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September 24th, 2023 5:00pm

Inside D2Football - Chris Keevers


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thank you [Music] well good evening everybody and welcome

to another edition of inside D2 football with Chuck Bittner Chris Ferguson Matt

with Wiki and Tony Nicolette I am Brandon Meisner thank you once again for

joining us really appreciate you uh being here with us uh what's going on well as an exciting day yesterday in

division two have some great games to talk about Harding uh classic at

Henderson State West Georgia and West Florida battled one out in the GSC also

uh sloppy defensive game in the psac that

cuts down uh was able to win at Shepard we'll talk about that one uh we'll review the entire top 25 or at least the

games of significance look stock up stock down who's trending in the right direction who's it going in

the wrong direction we'll uh we'll talk about that mention some of those and we will also do our normal pick segment and

this week I'm I'm happy to display the graphic this week because it was much better than it normally or at least it

has been in the last few weeks so uh but tonight we start off with the team of

the week which is the Indianapolis Greyhounds they had a big win yesterday

at Saginaw Valley a 35 to 10 Victory and Chuck pretty pretty uh good performance

on the road by the Greyhounds well it sure was I have to admit I was a little envious when I qued up the video of this this morning and saw the sunsplashed

field there because we got a little wet here all around the East Coast but uh wonderful wonderful day wonderful

performance for UND against a very solid Saginaw Valley State team and I really

think that early on this was much more of a battle than that final score might indicate the Saginaw Valley did a really

a good job of being disruptive getting into the backfield a lot putting a lot of pressure on Gavin sukup but we're

gonna we're gonna see as we get a little bit further into this that sukup made some tremendous plays they're really

kind of softened up that Saginaw defense and then put them into scoring position quite a few times uh and actually uh you

know Indianapolis is able to get out of this with a big win big reversal of Fortunes from last year is just a

completely different type of performance and ended up being a great win for UND heading into conference play you know

the Greyhounds are the defending glvc Champions and entered week four ranked

number 17 in the poll at a 3-0 start for them this year been joining us now is Chris keevers he is

the head coach at the University of Indianapolis Chris thank you very much for joining us tonight on inside D2

football thank you for the invite well coach congrats on the big win I think the final score of this was

actually very similar to the game you had with them last year but this year you're on the winning side of that so a

big reversal of Fortunes and it really kind of felt like the big difference was just being patient and minimizing

mistakes they they were doing a pretty good job of disrupting your offense early on but then sukup comes back with

a couple of outstanding throws you get the special teams play that kind of gives you an early score after you kind

of softened up that defense a little bit with some big plays they kind of changed the way they were defending you the rest of the way

yeah they uh they were trying to do things with their coverage and they they don't do usually and and we took

advantage of some of that you know big played him to death really that was kind of our you know we had we had uh you

know we had two really long touchdowns 70 and 66 and uh really you know it kind

of because they're an option team and they don't you know they're not a prolific passing team that put them

behind and and put them off schedule and it made things difficult for their offense now do you do you coach uh the

quarterbacks to throw jumping out of bounds across their body back the field 40 yards downfield for a touchdown is

that something that you you coach him up on if your name's Gavin Suka yes yes you know he's that's what he's very Dynamic

outside of the pocket he's just very accurate I mean with you know uncanny

accuracy as he's running and and avoiding people so that means he's uh uh

he's made some plays like that the last you know our last three games you know you mentioned coach that

Saginaw is not a passing team they're a team that wants to run the football you were able to hold them to two yards

of carry what did you guys do why were you so effective in stopping the run you know to be honest they're they're their

run game is a lot like Wayne States so when we had a bye week and then we

played Wayne State so we we practiced that offense for two weeks before we play Wayne State and then we get to

Saginaw and it's the same type of offense so it's you know scheduling played a big you know part of that we

were our linebackers were you know we knew where to look and how to fit the run and if you watch us we fit the run

really well because we've been playing it for three weeks with the same defense I mean it's been uh very fortunate for

us coach a year ago you guys were you know looking at being right around 23 points

allowed per game this year you've almost pulled that number in half you guys are at 12 wins allowed per game

um Mike Brown you know your DB is a guy on our Elite 100 watch list you know

he's he's been as advertised who else has really uh kind of stepped up and and

has helped shape the success you guys have had defensively well we've got some guys with a bunch of experience uh

Landry mavungu is a sixth year kid number he's zero the corner that played an outstanding game he had a big pick in

the Red Zone he had they threw two long balls at him and he just defended him with ease I mean he was a uh he's a cool

character when when that ball comes up in the air he doesn't panic he's played for six years so Landry's played very

well along with Mike and then uh you know Dylan Shelton is a is a defensive tackle that's uh disruptive he has he he

calls them problems because they were getting their back out out of and not protecting with they would just protect

him with five it was one-on-one with Dylan a lot and he caused some problems and got a defensive end named Aaron

