Inside D2Football - Week Two Preview

September 3rd, 2023 1:00pm

Inside D2Football - Week Two Preview


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thank you [Music]

well hello everybody and thank you for joining us tonight on inside D2 football with Tony Nicolette Justin Polizzi

Amanda Wiki Chris Ferguson and special guest Antonio Clark I am Brandon Meisner

again thank you for joining us we have a heck of a night to to have some fun and

talk about a lot of fun things what a great weekend in division two football uh some of the main things to talk about Grand Valley at Colorado Mines uh epic

comeback by the Lakers we're going to talk about that Ashland and iup important super region one game uh that

was close majority of the game and uh we got so much more than that way too much

to list so let's go ahead and get that started and as I mentioned the first game we're going to talk about was on

Thursday Grand Valley was at Colorado Mines uh didn't look good for the Lakers

at one point but they managed to tie the game only to see Colorado School of

Mines come back kick the game-winning field goal with the second to on the clock I had Two Tonys there but Tony

Nicolette what were your thoughts on the game well first of all uh

um a special thanks to Tim Flynn and the staff at mines for hosting uh you know both Tony and I

um very gracious host fantastic facility um you know as a quick aside is a long time D2 fan that's been on my bucket

list that stadium for a long time so to be able to get to see a game there was a real blast and so I'm so grateful to the

staff there for for having me now getting to the game itself um you know I looked actually like it

was going to be a little bit more uh you know kind of steady and intriguing throughout last year's game was a little

bit clunkier uh I think in the get get going it was only seven nothing and a half and uh after a quick stop the

Lakers got on uh mine's first possession Grand Valley went six plays 99 yards to take a seven nothing lead and mines

responded to tie the game and so he thought okay this is going to get uh this is gonna get interesting and then

Grand Valley's second possession went okay and then from then until basically the latter part of the third quarter

mines looked like they were just gonna run the Lakers out of the gym I mean it was uh it was really something they were

extremely efficient on offense uh they were doing a great job stuffing Grand Valley's Run game on defense

um and I'll be honest with you in the stadium and this is part of guys why when we have this show we all try to

watch as much tape as we can or actually get to as many stadiums as we can because you just get a such a different

sense of the game from seeing it and it's always an even more emphatic sense that or an understanding that you get

when you're in the building that game felt like mines was actually going to boat race them and I'll be honest it

almost felt like once they took the air out of the ball I was a little surprised I thought if they had cut their foot on the gas there wouldn't have been any

chance for Grand Valley to come back but they you know went uh stopped throwing his aggressively started running the

ball Grandpa was forcing a lot of three and outs and the Laker offense started to figure some things out especially in

the pass game with that you know kind of two-minute urgency as you got into the last basically 18 19 minutes of game

clock and they made that Furious comeback uh to be able to tie it so you got to give Grand Valley Credit for

despite having all the cards stacked against them for the better part of that game they still found a way to dig deep

and and and and almost make the the full comeback and get us get a win in the last second there but uh yeah I mean the

way the game felt in the stadium was that mines was just gonna run them out and I was very surprised to see that not

in the fact that mines isn't capable of that but we just haven't seen that out of Grand Valley team in a couple of years

so uh Tony you've played at everybody should know you were former player so

you've played there um tell us your thoughts on the atmosphere there since Tony Nicolette

brought it up and then tell us your thoughts on the game please um it it's always an amazing atmosphere

Marvel K Stadium it it's great um there's students are super into it

um people show up it's an amazing it's an amazing deal what they got going on up there but as far as the game it was

just advertising it was a heavyweight bout um Grand Valley took a really mean right hook and where they look like they might

have faltered but they got back in it and swung back um I think things I wasn't surprised by

John matoka looked amazing efficient um he's not going to turn the ball over

he's going to gain yards um max McLeod Max McLeod I don't even think he played his best game still went

for like 150 yards um mine's running game even though they lost Mike Zieman their running game it's

it's more explosive now uh simply put Noah Roper um Dickerson those guys are explosive

they're fast it showed um mind front seven defensively is the real deal nothing's changed from last

year they cause a lot of pressure they have the Grand Valley guys Under Pressure a lot like the plays they made

they made them on the Run getting out of the pocket extending plays and whatnot so I I think it was a great game

um I think mine showed um they took a lot from their loss in the championship game to Ferris State last year I think

they always build a little bit more um Grand Valley I'm expecting them to bounce back strongly this week though

like the way they they fought back that showed like Championship metal in my opinion

fellas let me ask you being a neutral Observer and watching this I'll be real

Frank I kind of thought that maybe there would be some residual effects that mines would have after a pretty

deflating loss in the championship a year ago uh just the way it went down and everything else

I'll be real Frank they I didn't get any impression of that them I mean coming

right out of the gate and everything else what what you know Tony Nicolette what are your thoughts uh did you were

you a little bit surprised that that they came out and played as well as they did not at all uh with from a couple of

different perspectives one you know one of the things that I was concerned about for them was how many

guys did they lose you know they had I think it was 33 60 year seniors on that roster last year and I think they lost

fewer than 10 of those so when you keep that much experience uh including the Harlan Hill winner man you're going to

be pretty in pretty good shape coming into the game um and I thought uh what the mine staff

did in terms of their learnings from those games was was was real great um

matoka was on the move a lot they got him uh either with quick routes or they

had him rotating the pocket or they did a lot of um you know basically direct uh quick

outs to a receiver catching the ball in the backfield so whoever he had in front of him could block and it's basically

just like a long handoff and so they were able to mix the run in such a way that it still facilitate or excuse me uh

mix the pass in such a way that it was essentially an extension of the Run game and and Grand Valley just really was

didn't seem like they were adept at stopping it and it looked a lot like some of the things that Ferris tries to

do and that fair and that Grand Valley stopped very successfully last year so you know there was some youth at a couple of spots in Grand Valley's D and

I wonder if maybe that showed a little bit uh they did a great job of trying to neutralize just how effective Grand

Valley's defensive front was and they were able to get pressure on matoke at different points they did have three sacks and he had to scramble on a few

different occasions but you didn't hear Abe Swanson's name called a lot uh uh during the night either I think part of

that was because last year he was wreaking all kinds of havoc and they were trying to figure out ways to all right how do we get away from him and

they were very successful at it AC let me ask him that game was what 28-7 at one point were you kind of

thinking that game was over and then did you kind of feel a bit of a mood change oh absolutely uh you know I I I'm on the

sidelines and I'm taking pictures during these games but I'm still like watching it Through My Lens it seemed like Monza

is going to blow the doors off of him but Grand Valley like I said they just they just stuck in there like I said

they're a team that is always competing for championships you could tell they're in games like this like I don't think

that Grand Valley sideline like being on it walking by it I don't think they ever stopped believing that they could win

the game yeah I thought it was wild at the end when Peterson had the big touchdown it

was like oh what's going on here now you know uh I I think the Grand Valley receivers too I I think they were very

confident very confident against mines the second day I felt like they thought we can we can break loose at any time

and that show later in the game like uh I I'm not sure his name I think his last name is fiorney he had a long one number

five how long went up the sideline like they were getting behind the mines defenders in the on the back end

one last uh no I thought Kate Peterson played really well second half uh Grand Valley quarterbacks the best

I've ever seen him play yeah he did play he did play a real good game Brandon that's a good observation and I mean a

game like that I mean you saw two of the best quarterbacks in division two and you saw it in week one

and it was a real neat showcase I mean we're all so lucky to be able to get games like this

um but yeah that was it was Elite level quarterback play I mean uh uh Kate had an interception but honestly that one

was and I don't know where Tony was in terms of real relative to that that was one that I think it was to Tierney and

it just slipped through his hands yeah and the defender behind him had fallen down and it basically trickled right

down to him laying on the ground and if and if tyranny had made the catch he it would have been a long game it might

have even been a touchdown right uh but yeah so I mean that was the only blemish on cage record and it wasn't even

necessarily his fault so he played a great game as in matoka of course all right oh go ahead Tony

oh it just wasn't surprising at all when you got top level quarterbacks like that that's like what you expect to see like

quarterbacks are going to drive the games you got the best quarterbacks in the land you're gonna have the best teams in the land

yep in another game speaking of that with a great quarterback who is uh Ashland at iup karst Hunter was the free

agent of the summer I guess and ends up at iup and he helps uh the Crimson Hawks

hold off Ashland 24-17 uh in the first half Matt uh you

know I made a point to watch this game in in the first half I thought uh they did a pretty good job did iup uh and

