Inside D2Football - Todd Hoffner

October 1st, 2023 5:00pm

Inside D2Football - Todd Hoffner


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well good evening everybody and welcome to inside D2 football ball with Chuck bner Justin pizzy Chris Ferguson Tony

Nicollet and Matt wh Wiki I am Brandon Minner and we have a great show for you tonight so what do we have uh we're

gonna talk about the iup Rivalry game with slippy Rock and talk about how that one turned out we'll also talk about

Missouri Western's upset of Emporia State we'll review some of the results

from the top 25 where a few teams lost to non top 25 teams we'll do the stock

UPS stock down segment that we've been doing for the last few weeks we'll also look at how we did in the pick them and

we will pick next week's games in the overtime though we will answer your questions comments and criticisms well

but today we're going to start out with the result of the week and that is a big win for Minnesota state at bigi State a

2724 win for the Mavericks Matt tell us about the game yeah great contest uh two

you know nationally rank teams that we have in the top 10 uh you know we get off real quick start here beiji gets a

score you know very back and forth contest here and uh you know we get a

chance to see a little bit of how Mano can both hit you through the run that

we've talked about for weeks here but also be able to get you through the pass as well and uh you know we we we already

realize that that Brandon Al's going to throw for a plenty of yards and he's going to kind of do his thing but boy

what a heck of a play there by Mano at the goal line on the pick and you know as we kind of Move Along Sheen Butler

Lawson there goes that man and they ain't catching him unless it's going to be his receiver but uh you know huge run

here on his way over 220 yards rushing just another huge game for him uh you

know bigi is staying with him the whole time though uh you got Sage Booker here who's doing a nice job of getting some

tough yards then we have Ali Muhammad that we've talked about getting the score and then you know Mano takes

another shot downfield but bigi is going to go ahead and get a great pick right there Brandon and you know they're back

in business just down three uh B miji goes to punt ball hits off of a a mano

player and all of a sudden they're in the red zone and it's looking like uh it might be a trouble spot for the Mavs you

know you go ahead Booker who we mentioned earlier scores again and you know they're thinking this is homecoming

we may be you know jumping in Lake bidi right there but Mano comes on back and

scores then we have a field goal attempt late and the field goal attempt is no

good and the Mavs say pool's closed where you're not jumping in and uh all

of a sudden we've got a the the ending to a great game a little bit of a of a tough snap there for the holder to deal

with but uh what a contest back and forth and I really don't think that that bigi is going to fall too far in this in

the rank Rings Brandon they really battle tooth and nail with the mths no you know it was impressive because you

know even though um binji had a really good season last year they're a team I think is still proving at least to Old

heads like us that they that they belong absolutely even in even in defeat yesterday to me that's proof that hey we

are legitimate so right Matt let's go ahead and bring on the Victorious head coach of the Minnesota state Mavericks

that is Todd Hoffner and Coach thank you for spending some time with us on this Sunday night welcome to inside D2

football my pleasure Brandon Matt coach you know we were kind of just looking at

some of the highlights there you know two top 10 squads nationally soldout crowd you know huge environment there uh

at the chat H how did it feel coach you know you go to take the field and you had to be like this feels like a playoff

game yeah what a what a great crowd that they had U they had everybody fired up the student section they were on our

side of the field they were on their side of the field they a sign that said horns down and the students were

chanting some obnoxious things right very Rowdy very you know they were doing

their job and uh what a unique place to play right the chat and it's uh it's a

great venue and um you know we were very fortunate in that football game you know

coach you and I have talked before and I and I've noticed that certain press conferences and such you talk about

certain key moments in a game that can separate one Squad from from another in a battle of kind of two evenly matched

teams boy I can't help but think of right after half bid's driving they're

all of a sudden in the Red Zone real quick and then your your backer Jacob Dalton with a great pick you know

covered on that post route and then the very next play Sheen Butler lost and gone and I couldn't help but think that

was probably the biggest little moment in the contest what are your thoughts well I thought that was uh you know

there was this was a game of big plays right and you know Jacob dton melted on that

seam route and then you turn around and hand the ball off to Sheen when you have a little fly motion with Jeremiah Howard

and we're up 10 right we're feeling pretty good about our and here they come again they March right down and they

