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September 17th, 2023 12:00pm

Inside D2Football - Jas Bains


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[Music] well happy Sunday evening everybody and

welcome to inside D2 football I'm Brandon Meisner along with Chuck Bittner Chris Ferguson turning the Colette and

Justin Polizzi Matt with Wiki to the thankfulness of all this is off tonight

so uh tonight we are off every night we have a lot of things going on uh over

the weekend a fantastic weekend Ferris State went to Montana not able to pull

off the victory but really represented division two football well uh impressive showing by them Pitt State narrowly

escaped Central Missouri with the win outstanding performance by both teams Truman State moves to 3-0 with a win

over ranked Saginaw Valley several top 25 teams lost we'll touch on that as

well we'll also do our stock up stock down segment and of course the picks and

everybody's favorite uh segment where they get to see how bad I do every week

and that continues this week spoiler alert uh but we're going to start this week with the result of the week and

that is Western Colorado the Mountaineers went into CSU Pueblo won 30-14 and uh you know Chuck

impressive win by Western Colorado they're 3-0 on the year yeah a really tough way to start the conference

portion of your schedule to have to go to one of the toughest teams in the rmac they go to Pueblo it's actually the

second year in a row they had to go to the Thunderbowl and play the Thunder Wolves at their home house really really

big win for Western Colorado special teams and turnovers were huge factors in

this game uh csup actually had a punt return for touchdown and Western really

the first 10 points of the day were set up by some special teams Errors By The Thunder wolves that they were able to

cash in on so you know Western's not necessarily A really explosive offense but they play very good defense and

they're opportunistic on offense and when you play them you really have to make them Drive the field you don't want

to give them opportunities you don't want to give them a shortened field because when you do they will make you pay for that and that's really kind of

the story of the game yesterday they had six scoring possessions and a lot of

those started in plus territory I think the longest scoring Drive was 53 yards so if you give them a short field you're

in trouble so huge win for Western Colorado like I said is a tough way to start the armac portion of the schedule

their third straight win over the Thunder wolves in the annual Series so a great result for Western Colorado

fantastic and joining us now is the head coach of Western Colorado Jazz Baines he

has been the head coach since 2011. coach thank you very much for joining us tonight on inside D2 football thank you

for having me so coach when you play a good team that you're evenly matched with we know a lot

of times those games come down to special teams and turnovers it's usually a couple plays that'll make the

difference tell us a little bit about how your special teams was able to impact the game yesterday and was that

something that you emphasized going into the game you know we spend a lot of times Chuck on special teams here uh we're typically

20 25 minutes a day on some of these units um you know throughout the week

and we kind of make it a third of the game you know so to speak and and spend

a lot of time on it and Jake van gross our special teams coordinator and it's done a great job for us and and um you

know we're hoping for some big plays you know on special teams where we felt like we had some opportunities

um to I guess expose them so to speak and you know we were able to capitalize that right off the bat you know with

with the punt block uh which was great you know momentum changer right off the Baton field position in those things and

then you know obviously they get a big play late later in the game as well uh with the punt return for a touchdown so

um you know there are guys did a good job and you know we try to maximize all those opportunities like you like you

described you know you had a great day limiting the CSU Pueblo offense I'm very familiar

with chance Fuller who's the you know the quarterback for CSU Pueblo a very good player how are you guys able to so

successfully frustrate him and force him into a bad game yeah you know um our defensive staff

does an incredible job you know uh coach hour has been our defensive coordinator uh since 2016. 2016 and you know long

time here in the armac and those things and um you know we just did a good job just kind of mixing things up and and

switching some calls up and trying to disguise and give different looks you know we're not the biggest and fastest all the time but we're slanting and

stunting and blitzing and moving just about every other play um you know so I think sometimes that you know it's our advantage uh a little

bit but um you know guys came out and played hard and and um you know we made some plays and

forced them into some third downs and those things and um you know we're able to get to the quarterback and put enough pressure you

know to get him to release the ball and do those things and our secondary played played pretty well so so coach your

offense did do a great job of taking advantage of opportunities yesterday and you know momentum means so much in games

like this and when your defense or your special teams creates a turnover or gives your offense a short field and

then you go out and make them pay for that mistake what does that do for for momentum how does that really kind of

help just drive the whole team forward because you really do get all three phases involved in the game at that point

yeah I mean we try to focus on those a lot even throughout the week um you know anytime you know we have an

opportunity to obviously put points on the board after a turnover or a big special teams play you know we want to

be able to capitalize that on that and um you know I think we were able to do that a few times obviously we want to

come away with touchdowns rather than field goals um you know so and we'd like to do that

a little bit more but uh you know it's all about scoring points you know if you're down there and you gotta have

that opportunity especially against a good team like CC Pueblo um you know they're coached very well and Coach B Hill's you know just

starting off there and they've always been a tough opponent in those things and you know against teams like CSU