Ashland was able to take advantage of some iup mistakes but what what I thought was iup's biggest uh issue in

the first half was they were getting into third and long too much they were having too many negative plays on first

and second down and made them very predictable and then when they would be able to run with with Hunter it was

simply so that they could uh you know gain some yardage to punt on Third and 17. and that situation so I think

there's still a little bit um trying to figure out how to use them what try to how to use Hunter what were

your thoughts on the game 100 agree I'll be real Frank Brandon I was shocked to see them under your Center so much with

cars Hunter you need to let him be the athlete he is and having him under Center in my opinion isn't the best way

to do that um they they ran a whole lot of eye formation let's go off uh left tackle I

mean I was almost sitting there calling it when I was watching it where it was like I it seemed like when they went

under Center probably 25 percent of the time they were just going to go off left tackle and they would go for negative

one negative two one yard and and all sudden they're getting put in bad down

and distance he is too good an athlete in my opinion to not have him basically

just sit back in the gun and they can operate and do everything they need to from there in modern day football in my

opinion um and they should be letting him become more of a threat he's he can't be a

threat in the running game when he's under Center and I I thought that was something that was kind of uh they can

still do plenty of play action and all that kind of stuff with him and the gun and I thought that they had better place

when those moments happened and you saw at the very end there they were able to hit a ball over the top uh blown

coverage and then I got a pick on a on a drop ball by a receiver from Ashland a very competitive game I think that's a

good game for iup to have right out of the gate you know have a little bit of struggle there

um you know prepare them well going forward because I still think they're the best team you know probably in the in the

psac and uh you know I ended up being a very well well fought game you know last

week we had talked about how we thought Ashland was too highly ranked I think

that's still true but I thought that they did very well everything you know they did great

everything considering all the obstacles that they're facing turnover roster turnover coach turnover all of that you

know and they got a gauntlet of a schedule they're playing Ferris next week but I thought that they showed really well so in spite of the fact that

we've kind of talked about iup and I think largely the case the reason we did that is because it's interesting to see

how a player like karst Hunter plays out there in well I guess out there that

depends on where you live but uh you know uh plays in the psac you know

that's not a style that they necessarily have out there and he that's why he is absolutely and that team is one of the

most interesting this year to see how uh that all plays out Brandon I think they have plenty of weapons offensively I

think we're going to see them come alive a little bit more offensively but but you know we'll we'll have to

wait and see I mean if they decide to kind of go a little bit more with that you know the eye formation a little bit

more of a lunch pail you know pound it format uh you know that's that's less turnovers and stuff like that but we'll

have to kind of wait and see how they uh they develop you know a team that we said might be underrated or at least I

did uh with CSU Pueblo and I thought that they played a heck of a first game uh

last night as they oh no excuse me Saturday night as they uh well that would be last night yeah as they played

midwest state 30 yeah you know what Brandon watching them I mean they turn on the game it was like they were in the

two minute drill right from the jump and they scored right away they were getting some turnovers they were really you know

uh coming after Midwestern State up front uh kind of forced in the issue uh

big pick six here you know right now by Pittman uh who's gotten our Elite 100

Squad and uh you know Fuller threw the ball a lot chance Fuller you know comes

over from Fort Hayes uh threw the ball over 40 times you know they they had some real nice spots there and uh you

can tell they have some weapons uh in the receiving game they also had some spots where you could tell they had some

things to work on um but uh you know defensively uh I I

think that that Pueblo looked pretty darn good and uh they're gonna be they're gonna be a team that I think

we're going to be real interested in the watch this year they got plenty of weapons offensively and uh you know

Fuller was uh through three uh three touchdowns one pick they did getting some pressures on him as you can see

right there and I think that's something that Pueblo's gonna have to shore up a little bit um you know what for from your eyes

there AC uh what were your thoughts on Pueblo in that contest uh exactly what you said Pueblo Pueblo

defense was very impressive that's secondary uh that secondary truly might be the best in the nation like Daniel

Boone was an All-American last year as you mentioned Pittman he's a lockdown guy and Corey McClellan like you know he

doesn't get as much love but he's an all-conference guy that's really a standout that's been a starter for years

too so really experience in the back end uh I think they're front seven left a

little bit to be desired uh I thought Midwestern did of all the things they did well they ran the ball I guess

somewhat well um offensively for Pueblo I'd like to see them run the ball a little bit better you know I remember Pueblo from

back in the days when they're running 12 13 Personnel just pounding the rock on people so I'd like to see them run the

ball a little bit better but Fuller he he looked he didn't look bad at all you know he was efficient as well the pick

was crazy uh I actually have it in pictures a lot of people don't think it was a pick it totally was uh you know

red so I've had it the dude stripped him as they're going to the ground the ball

just never touched the ground and just stayed on their hitch as they went together in the midwestern guy got up with it it was an interception but

Pueblo overall I would say they just have a new energy like not to say that coach Kristen stuff was still or

anything but coach veal there's just a whole new vibe in Pueblo he has the whole town locked in it it was an

amazing atmosphere being in uh I think they're going to be really impressive but this week against Grand Valley like

you said they're uh their offensive line Grand Valley's front seven is going to be playing pissed off I imagine

um they're they're going to be in their house uh it's going to be a very interesting matchup Fuller took some

hits this weekend against Midwestern uh I'm very interested to see but I think

Pueblo secondary is uh gonna lead the way and they're gonna be a really good team this year they can challenge mines

all right I tell you what AC you stay right there and we're gonna bring you

back and we'll we'll bring you back and we'll talk about the game when it's time to preview so thanks for joining us and

we will see you in a little bit right guys let's move on in super Region

2 Limestone played West Georgia a 21-19 win for West Georgia but Justin

an extremely strong showing by the Limestone and in spite of the fact that it was a loss maybe it says hey these

guys are for real because they're they're doing it again that they are and when you watch the

game on on Thursday night it was you didn't really know what to expect um it was kind of a toss-up you knew

West Georgia was coming into it mad because they missed out in the playoffs last year and and Limestone first winning season first time in the

playoffs and when you look at the stat sheet guys Limestone won in a lot of categories in the statute they had more

first downs in West Georgia uh had more passing yards than West Georgia had more

total offense in West Georgia and and just when you look at the um look at

that box score every time West Georgia got up early took a 7-0 lead in the first quarter but then Limestone

answered it was seven to six or West Georgia scores again makes it 14-6 Limestone answers now it's 14 12.

right so every time West Georgia scored Limestone had an answer and the final

score 21-19 um Limestone scored with under two minutes or a minute 32 left to make it

21-19 and they were going for two to try to tie it up so you know uh I I I was

really impressed with what Limestone showed they kept it close every time like I said every time West Georgia seemed to score Limestone had the answer

and that's what you were looking for from this game you knew it had the potential to be like that uh Trey Stewart

um you know 20 rushes 122 yards Dustin noler 22 of 29 for 261 and two

touchdowns so and no interceptions they took care of the football um they they didn't turn it over and and

that that says a lot about limestone when you look at West Georgia um Ben Whitlock took snaps under Center

for this one and really 12 or 14 for 163 had one interception but it was really a

ground game for West Georgia that got it going uh Wesley Kennedy was 10 for 169 and raheed Mosley uh was 14 for 77 and

and they both they both had uh touchdowns on the ground so all three of their touchdowns came on the ground for West Georgia so a really strong showing

by the Wolves kind of what we expected to see from both teams it was exciting I enjoyed watching this one and it's a

great week one and it showcases a little bit I think what we're going to see here in week two right fantastic you know it

was a fantastic I was just thinking like there were a bunch of great non-cons some that might have been a little off

the radar one of those those is Winona State at Saginaw Valley but Whit I bet

you were just you know tickled pink to see a non-conference game well after many many years of without

them this is all I'm loving it I mean whether it was Duluth in northern Michigan uh where Duluth kind of had

their way and then there was uh the gliac kind of went the other way in this in this contest and uh it was very

interesting to me that that you know uh Saginaw got up to a big start uh you

know there didn't give up any anything uh right between until right before half and uh then then they end up running the

ball quite a bit and pounding a Winona defense who'd been a pretty solid defensive running team a year ago and uh

they ended up going for you know 400 yards of them on the offense or of offense against them on the ground and

uh built uh 27-0 lead uh Winona got it down to within two scores uh you know uh

late but for the most part uh you know basically uh Saginaw didn't have to even

throw the ball what 11 times and uh they were able to pretty much dominate in the ground game so uh I wasn't I was

expecting you know to for Winona to probably lose by about two scores somewhere in that 10 points so I figured

that was about right just wasn't really thinking it would be this way I thought it'd be a little bit more competitive game uh Tony what what was kind of your

take well I found it interesting uh uh with that this actually looks a lot like what

