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September 10th, 2023 1:00pm

Inside D2Football - Garin Higgins


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thank you [Music] well good evening everybody and welcome

to inside D2 football with Justin Polizzi Matt Wiki Chuck

Bittner Tony Nicolette and later Chris Ferguson I am Brandon Meisner thank you

very much for joining us tonight we have a fun fun fast show for you tonight so

on the show tonight Emporia State they're Victorious head coach Garen Higgins will join us to talk about the

Hornets win over Northwest Missouri State we also have some great Saturday results some great Saturday contests uh

yesterday CSU Pueblo was a Grand Valley mine Colorado Mines was at Angelo State

and Ferris State was a national those are top 25 matchups from last night we're going to feature a new segment

this week called stock up stock down is your team headed in the right direction find out in that segment and we will

also do our pick segment as normal but tonight we will start with Emporia State

for the first time in a long time Emporia State won at Northwest Missouri State a 33 to 13 win in Maryville

yeah what a privilege it was that this game was on Thursday night for us so we could really kind of Spotlight this and and really get a a close look at both of

these teams and the way some of the lightning delays worked out we really got to see uh all of this game huge huge

win for Emporia State I think that goes without saying and really you have to start the analysis on this one with

takeaways the Hornets were able to take the ball away from northwest six times

and anytime you can take the ball away six times you stand a really really good chance of winning and really it was all

interceptions tremendous work getting pressure on the quarterback and really it started from the from the outset you

know the Hornets really set the tone for this game with a pick six on the first series and it really just kind of set

that tone for the rest of the night the Northwest quarterbacks had a lot of trouble finding open guys had a lot of

trouble just keeping that ball in in the areas where they wanted to go with it and then of course Mike Owens C uh

Northwest starting quarterback got hurt on the second series actually did finish that series but then left the game and

did not return and certainly his absence had a major impact his leadership of course was was certainly missed and his

backup runkey made some nice plays showed some athleticism but also through four interceptions so uh just a really

tough night for Northwest but some outstanding play for Emporia State on both sides of the ball as well what were

some of your impressions of it uh I was immediately impressed with how athletic Emporia State was

um I you know it was interesting the way Chuck I thought the way that uh Northwest was able to drive you know and

and move the football pretty well but it was just really kind of you know bitten

every time with the turnovers I mean they end up winning the yardage contest but at the same time end up being behind

20 on the scoreboard um some of the things that I'm noticing with Northwest right away is you know do

you have to worry a little bit right now if you're Northwest about some of the points they're giving up Chuck and in

addition to that they don't have a sack yet this year through two games now if you take a look at that defensive line

over the last few years that's really been their situation and you know for

for employee to be able to go ahead and really take advantage of those turnovers they got I was really impressed uh with

how the Hornets played right very good and let's go ahead and bring on the Victorious head coach Garen Higgins from

Emporia State University joins us coach thank you very much for joining us and spending your time with us tonight on

inside D2 football you bet uh glad you guys had me on appreciate being here

well you know coach when when people talk about Emporia State the the thought is usually about offense

you know you guys have had some some great quarterbacks there and you still have one this year you had Brent Wilson in the past but you know as Chuck

mentioned the story of that game of the game was was all the turnovers that your defense uh was able to get what what

happened what did you guys do that allowed you to uh customize confusion for the Northwest offense well I think

um you know I think we got some really good secondary players I think we got some really good athletes back there and uh those guys made some plays and uh of

course turnovers are a part of the game and uh it was really I thought important

for us to get off to a good start and and we did you know they they took uh

the opening kickoff and drove it down uh and then we were able to get that interception return it for a touchdown

and that really kind of set the tone uh for the rest of the night so uh we

didn't really do anything different I mean you know our guys were prepared to play I think again our guys were definitely

at the right place at the right time coach you guys had uh you know a lot of

us I think expected you guys to have Success Through the air against Northwestern he had over 250 yards three

scores but I was a little bit surprised that you know Billy Ross Jr I thought ran really hard had over 100 yards

rushing for you guys not something we always see against a good Bearcat defense uh at the end of the game I mean

didn't you kind of walk away think of some of that same thing coach no question I mean I can go back to all my

years of playing Northwest and I remember one year our leading rusher was the punter we ran a fake Punt and he was

the leading rusher with 17 yards I think that's back in 2015 and we were really really we were a really good team in