Barnett who's a you know he's been a fifth year guy and he's a guy came as a walk-on receiver and now he's in all

conference defensive end uh number two he's been disruptive and you know and then Justin Thomas our our sophomore uh

the end from Chicago he had you know two sacks and and a couple shots on the

quarterback that was uh uh number nine he's a uh he's a sophomore and he he had

a heck of a game so we've got some guys that have played a lot and and uh and

it's really helped us I mean we you know we don't have we lost our two inside linebackers and that was it with our defense we had everybody back so

we knew we were going to be good on offense you weren't quite as lucky that you didn't need to make some

additions and you did in the off-season strategic editions you know obviously

people that pay attention to division two know that you lost Toriano Clinton uh you brought in John Lewis who is the

leading rusher in division three last year how has he fit into your offense so far and he's fit Fanta he's a fantastic

fit for our program as a student as a person and he's a very talented and he

stayed here all summer and worked his tail off and earned the respect of our football team and he's he's doing a

great job I mean he's he's running with some ferocity and he's he's making some things happen and uh he's a he's more of

a he's a you know he's a physical back he's not like Toriano so it's a little bit of a change up we're not you know as

much outside Zone you know we you know we're more of an inside Gap scheme team now with with him and uh so it's it has

been a change up but he's fit in perfectly right uh you know you hadn't must have had an intense uh quarterback

competition uh you had an experienced starter but uh how did Gavin sukup who

is now your starter separate himself from the pack uh to lead your offense you know we just felt like he gave us

the best chance to win uh he's he can he's very good athlete uh competitor and

he and and he's accurate when he's running he's very accurate and he's got a he's got an arm that you know he can

throw the long ball very well and and he just he you know he stayed here all summer again he was came in in January

and won national championship at DuPage junior college and and you know was really going to stay and we kind of talked him into coming with us and and

he's been a pleasant surprise coach you guys um in super Region Three you guys are

obviously in the same boat with conferences like the gliac with you know

the MIAA some of the top teams in in the entire country I mean look at the rankings top ten there's plenty of those

names that are in there whether it's a a ferris or Grand Valley and others

um how does how does the gov see and and you Indy um how do you guys kind of find yourself

you know when you're battling for kind of positioning in there and and League respect at the same time within such a

competitive region are you talking about the recruiting they're just or the actual just playing

uh arcade you know what whether it's seating when when the playoffs come around or being able to continue to kind

of have success with your squad you know uh uh in 18 we beat Fort hay State at

our place and that kind of changed some things for us people you know we got some respect there uh you know you gotta

win in the playoffs to earn respect and I think that kind of that helped us some

time 17 we lost the Hardy and it was in final four and we lost the last second play and had him we had a chance we you

know right didn't get it done but that's the bottom line we had you know we didn't get it done but it was close so we've competed you know we've done a

good job uh but it is you know you you're playing Grand Valley Ferris and then MIAA you know we've we play you

know Central Missouri and had a good game with them down at their place uh so

it's I mean you know in our region you you know you're gonna have to you're going to be good teams to keep going so

it's uh uh you know it's you got to recruit a certain type of a young man that's gonna be able to win those games

and you know that's that's we try to build as best we can to make sure that we're you know physically

ready and you know then you play some of them you go out and play you know we played Wayne we played Saginaw this year we went played Hillsdale you know it was

a physical internet you know so it's you know you just try to get yourself ready

coach one more question before we let you get back to your normal Sunday night and get back to work for uh for game prep last week we had Jazz Baines on the

show he's head coach at Western Colorado and we asked him a question that I want to ask you as well because you you kind

of have a similar background you didn't play division two football you actually played in the Big Ten but most your

coaching career has been in small College you've actually been at UND for coming up on 30 years now what is it

that you like about coaching in division two because it is so much different than being in division one and being the Big

Ten it's a totally different skill set totally different set of challenges but you've been in this world for a long time what are some of the things that

you really like about division two I like the kids I coach I really like the kids I coach and I like the coaches I'm

around I was at Purdue for three years I coached there as a ga student assistant is a ga and uh uh you know

and then I went to St Mary's College of California out there in division two school and I just I like I like the

coaches better I liked I like the uh I like the kids are are

are doing it for the right reasons they're you know I've been very fortunate you know we're three three team GPA so we've got a bunch of really

smart great kids I've got a son on the team I mean it's just uh uh you know I want my son to be around my team our

team we've got some fantastic people I just like you know I never chase money I grew up poor in the east side