Saginaw was in the first few games of 2022. uh you didn't know for sure who

the starting quarterback was Andrew Brito kind of got uh a hold of that early but I mean he wasn't uh the sole

uh owner of that job in the early going and so you saw Jairus Grissom who was uh

starting in his stead last year get the start in this game but he actually didn't play probably much more than

maybe a third of it they they really mixed in multiple signal callers to try and get a feel for who they wanted to to

run things and I don't know if it was more just to see who the hot hand was or uh just to try and get a feel for who

they want the guy to be moving through the season but going back to what I was starting with when you look back to what

they did to West Virginia Wesleyan Bowie State and Northwood in their first three games last year they ran over all three

of them so you see them go for 400 yards in this game kind of kind of feels a lot like what they were doing at the start

of last year while they were figuring out what they wanted to do at quarterback and leaning on a defense that despite a couple what key losses

still looks like it's pretty good yeah and Winona started uh transfer from

University of South Dakota Cole stenstrom who was um guy who had started games with the coyotes uh down at USD

and I thought he might offer him a little bit a burst in the running game uh that didn't happen and he ended up

going what 16 for 37 with two scores two picks um they're they're gonna need to

get more out of the quarterback play going forward for them uh during the regular or you know their their regular

uh Northern Sun slate yeah and then Saginaw Valley only had one sack in that game too so I it's not

like they were you know they may have made them running for his life but they weren't getting home so I don't know how beat up he was or wasn't

sure all right so I want to share this tweet really quickly with everybody and uh

one of our staff members who happens to be here with us was extremely happy says I can't think of a time that the

CIAA won two games against the FCS on the same day so uh tell us a little

about that Ferg man what a day what a day um so the two games that that uh we're

referencing is uh Virginia state and Norfolk State which are the big rivals you know Virginia state is known as big

state and Norfolk State despite the being division one is little State because they kind of branched off

um uh I came to their own School uh so you know it's really one of those things that uh when they get together I was

cringe because I'm like man I don't like these games uh but nonetheless uh you

know kind of going to this game there are some things that happen that uh won't be talked about and then there's one particular thing that will be talked

about so uh Virginia state racked up 487 yards of offense in this game

um they traded blows with Norfolk State um and and they took the lead for good

uh early in the fourth quarter and so you know as you kind of went through

this game you're like wow like man they're they're trying to hang on against an opponent that's you know not

great but they have an advantage on depth you know it's a FCS school right so we get to the very end of the game

right um in Norfolk State um gets all the way down well into the

into the Red Zone um they decide to go for the win uh and

try to take the lead uh really late in the fourth quarter and instead of kicker field goal to maybe go to overtime uh

and Virginia state stops them you know they're inside the five at this point um and and what happens next is just

utter chaos um Virginia state goes four downs the fourth down they're inside their own

like you know three yard line um the backup quarterback could have just

um you know went to the end zone took a safety in the game you know do something

but he decides to run out of the end zone and try to get the first down and and doesn't run the clock out has one

second left on the game so now Norfolk State has this opportunity to to kick a field goal to go to

overtime again and it's just like are you serious like really uh and then

Norfolk State attempts to feel gold but they couldn't even get kick off because they fumbled the snap and Virginia take

Virginia state takes it and runs it back for a touchdown so you know this game could have been more of like a you know

they won by like like you know one point or something like that they took the safety

um but it ended up being a non-point game that was not truly a nine point game um but nonetheless hats off to Virginia

state because they ran for 316 yards and Upton Bailey who was kind of sharing

carries um last year with Darius Higgins he alone ran for 183 yards and typically

when Virginia state is competitive to um to that level of playing against a

Norfolk State they always have this one back that's really really strong if you think about Trent Cannon for a cup for a

few from a few years ago that's exactly how they beat him and they did it again so um definitely hats out hats off to

Virginia state there uh the other game was uh Bowie State travel up to Delaware

State you know I I was on here and talking last week about I don't really know what Bowie state has a lot of

transfers um they have another quarterback named Amir it's not Amir Hall this time

but uh uh he actually he passed 247 yards in this game uh and and did just

enough to sort of keep Del State at Bay um you know we kind of know Bowie State for uh their defense scoring and they

actually did the defense actually scored through a phone call recovery um in this game and so

um you know it looks like I was interacting with some Bowie State folks uh on Twitter and and they said well it

looks like the revenge tour is now on um so uh you know next week which we'll

talk about there's a there's a game against the gliac yet again um so uh I'll leave that for there but I

don't know maybe the revenge tour sure is on I'm looking forward to it um

so uh just one other thing I want to just throw out there um uh Central State uh also played a FCS

opponent and Mississippi Mississippi Valley uh in a nutrasight game and they

also won that game too oh wow 441. um so uh both the CIAA and the SIC took

down um their division one uh a3cu brethrens uh in multiple games uh yesterday that's

how big it was they're ripping the deuce well that's that's awesome so making us look good so all right uh let's go ahead

and look at some other results from the top 25 uh that I know the Texas small that's as big as we can get it uh Ferris

State big winner over Mercyhurst your thoughts Tony yeah um kind of a clunky start in this

one uh Ferris really didn't have the ball for the better part of the first half of the first quarter uh they got a

punt return touchdown off of mercyhurst's first possession uh and then mercy Hearst went down scored

kicked off shortly thereafter Ferris fumbled and gave mercier's a short field so this was actually a 14-12 ferris game

uh as the first quarter waned and then you know despite not having the ball for half a quarter uh ho-hum 646 yards of

offense uh 12 different ball carriers in this game CJ Jefferson and Carson gulker

with a pair of scores each uh Xavier Wade makes his triumphant return three grabs a buck 25 and a score I mean you

know standard fare nothing particularly interesting about other than that

you know one thing that uh I was noticing uh Malik Mitchell didn't take care of really good care of the ball

again uh is that is that an Achilles heel if they have one well

yeah Brandon we've talked about this and I know Whit and I have talked about it um and I think maybe we've talked about it

more off air than we have on but that's part of the ferris's style is there's a

certain risk tolerance that they have um you know their style of play is going

to sometimes be loose with the ball with you know the motions and the and sometimes extra pitches and things like

that if so many different people handle the ball I mean if you look at them on a just on a strictly statistical basis the

number of times that they put the ball on the deck in a year is actually pretty high and much higher than you would

think for a team of that caliber they don't lose them all and usually that's why you see games where you know two

years ago against Saginaw Valley seven turnovers but they still won last year against Saginaw Valley five turnovers

still one last year against Pitt State in the in the playoffs five turnovers still wins so that's just a there's a

there's a high risk tolerance for uh for that team that's how they play um so you know I I don't think that

that's particular anything particularly noteworthy because that's how they kind of have always played there fair enough

uh in the in the MIAA Pittsburgh state uh won over Washburn uh it was a game

that was close throughout and eventually uh Pittsburgh state uh kind of you know

took control late in the uh late late in the second half and you know kind of

extended that lead thought Washburn showed well but at the same time uh you know that that there is a slow start

Factor sometimes it looks like the gorillas are um as good as they were last year and I I did not attend the game did not see

the game but apparently according to people that I know they say the gorilla defense looked really good so uh likely

going to uh uh see a repeat of them having a great season and uh hopefully

they do because I picked them as the conference Champs of the MIAA and I prefer to be right

um doesn't happen enough uh Northwest Missouri had a struggle at Missouri Southern it was they were down 14 to

nothing at one point uh end up tying it at 17 and near the half and the

Northwest came away uh with the win in this one but uh not that of impressive

uh performance for the Bearcats and I felt like watching it that uh Southern was certainly ready for them and

certainly not intimidated and uh certainly ready to play yeah Brett Brennan uh obviously you know

you being a Northwest grad when you had when you're watching this game where you think what was your immediate concerns

about the Bearcats going forward well the first thing I thought was like

I said I felt like

Missouri Southern was certainly more emotionally ready to play sure and

I thought they were playing harder but that's not something that that does not

happen at Northwest from time to time you know when when you're the when you're the top dog so you know quote

unquote it's hard to get motivated um they were also get getting beat over the top I thought the secondary was

going to be uh maybe one of the best that they've ever had right and they got burnt badly a couple times now that

could just be uh a you know a a check you know they could just uh uh need to

fix something and then that goes away because the secondary did play a lot better towards the uh you know as the

game went along it played a lot better uh but you know on the one play you saw you know a fast receivers out running a

middle linebacker that's probably not a the kind of coverage you want on that player so that might have been it um the

offense I thought did okay at times the past Pro was good but there was uh there

were a lot of drops in the receivers and after the early drops they kind of took care of that thought Mike Owens he

played really well those are my general thoughts you know whenever there's a game going on I'm doing a thousand things during game day so I didn't have