score real quick and your next thing you know it's back to a three-point game

absolutely with uh 40 SEC we go to the end of the game you had 40 seconds left in the clock uh you're up by three

they're going to kick a a 40 yard field goal but there there is some time left take us through your thought process both in terms of the Special Teams and

then what you do after the kick what what were you going through what were you thinking about at that time yeah well Brandon there was never a doubt

right tongue and cheek com um what a nailbiter right the fans got their

money's worth you know we were just we were bad you know offensively we were

not good we were inside the 30 yard line eight times and we only came away with points points on four we missed a field

goal we turned the ball over we turn it over on Downs anything that we could do wrong we did um but you know at the end

of the game we knew that uh the kicker had some issues coming into the game uh

we felt good about trying to get there we thought their operation time was slow

and you know but they were faster during the game so I you know I were a stopwatch for a reason and I knew that

they were faster than they had been coming into the contest so they knew that we're a pressure orientated kind of

outfit when it comes to blocking field goals sure and uh you know the snap was

you know it wasn't perfect but man Dakota Smith just you know charged right

through his Gap got vertical which I think was huge you know as soon as he got through and pulled himself through

we teach our guys to get vertical and he jumped so high that the ball actually

hit him underneath the chin so it was definitely going to get blocked and there was a number of other guys that

were right there but what an electric moment you know coach Bolly does a fantastic job bid's got a phenomenal

football team they're way stronger bigger faster they're they're better uh

we're hoping that we're better but we're going to have to play better if we're we're going to try and make a run and try and compete for a championship and

try and get in the playoffs coach you know it's easy for for your squad to be identified as the

team that runs the ground and pound offense really you know big offensive lineman and certainly all of that's

Justified but you know what I think your defense has been coming along as well for you guys to hold you know a top

quarterback like Brandon alt you know well below his his season numbers you

know tell me a little bit about that defense well um our defensive coordinator is coach Taylor he was here

for a year with Coach glow so he had a big big tutelage year for and he worked

with the dline he had never worked with the defensive line and coach glowski was getting some real heavy interest from

FCS programs and you know being touted a little bit to be a head coach and so I

kind of knew it was a matter of time and so coach Taylor uh came in he was a

coordinator before he did a great job of leading uh his units before and he's a

little bit older a little bit more mature and you know he's leading that charge and a lot of people had big

question marks coming into the season as to whether he was going to be able to you know do the things that needed to be

done as the coordinator but I think you got guys like Jacob Dalton Dakota Smith

who are two seasoned linebackers that are seniors right Trey Ville is a senior

um we brought in Kai West as a corner Maven kety you know there's some pretty

good football players on that defensive side of the ball but we lost a ton last

we we lost nearly 10 guys on defense that played and took a lot of significant snaps so you know early in

the year I felt like we needed to eat up a lot of clock and possess the ball and

do some things to help ourselves and they didn't need it right our defense

has been outstanding um we're leading our league and pass defense I told the

staff today I said I don't think as the head coach here at Minnesota state that we've ever LED this conference and pass

defense uh but I said be careful with what you wish for more has coming up

right right right uh you know Sheen Butler Lawson's been he was a good running back year ago and all of a

sudden now he's become one of the top in all of D2 uh really an outstanding

season so far uh what has most changed from one season to the next to really

enhance his production well Sheen spent some time this summer working with a speed development system right back

close to home and he worked on training and getting faster and we test our guys when they leave we test them when they

come back the guys that stay here work out with our strength staff all summer and so when he came back as a

second-year player uh he was faster he was faster than when he left he was one of our top five fastest players a true

freshman Sam backer Minnesota product came in and was the fastest football

player and he's got a couple of games underneath his belt but I you know a guy like she has such you know house call um

capabilities right he's got the ability to to take it to distance if anybody Misfits a gap or if they're out of

position you know he broke 22 tackles yesterday we track tackles and breaking

tackles and so he's a load he's not a light man he's not 180 he's not 190 he's

not 200 he's 210 plus and he is really fast elusive right and we're so so

impressed with what he's done so far and he doesn't get there without his teammates the offensive line right right

receivers everybody's got a hand in it and I think uh what we've done so far is

Great uh but for every you know every bear there's a bear hunter right and so

that defense we saw yesterday uh definitely legit they're definitely a playoff defense we see those kind of