2015 as well um but I thought we controlled the line of scrimmage that's been something that

we've really had a hard time against them and Billy as a returning player uh

for us from last year really kind of busted on the scene last year force and

played really well and and I thought you know the job that our offensive line did

of course we we lost three starters uh three all basically three All Conference players last year and for them to play

the way they did uh and then of course opening those holes for Billy and Billy

was definitely running with the purpose a very talented can catch the ball out of the backfield too as well and

um played a really good game coaches I was watching the closing moments of that game you know you guys

are up 20 points uh you know for the last few minutes of the football game when exactly did you kind of allow

yourself to start believing hey we beaten the Bearcats

a little bit over a minute uh left to play and believe me I stared at that

clock uh probably more than I ever have uh in a game you know and um

uh but that's when I kind of said all right it's gonna happen and uh it did

you know and I felt to be honest with you not to say that I was overconfident but

I really felt good about this team uh going in there uh this year you know we played them last year the last game of

the year and got beat 27 to 21 and we were on the two yard line uh with just a

little bit over a minute left to go in the game and we had a penalty backed us up then we threw an interception our

guys that pain that we had after that loss uh was something I felt like our guys uh

never had felt before and but I also think at the same time it gave us a lot of confidence in going into this year

you know maybe you've already addressed this but you've been the head coach at Emporia since uh 2007 you haven't been

able to get over the hump against Northwest which a lot of teams face that but what is different what you said you were

confident in this team what is different about this year's team that you not only got over the hump but you dominated the

football game you know I think to be honest with you and I just I kind of said it uh

just a while ago just our confidence level I think in all the years uh that

I've been here and we and like I said we've had some really good teams uh we've played them in the playoffs you

know in 15 and 16 and I think it's to be honest with I

think there's a little bit of a mental block there uh and I think that game because we've beaten uh everybody in the

in the league except Northwest has really been kind of a thorn in our side and uh I think just the level of

confidence that our guys had and I also think this is a very close team uh we do

have a lot of returners back from last year I think we lost some really good leadership last year but I also think

that uh there's some guys on this year's team that have really stepped up I think our commitment throughout the course of

the summer has been as best as it as it ever has been um and then you know when you go into a

game also with a three-year starter quarterback who's played really well and

he remembers that game from last year I I basically after that game last year I had to pick him up off the field uh you

know how you always tell your players you you want them to leave everything out there right uh and he did last year

and he threw that interception I Know It uh it heard him I had to console him and

um you know again we didn't talk about it over the summer it wasn't like we didn't put a sign up anywhere with the

score I think our guys just went about their business and um we were able to

get it done with with a complete uh it really in all phases

well coach it was a phenomenal win for you guys but it's only week two of a really long season in the MIAA so as we

look ahead a little bit you've got Northeastern coming up we kind of know what to expect there they're still trying to get it going but after that

there are no uh there are no down weeks in that schedule so what are some of the things you're talking about with the guys to maybe not allow them to get a

little too high with this win and just stay focused on the games in front of them well I think a couple things I mean

I think first you know leadership uh of this team I think these guys have been

around and they understand the difficulty it is to play uh an MIAA

schedule and you know we're definitely not gonna Overlook anybody

um I think that um I told him this after the game that we were going to enjoy the win I mean it's been 29 years we're

definitely going to enjoy the win uh we enjoyed it on Friday and then after that

and I said this after the game too we're going to close the book uh to this chapter and and uh it was a great win

for our program great win for the players uh not only the players on on this year's team but just past players

who have who have played here and I felt like that have really uh built this

place up the type of program that we have here the type of culture that we have here I know that word is overused a

lot um but I think

culture is real where it's real right and I believe it's real here I really do and uh but we've closed the book on that

now and we know we got to move forward uh we met as a staff on Friday and I

told the staff that hey we're gonna enjoy it today uh you know we we played on a Thursday and we don't play again

until Saturday but I said listen we're gonna we're gonna keep coaching these guys hard I've been doing this a long

time and really gave advice to my younger coaches about a lot of because all my younger coaches

played here the majority of them played here so that was a big win for them uh

just to keep coaching these guys and and stay focused on the little things and

and attention to detail because I think this team still has a long ways to go uh

for improvement and we've been in a lot of games there's a lot of guys on this team I got a lot of six-year players

that again have got a lot of experience playing in this league that understand that if you're not ready on a Saturday

uh you can get beat or definitely be in a dog fight coach uh you know you kind of alluded to

that this was obviously a huge win for the program you know when you beat a team that's kind of the gold standard in

in the MIAA not only is that a big win obviously in your conference but it's a national win

um how do you think this changes your program how you can recruit how it's going to affect uh former football alums