only my intention was certainly not only on that game uh nonetheless those were

my uh those are my thoughts about that game personal all right very good let's move on what we got next Angelo State big win

at West Alabama is that 38-14 um Minnesota state wow uh they went into

Sioux Falls came away with a big win uh scored 54 points with you were at that

gate yeah you know interesting game uh it felt like Mankato was in control from

the jump but they had a few big turnovers in Sioux Falls as all of a sudden you know polls to within 20 to 13

uh at half and it's a one score game uh then Sheen Butler Lawson who missed the

first half uh comes in to play uh for them after the half and Sheen Butler

Lawson just went wild he went up for over 200 yards uh on eight coats and

four of them went for scores uh you're gonna see you know one you know uh well here's another run by Vassar where I

mean basically Sioux Falls just gotta tackle somebody on this one and um but but then as the game kind of

continued uh I was a little bit surprised that Sioux Falls wasn't able to find a way to

kind of slow down that Maverick running game but it certainly makes somebody kind of wonder when Mankato runs for

over 400 yards is this a return to kind of their old Mo

where they want to be a road grader on people because they are physically huge uh I was standing next to some of the

guys um as I was kind of walking the sidelines and uh I I could have lived in

a few of their shadows and I'm not a small person so um it was um they looked big on video I

mean they look they look huge just watching the games yeah so it it almost kind of to me kind of fired a little bit

of a warning shot for you know the rest of the conference like Hey we're back and this is who we're gonna be be ready

for this I just want to mention Butler Lawson 221 yards

and Christian Ambassador also had 144 yards yes that's outstanding yes yeah well

well what would happen he I shared it with him after the game and I said I've never seen you run like this before and

I watched y'all last year and he said you know I've went through a big uh program for for some speed and and stuff

like that and lost some weight and um so immediately I felt guilty about my own

eating habits but no um it you know he hey they're gonna be beneficial here in

a couple weeks yeah that's right that's a good good point we gotta plug the sponsor here shortly nice leader Brandon

I like that all right before before we get to that let's go ahead and keep going down uh top 25 Delta State wins at

uh Missouri s t uh Bemidji State shows that their offense did not miss a beat

as they handle Northern State pretty easily as I said on Twitter a good

Governor I was not expecting this um Bemidji I I just I thought Northern

State was ready to really challenge them here and then here's Ali Muhammad straight straight from Minot State right

to the end zone for Bemidji here um he is going to change them I mean

he's explosive and he's going to give them something in the running game that

they haven't had like that in a good while uh there's our Elite 100 uh uh

Dwayne Ingram right there uh one of his two scores uh kind of showing why he's

one of the top players at our level uh but Mankato Mankato Bob Bemidji across the board I mean look at the speed they

have in the return game um they're just they're just like a whole nother level from what I mean this

this year when you really look at them and you know you see all right here they got play action uh Duncan Busby scores

he's going to be the new deep threat um they just were really impressive to

me I was not expecting this to be a one-sided game and uh Northern State who

my people thought might be able to compete for a playoff spot there's Ali Muhammad going again

and you know they got to be left wondering what what are they what are they going to do now because they're they got Duluth showing up in their yard

this coming week so things don't get any easier for them that's right right uh

Wausau Baptist wins Big over South uh Western Oklahoma uh Shepherd a 2726 over Southern

Connecticut uh Ashland we talked about Harding well you know what give me one sec with Shepherd

um for what it's worth I don't have them ranked in my top 25. people can tweet me

all they want with that um and they right now with everything they lost I really think that I had a

real concern here they were down 14-7 at half against a team who's you know three

and eight season a year ago um that's a concern uh so they come back they win this game

by a point and I mean this is not the same Shepherd team and I'll be real

interested to see when they have upcoming games with Cal Kutztown and others like that

can they get through those without a blemish I'm not sure if they have so I'm not really sure I'm looking at them as a

top 25 just yet uh Feel Free People want to fight me in the comments that's fine

but those are just kind of my thoughts and looking at that all right uh a team that has very few concerns right now in

my opinion Harding uh they win big at uh Southern Nazarene they scored over 50

points oh man uh they they make me feel good about my preseason rank having them in

the top 10. I like what I'm seeing from them uh they went to Southern Naz there and uh did a number Gage Porter uh had a

little struggles here a little high ball and I ended up having three picks and I was on the struggle train a little bit

and uh Harding you know they're just going to Pound The Rock

um you take a look at here's their fullback right there uh Blake Dela Cruz who scores four times in this game as

they ran for nearly 300 yards and uh they're just when they get going man

it's that that's a bad deal to be on the other side of that and uh they they did an interesting thing right here B look

at they're going to run well wait a second we're not gonna run we're gonna throw this one and coquillan's got a got

a good enough arm here that they've had a little extra dimension in this which is why I think that this could be one of

the scarier teams that they've had because uh they're they've got a little bit more multiple that they can do there

and their defense is getting after you and you got and you can see that right here kind of across the board so uh

Harding's still my top ten and uh you know I I think a lot of people you know

thought engage Porter was going to really come in and have a wow year for southern Nassau for a good season to go

but uh didn't quite start off that waveform here and as you can see Harding

continues to to go ahead and just do their thing in the second half and uh yeah I'm I'm interested to see Brandon

going forward we got some real nice games gonna be lining up with a surging

Henderson State um and obviously uh Ouachita Baptist and uh the gac's gonna be interesting watch

this year it is uh sorry go good just one second I just want to Circle back to

one thing anybody from Shepherd that wants to reach out to Whit on Twitter it's at Matt D2 football reach out to

him go ahead and hit him up there just in case you're wondering all right

all right what do we got next uh Slippery Rock uh wins uh 28-17 versus

Wayne State in the MIAA Emporia State had uh very little a little to no

trouble with Lincoln um Ray Gleason threw for about 4 000

yards so Chris do you have him in your in your fantasy team this year or did he get by somebody else okay

let me tell you Brandon I know whose team he's on he's on Wayne cavatis and he was going against my ass this week

you say that with some angst yeah of course of course he was anyway I you

know every time we bring on Gleason Chris like to talk about it so I couldn't remember whose team he was on but I thought I'd mention that so they

hardly never get anybody I wanted from last year they made it a point to put me last yeah that's okay that's okay

uh let's look at this uh Wing It impressive win over Albany State uh 30

to 7. we went to West Georgia Benedict dominate Shaw uh Indy had a pretty good

win I think 20 39 to 20 over Hillsdale uh Lewis didn't actually gain them you

know the the transfer that we were really excited about didn't gain a ton of yards in that one either so I mean I thought they peed on him but if you

really love it there was I thought they really did yeah okay I thought they keyed on him in that contest okay uh

Virginia Union about um one hour ago beat Morehouse uh 45 to

13 in just uh FYI to everybody else um potential top 25 well I know they get

votes uh four Valley States down 24 to 14. to uh Tuskegee at the half I thought

people might want to know that um uh and it was a part of our pickum a week ago yes yes we all pick four Valley

so we're we're either gonna Justin and I are either gonna look really bad I mean just horrible or bad poor Valley will

pull it off pull it out and that will we won't look quite so bad but uh in any case back back to the games uh Lenore

Ryan wins 45-7 at St Augustine or against Saint Augustine's uh Davenport

yeah 31-17 over Thomas More and that is are the uh that rounds out the games in

the top 25 uh or the teams involved with the top 25 games guys uh any other

things involving top 25 teams that we need to touch on you know it always takes a long time this part of the year

to talk about the top 25 because it's sorting itself out what are your thoughts

just a quick gliac defense here you meh Davenport Flynn's over Thomas More it was 24 nothing and a half that wasn't a

clue oh okay okay I like I like it when I whenever I

uh ask somebody to be part of this I always say you need to advocate for your conference and I like you doing that

Tony that makes that makes you feel good you're standing up for the gliac Brandon somebody I was going to talk about and I forgot to Angelo State

um down at halftime uh of that game and kind of came roaring

back um they don't necessarily look like they're going to be quite as athletic at their

skill positions offensively they do have Gerald Gardner from Lake Erie uh

quarterback who grad transfer uh who was a uh uh what it was an all League second

team for in the GMAC a year ago and so he he was their starting quarterback and

he kind of had some moments and then got you know got it going and I ended up having two scores two picks something

like that 290 yards in the air so uh I'll be interested to kind of watch that

development right there um because they landed we weren't sure who they were gonna land on as a quarterback but uh you know they came

through strong there and uh you know we'll talk a little bit later in this about who they got up on tap this coming

week yep and with uh to your point I I agree with you 100 and I think you know

it's hard because you don't know we talked about some question marks say hey we talked about West Alabama you know West Alabama goes on the road or the

they're at Limestone this week so like to me that's a good measuring stick right there of you know where where is