Pueblo you got to maximize those opportunities and really points on the board when you have a chance

you know uh you have an entirely new backfield Cummings is gone uh Chuck

mentioned your defense you've talked about special teams how important are those two phases of the game in letting

your new offensive Personnel get up to speed I think they're good

um you know it's um you know we were replacing a lot of guys on special teams but uh we feel like we've id'd those

guys we had a few guys missing you know this past weekend but um you know I think our defense you know

we're going to rely on them you know um we're going to try to get other teams to you know obviously March down the field

and score uh against our defense a little bit and then obviously you know like you said you know maximize those

opportunities on offense I think we're a very capable offense with a lot of new faces right now

um you know we've had opportunities to put more points on the board you know quite frankly maybe the last three weeks

and you know we missed on those opportunities where we felt like maybe we should have put the game potentially

away I guess I don't know how you want to describe that but um to maybe build a bigger lead and kind

of be in control a little bit more you know where we were the last couple weeks and I give credit to our opponents you

know with uh Permian Basin and CC Pueblo man they just didn't go away and uh you know we felt like we didn't maximize

that opportunity where we could have maybe put the the game Out Of Reach a little bit sooner so coach you uh have opened with the

same three teams for two years in a row now a year ago you start out 0-2 so I

imagine you have to a little bit of you know confidence building build a team up get them ready for you know we're still a real good football team we have a lot

of good things in front of us now this year you start 3-0 so is it a different challenge to maybe kind of get the team

to just stay focused not get caught up on being 3-0 and just stay focused on the next game in front of them

yeah you know it was it was just interesting going into the year right so we had three new programs three new

coaches at all the programs you know and so just not knowing a ton really going

into each matchup until after you know week one where you get a gauge and you get a chance to watch them on film a

little bit and do that um but it was just challenging getting going out of the start but uh you know

obviously you go into every season you know trying to focus on each and every game that you have and and that week and

I think we've been able to do that I think um you know we tried to build the you

know kind of the personality of this team you know starting back last January and you know what kind of team are you

going to be you know this isn't the 22 or 21 or 2019 teams right like this is a

whole new ball club and so you know it's creating their own identity and I think we're still working on that

you know I think we have a pretty good idea of what kind of football team we are and you know really what kind of football team we feel like we can be

um so just trying to keep them focused you know obviously you know you play a big game um right here in the conference you know

it's opening game it's it's at CSU Pueblo and you know they got a beautiful facility and we get lots of fans that go

down there and so just right off the right off the bat right it's a big game um and so just to come away and be able

to just focus you know on that game and Come Away with with a win uh was pretty

big for us um and then hopefully we can continue to build on that and um you know take it into this week as well

so coach you mentioned uh their facility which it is a top-notch beautiful facility now if I came to a game in

Gunnison this year I might look a little bit underwhelming to me but I want to give you a chance to kind of talk up some really great things that are

happening at Western Colorado you've got some amazing looking upgrades coming to the Mountaineer Bowl uh tell me how

exciting it's going to be a year from now for the program when you get to take the field at the completely renovated

Mountaineer Bowl sure you know we play at some beautiful places Chuck in the armac just in our region in those things

it's you know unbelievable settings in those things and you know I've been here a long time and you know I used to coach

against Western as well and and um they have one of the best settings in my

opinion in division two football and the facilities were just lacking and you know it's going to be such a a big

upgrade and I'm not going to say ours are going to be better than anybody else's but I mean it's going to be

awesome you know it's they're gonna have lighting it's going to be turfed brand new track they got locker rooms in there

which we didn't have locker rooms at our facility before where all of us home team visiting team we're all kind of

trekking up from our gym area to get up to the games and do that now you know you won't have that it's going to have

the scoreboard two teams two locker rooms uh for the both teams and press box and some suites I mean it's going to

be a fantastic setting for a college football game you know you when we uh before the show

we were talking you said you played at uh Fresno State uh but most your coaching has been in division two uh

including your time there at Western Colorado uh what are some positives you

like about division two and coaching at this level I love everything about it you know I don't know anything different because I

haven't coached anywhere else either you know but I've really enjoyed you know the last I think it's 18 years of

coaching in division two you know I spent five years at Chadron State Nebraska and I've been here

um since 2010 and and I've just really enjoyed it you know just the challenge the challenges I guess you have and

everybody has different ones and and we have ours just like everybody else but uh just to challenge the type of kids

you get to coach you know um you know not everybody's on scholarship or they're not on full scholarships and

everybody's paying their way to go through school and trying to help young kids and Mentor them and do those things

it's just it's been a lot of fun and um you know I've really enjoyed it I didn't know much about division two you know I

mean and I'm a California guy and I didn't know very much about division two at all there's no division two back

there uh really well not anymore I guess and and uh even back then uh when I was

younger I didn't know much about division two football at that point so just to get out to this region and be in

the armac you know several years now and uh just having an opportunity to you know play other schools and and other

programs around the region and follow division two football and be a part of it it has been pretty special I've

really enjoyed my time all right very good well we've enjoyed having you on congratulations on your

win over CSU Pueblo and good luck the rest of the way thank you guys I appreciate it very good that's Jazz