Indianapolis and and never needed money and so I don't I've never chased money I found a place I like to work and I said

man I really like these kids and I like the people I'm working with and which I know is not the way to go these days but

you know I you know I I just like the people it just it's more enjoyable than I that

there's much much better experience I had you know in the division two level and I had a division one level for me

very good well coach uh somebody who runs a a website and videos and stuff related to division two I totally

respect the idea of doing what makes you happy and not chasing the money because there's not a lot of money in the dish

and we think and we think your job is safe for a while coach very good that's Chris keevers he is the

head coach at UND and uh Chris thank you very much for joining us tonight on inside thank you really enjoyed it

thanks so much all right what a great uh what a great time talking to the coach and you know

what gentlemen there's going to be a great time had by everybody but Whitney

this Friday because we will be already here Brandon it's only five six days

away yes it really honestly um yes it did sneak up on you or at

least it did me and uh uh I am not looking forward to the challenge but I

want to meet the challenge so uh Brandon truth be told I was driving home from my

son's baseball game today and I literally drove right past the scene of

the crime it's gonna be all going down here on

Friday and it was kind of interesting I I kind of got a little nervous chill and then I thought that guy better take care

of his side of the pizza or else that's exactly what it feels like to me like I don't want to let you down

because I'm I'm pretty confident in your ability to Chow Down half that pizza I'm less confident in my own so hey quick

quick real quick story here guys I got a message that two Augie offensive

lineman Augustana uh college or university had done that now two weeks in a row

um two of their offensive linemen Blake Larson who's on our Elite 100 team and

Trevor Burkhart one of his teammates who are both right around 300 pounds they tried it not long ago and they came

up short ooh but you know what I think they're probably better at blocking and helmet

and shoulder pads and I think we're probably better at things like eating eating and talking yes okay well in any

case that's going to go sometime Friday don't know for sure yet but Whit and I will try to devour uh that it will be at

boss's uh uh pizza and chicken I'm sure there's going to be uh folks that we

know will be there Tom's gonna be there right Tom Frederick my my sidecar for nsic weekly and Tom will take some

photos as we go um we threw the idea of video out there but Brandon was afraid that he might

actually throw up on live video which would not be good for

watch no lineman throw up yesterday on Twitter but yeah

I just don't want it to be me so uh in any case you know the boss has become a

supporter of inside D2 football on our website and they're looking for franchisees around the Midwest uh go to

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so if you're in that area have interest in this get on it well there are plenty

of Pitt State Missouri Southern folks that watch this show follow division two

football yeah and uh that that would be right in their wheelhouse I'm sure so uh

in any case I will see you in person on Friday and I am honestly pretty nervous

about this challenge so we'll see how it goes all right let's move on and talk about some of the results from the top

25. uh we'll start with probably what was the the game of the week uh Harding

Henderson State at 27-16 win for the Bisons on the road

yeah it was a pretty entertaining game to watch Brandon um you know it wasn't really what I was

expecting I was expecting that Harding was going to kind of control the pace and get out there and get after him

right away with the running game and so forth um they got stalled out pretty good early

um you know we're gonna see some some plays here and there of the video and Henderson was kind of in control much of

the first half here uh they have that that gray and red uniform combination that I'm not necessarily thrilled about

but uh they score here early and they're up nine nothing they missed the extra point and you know Harding's trying to

get the Run game going then they got loose here um and kind of get themselves back into the game just before halftime and I

really thought Henderson wasted a few opportunities in that first half they got kind of you know stopped at the goal

line and you know all sudden Harding gets the lead in the second half and you

know we had a back and forth battle here uh really pretty even football game until till real late but you see

Henderson get back here get the lead and then uh Blake De La Cruz here breaks

through 31 carries for this fella 179 yards and three tuds uh you know all

five eight of them and you know what he he was a handful hardening defense comes up late then they go on a seven minute

drive with you know 13 14 plays whatever it was and really really demoralized uh

you know Henderson right at the end really well fought game I thought Henderson was the better team in the

first half and Harding was able to kind of you know make it through that and uh finish the game strong

a great game by them and De La Cruz man he really shoots

it's pretty impressive so another game an impressive performance at least by

some defenses uh could stand a 20-3 win at Shepherd in a sloppy game well sloppy

conditions and Chuck you were there tell us about it yeah I was and I know I've

heard the conditions talked about and the reality is it was very sloppy before the game but during the game it was actually quite fine the rain stopped and

obviously but these turf fields that drain very well the conditions really were not a challenge for these teams

um it was interesting because I had the outcome of this game correct I I thought Kutztown was going to win and they did

but it didn't really go the way I thought it would at all I expected Shepard's defense to struggle with the