West owl and then how how does that how does that correlate with Angelo State too right like we talked about just who

do you play week week one week Tuesday at a conference yeah yep all right all right uh some other

news and notes from around uh the country what do we got uh Dwayne McGee

uh did not play uh in that game so uh a really good player that uh well not part

of their game I'm sorry Lenore Ryan running back all right I'm sorry yep um also what do we got uh Kyle sheets

heard on the opening kickoff for Slippery Rock um well I don't know if I told you the

story here Brandon but yeah he's also on this this stupid D2 fantasy league that

fergen and Clee Twist of my arm to get into so I picked Kyle sheets yeah he he

was running for me at wide out he gets hurt on the opening kickoff nothing like a little wit curse there

I'm not saying I'm just saying but um and then the running back from Harding uh you know uh fitzfield he

didn't even play so other than that I did great so all right

is that what you're telling us yeah I'm I'm already hating my team and this

process yes uh one of the things even though uh God forbid he doesn't isn't involved

with fantasy do I play you this week yes

all right he'll have a whole new scoring system and playoff system revamp by Midway through the season for next time

after like one week to Tool up just for this yeah

all right let's listen a defensive player Ian Marshall did not play for Northern State and uh he's an elite 100

player uh a couple fun stories uh fun

well it's interesting uh you're probably right that it's not exactly fun they

don't have power down on Valdosta but Brandon's having fun with the story yeah anyway

depends on if you're an outdoor person that didn't affect you but uh anyway no it's really kind of a bad situation there uh you know really difficult to

coach a team much less simply be a student or a resident of Valdosta they

played the game with no power there's no visible scoreboard that kept the time on on the

field and um and that sort of thing if you read the story there generators were used to

locker rooms in the restrooms and I cannot imagine how difficult that was uh

to to play a game there and it's truly it's truly it would have been truly like playing a game in 1920 or something like

that you know yeah they've been without power for three days and uh pretty tough situation down there and um I mean at

that point you're worried more about just living in and surviving and everything else than you were about playing a football game that kind of

heat that's a safety issue for a lot of people in the population yeah well I mean think about uh food for people and

preparing it or having it you know and you know quite frankly a lot of times uh

football players aren't the richest kids in the world so they might need the campus food and right and that sort of

thing and and so it's it's an ordeal so um

as a Valdosta student um they did have like the um the the

dining Halls open um they did get those opened up pretty quickly um but yeah I mean a lot of the systems

were down went down there was a lot of trees down um a lot of roads that still are not not

yet cleared from from what I understand so like the main roads are for side roads or not so for them that I pulled

off a football game through all that um it's a pretty pretty big deal uh pretty good for morale too

yeah right and then now they got to get ready for a road game at what Albany State and stuff like that so it's not

they kind of a tough little start for them yeah well like it didn't show on the scoreboard because they dominated

but yeah um well and yeah but like you said guys it's it's a mess down there and my

thoughts are with all those people in Valdosta yep but think about how hard it is to to coach in a game like that into

playing a game like that when the peripherals aren't there you don't know how you can't look up at the scoreboard and you can't see how much time is on

the clock you don't know what down you know what I mean like you it's hard enough to watch a game get a lone player coach in a game where you know you

blinking you really can't see what you know time time in the quarter or you know anything like that so yeah well I

think I think that's simply a game you survive and luckily for Valdosta State it was not an opponent uh that could

come back to harm them even if they had lost you know there's you know I I'm I'm

painfully pathetically always looking at the bright side of anything and that's one uh one for Valdosta State at least

the opponent wasn't somebody who could hurt him um but something fun in that one uh McCall Bennett was a redshirt freshman

kicker uh made an extra point uh with 625 left in the game the significance of

that is that she was the first uh Valdosta State female to play in a

football game in program history so yep uh congratulations to her now the last

thing that we want to touch on in this segment was that UT premium Basin scored 96

points and that's certainly obviously a School record and you know I think

um you know Whit and I got our panties in a bunch a little bit about sportsmanship and thought Oh man they're

running up the score so I went back and watched the second half to see what they did and

um there they started at Drive started at opponent 45 opponent 14 opponent 17.

Midfield opponent 32 and opponent 28 and

uh one drive uh was non-drive because it was a pick six they threw only one pass

beyond the line of scrimmage in the second half so congratulations to them for for scoring a ton of points and uh

again I you know I I was ready to come in guns ablazing and they didn't do anything wrong so yeah and I mean and

it's it's what Texas College who's what is are there maybe the worst team

in the Nai if we're gonna be real Frank yeah and they it's been like that for a

good while and um you know you just don't want to see it period

um uh so I mean it it is what it is and you

know it's one of those where Maybe by all means maybe they try not to to

schedule that next year and try and find somebody who's who's not going to be such a one-sided football game and you

know get yourself in that spot but right you know um it's just it's never a real good look

because you don't like to see that for for the the losing team and now the losing team's got to go play an FCS

after this so I mean that's but that's their own scheduling too so Arkansas

yeah I just I just want to mention uh one of the tweets I saw about this game

was somebody um adding um the Texas Department of Public Safety reporting a crime

um when they saw the scorching that game uh that ain't right I mean I know I know

but nonetheless um yeah you know Texas college is a is a

hvcu so we never like to see that over here but they're kind of in that League like Virginia Lynchburg and some of

those schools that that's all they do is schedule like those games like that so right right um it's not uncommon to see

scores like this and unfortunately places like the Lone Star will probably continue to schedule them because of the

difficulty in scheduling so it's kind of unfortunate I know it yeah yeah

all right well uh we've come to the point of the show where we need to mention something else that's

unfortunate that would be my waistline and wits waistline but uh having said that

um it will help us dominate a 28 inch pizza there's less than a month with and

you're practicing at all uh well just in general like life you know and I tell

you through that pizza three times in the last week uh but uh it wasn't from boss and you were at the Sioux Falls

game uh excuse me the Augustana game and you sent me a picture of the the Press Box supplied by boss and apparently it

is a very popular pizza I've never had it yeah there was about 20 boxes that have been demolished so they had been

practicing at Augustana I can tell you that um but uh that was the football game I

was at yesterday or it was 99 degrees and uh my big behind was out on the turf

which um I don't have a body built for that type of situation so at halftime

when things were comfortable I ducked out but um no uh I did a little bit of

practicing yesterday Brandon so you'll be proud I could practice on that right now yeah

um my hands would not be crossed my hands would be getting pizza at that point but um you know something I was

just talking uh with Jeremy seafelt the owner operator of bosses and he actually

mentioned me he said hey wit on Springfield Missouri

he said they're at the Holiday Inn he said Holiday Inn in Suites I-44

Springfield Missouri he said somehow they came across his radar and

he would love to open up a boss's right there kind of tied in with the hotel

so we're putting that out there in the event any of our you know any of our loyal fan base things that may be

something that might work for them once again boss will come train you the whole deal and all that stuff and you know you

can make a pizza for the you know the people who come in and are patrons and then you can eat a pizza and eat wings

and the way you know Brandon and I would do things you know one for them one for us

Homer Simpson filling up the gas and one for me

exactly all right well yeah that that that's

somewhat uh cute and funny what is not cute and funny however

are my results in this week's pickup uh I just just just bad and our our

results our results

Chuck's not here to brag about his all right so I got a question guys are are

we so um narcissistic that we want Valley to

win so that we have a little bit better record in our picks or are we so

vindictive that we wanted to lose so Chuck's is not perfect that last part okay I I like the

vindictiveness so yes all right well we'll keep track of that obviously not a good start to the season minus Chuck

congratulations chuck whatever all right yeah Didn't I pick Tuskegee

what no all right we're gonna go back and watch the tape because I picked Tuskegee to

win their league why wouldn't I pick them to lose air well may we you go back Tony and if you if you say that I want

to have I want to have less red on my thing than you did so that's all

right one further review Tony was smarter than the rest of this all right no just you I just you

that's a low bar man come on man expect more out of you than that uh let's look

at the realistic expectations all right

let's look and your card for this week Bowie State at Davenport

first did you have any real quick thoughts on that one I'm going to this game oh sweet okay yeah I'm going to

this game um you know I think it's going to be really interesting um because you know Davenport definitely

took their foot off the gas so you know it's gonna you know you just got two

teams that are really going to be going at it um I don't expect much running from Bowie State

um so it's probably gonna key in on the pass a little bit more um you know on the other side you've got a pretty seasoned team in Davenport so

um it's gonna be a really interesting game to watch yeah yeah the uh what will be interesting is