Baines he is the head coach at Western Colorado and we thank him for coming on

inside D2 football tonight let's bring the rest of the crew back in gentlemen

and uh wanted to remind everybody uh in the

uh Augustana Sioux Falls the Sioux Falls Area but uh that uh

boss's pizza and chicken Matt with Wiki and I one of us obviously not here uh

will be engaging in an eating contest we have to eat a 28 inch pizza it's called The Boss Hog found out some bad news

today or this week I'm sorry it has to have two meats and a chi extra

cheese on it and I'm really kind of scared about that to tell you the truth guys and you also can't leave the table

and I drink so much pop I'm worried about having to leave the table so I I'm

honestly having some fear about this but we will uh engage with the uh with that

eating contest uh the 29th I believe it is in the 30th I'll be at the Augustana

uh Sioux Falls game but we will be doing that at uh boss's uh pizza and chicken

they are a supporter of ours this year uh that's not the pizza that we will

have to eat one like this is and while Matt and I are both pretty round I have

much more faith in his ability to pound that down uh than I do mine I've never eaten there but Matt says it's very good

I'm looking forward to that unfortunately I don't know if I'll have any room left for wings but uh uh we

will we will see I I'm highly doubtful of that but this sounds an awful lot like somebody trying to get out of

having to do the uh it sounds like it's your field

do you see a lot of other things on the menu here that are really appealing and you want to just kind of go all in on

some of these other things those wings look really good I mean yeah yes those look very good and uh and and as fat as I am

I'm very picky so uh those things those do look good uh it doesn't sound as much

like trying to get out of it as the other guy not showing up I mean

if Wick can handle two-thirds of it I can get the other third for sure anyway uh boss's piece of chicken go to

their website you see it on the screen there uh they're looking for franchisees I think in my double a area think out in

the armac even and uh they would like to open more uh stores in their restaurants

in in whatever town or whatever fits uh whatever places fit and I can think of a

couple off the top of my head and maybe I'll start hitting up friends in those areas to uh potentially open a

a location there but uh yeah I really have one if they have one in Kansas City you could practice Brandon

down there in your area and then you can practice yeah I'll be really honest with you I have been kind of practicing with

other Pizza down here I mean like just honestly I know that's that's kind of pathetic but I've just like been like

trying to see just how much I can do because I I really don't want to let Matt down on this one and uh I I I just

I'm really kind of worried about it so yes you were right Tony that it is somebody that's a little bit worried

about that so but uh nonetheless that it it'll come

and go and we'll either do it or we won't do it but uh that will be in a couple weeks I very much look forward to

seeing and meeting Augustana oh you're doing this yeah

I'm gonna try at least but you know we will see but there is no try there's only two

you will succeed yeah I appreciate that first I appreciate the love so let's go ahead and look at some top 25 results uh

from this weekend and we're gonna start talking about fair with the ferris's

game at Montana and outstanding effort by the Bulldogs but they fall just short

they lose 17 to 10. yeah you know Brandon I was really kind

of struggling afterwards to to process if I'm Ferris State how do I feel walking away from that because

look they have so much to be proud of because I think the most important thing was they proved that they belonged there

they were absolutely on an equal playing field with Montana

um they made a lot of things happen the speed and athleticism was on full display

um actually I think more on defense even than on offense they're speeding athleticism is on Full display they're

actually bigger at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball so I think they absolutely proved the point that

the best team in division two can play with a really good FCS program I don't think that that's even questionable

after that performance the only thing is they could have won

that that's the tough thing is you kind of walk away from it can you be really proud about the way they performed but

probably very frustrated because they could have won eliminated a few mistakes a few penalties and they maybe win that

game yep you know we talked it was this the first game that I think you Matt and

I have had like a running dialogue watching One game and it was worth it to watch that I think three things that we

talked about that turnover on the interception was big when uh Mitchell overthrew the receiver there was a punt

that was down to one that ended up being big great job by Montana special teams and uh and also I don't think Tony and

nice has basically said this that they accounted for the crowd noise like they should have and that I think that really hurt them in a goal to go situation

where they got a couple or they got at least one false start made second and goal into from the two to second and

goal at the five and I think the failure to to punch it in there uh really did hurt the Bulldogs and obviously the

margin would would indicate such so but uh it was a great effort by them guys

absolutely two drives in the fourth quarter make it in the red zone and get you no points man I mean that's right

that's that's tough and and you know if we look at it through the lens of the bull Vlog modified scoring system they

outgained them by by about 100 yards uh really could kind of control play I've

actually got a uh a co-worker slash buddy that was at the game who played at

Montana and he even said he's like hey they they really owned us up front so I

mean it was what you guys saw on TV what we all saw on TV was pretty accurate to

what the folks in the stadium were seeing too so you know again I I if if you're Ferris I mean it's probably more

disappointment than anything you're not going there to represent D2 well you're going there to try to win a damn ball game and they probably should have hey

but we're going to take the credit or the the love would we can get it so congratulations absolutely absolutely thank you for I mean

they made the rest of it rest of us look good you know one thing I'm proud of that we don't do here is get wrapped up

in what other divisions think about us the FCS FBS NAIA D3 I I just don't care

a lot of others care more about that than anything else but having said that they really did represent us well and

and and gave Credence to uh Grand Valley who beat them last year and anybody who

plays them close and uh to know that we have great football at this at this level as well uh let's move on though uh