what are your thoughts well I uh how the football alums

still I was just telling Dawn earlier I still I don't think I've tried to return every text message that uh I can because

that's important to me and hadn't been able to do it so I know uh it's it's kind of I don't want to say re-energize

this program because this program's come a long ways and we've done a lot of great things here yes uh been the

postseason seven out of the last 10 years uh you know that includes bowl games and playoffs uh do I think it'll

help us in recruiting you know I do uh but at the same time I don't think it's going to change our recruiting

philosophy and how we do things here and the type of kids that we want to recruit uh in this football program uh but it's

it's not going to matter if we don't continue to take care of business uh each and every Saturday

very good coach well congratulations again and best of luck the rest of the

season you bet guys I appreciate you having me on thank you thanks coach that's Garen Higgins he is the head

coach at Emporia State University and he was Victorious over Northwest Missouri State on Thursday uh speaking of Victory

wit you and I will have a personal Challenge in a few weeks and uh we'll

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since he decided to get all chesty about this um I uh I was practicing a little bit

today while I was watching the Bears game and uh I'm feeling pretty good about things uh you know I'm just I'm

not you know trying to dupe my horn but too toot I think we're gonna be good to go very good so we're gonna do that uh

September 29th I don't know what time yet but that'll be when we do that uh pay-per-view what's that pay-per-view

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and that should be a fun time unless I embarrass myself I'm not worried about

you at all Whit I think that you are a gladiator when it comes to eating but I

am not so sure not just eating but yes uh by the way my podcast partner for

Northern on weekly Tom Frederick all of a sudden he's kind of excited about this

Brandon and I think that he is going to show up and video us and narrate which

might be entertaining and a lot of 60s and 70s references I'm sure and then uh

you know from there as small as Tom he should be able to join in

so he he's without without uh penalty much of anything yes yes yes all right

let's go ahead and uh look at some of the rest of the games that we mentioned from the top 25 uh this past weekend

um we'll start on uh Saturday night a fantastic game uh Grand Valley 57 CSU

Pueblo 49 in two overtimes what an outstanding contest that that was that

that was the kind of game that's the reason we covered D2 football Tony tell us about it yeah it is and um you know

it's a 24 hours later or 21 hours later or whatever it is I'm still trying to get my head around what happened in this

game uh you know Grand Valley uh put the hammer down early this was 21 to nothing

um uh Pueblo didn't have a first down until getting towards the middle part of the second quarter and uh then all of a

sudden you know they got broke a couple of plays uh got helped out by a penalty uh extending a drive and they've got it

to 21-7 uh Grand Valley then went down tried a field goal got blocked returned for a touchdown and pretty much

everything was Haywire after that so um you know got to give a lot of credit to Pueblo for just hanging in there and

kept bouncing back and taking advantage of uh you know things that game came their way when they happened and at the

same time Grand Valley uh you know gosh they had a lot of things go wrong in this game uh including eventually having

to go to their third string quarterback to be able to try and lead them the rest of the way home and they found a way to

figure it out and and get a win and defend the home field so uh lots to lots to wonder about with this one for both

teams but uh yeah it was a pretty entertaining game yep first win Grand Valley coach's

career all right well social look Colorado Mines a 31-21 win over Angelo

State yeah uh Brandon very good game uh right away Angelo State gets up

14-3 and you know you're thinking okay maybe mines is you know having a little

bit of the drama that we thought you know after having a huge win having to now get you know on a flight and go win

a game against a really quality opponent on the road uh then as the game kind of continued uh

you know when when mines was within Striking Distance I said to you Brandon I said matokea's gonna win this yep and

uh matoka kind of took over and uh with Angelo Angelo's offense kind of

sputtered uh from there on forward had a little bit of trouble in the passing game and uh uh you know Max McLeod hits

a 84-yard bomb where he just ran away from everyone and uh they're just a really

really resilient football team really impressive win uh those two wins start

off the season Ferris State won 38-28 at Ashland but it was not easy

Tony yeah this is the second strike we where the Bulldogs kind of had a little trouble getting out of the gate they

were down after one uh trailed with a break actually even trailed uh into the

late into the third quarter so um you know Ashland got its second straight week with a pump block and uh

turned that into a touchdown in the first quarter uh Malik Mitchell started this game for Ferris State but Carson

galker was the one who really did all the work uh in his time on the field uh rushing for 138 yards and a couple

scores and then throwing for three more uh Xavier Wade did Xavier Wade things Tyrese hunt Thompson did Tyrese hunt