I think you know if Davenport has a weakness it would be defense and if Bowie state has a strength it would be

defense so it's two you know two different teams will be interesting to find that result lenoir-rhyne Fayetteville State

Justin Chris thoughts quickly yeah I I think Lenoir Ryan got it got

going well offensively this past week I look for them to continue that this week I'll be interesting to see if Dwayne

McGee's back in the lineup this week and what he brings to the to that stable uh in the backfield for the Bears

yeah I I just throw out there that you know Fable stage defense um has didn't really miss much of a step

um Fayetteville State's offense does have question marks so they can't afford to get behind by two School horses I

think that'll kind of put be the nail in the coffin for a win for them

uh westchester's at Slippery Rock and that's a good early season matchup in

the psac yeah you know you know not slippery rock is just you know kind of one of the teams that's always off the

top 25 or tis um is off the top 25 a lot of times but they're not like 75 they're right there

in the in the mix so that'll be an interesting game Ferris State at Ashland you know Tony I'm so old that that to me

feels like a gliac game but it's a non-conference game it does it does and what's funny is there was a stretch in

time where um Ashland actually gave Ferris a lot of fits and even knocked them off once or

twice um you know going back into the mid teens uh you know uh Tony and nice was

still building thing kind of in the Ascension phase at Ferris and Lee Owens was well established at Ashland so

um but yeah I know based on what we've seen uh thus far right yeah this yeah

Ferris is going to be the favorite here there's no doubt about that and that's that's why they're in bold uh wing it is

at Mars Hill they had a good opening week Justin yeah they did uh they did some really good things I think they answered maybe

some question marks on the offensive side of the football for us uh and Mars Hill I think we still have some question

marks you know losing snelson and herzua on the offensive side of the ball uh they have they have pretty much a good portion of their defense back but Marcel

did not have a week one game uh they had the bye week week one so it'll be interesting to see if that week one game

for Wingate really helps them and and you know they figure some things out they've got some rhythm going so I'm

actually calling this game this week so I'm looking forward to that but uh this should be a pretty good sack a sack game

uh that you know early but it should be a pretty good second how did you get on the radio it's like a Make-a-Wish thing

are you okay buddy I mean they feel bad for me so they they you

know come on every once in a while all right uh West Georgia is at Texas A M

Kingsville that's to me that's kind of intriguing yeah Kingsville handled Mesa

this last week uh what 30 to 10 or something and they bring back the quarterback they got some you know

they're building something there um is the athleticism of West Georgia gonna

be too much that'll be an interesting watch it will be and and I think too you know I was impressed with West Georgia

offensively they did some good stuff they established a run uh be interesting to see if they get that pass game roll

on me they were able to do some good things in the passing game but just see if they can if they could score some points and stretch the field out a

little bit more sure all right and uh Wayne State Nebraska is at Minnesota

state wow uh yeah yeah these guys split a year ago uh Wayne State kind of

handled them uh at home but then in the playoffs when they had to go to Mankato

it didn't work out so well um I'm real interested to see how well

Wayne State can defend the running game here of Mankato I think that they they bring back and know a little bit more

what they had than what Sioux Falls did a week ago defensively uh so I think it's gonna be a close game but I still

have a hard time not uh thinking Mankato was the favorite yep no doubt about that so let's go

ahead and look at the Pick Em uh for this week and let's go ahead and AC

we're going to bring you back in uh your your picks will not be official but you

will be part of the discussion especially if he beats us then they're really unofficial

all right so uh um Emporia State is it Northwest Missouri Limestone West Alabama Colorado

Mines at Angelo State uh UT Permian Basin at Western Colorado and CSU Pueblo

is at Grand Valley let's take him in order uh start um at the top in Emporia State is at

Northwest Justin go ahead and start yeah I I was impressed with Northwest uh

this week and so I'm going to continue with that I think Owens he's playing well I look for Northwest to uh to

continue it this week okay all right um and Tony

you know Brandon this is we talked a little bit last week about some of those games where you're kind of like you know I got to see it first with I guess with

this being you know a Missouri school it's a show me thing so uh I I don't know I always feel like

Emporia has got enough to beat Northwest and they just never do it so it's hard for me to pick against the trend there

so I'll I'll take the Bearcats as well okay and uh I believe that this is the

year that important that literally is like a 20-year drought

against Northwest I think 94 was the last time that the Emporia won and I'm

gonna pick ESU in this one are you trying to make the uh the Bearcat hype video right now

I don't care concentrate on beating people not concentrate on what they say or what

others say uh go ahead wit you're the next you know when I was watching them Corey

estate at media day I got the impression that this was that this was kind of that

game that they thought they could have had last year and uh I I think they just

know a lot more what they have offensively um I'm a little bit concerned with

Northwest that their defense may not be where they have been of late so I guess

I'm making the hype video too but uh I'm gonna take Emporia State in this one okay and Chris Ferguson

you know um you know Emporia hasn't necessarily been known to have the greatest defense

um so I I don't really see a ton like but so much resistance when you have a

Northwest plane you know halfway decent on offense um and they seem to be kind of balanced

too you know the running back uh from yesterday I thought I did pretty pretty well uh so yes Paris yeah yeah

nonetheless nonetheless I think you know Emporia if this is the year that they

can that they're going to beat no rest it's got to be this year I mean they're so close they're so so close

um so I'm also going to take uh Emporia in this one uh as a Revenge game okay but I thought Ferg was picking both

teams there for a moment I did too you got to give you guessing yeah hey

see if you had to pick who would you pick uh just going off Northwest Missouri's

pedigree and now finding out that it's like a 20-year drought I I think I'm gonna go with Northwest all right all

right we will not hold you to these uh next game Limestone at West Alabama Tony

you will start you know I I'm impressed with what

Limestone did how tough they played the other day but I I think West Alabama's got too much

okay uh I am actually going to go with limestone and I think that they are going to win

this one um by 10 points uh wit kind of struggled with this one I think

West Alabama's defense is going to keep this to a low scoring contest but I'm

not convinced that their offense is good enough to win it uh I still think the trajectory on this Limestone team is up

I'm going to take him to to win uh what I think will be a real big one for them

okay perk yeah

man this feels like an elimination game already uh you know because whoever

loses is going to have a really hard time getting into the lower seeds um as the year goes on

um so anyway uh yeah I agree with everything that y'all said West Alabama

um you know the offense is questionable the defense is legit um and and Limestone certainly has the

the horsepower but is it enough it gets a really really good defense

all right uh Justin yeah I fur you kind of down the head for

me when I was looking at this game it's it's hard to feel like this isn't a must win for both teams particularly if they

you know have playoff aspirations um I I was impressed with Limestone last

week they hung tough against West Georgia and West out you know they did some good things against Angelo um

ultimately I think the defense at home for West Alabama is going to be the difference here I think they're going to

figure it out offensively and it it pains me to go against the the Grain and go against the sack a little bit but I

think West Alabama at home has the edge here and what I feel is like an early season must win

right and AC if you had to pick what would you pick oh I'm gonna go with limestone

playoff implications even though it's early uh what they did last year surprisingly making the playoffs and how

they played last season I'm gonna go Limestone on the road all right next game Colorado School of Minds at Angelo

State I will be the first person to select this one and I

no matter how impressive Angela was in that game I'm gonna have to go with mines in this one

what well uh I just don't know if Angelo

State this version of Angelo State right now that we have is ready to win uh this big a game with

a guy who is really hard to beat with matoka now the the concern I have is

actually further with can can this be a letdown game uh from for mines because coming of a

really big emotional win with Grand Valley um then you're hopping on a plane going

and playing a team that's always going to be very athletic good defense

um I and and frankly Angelo State should be the more motivated team here after they mine's end of their season the year

ago uh I just think mines is is further along the road right now and I got mines

Chris this is this has turned into a little bit of a rivalry I feel like yeah many

kind of a mini one yeah yeah they've met you know the playoffs oh we like to play you we're going to play in the regular

season you know and and my is so one Angelo has beaten

Minds with matoka there um so I'm not particularly concerned

about that um yeah Angelo isn't the same but we also had

doubts about them coming into week one and and look what they did um I'm gonna go against the grain here

as well I'm gonna go with with Angelo as much as I like mines um I think that uh there's also home

field advantage to consider here when it's kind of even and and so I like Angelo for a mini upset here

all right uh Justin yeah I was impressed with mines last week and and I don't think that's going

to stop this week I think mines is gonna is gonna win this one on the road but uh and I and I think there's a little

bit of a chip on my shoulders because I think a lot of people they feel like they may have been written off you know yeah yeah playing that game last week

going on the road here so I think there's a little bit of a chip on their shoulder I I like mines in this one guys

all right Tony yeah it's hard for me to go away from mines here guys I mean they you know

they they lost to Angelo last year in a game that you know maybe they should have won early they solved the riddle in

the playoffs and you know I talked about this uh earlier in the show you got 24 six year seniors that came back you got

the Harlan Hill winner who's just so hard to beat um I I thought I got the sense in the

stadium the other night that mines has a chip on their shoulder like coach post said I I just feel like they're they're

playing like nobody believes in them uh this year even though they've got all these guys back and they've proven a lot

on the field over the last couple of Seasons so I don't know I I think this is I think this is mine's game to Lose