Pittsburgh state escapes Warrensburg a 38-37 win over the mules for Pittsburgh

state I took two things from this game uh one Penn State was lucky to win

Central Missouri lost or I'm sorry Central Missouri failed on a two-point conversion to try to win the game at the

very end and the second one is the Central Missouri mules are a great team this year good depends on your definition of

great nonetheless they're a top 15 team this year and I was really impressed with the

mules yeah I don't know I I don't know that I would say Pittsburgh state was lucky

um uh they made a lot of plays in the second half of that game I think they only had 10 points on the board at

halftime because they were down 17-10 at the half I believe uh they made a lot of plays in the second half and I mean the

the fourth quarter was crazy the last six drives of this game all ended in

touchdowns three four state three for Central Missouri and as you said Brandon um came down to the two-point conversion

was supposed to be and you'll see it at the end of this video but yeah I think obvious should hear what what you said

because I know you were at this game and watched it so you have kind of a better feel for what the you know how things were playing out on the field just

listening to it and being able to watch the last couple minutes um I was listening to the whole second half

I got the watch last couple minutes like in front of the screen I felt like going for two was the right call I do too um

Pitt State's offense was basically Unstoppable in the second half and I would not have wanted to go to OT with

them um not sure I like the play call that much but I I'm I'm you know Fanboy

nitpicking here I do think it was the right call to go for it this is the two-point conversion right here

and I think I think the way zabroski was zabrowski was having so much success running the ball I think you have to

give him some type of RPO there yeah that and he had had six you're right now they can't take the back end

off the defense uh which is what led to a lot of his uh rushing yards earlier

but nonetheless yes I agree that I was not a fan of the play call I was there with the uh friend of mine uh and I told

him that Central was going to uh Pitt was driving I said they're gonna score

Central's going to score and they're going to go for two I don't know if they're gonna make it or not but uh it was good for me to at least get one

thing right in this football week because that was the only thing I got right yeah I always like aggressive

coaching and even being the home team A lot of times the home team would would not do that I thought lamberson absolutely made the right call to go for

it yeah I mean it's theoretically still an upset so get that win while you can on what's like a 67 you go over time

it's going to come down to a play like that anyway so take take your shot yeah uh I agree I like it so uh let's look at

the other game Florida a m a 31-10 win over West Florida uh the first law Plus

in the caled Nobles era yeah this was a game we talked about a little bit last week guys it's um fam

you right nationally ranked for in FCS and so it was a great first half West Florida battled them tough it was a 3-3

ball game at the half unfortunately fam you came out in second half in that third quarter scored 21 unanswered until

they put the game away uh in in 31-10 was the final um

West Florida you know got that touchdown late there in the fourth quarter and really um it was a game that when you watched

first half you're like hey this is this is a phenomenal game you got to the second half anything can happen and it

just didn't come out of locker room it's it's almost like um when you look at the stat line that the offense just didn't get going

particularly there in the second half and they didn't really have an answer to stop FAMU they made some adjustments uh

at the half and and ultimately that was the difference in this ball game uh it was a tough battle for for West uh

Florida again I think give give them credit to go there and compete with a nationally ranked FCS program uh but just just

ultimately too little too late and uh they get back on track this week against West Georgia back in Gulf South play so

look look for a little uh a little bit of a different potential outcome this week but uh nonetheless was a great game

at least through one half action you might see that West Georgia West Florida game in The Pick Em this week so stay

tuned to the end and see who we picked to win uh Central Washington a 27-24 win

over Angelo State I was watching this one I have typically four or five games

going on at the same time in my office setup and I was watching this one out of the corner of my eye uh Central

Washington dominated most of the game and not dominated but they had a comfortable lead two score lead most of

the game Angelo State kind of roared back at the end but it was too little too late impressive win for Central

Washington Chuck you know we talked it's a tough it's a tough trip to make to Ellensburg but nonetheless impressive

for Central Washington to Come Away with the win there yeah we didn't really know what to make of that because Central Washington had

had kind of a puzzling loss the week before at Montana Tech no disrespect to them but you know we we expected Central

to win that game uh but I think it's just kind of you know is is this also a situation we kind of thought the same

thing perhaps with um with Pueblo and Grand Valley did they maybe let a team beat him twice you know was Angela was

still just kind of a little bit depleted from the loss to mines last week and then you kind of have a shorter turn around than you're used to because you

got to travel all the way up to Washington just a difficult set of circumstances and also Central Washington is a very good football team

uh Fort Hayes a 17-6 win over Northwest

Missouri Northwest Missouri Falls to one and two will uh likely be out of the

national rankings this week the Bearcats couldn't get anything going on offense

also this week Shepherd a 44-34 win over California the Rams keep

finding ways to win yeah I think you'll probably see when we do the pickum recap I was the only one

that actually picked Shepard in that game not necessarily because I had overwhelming confidence in in the Rams I