Thompson things uh former Bulldog Dez libertas actually had a nice game for Ashland but uh yeah and a lot of this

for the for Ferris too take 21 penalties for I believe a buck 93 in this game which you know we've

seen that from them a couple times a year and this was one of their one of their instances where they just get flags thrown at them all night

and then the final game we'll look at in our top 25 in this segment East Stroudsburg a 13 to 12 win over iup and

uh Chuck described the ending for us please we have video too well I was at this game it was the second like of a

doubleheader for me on Saturday and you know leading up to this it was a tremendous defensive battle but it's

going to be remembered for what happens here right at the end a bit of a fire drill so iep's down a single point here

and they actually try to uh just kind of take a knee right in the middle of field to set up the game-winning field goal uh

players on the field don't realize the clock is running and that they do not have a time out so now they're rushing

the field goal unit onto the field and as we're about to see here clock expires they did not get lined up didn't get the

snap off uh unforgivable Mistake by the coaching staff and by the players alike

I think if you wind that back and look at it when they take a knee you start the 25 second clock uh they had about

the full 25 seconds on the game clock and failed to get a playoff so it's just a a massive error on the on the part of

the whole sideline and uh East Stroudsburg gets out of it with a very hard-earned win I will say a a win that

they earned they played a tremendous defensive football game got a little lucky there with iup blowing it but a a

very earned victory for ESU all right very good but we'll talk I'm sure about some other results uh later

in the show right now we want to debut a new segment we said we're going to call it stock up stock down sometimes the

stock market you're you're feeling good sometimes uh you're not feeling so good and today we're going to feature five

teams that could either be um heading up or down we're going to start first with a stock up team

and that is Texas A M Kingsville by the way guys check out the new

graphics from Brandon I like this um okay so stock up Kingsville uh you

know what one-sided win against what was it Colorado Mesa then uh they go ahead

and be a ranked West Georgia team and uh pretty pretty interesting contest in

that where you know they end up uh having just over 200 yards offense but they they got four picks and we're able

to you know kind of Outlast uh the Wolves so really nice start to the season for Kingsville here uh we may

start seeing them pop up in the rankings here Brandon all right stock down

we've already talked about them Northwest Missouri State I think we kind of had to expect this a little bit right

um so stock down because I mean there's a chance they could have been Owen too real easily here but moving past that

looking at the fact that they have injuries uh you know like quarterback position you know who knows exactly what

we have with the hoincy situation um I mean he didn't come back in that game that doesn't bode well uh wide

receiver injury uh defensive back I mean they've got some of the best players in this football team who are hurt uh which

kind of puts them at risk a little bit uh for a program that's uh used to that being the standard uh making the

playoffs okay we've got some good news the stock is up for Western Colorado

yeah you know the Mountaineers we didn't really know what to think of them coming into the season because they were a good team last year but it kind of trailed

off from where they were at the end of the 2021 season not really looking like a top 25 team at the start of the Year

well they're looking like a top 25 team now they've got two very impressive wins so far on the season both over Lone Star

Conference teams and really they're doing it with what we've become familiar with them being really good at they're

playing very good defense and they're having success running the football not a very explosive offense we still want

to see them try to you know overcomes a few deficiencies that they have they're not throwing the ball particularly well

I think only about 115 yards a game in the air but they've got some some running backs who are doing a good job

on the ground and they're playing very good defense so we'll see when they get into uh conference play obviously

they're gonna they're gonna need a heck of a defense to go up against Pueblo and mines but they're looking like a team that's up for the challenge

no a team that so far has not been quite up to the challenge Limestone their

stock is down yeah stocks down in Gaffney right now high expectations after first winning

season and making the playoffs last year and they've started out oh and two doesn't mean the season's over for them

but they put their backs against the wall it feels like the buzz and the excitement that they had when we started this thing is is gone

um and so it's Limestone stock is down as of week two okay and finally stock up

Central Missouri the mules you know this is an interesting one Brandon because um you know unless

you're kind of digging in a little bit to D2 you may have not have noticed this um uh you know quarterback uh transfer

from Southern Illinois Zach sabrowski he's thrown for you know 400 yards each

of the last two contests and five scores leads uh the NCAA in passing yard or in

D2 and passing yards uh and they're 2-0 obviously with wins over uh you know a

pretty steady uh Missouri Western Squad who you know we're not going to say that that's a a by any means a low-level win

and uh central Oklahoma who I gotta be honest guys I kind of thought that uh

maybe that'd be a squad who would be competing for a playoff spot they still made this year but uh I I think the mule

stock is definitely up all right very good there's your stock up and stock down after week two of the

division two football season we'll be right back just wanted to take this opportunity to