players when we play in the playoffs and Big's got them they're they got some

really good football players on both sides of the ball well how is your team

different from last year's team which lost in the shootout to mines in the playoffs well Brandon I think it's early

yet but one of the things that us being able to run the ball um this year the way we've done it

right and we haven't ran our quarterback very much except for the fourth quarter right we were trying to get some plus

one stuff and it was necessary and so on and so forth uh what I I think is different as our linemen are a year

older right they're more mature uh they understand the system we have all of our

tight ends back we've added some new receivers that we had to replace you know Jaylen sample was in the NFL for a

minute or two and did a great job for us and being that threat and so you know you have to have those vertical threats

as you touched on in the beginning of the show to keep people honest and keep the Integrity of it but I think you know

coach Henning with the old line uh being our Run game coordinator is doing a great job Coach Jones our pass game

quarter coordinator is doing a great job coach Schmidt coaches the running backs so I know the Rapport the relationships

and just the continuity we had so many pieces of that puzzle back and I think

that goes a long ways when you have experience and mature players you're

very likely to have a lot of successful plays when it comes to offense coach up next you guys have the

dragons of Morehead there uh three and2 their two losses are against Wayne State

and Augustana that they both played within a score on the road uh they just beat Northern State in a pretty

one-sided contest what challenges do they present uh to your MAV Squad I

don't know if I'm gonna sleep this week be really Frank with you I mean the they are a machine on offense um they can

throw the ball at will they throw at 60 55 to 6 65 times a game right if they

run I told our defensive staff they better start cheering and tell them to keep doing it again quarterback is

outstanding receivers are phenomenal um the line knows what they're doing right they know how to protect um they're

they're you know when you average 38 points a game uh as an offense and they played two pretty exceptional teams

one's undefeated right now and the other one's four- one and they were within a

touchdown of both both of them and so I told our guys you better not better not think that these guys are anything but

great because they have the potential to hang and stick with anybody when it comes to scoring points and you know

making the game tight and competitive right coach you've kind of

touched on it a little bit but we know the kind of goals that your program has

uh what do you guys need to do better in order for you to get to the ultimate goal of reaching the national

championship game in Texas again we haven't stopped the run very well yet

this year we have a goal of trying to keep our guy our opponents under a 100 and every team is five for five and but

you know we've done phenomenal and stopping the pass so that's one of our major goals we try and rush for 200

every game we've hit it four out of five games we're really close in one of them

uh we were at 199 I think uh so we were close with one of the five that we didn't get we try and win the turnover

battle yesterday we were atrocious we turned the ball over way too much we sputtered in the score zone but you know

we had been scoring pretty frequently right as an offense and I think taking

care of the football is going to be crucial right to win that turnover battle uh and then scoring 31 and

holding our opponent to 19 so we have a star rating and it's the points given up

taken right 31 and 19 the turnover ratio the running the ball the stopping the

run all that stuff and the four stars is what bigi got on us yesterday and we had

one star and usually what it takes to win a football game we need three stars or better and so when I showed the

graphic today and all the red on it and all the things that piji did really well

and for us to come out of that game with a win I told the team we're going to have to play way better we we've got to

play way better if we want to compete for not only a conference title or get

in the playoffs but even compete nationally so I think the mid's legit I

think they're real I think they're really good and I think we're really fortunate to come out with a win and we

got to get better and that's the bottom line well fantastic coach we appreciate you very much uh for coming on tonight

on inside D2 football best of luck the rest of the way appreciate it R heard

all right that's Todd Hoffner the head coach at min Minnesota state they were victorious yesterday

2724 at bidi State well gentlemen um when we're talking about victories you

all know that Matt and I had a pizza Challenge and we had to try to eat a 28

inch pizza in sou Falls at boss's pizza and chicken and for those of you who

probably on you know waiting on the edge of your seats to know how we did this best sums it up

