, SNU, Jr.

C - Conner Justice, HSU, Sr.

C - Levi Pate, HU, Sr.

UTL - Cole Williams, SAU, Jr.

OL - Robert Dunham, HSU, Sr.

OL - Dylan Horton, OUA, So.

C - Nate Turner, OUA, Gr.

OL - Colton Grier, SAU, Jr.

OL - David Morales, SNU, Jr.

OL - Jake Dugger, HU, Jr.

OL - Zac Henson, OUA, Sr.

OL - Jake Sitsler, OKB, Jr.

OL - Conner Hagerty, SAU, Fr.

OL - Hunter Willis, HU, Sr.

OL - Stephan Zabie, SE, Sr.

OL - Landon Ray, HU, Sr.

DE - Dre Hall, HU, Jr.

DE - Brett Karhu, OKB, So.

OL - Colby Thomas, ECU, Jr.

DE - Nathaniel Wallace, HU, Sr.

DE - Randy Powell, SWOSU, Sr.

DE - Dylan Ndambuki, HSU, Jr.

DT - Wesley Coleman, HU, Jr.

DT - Braylen Butler, OUA, Jr.

DE - Vershaud Richardson, ATU, Jr.

DT - Denzel Walter, HSU, Sr.

DT - Gage Price, HU, Jr.

DE - Dawson Scott, SAU, Jr.

ILB - Scooter Baker, OKB, Sr.

ILB - Jax Miller, OUA, Jr.

DT - Elvin Calhoun, SAU, Jr.

ILB - Zach Strickland, HU, Sr.

ILB - Devon Roush, ECU, Sr.

DT - Braxton Johnson, ATU, So.

OLB - Clark Griffin, HU, So.

OLB - Dawson Miller, OUA, Sr.

ILB - Jacob Neel, HSU, Jr.

OLB - Gary Lewis, HSU, So.

OLB - Trey Proctor, OUA, Sr.

ILB - Cameron Tate, SE, Sr.

CB -Ahmad Butler, HU, Sr.

CB - Josh Brown, CB, Jr.

OLB - Ricard Silva, SWOSU, Jr.

CB -Melvin Smith, Jr., SAU, Jr.

CB - Tainique Taylor, OKB, So.

OLB - Darian William, ECU, Jr.

S - Ty Dugger, HU, So.

S - Dhante Gibson, OUA, Sr.

CB - Mario Ganter, OUA, So.

S - Josiah Johnson, OUA, Jr.

S - Kyle McDonald, HU, Jr.

CB - Josh Johnson, SNU, Sr.

P - Aaron Winn, ATU, Sr.

S - Jimmy Pitts, ECU, Sr.

CB - Gio Waller, ECU, Jr.

K - Grant Ennis, HU, Sr.

P - Joe Couch, OUA, Sr.

S - Hosea Singleton, SAU, Jr.

RS - Carter McElhany, OUA, Fr.

K - Gabe Goodman, OUA, Sr.

S - Braden Waters, NWOSU, So.

S/T - Brock Baker, OUA, Fr.

RS - Kendale Allen, HU, Jr.

P - Ryan Fox, HU, Sr.


S/T - Gage Price, HU Jr.

RS - Connor Flannigan, OUA, Jr.



S/T - Ryan Hirt, SE, Jr.



-Harding’s dominance on the field showed on the All-GAC teams, as the Bisons put 11 on the First Team, including seven on defense. Overall, the Bisons had 20 selections.

-There’s a big debate to be had on Offensive Player of the Year/First Team quarterback between Henderson State’s Andrew Edwards and Gage Porter. Clearly, the coaches voted in a more MVP mindset, as we can all agree Porter means more to SNU than Edwards does to HSU. Whether that’s the correct approach in this voting situation is up for debate. If I had a vote, I probably would have leaned with Edwards, but I’m one person. 

-It’s fascinating to me that the only school with a single selection was Northwestern OSU. That means Southwestern OSU (0-11) had multiple selections, as did Arkansas-Monticello (2-9) and East Central (3-8). The Tigers had eight selections. EIGHT! You’d think that would have produced a better year than 3-8. No offense to those guys, but what are we doing here?

-It’s only minimal progress, but at least the coaches managed to decide to put one Southern Nazarene offensive lineman on the All-GAC teams, as right tackle David Morales was named to the second team. For those scoring at home, that’s back-to-back top-5 rushing offenses in the nation and one combined All-GAC offensive linemen for SNU. 

-Again, I’m pretty sure the league keeps the fullback position as a way to automatically get Harding a First Team selection. I’d be curious how many teams A. nominated someone in the fullback position and B. how often that player lined up in a traditional fullback spot.