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right let's look at a couple other news and notes uh from week two of the season

and really what we have is a bunch of good news guys uh division two schools taking down FCS schools Colorado Mesa

beat San Diego Barton beat Davidson on Friday and Miles beat Alabama state so there have been

quite a few of them this year it's been uh been uh kind of surprising how well we've done now having said that there

have been some losses to some lower levels schools too so that that can even itself out all right

um let's go ahead and uh start looking at the Pick Em from last week and see

how we did uh who did the best just looking at this

I know somebody Justin was probably I haven't won yeah baby that's what I'm talking about well Tony yeah Tony and

Justin I think we're fighting Tony's five and one yeah I know I was three and two so uh overall not a bad it's not a

bad word yeah Chris's form one I was just going to say something an extra credit for games right yeah

[Music] um

apparently Justin was offered the money ball on one of these we just don't know which one it was

honestly at first glance I thought he got all five right and I was about to have have a heart attack

he did he actually really think oh my the way I've been doing this he said get the nitroglycerin out for

his heart because it's a yes it's a failing so all right very good so let's go ahead and look at the ones to watch

uh for this week and we'll have some comments about uh any of them what's

this what'd you call this the Brian Kelly bowl is that what you call this yeah yeah

the assumption is at Grand Valley um yeah it's a holdover game from the covet year

Brandon they actually had this on the schedule and uh weren't able to play it and assumption wanted honor the

agreement so this is one it fell so um yeah they're they're gonna come in they can they can win I know that for a

fact I mean you know they were a playoff team last year they got a couple of quality wins so far and Grand Valley

just has not looked particularly crisp thus far I mean they've given up 80 points in two games it took them until

game seven to give up 80 points last year so and we don't know what the health of uh Avery Moore or Kate

Peterson's gonna be so you know it could be Alex Tully or somebody else on the bench that's running the offense for the

Lakers yeah I I don't expect assumption to have the athletes to match up in that game Tony as as we would probably expect

but they are a very well coached football team very disciplined and you're absolutely right they're going to come in thinking they can win

well I mean big picture uh 10 years ago you'd have thought this

would have been a drubbing and their program has improved to the point where they're able to compete and that's

that's positive for them yeah I was gonna say you know Tony and I were talking about that yesterday at the game

about how you know some of these games will be you know probably blowouts but now it's just not the same anymore and I

think the one thing with Grand Valley is they let uh Pueblo score in all three

phases of the game so if they have you know more Mix-Ups like that I mean it

leaves them very vulnerable yep yep so all right uh what else we got here

um Sioux Falls is at Minnesota Duluth what are your initial thoughts on that

I think Minnesota Duluth is going to be a handful for anybody in the northern Sun they got a quarterback uh Mr wall

Jasper who is just a big fella hard to bring down and they have found a way to use him in all

kinds of different ways and uh they're gonna be real tough to be up there I think this year

all right uh Angelo State at Central Washington

um this is interesting to me because Central Washington started the season 0-2 but they haven't lost a division two

team yet they lost to Weber State and FCS team and then lost to Montana Tech

and NAIA team not exactly a dominant NAIA team either so in my opinion it's

kind of hard to know what central Washington is does anybody have a grasp on what they are at this point well they were very competitive for a half against

uh Weber State I think it was a 14-10 game at the half and then of course you

know they they fell behind in the second half which is what you'd expect to happen against a very good FCS team but

no I think that's that's kind of the point Brandon we don't really have a strong read on Central Washington losing Montana Tech was a surprise to me that's

that's not a bad NAIA team but it's not an elite an AIA team either at this point right so that kind of surprised me

but this is a difficult road trip for Angelo State to have to make you know going all the way up there to Ellensburg you know from from San Angelo and coming

off of a tough loss that's a really tough assignment to go up there and place you play a wounded Central

Washington team that we know is actually very good so I think this is definitely one to keep an eye on

and uh you know one other thing Central Washington was picked second in the Lone Star preseason right so if they're I

mean you know see every season is its own its own thing but uh maybe it will be an easy Road for Angelo if Central

Washington isn't what everybody thought they were uh the next game Kaiser an

NAIA team an extremely good NAIA team is at Valdosta State where you are by far

our ni NAIA expert tell us about this one well Kaiser uh just won at Lindsay

Wilson who's like a top five top ten Nai program and Kaiser was up big in that

game to be real Frank um now they lost to Mississippi College 17-14 first game of the year uh but you

know I'm Kaiser everything I've seen they've been better than worse this year and they're in the top five right now in

the NAIA and gave Valdosta everything they could handle last year I think Valdosta has gotten better defensively

uh they've had a chance to kind of reload a bit um and you know it's interesting

offensively no oh no Ivory Durham but they uh they do seem to have a whole lot of weapons at wide out and uh some