[Music] yes we we did not do very well at all uh

we were Jeremy had challenged us even had thrown five $100 bills on the table

and we did not come close in my opinion so uh Matt tell tell tell us about your

experience and then I I'll tell them about mine um simply put it was it was a fun

time until it wasn't the uh when they had the forklift

I mean when the guy brought it on over the pie and uh Jeremy I mean Jeremy Brandon whoever you are you yeah there

it is which uh I'm getting uncomfortable just looking at that right now actually

but um when he was having trouble balancing the pizza as he walked over

immediately some thoughts went through my head like this is I don't normally have trouble carrying a pizza was went

through and so I thought this is maybe a little bit more than we were expecting then when it got down we had to get a

separate uh pizza cutter to cut it up because the the pieces were like the

size of your hand and it was like no this isn't going to work so you know we thought that if we cut it up in smaller

pieces somehow it would shrink the eating which is not what happened and um

so I I bid into the first piece and the amount of cheese that was on there made it bulky

and I doubts crept in it with before the first piece was down the hatch for me

but um Brandon I I'll let you kind of give your perspective well I was

cautiously optimistic when they brought it out in fact I said makes absolutely no sense at all but continue I said I

said wait some somehow I'm now optimistic but the uh uh the the what

got me was not the volume what it was the greasiness of multiple pepperonis

and I could not like fathom eating another bite as and as if you see in

that video I did have a little Trash Can beside me in case I got sick and I was afraid that was going to happen if I had

another another I think that's when I knew you guys were in trouble it was it was the glazed over

eyes that Bren had that I knew was he was in trouble

yeah yeah but don't worry guys it's this all happened in secret it's not like it was shared anywhere on the internet you

know no no not at all nobody put pictures out of anything that was happening we didn't want to embarrass you guys at all so yeah Walter kronite

interviewing me between every bite asking Whit what are you thinking right now Whit how's your stomach wi you know

two trains left Kansas City one's going five miles hour you know

I I looked at Tom and I said that'll be enough because I mean you know so um

well by no means are we blaming him because we ate probably two-thirds of the food but um for the record we did

eat we weren't totally full we were just sick of eating what we were eating and it got really monotonous like I was

having some brownie bites afterwards and yes we saw we saw the brownie bike

Chasers yeah yes yes which um I might have one or two left for a little bit

later Chuck but yes so uh nonetheless uh we failed and but it was a great time I

had wings the night before at bosses and they they were really good and uh you know I would like to challenge any

division 2 fan any fan of the show to go take the challenge and if you win well

even if you lose but if you win we'll put your picture up on the show and you can brag about it how you can do better

than Whit I so yeah that brenon that was really encouraging when they showed us the Wall of Shame and fame and they

mentioned how no one had done the task in two years ex information that would have

been useful sometime in the last six weeks uh except for the what what could

not have been 125 or 120 pound female who completed the pizza by herself I

thought we were oh it was UN unbelievable anyway so so so basically like y'all's picture is

now on that wall no they no we we left enough room yet before they could take

the picture so uh all right anyway is I don't know how they'll ever find it there's no video evidence anywhere on

social media right right all right let's go ahead and let's go ahead and uh let's

focus on the top 25 guys uh uh lots of uh interesting outcomes let me bring up

the graphic for that and here we go um let's start

with um a slippery rock hosting iup and The Rock dominated in this one a

4221 win for them Total Domination by The Rock Chuck yeah I think the uh the

the pizza challenge failure is probably pretty analogous to to iep's first half in in this game it was just an assault

um totally took me by surprise I mean slippery Rock's first four drives of the game they went right down the field um

explosive plays iup couldn't stop a single thing they were doing rushing throwing short outs going down the field

anything slippy Rock wanted to do uh was working and it was 28 to nothing before iup even had a chance to to make some

adjustments and get themselves sorted out to their credit iup did rally as you know you would expect a team of their

caliber and their talent and and their Poise you would expect them to to get collected and and rally a little bit and

they did but you know all they could really do at that point was kind of you you know put put a few Band-Aids over

the wound to stop the bleeding it was far far too late at that point in time

when they were down 28 to nothing so you know turnovers were a problem uh if you look at the final stats IEP actually did

have some success moving the ball actually ran the ball very well um note for for down the road I think the team

that eventually gets Slippery Rock will be a very very strong rushing team uh

they have shown some vulnerabilities there they're good against the pass not as good against the rush so kind of a

little bit like what we we heard from coach Hoffner there uh I think that's an area where slippy Rock's going to have to to get better but right now they are

Head and Shoulders against everybody else in the conference right uh upset in

St Joe where Missouri Western moves to 4- one with a 3431 win over Emporia State somebody in