I had actually seen Cal the week before and had some questions about some things that I thought Shepard could exploit and

match up well with um it was a very good win for Shepard um interestingly enough you know all the

talent that they lost that we keep talking about the names we keep rehashing we're on the offensive side of the football Shepard's offense is coming

along just fine I don't have any concerns about where they are offensively they have to get a lot better on defense Cal's wide receiver

um and I apologize to him I don't have his name right in front of me uh it's in my column how dare you not know everybody's name in division two off the

top of your head Chuck well you know this this fella let me let me let me get it for you because he had he had a

tremendous day if I can find anything like 260 to give a hard time too since

Whit's not here tonight so yeah that was I was being sarcastic obviously I don't

think we should be required to remember you know there's 160 teams we shouldn't know every player on every team it's

probably realistic expectation for for a hobby you know he had a big guys Eric

Williams wide receiver from California six catches 274 yards on just six catches

um Shepard's gonna do a lot better on pass defense yep bye it's now time gentlemen to move to

our next segment and it's our new segment

stock up stock down let's see how the stock market looks in your neck of

the woods we'll start today with a stock up and we'll start with Truman State

yeah so Truman State Brandon is a team that you know probably feels a little short changed coming out of last year

um you know basically played a de facto glvc title game that ended up being a de facto play in playoff game in the last

week of the season and fell a little short against the Greyhounds so uh just missed uh getting a a chance at a

playoff berth and so they came into this season you know probably trying to see what they can do to get themselves back into a good spot

um and so far they've put in that work I mean there are 3-0 football team uh they are not thus far particularly impressive

offensively but man that defense is Stout uh you know basically 95-ish yards

a game uh that they're yielding in the in the Run game only 3.4 yards per carry that they're giving up uh against their

competition thus far which includes you know a gliac team in Saginaw Valley State this past week that they held

under 100 yards and Saginaw wants to run the ball and they're good at running the ball and they couldn't do and they

couldn't do it um you know so this is a team that you know offensively again they're not going to wow you uh but they convert on third

down 47 of the time um and so they kind of keep the ball away from you they're possessing the

ball at about 34 minutes a game so this is a team that uh you know they're gonna play try and play mistake free and

they're gonna like let guys on the defense like they're linebackers Ulysses Ross and his eye uh Isaiah Estes

um kind of you know just sweep things up keep you short keep you off the field and uh let the offense just uh do enough

to be able to score enough points to win now as they get in through the glvc schedule and keep playing a few other non-con games is that going to be enough

I guess we're going to find out but so far it's a formula that's been working all right next team for the second week

in a row the stock is down in the South atlanticon for its wing it

yeah guys this is this is uncharacteristic for them to have their second loss in week three um it's not

something we see very often from Wingate so following up their their 15 10 loss to Morris Hill turn around this week and

lost a nail biter 23-21 to Tusculum the safety was the difference in that one there in the third quarter but

um defensively um you know solid like usual offensively they were able to get some points just

not able to to capitalize and Tusculum changed how to change a quarterback this week so just some different things going

on there and again it's a really uncharacteristic loss I think this early in the season for Wingate especially

um with the expectations coming into the year where they were and then you look at this week they go on the road to Emory and Henry which is not an easy

place to play so it's not again it's another tough week they're going to have the work cut out for them otherwise

they're gonna be one in three uh and week four here so uh Stock's definitely

down right now down at Wingate all right better news in Alabama though

where Tuskegee is stock up yeah Tuskegee you know winner of three

straight to start the season um you know they had that amazing game uh against Fort Valley uh where Fort

Valley was really the favorite one and they just came out and and and hung tight with them and and then you know

got right past them you know tuskegee's really interesting because every every

uh week it seems like they're facing a team that's on the rise and they're having to slowly put people down uh you

know against Central State yesterday they end up playing um two quarterbacks their second and

third string because the first stream was uh was was hurt and both of them passed for over 150 yards a piece and so

they're just they're showing quite a bit of depth um on the offensive side you know defensively they're kind of a Bend but

don't break type of defense and so they give up quite a bit of yards

um but they do uh make stops when it matters the most and so you know I expect them to probably be in some more

close games but they certainly have that that uh that edge uh that seems to be

carrying them pretty well yeah they're the uh traditional power of the SIC it's it's good to see them doing

well once again stock down our last one of the day Southeastern Oklahoma

yeah I don't think we had the Savage storm pegged as a playoff team or a conference Championship team coming into

the season but you know they've had a couple of good years back to back right have the coaching change lost a little

bit of talent through um through the through transfers and a little bit through graduation as well

and boy it's just been a tough early part of the season for them they haven't really been able to get things going at

all they're Owen three um they did play some tough competition in the first two weeks but this last week week three against an Oklahoma