Playmakers so I'm interested to see how that one turns out uh you know in that

uh kind of cross game that we have right and finally Southern Arkansas is

at Ouachita Baptist um extremely interesting game in the GAC

yeah I think Brandon when I look at this one Southern Arkansas's offense is pretty potent and uh I'm I'm interested

to see watchtop play a a little more solid opponent uh this season and I

think they're going to get it here I think we're gonna get a lot of eyes on this ball game Northwestern hasn't Northwestern Oklahoma who they beat the

other day it hasn't quite been the same since Higgins left no so all right very good all right so that those are the

ones to watch this week and let's go ahead and move to the pickum segment of

the show this week our Pick Em will be West

Florida at Florida a m Shepherd is it California Saginaw Valley will travel to Truman

State CSU Pueblo is at Western Colorado and Ferris State is at Montana

uh let's take them in order and Justin you get the pick first who will win between West Florida and Florida a m so

I I think West Florida they're playing well right now 2-0 new coaching staff um I don't know if that's going to be

enough at uh Florida a m uh so I'm going to take Florida a m

okay and I will take Florida a m as well uh Chuck

you know I think West Florida hasn't really shown their full hand yet they are 2-0 against teams that they really

kind of overwhelmed talent wise I think the final in both of their games was 35-3 and I think maybe they haven't

really shown their full hand yet so you know obviously going up against an FCS team this this is where you have to show

what you've got but I think FAMU is pretty good and I think this is a very difficult assignment for West Florida

right now so I'm going to go with FAMU okay wit

I kind of went going back and forth on this one uh I really I really like some of the things that West Florida is doing

at you you really haven't seen much of a bump here since the the change in Jin regime and so forth but they also

haven't seen an opponent anywhere near this one yet uh I think FAMU is a pretty

solid FCS team and um I'm gonna take FAMU here okay

Tony yeah logically guys I'm I'm kind of in line with everybody uh hard uh really

think it's particularly viable for West Florida particularly with the new staff and all the turn changeover that they

had uh to go into an FCS uh building and get a win but you guys have all taken

Florida a m so far so I'm just going to take West Florida just to be just to be a nut oh man we could have been on their

bulletin board if not for that Tony okay Ferg what you got

yeah um Florida a m took South Florida um they played them pretty close yes

they did and I did like you know what I saw to that they have quite a bit of experience on offensive particular so

even if this gets into a bit of a track meet um I think that you know Florida a m

should have some depth to kind of wear West Florida down a little bit so I'm gonna go with FAMU

I think I think that's a good choice right end of the week show 2-0 will play at

California guys I believe that California will come out with a win in this one I am picking the Vulcans

Chuck you're next you know Shepherd's not really inspiring a ton of confidence right now because

they they struggled with Southern Connecticut State they were you know a few plays away from from losing that one

at home uh didn't have a great game at Edinburgh this past weekend

but I'm gonna go with them anyway um you know I think learning while you're winning is a lot better than

learning while you're losing and I think that they are learning I do think that they're getting better uh California coming off a pretty remarkable uh come

from behind win in the fourth quarter over Kutztown last week um so huge result for them but I'm gonna

go with the Rams okay Matt Wiki some folks in the comments had asked you

know why Shepard wasn't on the stock up stock down type thing the stock down well they were kind of the original

stock down a week ago when I talked about them but um I'm just they have not given me much

Faith right now um they I think they just need to play better football and have not shown it

yet they've been in really tight games at half against uh teams that they shouldn't be in the tight games with to

be honest and uh so I got Cal here okay uh Tony

yeah boy this one I sat and scratched my head over this one for quite a while and I

