GSC Spotlight - Qua Boyd

September 12th, 2019 12:37am

GSC Spotlight - Qua Boyd

Player Spotlight Week 2



  1. How long have you been playing football?
    1. “Since I was 6 years old.”


  1. Who would you say is the one person that has always pushed you in a positive direction, regardless of what it was you were doing?
    1. “My mother, Kimberly Davis, and my cousin Devon Mackey.”


  1. Do you have a sports icon or current or retired NFL player that you have always looked up to?
    1. "My cousin, Marcus Pollard, who also plays for the Indianapolis Colts."


  1. Do the guys on the team have a nickname for you or is it just Qua?
    1. “Guchiiaaa” pronounced Gu-Chay.


  1. What would you say is a talent that you have outside of football? i.e. playing a musical instrument, singing, juggling, etc..
    1. “Playing the Drum’s.”


  1. What is the most embarrassing thing that you can think of that has ever happened to you?
    1. “I was playing AAU Basketball when I was 13 years old and I went up for a rebound, and this other guy who was defending me went up also and when we came down, his shoe caught my shorts and pulled them down. It was pretty embarrassing, but I just pulled them back up and kept on playing.”


  1. What color uniform makes you feel like you are going to go out and catch 10 plus catches for 150 yards and 3 TD’s? red uniforms or white uniforms?
    1. “Any color. Doesn’t matter to me.”


  1. Since the time you’ve been at UWA, what UWA defensive player has ever caused you to start hearing footsteps when going across the middle?
    1. “This is a tough one, but probably former UWA LB great, Terry Samuels.”


  1. What would you say you enjoy doing the most in Livingston, AL in your off time?
    1. “Brotherhood. Spending time with my teammates. Going to the Gym to shoot basketball, BBQ, just hanging out with my teammates.”


  1. Any special or superstitious thing you do before a game?
    1. “I do two things every Saturday on game day. I wake up Saturday morning and I have to listen to ‘Return of the Mack’ by Mark Morrison. I then have this thing in the locker room wear I tie my cleats, I then untie them, and then I tie them again.”


  1. How would you say you feel physically from last year’s injury? Do you have any personal statistical goals do you have for this upcoming season?
    1. “I feel great.”
    2. “No statistical goals, just win.”


  1. Is there any game you have circled on your calendar this year?
    1. “VSU.”


  1. What is something, career wise, you could see yourself doing one day in the future after the game of football?
    1. “Coach with my Uncle at Lanett HS. Clifford Story, Jr. TE’s. “


  1. Is there a specific offensive play that Coach G and Coach Bailey likes to call every now and then that you sort of dread running?
    1. “Punt. “


  1. Do you play any video games?
    1. “Call of duty.”


  1. What’s your favorite class and Professor you have ever taken at UWA?
    1. “Dr. Hutch’s Sports Management class. He makes it very enjoyable.”


  1. I see you played some QB in High School and in one game threw for 521 yards, is that correct? If you were called to play QB at UWA during a game, you think you would be ready to do that if Coach G and Coach Bailey called on you? Which position would scare the heck out of you if you were called to play it in a game that is say 4th and goal on the 1, down by 5 with 10 seconds left?
    1. “Yes, that is correct.”
    2. “Yes, I’d be ready.”
    3. “Playing Center.”


  1. Where do you live at? On campus housing or an apartment? Any Roommates?
    1. “Apartments. Yes, and it’s very man for himself on cooking.”


  1. You’re not only a great pass catcher, but a great blocker and runner as well. Do you consider yourself a Pass catching TE, a blocking TE, or both?
    1. “I feel good at all of it. I’m sure I could work on improvement, but I just get into a Tempo after each play.”


  1. Final question, what do you see if the biggest thing you need to work on to get better at in order to help UWA go undefeated and play for a National Championship this year?
    1. “Holding each other accountable, players to players.”