Kutztown offense that had been building a lot of momentum uh they have made a quarterback change I

went with Judd Novak a youngster uh from nearby and he's been playing extremely

well since week two of the season and I thought Shepard's defense was going to have some problems with them that really wasn't the case at all in fact Shepard's

defense played very courageously uh the offense was just awful

um they couldn't do anything right they turned the ball over I think five times total on the day four times in the first

half three of those turnovers were on their own side of the field their defense actually got him out of those jams quite a bit because there's only a

six to nothing game at the half so very different in the way that played out I really expected it to be totally the

opposite that the offense would be fine and their defense was going to be strong was going to struggle a lot with Kutztown but um yeah I I other than

Ferris and you know of course they didn't play well at mines last year other than those games in region I've

never seen Shepard's offense look so inept uh West Florida a dominating performance

against West Georgia they win 49-21. yeah I think you kind of made a

little bit of a joke at the uh at the at the outset about them slugging this one out this was never a competitive football game I mean it was just an

assault from the start um West Georgia's only points in the first half were kind of a fluky

defensive score where a guy ripped the ball out in a scrum and ran it back for a touchdown

um they couldn't they couldn't get anything going offensively they're really kind of struggling to figure themselves out kind of trying to find

their identity they don't really know which quarterback is best fit for them and West Florida man their offense was

just humming and I think that we're really starting to see that group come into its own peewee Jarrett really have

to give him a lot of credit for the trajectory that he's on he's a player who's just getting better week to week

really like what I'm seeing out of him John Giles has been an amazing addition

to that offense because they already had Caden Leggett John Giles kind of fills that spot you

know they they lost um David Durden to graduation you bring in John Giles and now you still got a

two-man punch at the receiver positions that offense looks really really good

right and uh finally uh make the same joke but uh Colorado Mines has no

problem at all with CSU Pueblo a 55 to 14 win at Pueblo

Brandon I really thought that this would be the year where we would see Pueblo really punch with them and you know it's

at Pueblo I thought it would this was had all the makings of being a good game uh 17 to 7 mines right before half

and uh you know chance Fuller he's going to take some chances and uh he hit a

linebacker right in in stride for pick six right before half that pretty much

changed his football game made it 24-7 and then all of a sudden you know you

got matoka being matoka uh doing Zone read and he's getting 15 yards 10 yards

then he's hitting you know Max McLeod who is really becoming maybe as good as

any receiver in the country to be really honest um and all of a sudden you take a look

and and this game's Out Of Reach and uh I just I think we all kind of thought

that we would see a little bit more in this contest at home uh from Pueblo than

what we did and uh they ended up scoring by bringing in a backup quarterback and letting him go on a Zone read run uh for

a long touchdown and it was just like if that's kind of what's happening with them right now now um they're they're

just maybe not quite where we had them and uh yeah all the credit in the world's all sort of Mines because they

are really really showing how good a team they are look at who they've played this year Angelo Pueblo Grand Valley and

they're unscathed yep well at the an impressive start uh

for them unfortunately um Ferris is the number one ahead of them and and probably rightfully so it's

uh it's gonna be interesting to see if we end up with a rematch um you know it doesn't look impossible

but uh I do guess we have a long way to go but uh I don't know how they match up with Ferris because we saw Ferris on how

big and physical and fast they are but I tell you anyway anybody not named Ferris I think I'm taking mines there you go

that's a great way to put it all right well that uh that was a look at the Roundup and we will touch on Virginia

Union's loss to uh Fayetteville State a little later in the show uh right now

however it is time for our stock up stock down segment check out uh the way

things are going in the on the D2 ticker we're gonna start tonight with stock up

Kentucky Wesleyan tell us about it Chuck yeah there's a reason I used an image of

Kentucky Wesleyan in my national Roundup column this morning um the Panthers lost their opener at

West Florida 35-3 very forgivable outcome for them but since then they've won three games in a row now they're not

beating top 25 opponents we know that but this is all relative this is a program that hasn't won more than three

games in a season since 2015. so sitting at three and one overall 2-0 in the

conference is a really big deal for them so we want to recognize that Camden Williams wide receiver is leading the

GMAC and receiving yards Christian arambiti playing very well at quarterback Christian I hope I got your

name right um so big things going on for them they've still got some really tough games coming up but uh stock up at steel

stadium in Owensboro Kentucky for the Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers all right well with it feels a little bit like a

pile on but we're gonna go with the stock down and add a CSU Pueblo yeah I wasn't even done talking about them a

moment ago right but uh you know when we're gonna do this top up you know stock up stock down segment

um the reality of the situation is is we gave Pueblo a whole lot of love at the beginning of the year guys we talked

about them being you know kind of the new hot chick of the dance and you know what let's be real Frank

um things have turned and these last two weeks they've been at home and gotten

humbled twice and uh pretty badly and so you know with you you get both sides of

this I mean if we're gonna say a lot of good things on the front side we have to be be honest about this and that's kind

of where they're at right now they got plenty of time to recover here but right now they're stocked now

yeah uh good news though in for a CIAA team Virginia state stock is up for them

I think we got ferga is he muted I think we're having some

microphone issues well maybe we can come back to that yeah let's go ahead and uh Chris will uh

we'll remove you and see if you come back in and see if it helps but uh let's go ahead and go with our uh stock down