Myself yeah their trajectory is that they should win the national championship this year

since that would be one step uh higher each year AC do you have the guts as the

rmac columnist pick Angelo State

I definitely have the guts to do it but I just don't see Angelo getting it done

uh matoka matokeo's too much you know he went in he went into Angelo and he did their season last year

um I think what Tony saying like he was there at the game even though Martin has had a lot of success they're not like a

team that's complacent at all like matoka he's a really nice guy and speaks

really well and sounds a little but like he's a dog on the field on the sideline so I expect him going back to Texas to

play at home I I think mines gets it done and with the armac you can definitely hold me to these things

all right uh UT Permian Basin will travel to Western Colorado wit

you know I know UT Permian basins you know they're coming out there

aggressive they got a really good offense and you know I just I don't

think I watch Western Colorado the other day they impressed me um I was expecting that to be a much

tougher game that they had with with West Texas and they kind of controlled the action to be honest and I like them

in this contest as well I think they're an athletic team and uh I may be even having them at the edge of my top 25.

I'm sorry who'd you pick again with Western Colorado okay thank you all right

all right uh Chris I'm going Western as well

all right Justin yeah I'm on the western bandwagon right now I think UT Permian based you know

they put up 96 points last week and but when you when you rattled off their drives it was you know

all in positive field position right like so let's see what happens when you when you have to go on the road and play a tough team and you're gonna have to

earn your stripes so to speak so uh but I'm Western Colorado by the way

you're vindictiveness uh might be rewarded Matt Tuskegee is now up 31-14

in the third okay all right uh Tony back to UTPB in western Colorado yeah

despite my uh flyer on uh Permian Basin to win the Lone Star I just don't see the Lone Star

in terms of top to bottom being as as uh strong as the armac at the current

state so I mean we know what western Colorado is they're a team that you know uh played both mines and Pueblo tough

last year um and they handled A A A Lone Star Team pretty easily last week so yeah for

Permian base to go on the road and win at altitude I gotta I got a hard time seeing that at this point so I'll take

Western Colorado also all right well I will be the contrarian

and I was I was impressed with the Permian base I understand the the

opponent was not that good but I believe that the coach you know he we called it was good at

East Central last year and yep seems to be doing the same thing again and quarterback and everything yep yeah I

mean and and so it's it seems like you know I did so poorly this week anyway it's almost you know like a gamble that

I need to get get one here to feel good about myself so uh yeah AC what are your thoughts

uh uh speaking of chips on their shoulders I think Western has probably the biggest one in the armac they feel

like you know they beat Pueblo last year they played mines close they feel like they're kind of counted out I think that

Victory they got over Western Colorado or west Texas last week was huge for them with the new starting quarterback

so I think they'll have a lot more confidence with their new guy leading them and they have the altitude on their

side give me Western again this week very good all right our final game this

week this is the big one uh oh man man it's hard to say when in their minds and

Angel are playing but goodness gracious uh CSU Pueblo is that Grand Valley what a nice game in Ferg you get to pick

first yeah so somebody asked in the in the chat if I also go to this game too and I thought about it and I was like

well you know what the heck I mean Bowie State Davenport it's a 12 o'clock game this is seven o'clock game that's plenty

of time so yeah you get that that Poster's suspect you got to watch out for that dude Ferg

you know this is a very very fascinating game um Pueblo has definitely got

um a lot more to work with but then to to say Grand Valley loses two in

a row like that I don't know especially at home uh so give me Grand Valley

okay Justin

I'm I'm a little bit I love that we have to make good games in the first couple weeks of the season

but it's fantastic it really is but I don't I don't see Grand Valley going on let me interrupt Justin it's only going

to get better win the MIAA and the northern sign opening their schedules this is only going to get better it's going to go

back to the way it used to be when when it was the Golden Era and it was freaking perfect anyway sorry go ahead

well I like I there's one's this one's tough

fight but I just don't see Grand Valley going 0-2 to start and and I don't see them losing at home so uh and it doesn't

matter who they play so I'm gonna take Grand Valley all right Tony

yeah look guys last year CSU Pueblo ran all over Midwestern State and then

didn't do anything against Grand Valley at home so um you know I think you're gonna see

history repeat itself here except the venue is going to be different I just don't see Grand Valley dropping this one

um if they if they do then obviously they've got bigger issues because then they're going to be 0-2 trying to find a way into his playoff spot in super

Region Three I just don't think I don't think the kids or the staff are going to be ready for that one they're going to come out a little angry I think on

Saturday well this past week I picked Grand Valley and they let me down

having said that I'm still going to pick them to win this week I believe in what's happening at CSU Pueblo

but I agree with that this is a prove it to me situation and you're gonna have to

they're gonna have to prove it to me this week I think the Lakers win though uh wit

well well well um Pueblo showed me a few things

um I think if this was seven on seven I might I might go with Pueblo I I'm not

sure that they don't have have some of the athletes in space but the problem is fortunately

I'm not feeling real good about what's going to happen at the line of scrimmage uh uh I just think Grand Valley is gonna be

able to run the football um I also feel like uh if they if Pueblo

had some challenges protecting the quarterback this last week I think that's going to get all the worse with a

Grand Valley so um they're gonna have to get rid of the ball real fast and let their their skill

guys make some plays I think that they're a greater threat this year without a doubt

but I still like Grand Valley at home a little too much there's a big ask for for what's essentially kind of a a

younger Pueblo team in terms of they haven't played together very much right the one thing that we'll have going for

them is that and this is impressive in his freshman season chance Fuller didn't

start a game until he played Northwest Missouri and he went into Maryville and won as a freshman yeah that's that's

he's kind of an X Factor here because he's a gunslinger he's kind of like Brandon all to Bemidji

he's gonna be fired in no matter what right now AC now that we've talked about it give us

the answer to the quiz who's going to win this game

it's all right in that energy that they have going up there uh their leaders I

think bones Daniel bones didn't come out trying to have himself a game to have that defense really uh ready to go in

they're just gonna be excited to play up there like that's a great Stadium a great venue like similar to how Tony was

describing mines I've never been to Grand Valley but I would imagine it's the exact same kind of kind of vibe you

know even on the road you're going to be able to multiply it by three because

five okay but uh I'm gonna go with Pueblo uh

having Fuller having that experience playing in the Mi double A I don't think he'll be scared walking in there leading

him so I'm gonna take Pueblo in a close one because I do think Grand Valley is gonna come out you know with something

to prove after after last week when they probably feel like they could have won that game all right very good so I wrote that down

we will see how you do next week and uh we will ridicule you yeah if you get these wrong you will be

ridiculed that's just the way that's just the way this goes all right guys uh we'll be right back stick with us

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might have missed um it is now time for the most exciting

portion of the show which is comments and questions

does boss have a spam pizza is that a topping selection uh not that I'm aware

of uh I think that future you two are gonna eat me it should have spam on it

they do have pineapple and they do have um other stuff with lettuce on it that

would never cross my lips but um no and by the way by the way not not to not to

uh not to tease anything here but the owner operator did kind of chirp

us a little bit and say some things to Brandon and I that were less than positive

about this tag team taking care of business and we will be posting that

next week I'm just throwing that out there right now but carry on all right

let's look at the questions uh what do we got here all right uh

uh K Ferg you get the answer the first one buddy Calvin wants to know who had the most

impressive Victory Bowie or Benedict well I Benedict's victory was like they

just shut out Shaw and I mean that was a shocker with what Shaw does have coming

back to just roll over them by 50. um it was bad

um but we kind of knew what Benedict had in this case and so I think that uh the

mystery that was Bowie State to go and be the FCS team on the road uh worst of more impressive victory

all right let's take that one off and go to this one so at D2 football does that mean all of

us are just me yeah it doesn't matter uh what are your thoughts on video reviews so far I will answer I freaking love it