Baptist team that's they're still kind of in rebuild recovery mode and it just wasn't even a competitive game

um not much working offensively right now for the Savage storm even with the big transfer running back Nate omiyabu

from Angelo State he's averaging about 25 yards a game so just not anything

working offensively for them they're only getting about 16 points a game giving up about 36.

um and only coming in under 300 yards total offense give up about 400 just not

a good start to the season and I don't see things getting a whole lot better in the next couple of weeks because they

still have a lot of the heavyweights in the GAC in front of them so unfortunately stock is down in Durant

their their best wide receiver Marquis gray he hadn't played the last two games either

so I think that's also contributing to some of the struggles that they have too yeah

I mean yeah yeah yeah and they just can't get anything going offensively yep all right very good that's stuck up

stuck down we'll be right back just wanted to take this opportunity to

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but again thank you for supporting D2 football [Music]

all right checking some miscellaneous news and notes from the weekend uh Newberry and Emory and Henry went to

eight overtimes most overtimes periods in D2 history that was wild that's what

I I watched the uh I mean the ferris game has already gone off that point but I watched the fourth quarter and the overtimes on the Newberry Press Box ring

cam and uh was able to see the the overtime period pretty wild eight

uh Glenville State upsetting Notre Dame that's that is a pretty big upset at

least according to recent Trends in in the Mec I would say so yeah absolutely yep and

Delta State another win over uh the FCS by D2 uh they beat Mississippi Valley

State 35-7 having said that I think most of us expected them to win so uh but

it's been a good year for that uh for that uh you know and for that trend of beating FCS teams having said that most

of the time the D2 beats in FCS is not one of the best FCS teams in the country and uh and there's there's way more

overlap in college football than anyone wants to admit you know certainly top 25

D2 schools can go and beat top 25 FCS teams and when Kaiser plays somebody

strong or beats a D2 team it's not always a shock you know there's a lot of overlap and sometimes people need to get

uh over their arrogance about the level that they play at but there's good

football everywhere all right uh anything else we need to add man or are we ready to look at our failures

do we have to yes all right let's go ahead and I'm going to bring those up uh

the picking results we'll see if I can record time put them up and take them

down anyway lots of red on the board for us uh uh I

don't know why anybody watches this show but you know there there's the deal dude so Chuck congratulations on finishing

above 500 and uh Justin same to you uh the rest of us have some work to do

that's that's that's fairly embarrassing but uh it is what it is all right all

right let's get that off the screen well you know it's I mean really we joke about it it's really not I mean we picked these games because they're

supposed to be toss-ups right imagine them down to one play I think all those games were you know other than the West

Florida and family I think they were all very close games yeah and you yes it's

true Chuck and somebody once bragged about like they got I got like you know 55 and 10 I'm conference pick him well

it's really easy to pick Colorado Mines to beat Adam State you know we've

purposely designed that to try to get 50 50 responses to make it tough to do uh

nonetheless no matter what I'm really showing how tough it is to do so all right we're moving on to this all right

uh Central Missouri two and one will be at Washburn uh this wouldn't be the pick

everybody pick the mules but it'll be interesting because the mules looked really good last week

um what do we got next Fayetteville State at Virginia Union even though Fayetteville State's one and two uh

playing Virginia Union at 3-0 Virginia Union went to avenge that lost last year Chris

well um so Virginia Union won that game oh yeah

what am I mistaking here well there was a because Fayetteville

okay well I've got Alzheimer's so please continue it's all good uh so nonetheless you know the game this game has a little

bit of luster off of it now just because um Lincoln um surprisingly

um nearly knocked off Fayetteville State yesterday it took a last second field goal for Fayetteville State to get over

get past that you know defensively they definitely have the strength to kind of

go toe-to-toe with a lot of teams um but offensively they're still a work in progress and you know we joking my

corner of the world that Fayetteville state has a new offensive coordinator every year and and it just shows or is

it true it's true it's true I mean every year since like 2017 or so they've had a

new offensive coordinator um and most of the time they go off to be head coaches um so

um for them now Virginia is a bit of a uh is a bit

vulnerable to you know Jada virus is not playing not sure if he'll play next game or not so yeah

um you know they also struggle with Livingstone uh and and really didn't put up the type of points that you accept

Virginia Union to put up nonetheless I think they have the edge in this game I

think their defense is a little better and should give Fayetteville State so

uh another one to watch Kutztown one and two at Shepherd 3-0 yeah I wouldn't be too deceived by

kutztown's one and two record I watched their entire game at Cal watched a bit of them against Mercyhurst I actually

think kutztown's a pretty good looking football team they blew it a little bit in the opener and also at Cal as well I

think that they are a very even match for Shepard it's going to be a really good game and uh Bradley actually just

made a point in the chat that in this series the visiting team has won all the

games wow very interesting uh yeah that does not happen often so all right

uh Black Hills two and one at Colorado Mesa also two in one

I think this is an interesting matchup both are two and one although Black Hills lost to a D1 and Colorado Mesa

lost to a very good looking Texas A M Kingsville team so I think they're very evenly matched this could be one of

those games that's really important in that kind of first tier behind the big three in the armac so I'm definitely