I I I think I'm I think I'm with wit on this one I I for some reason I just think the Vulcans are going to come in

and and smell a little blood here and figure out a way to show the shepherd maybe just isn't quite where they have been the

last couple of years and again we talked about them we did a great job last week talking about how they just lost so much

that has you know gotten NFL looks and whatever else it's just hard to replace that uh you know especially in the early

going of the season so I like the Vulcans okay uh Chris what do you got for us

um I'm kind of in the same boat uh I think that Shepard is is a little

wounded right now and they're just getting by and I think that Cal is gonna be the one to kind of give them that

first loss this year okay and Justin

yeah I'm pretty much with in agreement with what you guys are saying I mean I think it's hard when you lose that many

guys particularly the NFL and graduation that it's hard to come in there replace them but then also in a tight game

perform at a at an elite level so I think Cal's gonna give him the first loss of the year so okay very very

interesting our third game this week Saginaw Valley is at Truman State

Chuck's get us started you know I kind of like this Truman State team but I haven't quite seen

enough out of their offense just yet to make me think that um that that they're gonna beat a good

gliac team so I'm gonna go Saginaw Valley here I do think this is close but I'm going to go to Saginaw Valley

okay uh Matt with Wiki Chuck I think you and I are going off the same thoughts here buddy um I was

just I'm not quite there where I can pick Truman in this one and and Saginaw really impressed me with how they got

out of the gate against Winona a few weeks ago and uh I think that this is I think Winona and Truman are not all that

different a team so I got Saginaw here okay all right Tony can you pick or will you

pick against the gliac team I will not can I Brandon of course I can I will not however I will not however

simply for the fact that again if you look at I mean even without Jairus Grissom this past weekend I mean I get

that northwood's not anywhere close to what the Northwood you know Northwood was 20 years ago but that's still a

rivalry game and and Saginaw Valley came out and handled their business and ran for a big number again and I just think

I think they're going to be able to do enough physically on both sides of the ball especially in the trenches to be able to grind when out here on the road

Chris you're practically by default the gliac guy now after your trip yesterday

so uh will you pick against the gliac team well the one thing I kind of noticed

across the board is that the gliacs you know play it's a pretty good competition and it's a resulting in some you know a

very down to the wire games but I don't really think that this is a quite even match-up and and so it's I

can't really pick against the gliac here um just not just can't do it so Saginaw for me okay Justin

dang it looks like I'm gonna go against the grain every time I pick against Truman State I lose so I'm going with

Truman State for this one very good and I thank uh the offensive line are the

size of the gliac will be the difference in this one and I picked uh Saginaw Valley

all right what do we got next uh CSU Pueblo man this is an interesting one

who's whose record is wrong in this graphic should be one and one versus Western Colorado which is 2-0

and wit please start us yeah you know I I think Pueblo coming

off of a really emotional game uh you know Road Trip the whole deal uh

I don't like them in this game against Western Colorado who I think is maybe a

sneaky good team they're physical uh they play good defense um I I like Western Colorado here okay

all right how about you Tony yeah this is another one where I'm

really kind of struggling um you know Pueblo in the early part of that game yesterday

um just did not look like they were uh I mean that game looked like it was going to get out of hand and but you know they

found a way to kind of hang in there they found a couple things that worked they kept the pressing that button until

uh Grand Valley tried to do something about it which in a lot of cases maybe they didn't

um I think as the game wore on Grand Valley's ground game finally got going and so

um yeah that this is a tough one I think wit's onto something where you know coming off of playing Grand Valley

having been beat up a little bit physically I know there were a couple of defensive linemen in this game for uh

Pueblo that ended up leaving at different points uh and Western's a run-first team I I think Pueblo might be

the better team kind of weekend week out top to bottom something tells me to take Western Colorado here so I'm gonna do it

okay what you got Ferg

I'd like to first open up by just saying um if you're like the Grand Valley announcer this wouldn't be CSU Pueblo

this would be Colorado Mines that you'd have right here by mistake I thought that was the funniest thing

and everybody looked at each other like wait did we hear that right so

um anywho um you know uh yeah it was emotional uh

for Pueblo uh but I think that they kind of know the stakes are pretty high uh

against probably one of the the three top teams uh in the armac this year

I don't think this is gonna be very high scoring though because I think Western would agree with that keep it keep it

pretty pretty pretty low to increase their chances to win but I do think that Pueblo is going to

have enough to get over the Hub and and uh take this game all right Justin

I think Pueblo you know when you when you look at the schedule when you talk about it's an emotional game and things

like that you know that when you go into it I I I think if you want to be the best

you have to win those tough games or if you lose those tough games you have to be able to rebound and you have to be

able to play well the next week and you can't let that team beat you twice so I think Pueblo understands that I think

they're going to come in there and uh and I think they're going to win on the road all right very good I'm I'm hesitant

after Tony and Chris both said that they believe it'll be a low scoring game that makes me hesitant to pick Pueblo because

I believe they'd rather have a game that moved up and down the field yeah but uh my gut was CSU Pueblo so I'll go ahead

and pick them and that leaves Chuck yeah I um I think a lot of you have made some really good points and when these

two teams played a year ago it was a 17 to 10 game and Western won that if it's that type of game again I I think