Saginaw Valley yeah guys you know coming into the season you know when you look back at

what the Cardinals did last year uh you know highly competitive against Ferris

State taking them down to the wire losing a one-point game at home to Davenport who was a playoff team and you

know a lot of us maybe thought that they might have even been better than Davenport in the body of worker through the entirety of last year

um and then having key win gosh this is a team that's really going

to be in a good spot next year and and Jairus Grissom wasn't their starting quarterback for morsel most of last year but they got him back for this year and

they get off to a 2-0 start and boy these last two weeks against Truman and uh Indianapolis they haven't gone well I

mean this is a team that uh you know wants to run the ball and they've really struggled to do it

um and then they've seen to be really susceptible to big plays in the past game so when you can't control other

teams and keep them off the field and they're throwing the ball over the top on you I mean coach keever's talked about those two big plays that they had

this week and then last week they gave up a 46 yarder to Truman so it's it's a it's a lack of identity on offense

because they've got three different guys playing quarterback and a bunch of different guys in the backfield and a poorest back into the defense it's just

not a good mix right now and and two and two is not where I think a lot of us had Saginaw Valley four weeks into the

season Tony do you think that this this squad you know we're just entering obviously conference competition at this

point yeah um you know they haven't seen Affairs they haven't seen a Grand Valley uh you

know or Davenport how do you do you think that they have time to write the ship here or what are your thoughts well

they get Grand Valley Saturday so if they've got time it's about six days worth so so uh yeah I mean yeah based on

what we've seen thus far at least the way it's trending they're going to have to figure out a lot of things in a real

hurry because Grand Valley's going to come in off of off of an extra week off to prepare and it's going to be a

challenge and I believe Ferris is the week after that so saginaw's got a tough stretch coming up absolutely sure all

right well uh with Chris having some technical difficulties that will be the end of our stock up uh stock

down segment and we will be right back after this just wanted to take this opportunity to

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all right let's bring Chris back Chris can we hear you now I don't know can you uh yes we can now all right so anyway go

ahead tell us about Virginia state please all right so Virginia state

um there's been kind of a revolving door in terms of who might be the best team in the CLA and we thought it was

Virginia Union uh but clearly they they had a slip up um yesterday but Virginia state has been

quietly coming back on on online as challenging for the very top of the CIAA

and you know they got the the win against Norfolk State they got the win against Tusculum and Silent

non-conference uh uh schedule and they've just been putting teams away um they're now leading the conference in

total offense rushing yards and also um they're second in the conference behind Bowie State in Total Defense and

I think nothing shows more what what they can do in that weather that that

many people had along the east coast and they managed to get over 30 points

and shut out Livingstone at the same time so certainly a team to watch um and certainly on the rise

awesome very good let's uh go over some other news and notes uh so uh tuskegee's

Aaron James is only the third coach in Tuskegee history to start 4-0 so congratulations to him

um Jada Byers did not play for Virginia Union and their loss to Fayetteville State which I said we'd touch on uh as a

10-7 loss uh Curtis or Curtis Allen ran for 155 but it wasn't enough and uh Virginia

Union lost three fumbles in that game and finally uh Valdosta State you know

and Minnesota Duluth both name programs in division two are four no how long do

you guys think they show up or until they show up in the poll how long do you guys think that'll be

first jump on that first I have some thoughts but anybody else got some thoughts well I was gonna say for

Valdosta I mean this week they're playing Chow on so I mean they're going to get to 5-0 before they get to uh to

Dallas Delta State week six so I think that there's a chance that they could certainly get their uh you know next

week if if not now Chuck what Chuck what are your thoughts about uh you had a chance to see some of

the Blazers didn't you I watched a bit of Valdosta uh last night yes they played North Greenville I thought it was

actually a very good performance and a very good win for them we kind of thought North Greenville might match up

in a few areas or make that a very competitive game um I think it was actually probably less

competitive than the 28-3 score I think Valdosta was really kind of just managing the deficit managing the game