interested to see how this one plays out and finally Indianapolis 2-0 coming as

going to play at Saginaw Valley who's coming off that loss at truman they are two and one yeah and this one will be actually quite

interesting to watch Brandon simply from the standpoint that I I'm not sure if we know who either of these teams really is

just yet um you know Saginaw you know got off that good start 2-0 but I think it's

starting to look like you know maybe with a beat a couple of teams that they should have beat um and then they go to Truman and y'all

got you got to give them a little bit of a break that they're missing gyrus Grissom and and Michael hero yet is

still trying to find his way in terms of starting a quarterback but I mean when you go up somewhere and expect to run

the ball and can't do it because that's your bread and butter okay that's a problem and on the other side you know Indianapolis uh has done a nice job

Gavin suitcups four and four touchdowns no picks through two games uh they're playing with nice balance offensively

but Hillsdale doesn't look like they're up to what you might normally expect out of Hillsdale and you know Wayne's kind

of in a rebuild so you know those two wins are over teams that they again Indianapolis probably should have beat so uh you know I know Indianapolis is

going to be hungry for this one after getting knocked off last year at Saginaw when they probably felt like they may

have had a good chance or maybe even had the better team going in but yeah if tires grissman comes back this week what

does that do for Saginaw I really don't know so I mean this is two teams that it's kind of hard to really know who's going to be there for each of them and

that's what makes it an interesting one to watch maybe we should have made that one of the pickups

I wouldn't have wanted to pick it I still don't now

yeah all right speaking of the picking let's go ahead and move to this week's Pick Em

we've got Barton at Mars Hill Ashland that Tiffin art Henderson State

West Georgia at West Florida and Colorado Mines at CSU Pueblo uh let's go

ahead and take them in order this week and we'll go with Barton

at Mars Hill and Tony gets picked first [Music] oh man

um exactly yeah yeah exactly that's why they're good yeah

man I don't know yeah you could you couldn't let Justin give us some kind of good Insight first on them

all right they got an extra game under their belt and uh so we'll go with Barton okay

okay for this is really interesting um you know Barton has Jordan tarot

their quarterbacks playing pretty pretty well also um I I tend to lean a little bit more

um towards Mars Hill on this one uh than than Gordon I think they're gonna slow

down the Run game enough to kind of give them a chance to to win this game right Chuck

uh interesting matchup yeah I think the the Barton rushing attack with Jordan Terrell actually Jaquan Lynch their

quarterback is a playmaker both running and passing the ball um they're a very good looking team

right now but I'm gonna put some Faith behind the Mars Hill Rush defense that I think is very very good and it's a home

game there on top of the hill so I'm gonna go with the Lions all right very good I am going to go

with Mars Hill as well and Justin who do you have there's not really much left to say after y'all

covered most of it but uh no uh you know this this is a this is going to be a good game um Barton I'm not surprised to

see where they are right now at 3-0 I think with the backfield that they have with Lynch and Terrell I mean it's it's

Dynamic and so I'm not surprised um that being said I think the rush defense for the Lions is is gonna be a

lot for them to handle and it's at home in Mir stadium and that's that that can be a tough place to play

um and so for that reason alone I I'm gonna take Mars Hill in this one all right and Whit sent me his picks

and Witt picked Mars Hill as well all right and Ashland that one and two

interesting is at Tiffin 3-0 Ferg you get to start on this one bud so we really know why Matt's not here

because Ashland's on the board [Laughter]

and I am not going to give them any fodder um so I'm going to talk more about

Tiffin and I think tiffin's offense is uh pretty robust and I think that

they're gonna take the win okay check

yeah tough one I you know you look at Ashland at one and two but I think if you swapped their schedules the results

would be exactly the same Tiffin would be one and two and Ashland would be 3-0 I feel very confident about that

um Ashland's actually been a pretty impressive team to me despite losing their first two games

um but that Tiffin offense has been really explosive like Ferg said they've been almost Unstoppable and I have some

concern with Ashland being able to keep Pace if this does get into like the high 20s or the 30s

um if they can play a very good defensive football game they're gonna have a good chance but Eileen Tiffin in

this one all right very good I'm going to actually pick Ashlyn to even the record at two and two uh Justin

I think I'm gonna take Tiffin at home all right Tony

so you know we've been a little bit rough on Ashland in the first part of this year just you know hey new coach they lost an Alzheimer on each side of

the ball but Chuck's got this right in that you know if you look at who they've played so far they gave iup all they

wanted it was ranked and still unbeaten they gave Ferris all they wanted and had a lead at halftime

um and then they took care of Hillsdale which they should have done this past week and I know Tiffin scored a lot of points but against McKendree and Saint