Western wins I think Pueblo's got a little bit more offensive Firepower and um

and I think that they probably are overall the better team

um if it is low scoring I like Western but I think Pueblo is going to have enough in them and I'm going to take the Thunder wolves okay

all right and then our final game this week

Ferris State traveling to Montana in the FCS I'm gonna let Tony go last so we're

going to start with you Chris oh what a game

and I tell you this ain't the you know this is not the only two um D2 versus FCS games this week I mean

so because you got Delta playing in Mississippi Valley as well though aren't they that's the reason why

they're not on here right I mean I think that would be a clean sweep on here um but man like

I was reading an article about this game and how you know Ferris is just not any

D2 team to go to Montana and Montana is a really really top place to play I mean

it's it's probably going to be a larger crowd than you know Pharisees you know last couple years actually

um it and I'm a little worried about the volume of penalties that Ferris seems to

to drag up because you know on a team like this can really make you pay

I I really want to go Affairs but I don't think I'm bold enough to go with Ferris so I'm going to stick with

Montana and and the home team all right

all right uh Justin who do you have Montana

Montana all right um

I think that of all the teams

in division two that I can remember and the style of play

I think Ferris state has the best chance to go beat a very good FCS team

because of the way they're constructed because of that I am going to pick the Bulldogs to Come Away with what's what

would be an upset but uh I I believe Ferris State can pull this off uh Chuck

what about you um this is actually one of the games where I'm just not gonna over analyze it because I really just want to see how do

they match up I'm really curious and I just want to see how they match up with a very good FCS program

um I think Montana wins they are a good program this is one of the toughest environments to go into and for even for

an FCS team right so I'm going to take Montana but really I'm I'm just going in this completely curious and I want to

see how well Ferris can match up with them okay because I do think they can compete absolutely with

well I did notice that our friend Massey the computer ranking has Ferris getting

12 points in this one they got the Grizz kind of having their way with them well once again Massey's got it all

wrong [Laughter] [Music] uh the grooves are going to throw on the

the tape and they're going to take a look at Ferris State they're going to look at this offense and their defensive

coordinator is going to look around the room and go we got our hands full boys and I think the speed of Ferris I think

the experience and execution that they've shown in big games offensively

uh is going to surprise Montana so when you're watching the ticker and all of a

sudden it's 17-0 Ferris you heard it here first

all right and Tony you get the last word so I I I I I

just I it's the tonight's sign that the apocalypse is upon us I agree with wit I

I just I I look guys Montana everybody knows about that stadium and about the

Grizz and it's a big deal and their fans show up and it's crazy and I get all of that

Ferris doesn't care um and they've seen plenty of that at their own stadium and at Grand Valley

over the last handful of years uh that rivalry around they're not you they're not they don't care about that

um when I look at Montana yeah they're ranked I think top 10 top 12 whatever in

FCS so far this year they've knocked off a non-scholarship FCS team and a bottom

feeder FCS team and they've run over them and they average probably 240 250 a game on the ground

I think that'll be a challenge for Ferris is to slow down that ground game um even though they've done well against

the the run so far this year I mean that's Ashland's bread and butter and Ashland didn't run the ball well at all

last week the other night um but I think that's the one thing that I think Montana is maybe a little lulled

asleep and they're just they are going to be shocked by the speed I think that's the one thing about Ferris that

it's hard to be ready for is just how many guys they have that are that damn fast and

um you know I don't know if even in FCS maybe they see that many guys on the field at one time they have that kind of

speed that they have to defend um it might be it might not I could be all wet this may not happen that way but

something tells me that they've been working their way towards this one because they want to prove they're that good and I it's just hard to get about

spares bet against Ferris against anybody other than maybe North Dakota or South Dakota State at this point

awesome well what a great pick segment tonight all right you know we told you

earlier uh in the show that we're going to change things up again so I'm going to explain how things will go but first

I want to remind you guys to like share subscribe all those things that we ask you to do every week uh this is uh

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stream on YouTube uh the show will end and look like it normally does when it ends you have to give us a minute

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um the stream will not stop on Facebook or Twitter so just stay right where you are but it will discontinue on YouTube

and again we will come back and uh answer uh your comments questions and

and uh I'll be here as long as it takes um some some of us might need to head out but uh again wanted to thank ksnt uh

gvsu Athletics Garen Higgins and Don Wiest uh for their work also want to

thank Emporia State athletics um and again that will do it for the

main show tonight stay tuned for the overtime and thank you for watching inside D2 football


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