I love it that it exists and even if it doesn't get it right the fact that the

possibility exists is awesome we're just not gonna play this game of these clowns

out here got this call so wrong and we can't fix it we can at least have a chance for

a corrected call and I I think it's great yeah I if they were to use the Pueblo

game last night they would add zero chance of doing video because there was blur every change the thing change the

thing change the thing it was just anytime it was a pass down the field you couldn't see it so you know we need to

make sure that we're getting a solid you know hard cam shot on these to be able

to have that be useful um after watching after watching plenty of stuff not to make this a big Festival

on on streaming and you know people getting a neighborhood shot where you

can see somebody you know three blocks down moving their car but you know

not that I'm calling anybody out but next time I will and but I mean so this

this is obviously going to be only as good as the Stream so you know sometimes just because you

got five cameras doesn't mean I need for you to click five times in three seconds and and make me confused that's

all I'm saying I agree Casey I can tell that you wanted to talk about this because this was your world did you want

to say something about switching uh they're like so in broadcast I think

this kind of goes like across the board in D2 sometimes they broadcast like to

have this tight angle where you have the front seven and then have to snap like try to pull out and you always miss the

action like I'd rather have a wider shot than a tight shot so I can at least see what's going on but uh I I overall on

video replay like why not be trying to get it right you know right that's right there's so many games that are wanting

decided on these calls so like I don't mind spending the time and you know there's nothing wrong with getting it

right if you can get it right why not try to absolutely apparently the uh the

Mi double A has now fixed or certain cameras specifically for replay so

they've all added like a third so uh that's not necessarily part of the broadcast

all right uh let's look at this um about Shepard

so Brad Bradley one of our best fans of the show

best supporters of D2 football says uh I'll just say that Shepard sure looks like a team that was placing four guys

who were in the NFL camps that's exactly what it looked like I mean in it's not it's not bama you know you don't replace

uh that string and receivers or now they're Stringer quarterbacks it is harder in the deuce to replace that and

they had a crazy amount of guys in the NFL camps from one division two offense

that that this was to be expected there's nothing I don't think any of us thought that that was even a fair ask

right and especially what they lost to the quarterback position which is

maybe one of the best we've seen in the last 10 years I mean well I think that period yeah I think that's

indisputable in terms of what the NFL looks for yes you know it's it's

indisputable I I can't remember a D2 guy that made the roster and they and the

situation happened as it did in Chicago where they cut the guy who they thought was going to be the backup I mean I

can't recall that ever happening yeah he's getting bumped up right yeah I just I I can't anyway so I mean that alone is

a big deal yeah he he made throws all the time that I didn't think other people

uh could make all right uh nice to have some big out of conference

match-ups Bradley is a fan of Northern sun and just like wit I'm sure he likes

seeing them I they used to be part of all of our lives and it's wonderful that

that some of them are coming back and they're in schools are realizing the value of them you know what I I ended up

having uh grabbed a grab some food uh before the USF Mankato game with Mr Brad

Koenig and some of the other real loyal Mankato fans and uh you know once again

Great Brothers to have out there people who want to go to games who have that kind of Interest I love seeing it

um I love the fact that the northern Sun I'm going to get a chance to see a new non-con every week the way it's

scheduled now that probably hasn't been great for the teams to try and schedule that in weeks five six seven eight and

everything else that's not the beginning of the season but it's still going to be enjoyable for me no questions yeah I

mean the the scheduling will be easier as we move along though with you know when everybody's scheduling one and two

versus like you said six seven ten when Jamestown comes back Northern Sun's

closing their doors you guys have your chance Brandon they would not want to go back to the stone ages and do that crap

again I I don't I don't believe that they would do that they're smarter than that all right let's go ahead and get

the next one uh Henry Emery and Henry Stomp the Mud Hole in conquered that was

probably the most surprising game from the sack this weekend I agree Ryan not Shane

um I agree that that was a big surprise and I thought goodness gracious I know nothing about football because I picked

Concord to win the the Mec yeah I I changed my uh fantasy team after that

game I'm glad I didn't play play those guys on my team this week I mean it was

just such a surprise yeah it was such a surprise and uh you know now Bluefield

State um has to go play them um so and I am terrified to see what may happen now

well uh this was posted during the picks results and Peggy is apparently a master

of the obvious because you know we did not do good you are very correct

it feels like it feels like a teacher's telling us uh you all did not do good on this test you call yourself experts

that's fine Pagan you can take our paycheck that's exactly right

all right uh let's look at uh um this one I think this is interesting

Tony because I think you and I have talked about this a little bit I'm surprised Ashland hasn't been better in super region one

I would agree with that with a certain level of limitations right and that's

the limitation being that and you get and you're right we've talked about this I I think there's going to be a

progressive uh the amount of time that that gliac

high level caliber of play that they had would continue to stay above you know where they are in

the gmax it's it's a it's it's a Time limited thing because that tends to they're gonna end up playing much more

like the the collective and the collective and the GMAC no disrespect to some of those teams a lot of them

formerly act teams the demand week in week out there is not the same as what the gliac has traditionally been so over

time yeah we that they're just not going to be at that Advantage was going to be a

limited thing and I would tell you that even towards the end of their time in the gliac I don't know that Ashland yeah

they've made the playoffs and they'd done some things I I still didn't feel like that they I mean they weren't going

to be fairest year in and year out I was talking about how they did you know five six eight years ago but you know in that

last year in the league it was you know that wasn't the same Ashland team right so I don't know I don't know how

much of an advantage they had going into Super region one anyway okay and and and I do want to say the

Top Flight teams in the in the psac and the Shepherds of the world of what they've had the last few years I mean I

know they haven't shown well in some of those uh semi-final games but that the the caliber of play at some with some of

those schools is better than what it was 10 years ago so that's my thing yeah well when did

she when does anybody remember exactly when Shepard joined the psac

I think every Everybody adjusts to what's happening and and you know to who

else is their surroundings the same thing you said about Ashland going to the GMAC you know when when Shepherd

comes to the psac and starts winning it all the time and in fact they were winning the Super region as a member of

the Mec it has an effect on on everything it's human nature it is not

an insult it is not a criticism it is human nature if if it if you have

three seconds to try to beat out of ground ball you will run harder than you would if you had five seconds to beat it

out you were always humans just barely beat stuff it is just human nature so all right let me see if

uh we have any more 2019 was the answer thank you to inkblot and Bradley

um so they've uh helped um improve uh the play uh

of of the pscc I would say and then let's do one final comment and this will

be directed I guess to Whit and myself unless somebody else wants to come and be a part of this

strong consideration we just need to figure out the technology

I mean it's hard for me to I'm going to be focused on you know I'm getting my game face on I'm not going to be

thinking about streaming I'm going to be thinking about Charlie I'm just saying

press play and start to eat come on this isn't that tough you got the platform

here you can't do a live stream for that I'll be honest with you I am honestly

concerned about throwing up like 17 weeks there's a demand a

bucket there or something by the way I did find out an important detail we can stand while we eat if we

want to which I kind of found when I was practicing have I stood I could things were just

kind of moving better because you know I'm just saying B um so next time you have pizza I'm gonna

need for you to stand and eat it and see what your thoughts are about this because you're gonna need to start

practicing a little bit more I'm already kind of in game shape right now and you know again I'm in some shape but it's

round but uh all right well let's when's the date for this again are we gonna do it on a Friday or the or

the Saturday wit well they they played during the the day right on Saturday so

we're gonna need to have it Friday we'll see at the local news ones to cover it because I mean it's just kind of a big

deal and all and um you know maybe we'll get the local coaches to show up and everything else

and you know maybe one will cheer me on the other will cheer you on and oh wait

we could get the cheerleaders to come and cheer us on yes

troll yeah they would love to watch two fat old dudes well I mean look at me why

wouldn't they I mean by looking at you that's why they wouldn't so in any case

this is going to be uh epic too this episode is rated R

sponsored by Tiger Beat [Laughter] the heart is this much heartthrop

this month how about years um so so Brandon

who wins the humility award and their humility issue that's a good one too I was gonna ask something then we started

talking about food and I completely forgot but um no we're we're gonna make this a big ordeal guys I'm just telling

you we're gonna have to do like in the pickup ordeals the right word yep yeah yeah the pick them we're gonna have to

see who's picking Whit and Brandon and who's taking Bosses Pizza yeah I got the

pizza I'm Tanya right now is that right yeah you think Nancy would have us as a

favorite or a dog Tony you've met me you know how fat I am man it does not equate automatically to

being able to hammer that much food dude in a 28 inch pizza is no joke

and as you get old you can't you can't power eat like you used to man trust me

yeah well that might be true but all right guys

um that will do it for tonight that'll be the last thoughts that you all need in your head is about us eating pizza

so again uh for Justin Tony kafer wit and thank you Antonio for joining us

tonight it was a pleasure I am Brandon Meisner and uh please again join us next

week for inside D2 football foreign