Anselm you probably should uh and I look at what they maybe they were looking ahead because there's a bit of a rivalry

here between Tiffin and Ashland but if you're behind late in the game against Northwood this year that makes me

question all right what exactly have you got figured out where Ashland is probably in a spot now where they can start to figure things out and they're

far more seasoned at this point than uh than Tiffany so I'm actually going to take Ashland here okay very good and

let's see what it took he took Ashland as well right awesome 50 50 yeah 50 50 split

okay party at Henderson State this is the one I'm afraid everybody's gonna pick

Harding but go ahead Chuck yeah I am going to take Harding Brandon um I like what Henderson State has shown

so far I think they've got one of the better quarterbacks in that League actually probably one of the better ones in the country still a very young player

and this is kind of one of the first games in the series of you know the big three in the GAC playing each other so

this is going to reveal a lot about where these two teams stand but I like Harding to come out with the win

you know I am I'm gonna pick Harding uh I am higher on them than I have ever

been I think this is a they have really developed into a great program and they

have a really good team this year and I think they have an opportunity to uh do

some special things for their program this year I'm picking them just Northwest won't be there to knock them

out of the playoffs this year so yeah uh Justin go ahead wow

wow wow wow I I don't think it's that bold


you know the fact of the game from Chuck is pretty awesome so no it is and then

the grand puva over here being an Alum it's just you know hey man you're hit you're hitting where it hurts and it's

just fun it's more just it's more just a long back story of Harding in Northwest

and the Northwest fans so on enthusiastic about playing

I saw a high school team running Harding's offense and I asked the coach

are you running Harding's offense they confirmed it was Harding's offense I texted my friend armo and I said hey

they're winning Harding's offense and he said something I go yeah look just like it because they only scored one touchdown so that that's the inside joke

between us because they've had a history of shutting down partying in the way that nobody else could It's actually an

incredible observation by Chuck so all right Justin go ahead and pick I I can't

really follow that up so I'm just gonna go with Harding on that but okay all right uh

Tony yeah and my interest to be contrarian here just kind of gets squelch Brandon I want to help you out

and I have myself like Harding but man and I like Henderson State man I like rooting for the readies when I can but

in this one I just until I can see that they can overcome the physicality that Harding's gonna bring to this I I gotta

I gotta I gotta stick with Harding yep uh Ferg what you got yeah a couple of

things here so the last time that um Henderson State one is 2017.

um and uh there are games in this series since then that have been pretty close like 13 14 15 14 something like that so

you know it's got to be a really good Harding team for it to be a spread of two or

three touchdowns and I think this year is one of those years so uh give me Hardy okay

all right now uh I'm gonna have to get wits pick later because he texted a team that is not in

the pickup [Laughter] we can either give him the L or get it

later and I think I'll wait till later is there a picture of beer quarter with

this pizza eating thing and he's training for that too I don't know it's all good

he used an intangible player as it would say settle down settle down

you know um all right West Georgia is at West

Florida I'm gonna pick the Argos to Rebound in that one especially at home and move two

three and one uh Justin this is that this is gonna be a really

really good game I think um ultimately I think I think the difference in this is uh is going to be West Georgia and their

defense and I think they're they have the edge in this one so I'm gonna take the wolves uh

Tony see I don't know man Wes Georgie just gave up 35 to Mississippi College I'm

trying to remember the last time anybody did that so unless there's something there I don't know I'm I'm gonna

yeah well I don't know be that as it may I think I like West Florida here okay

Ferg yeah I agree uh that I think it's going to be West Florida

um I am a little concerned about West Georgia's defense okay Chuck

I don't know what to make of West Georgia they weren't very impressive against Limestone they won that game but they weren't very impressive and then

they pretty much gave away the game at Kingsville with turnovers and then it wasn't looking good at all

against Mississippi College but they kind of made a late rally and run that won that game I think they're still figuring some things out offensively

um I think they just don't really have things totally figured out on that side of the ball so I'm gonna go with the

safe pick and pick West Florida all right and lucky for us Whit actually chose a team that's in the

pick em oh good and that is West Georgia so he'll be the contrarian in that one

all right and our last game of the Pick Em Colorado School of Mines is at CSU

Pueblo and Justin you get to start issued every time when it comes to

Pueblo I'm wrong every time every day it does not matter if I pick them they lose if I don't pick them they win I can't

win with them well you know what I I know some people Pueblo and we'll try to get you some money just to pick them or

to pick I got you well I'm gonna take mines in this one anyway but I just

can't win with them well that's who they paid picks all right uh you want my

address is sent yes exactly so uh Tony hey man for eight more weeks John

matoka's playing in the armac sorry guys Carlo reminds all right Ferg

I just want to say that uh Pueblo has a really good social media team

and so if it's a clean suite for mines and they somehow win I am afraid of what

they might do I just want to let you know I just I'm just letting you know that that little

sweater any judgment I however am going to go with Ryan's I'm sorry I just I

just can't get there with Pueblo right now um yep okay

Chuck well the good news is that Pueblo was one in three last year and made the

playoffs the bad news is I think they're gonna have to try to do that two years in a row because I I don't see it uh I'm

taking mines okay I've got to take mines as well

and uh whip makes that a clean sweep

so congratulations to CSU Pueblo on your Victory this upcoming Saturday that's right so all right very good all right

uh all right before we move on to the overtime

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