Flow for most of the second half I think they were definitely the better team I think if they had needed to they

probably could have put up some more points in that game um the defense really kind of had that in control and I think they were just

kind of managing to that so when you look at being 4-0 there's a couple of

wins in there that we don't quite know how to Value so much yet I mean we know Kaiser is a very good NAIA team yeah but

it still is a little tough to kind of feel like how much do we really value um the good performance that they put in

there um I think we just kind of need to see them deliver again against the teams

that they have to compete with for the GSC so I didn't yet have them in my top 20 25 but they're like first or second

team out all right now for what it's worth I did put them in at 23 on my

latest now I look at Albany Kaiser in North Greenville is all what I would call capable and dangerous opponents

sure not necessarily ones that are cop 25 or maybe even in that immediate mix

but at the same time you're seeing their the Valdosta defense seems to be

measurably different than they were a year ago when they were kind of getting run over let's be honest

I mean they're actually playing defense that was Brandon Meisner but um

and then you know on the flip side Duluth uh Duluth has been dominating

some teams now uh they've got a big old husky fellow named Wall Jasper who plays

quarterback who's like a mountain man playing quarterback and uh you know the

only close game they had was against Sioux Falls where I thought they were really in control the whole time anyway

um but but you know you're talking about two teams two two programs who have been you know in the in the news for us for

many years and maybe a Resurgence can't keep an eye on them all right yep

awesome so let's go ahead and look at our pick em oh segment oh no no no you

know what I'm much happier about this than I am I have been the last couple weeks look at all that green on the

board now maybe it's because we uh maybe this choice of games was bad by me

um but uh nonetheless that's a lot of success and not too many failures the

opposite at least of what my season has been in the picture did Chuck and Chris get all five right do I see that correct

I believe that is correct respectable yes you've got to change that we we've

I'm I'm not picking all the the the chalk this week we're gonna go at this very good all right let's uh go ahead

and turn our attention to week five we'll start with the ones to watch first

uh Augustana is at Sioux Falls uh that's an interesting game it's the key to the

city and Whit and I will both be there so tell me about what I should expect if this game went

well they played 10 times in this key to the city you know uh matchup Sioux Falls

has had the key eight times out of the ten um Augustana is going to be the

clear-cut favorite and they haven't necessarily worn that title real well when they've been favorites in this

contest in the past uh for what it's worth they the two wins they have are both at USF

um so uh I I we don't know exactly what we're gonna expect and and who's to say how well you and I will be feeling by

the time when it comes to that the pizza challenge but um but I expect it'll be a hard fought

game very good uh in the South Atlanta conference Mars Hill will be at

Limestone uh a very resurgent Limestone team I should say you know they started Owen two with those two uh GSC opponents

but they've come back with two two good wins in a row so I think this is a closer game than the than it might look

just looking at records the one thing I mentioned about Mars Hill is how they've

been shutting down Run games and they did that against Barton and now they're going up against another really good

running back and Trey Stewart so I think it's gonna be a really good test to see if uh Laura silken sustain success yep

all right I Charleston's had a great start to the season they will host a two-in-one

Glenville State team that that that's uh is this the best start that Charleston's

had in a lot in a wild Chuck uh I won't I don't know if it's the best art they've had in a long time they've

had some good teams recently right um we'll see I mean two of the teams that that they've beaten their Forno so

obviously they're off to a great start two of the teams that they've beaten just have absolutely nothing going for them right now I mean you talk about

stock down concord's not stocked down they've been shut down by the SEC and taken off the exchange

for Chuck I like that and I like that yeah it's just they just don't have anything working for me wesleyan's just

oh boy um and Glenville State surprised me a little bit they lost to West Virginia

state this last weekend who West Virginia state would be a fantastic stock up right now they're playing some

really really good football uh but I think this is a very competitive football game right Missouri Southern at

three and one at Central Oklahoma uh one and three I think a lot of people would have thought the records could be uh

inverted at this point to me this one's interesting to see just where both programs are at I think central would

love to take what's on the graphic for their record right

no the uh as we take a look guys here Missouri Southern I mean did anybody

really expect three and one right out of the gate here uh I didn't no no so they

played they played very well ativa Bradley's doing a heck of a job there all right and finally Notre Dame two and

two will play at Frostburg State yeah back-to-back losses for Notre Dame they

they need a bounce back in a big way all right and I also wanted to mention

without commentary Delta State will be at West Alabama uh West Florida is it North Greenville as you guys mentioned

and then Grand Valley will play at Saginaw Valley a little bit of luster was uh knocked off for that game after

the result this past weekend or yesterday so uh but that'll be the ones

to watch this week um let's go ahead and look at the pick

segment what we think are some of the best games this week combined with games

that we think could go either way Davenport is at Michigan Tech Minnesota

State's at Bemidji State iup is a Slippery Rock Texas A M Kingsville is at

UT Permian Basin and East Stroudsburg will play at Kutztown all right uh let's go ahead and start to

pick them and Ferg you get to go first Davenport in Michigan Tech

I don't know that much about Michigan Tech I hate to say that um but you know I have seen Davenport in

person and they're a pretty resilient team um and can beat you on the ground and through the air uh I I like Davenport in

this one yeah all right and I will pick Davenport as well even though my heart

would like to go from Michigan Tech uh Chuck you yeah I like the fact that Michigan Tech

has had a really good start to the year 3-0 I think only one of those is a D3 opponent but 3-0 is really good start to

the year for them but I I just think Davenport's the better game here okay

um wit well after I thought Michigan Tech was going to get peacock this last week by

Upper Iowa I have a hard time having a lot of faith in them meeting a

team that I have ranked in Davenport so I think you can see I'm going with Davenport

I understood yeah uh and uh finally Tony so guys this game last year was actually

at Davenport and Tech held a pair of 17-point leads in the first half

and then uh Davenport outscored them 45 to 14 over the last 32 33 minutes of of

game action um so this is a these are Tech can play with Davenport

um and this is Davenport's Davenport's first road trip of the season and and going up to the up is difficult for

anybody so I I think this will be a somewhat competitive game I think just for me at this point you got a graduate

student experienced starter for Davenport playing at the quarterback position at Jason Whitaker and Alex

freeze is doing a good job for for Tech uh in his first year as a starter uh but

he's throwing six picks in the last two games uh and that's made his team have to work extra hard to beat a D3 uh

Wisconsin Platteville and an upper Iowa team that we didn't really expect to necessarily have a big leave over Tech

so yeah I got to go Davenport here too all right I was a little afraid of that but uh it

is what it is all right Minnesota state is at Bemidji State I will start first

at the beginning of the year I would have picked Bemidji but the way Minnesota state has played has forced my

hand and I will take the Mavericks in this one and uh Chuck

this is a really tough one and this is one that I I may go in a different direction by the time I write my column

later in the week but not alone not allowed on on the record for the show the pick that I have to go with

um I kind of feel the same way Brandon but I'm going to stick with the Beavers uh and this one I'm going to pick Bemidji State

um picking opposite of me is always a wise move uh Tony go ahead

yeah these are two teams that you know I I look at them and they're even but they're

sort of being more physical and I think that's probably still the case but Bemidji is really adapted their style of

play and obviously that shows by the success that they've had in the northern sun over the last couple of years and I think they're hungry for this one and

they get it at home so um yeah Mike gut kind of tells me Minnesota state but I think I'm gonna take Bemidji anyway fun all right uh

Ferg man I tell you Minnesota state has really been resurgent this year I mean I

feel like every time I tune in or try to look at what they're doing they're just running all over people

and you know I don't know if bemidji's defense has gotten better enough to stop

that I know they've been kind of up and down over the years at the same time you know it's hard to

go against the beavers and and bring it off and Company but here I'm going to go to Minnesota state I think that they're

going to take that win very good and Matt you get the last word on this game

you know watching Mankato you got Sheen Butler Lawson who is maybe as good as

any running back in the country explosive and uh can run between the

tackles and you know you see how well that they've been playing these last handful of weeks

but I'm gonna go with the Mean Green

and their defense they're leading the con Northern Sun against the rush 2.4 yards of carry

uh the comment about them being physical I think they're going to remember that I

think Bemidji is going to try an out physical Mankato and I can't wait to see this

football game I'm taking the Mean Green in this one I'm taking Bemidji very good iup is it slippery rock

another great rivalry game and Chuck you'll start this one off

I think Slippery Rock is probably the best team in super region one right now not just the psac but probably the best

team in super region one I know I'll hear from the Tiffin fans on that because they're they're playing really good football too but I think Slippery

Rock has done almost everything that they need to do of course there's areas where they want to get a little better

this is at Slippery Rock it's at night The Rock has won something like

I'm looking for some stats that I reviewed earlier this year I think they've won something like 30 night games in a row uh at home they they do

really well it's probably gonna be a huge crowd for this game uh and I think that they're just a much more complete

team right now so I'm going Slippery Rock okay Matt Chuck you got it all wrong

the Crimson Hawks are figuring out how to get cars Hunter going on the ground my friend

120 yards in the last two games total three tuds I have a feeling Chuck

I know that you know the psac but I am taken iup plan the disrespect card

winning this one on the road very good Tony yeah I could see this game going either

way I just think for me that's why it's on the Pick Em yeah well

thank you for that in-depth analysis Matt um to me when I look at what their body

of work is thus far the only team that really hasn't been tested or hasn't let a game get into a test mode is Slippery

Rock and they're at home um I think I agree with Chuck they probably are the best team in in super

region one at the moment and I think they're gonna play like it uh I I think they hold serve at home

Chris well I guess I would say that um just

looking at the numbers um iup certainly has the agile defense

um but at the same time I'm with y'all that I don't know if IEPs

really face a team as completed Slippery Rock as and and so if we go into the long

transitive properties I just think about that that week one lawsuit with Ashland I mean oh

so I'm gonna go rock here I tend to go with the rock they don't let me down so

I'm gonna go around all right hey um

to agree with Matt with Wiki on this one and go with sorry wit

um no

iup is a bad sequence at the end of the game from

being undefeated and uh I'm just gonna go with my gut this time and I'm picking iup

next game Texas stadium Kingsville at UT Permian Basin and whip you'll start this

one this one was the hardest one for me

uh I think UT Permian Basin at home and uh I I think they're doing a lot of good

things offensively um I just by the slimmest of margins I'm taking them okay


I think we might have a connection issue with Tony Chris let's move on to you

um I just want to say you see this is where

my WT degree is and I'm taking that off the wall right now after what happened

I mean come on um and so nonetheless

um what I was saying is you know I like Kingsville in a lot of ways but man

UTV is rolling right now and I think they're fighting for quite a bit of

respect and so if they're if they want it I think you know they've got to go through Kingsville they've got to go

through Angelo and so I think that this is a good way for them to get some some of that respect and they've seen that

you know their high powered offense I was a little suspect after the way they beat up um what was it uh Texas college and and

those teams but they showed that they can put up numbers against you know other respectable uh division two

programs so uh yes I'm going with UTV here all right Tony back to you yeah

sorry about the glitch guys so body of work wise I think kingsville's probably got the the more complete story coming

into this year but I picked uh Permian Basin and if Lowell low many weeks ago

in our season preview episode I picked them to win the Lone Star if they're

gonna do that they got to win Saturday so I'll I'll stick with Permian Basin very good I am going to go with

Kingsville just to stay on the good side of my friend Whit and not picking the

same team as him twice yeah I I agree with what I think this is probably a the toughest one to read I

I still don't really know what to think of Permian Basin um you know they gutted out a really

good win against West Texas this past weekend it's tough to know how good their offense is or isn't there's those

two lopsided losses where they put up huge numbers the opponents just found all kinds of ways

to play horrible football um so I I just don't really have a good read of where Permian Basin is at right

now I think they're a very good football team but I just don't know how high

powered that offense truly is and I do know that Kingsville has a really good defense uh they will need it because

they have to keep the slow score in Kingsville doesn't have a whole lot of offense but I'm going with the javelenas

and their defense all right very good all right in our final game

East Stroudsburg is at Kutztown and uh Tony you're gonna go first on this one

yeah I gotta give uh give credit to the fighting Jimmy terwilliger's for being four and all and uh that's certainly

respectable but I just I look at other than that odd win that they got over iup

um I still don't know that they've necessarily beaten anybody yet and kutztown's actually played a real football team so far so I think I'll

take the Bears okay uh Ferg

yeah I think Tony brings up a lot of good points here um Kutztown you would think that they

would actually maybe like a three in one team um but they're they're so hot and cold

that you know you think you got them pegged and you don't um

and I think with East Stroudsburg again they need this game to make a statement

um and they're all finding ways to to get it done um so it I think this is the hardest one

to pick over a interview and YouTube TV um I'm gonna go with ESU here I think

they're going to pull it together all right um I will go with Kutztown impressed by

their win yesterday uh let's go with Whit first and I'll let Chuck have the last one well I was kind of back and

forth on this one and uh so I consulted my good friend Massey

so we're waiting for you since I'm a big believer um they have Kutztown winning by seven

and I figured with that biggest spread if I'm uncertain I really need to trust Massey so I took Kutztown on this one

okay all right Chuck you get the last word yeah you know historically stroudsburg's

a team that is really dangerous when they've got momentum and they have a lot of momentum right now

um but at this point sodas cuts down I know it's only two weeks but I think they've got a lot of momentum too and I think it actually really started in the

Cal game that they lost they found some things offensively in that game now I I

want to see them ReDiscover some offensive form uh this coming week because like I said I thought that they

were going to perform a lot better than they did last week and East Stroudsburg is playing very well defensively right

now I mean we saw that in the game at iup um I can easily see this one going

either way I am going to go with Kutztown very good all right and we will get

Justin's uh numbers or Justin's picks off screen so that uh he is uh committed

to a team and will not cheat and just add numbers or add tell us what he got

just there in the embarrassment yeah Justin's in the middle of a move so that's why he's not here tonight and God

bless him I I'm I'm feeling for him I I'm sure that's the last thing in the world uh that he would like to be doing

is moving right now so all right this is your warning it's about a one minute

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