St Joe must have told the guys in locker room that uh Chuck put you in the top 25 last week so let's go out and make look

real good uh because boyy they sure did um and actually you know guys this was

not a very close game for for large parts of it Missouri Western took it to them uh the running game was really

strong I think they had three different backs that were just playing Bully ball out of the backfield and you know Braden Gleason got his yards he he played well

had a nice day um he had his yards if you kind of look at the numbers that he had that's normally a winning day for

Emporia State uh but the Griffins just really played good football on at the very end even after kind of letting

Emporia come back a little bit uh had The Moxy to kind of stay with it and then make a couple plays to get that get

down the field and uh and get that field goal right at the gun so really thrilling really thrilling game and a

tremendous outcome for Missouri Western and what they're trying to build there y new coach Tyler finwick obviously doing

a great job in his first season with the Griffins uh another outcome in the MIAA

Central Missouri hangs on for a 4138 win over Northwest

yeah Brandon we didn't really know what to expect out of this contest we kind of figured that you know UCM would kind of

take it to Northwest and be that was what we call the first half uh 24 to3 uh

looking like this is going to be kind of a beat down and then all of a sudden you know we're at the end of three quarters

this ball game's tied at 24 um at the end of the day just still too much with the mules offense uh for

the Bearcats but you know Zach zosi 412 yards passing you know for for for

Central I mean he's he's almost starting to become one of those names moving towards the top of the discussion for

for Haren Hill that we'll be having here in a few weeks and you know arel Smith

uh his top wide out is a heck of a player as well uh Mike Owen C you know

for the Bearcats three touchdowns but gets picked three times and you know I I kind

of think the playoff hopes the Bearcats are kind of on life support right now

Brandon and they still have some some tough games ahead of them but uh boy Central Missouri I did not have them

being this good a squad at this point in the year yeah well I think they're life

support is being very very optimistic let's look at another outcome uh we have

a team and top 25 team that falls UT permium Basin with a 297 win over Texas

A&M Kingsville yeah and this game was a bit of a uh I mean this is a very strong game um especially on the offensive

defensive lines and you know what you kind of saw at the beginning uh UTPB uh ended up having the ball batted

away intercepted and and Kingsville was able to score off that and then they kind of went silent for a while and and

uh premium basing got 13 unanswered points um kind of scary in the second quarter uh with Jacob Cavazos for the

starting quarterback for Kingsville leaving um second usion in five games now so you know hope all is well with

him but you know raises a lot of questions for Kingsville going forward um you know part of this game uh the

issue with it special teams uh for uh for perent Bas was outstanding they

actually put Kingsville at the one yard line twice uh led to a safety towards

the end of the game uh but you know Kingsville is not a team that can afford to get down early they were down by

double double digits like two scores for for the first time this season and they just never really

recovered and finally Minnesota duth a dominating 45 177 win over Winona

State yeah you know this is a game when I previewed this in the northern Sun Brandon I kind of thought that this

would be Winona's chance to kind of you know stand up to a team like this um you

know they were playoff Squad a year ago when Ona was but you know you can see Kyle walljasper the quarterback of duth

getting things going early they play it with a lot of misdirection and then they have a quarterback who you have to defend as a

runner um so there there's so much to contend with right now with that duth offense and they have a Pro Prospect in

in s Pitts their tight end who' you know reached Pay Dirt three times in this one

uh unb also had eight sacks in this game you know against the team was a playoff

Squad a season ago as we were mentioning and uh just a one-sided contest it was 21 nothing at half and uh you know

Winona had you know 270 yards offense total and and Deluth is just kind of

rolling at this point in time and it it does make you wonder you know how good is this to Squad are they in that maybe

you know 25 Reign you know 23 24 25 or are they maybe a a team that's in the

mid teens it's kind of hard to figure right now well anyway interesting results and I agree with your analysis

of that exactly um interes results from the week um exciting week we'll have

another good week coming up hopefully right now though it's time to look at who is having a great few games who's

having a bad few games or just anything in between with our stock up stock down segment today we're gonna start with a

stock up team and we're going to start with Augustana this was a team Brandon that I

was really kind of trying to suspend judge judgement on for a fair amount of time because I didn't think that they

had played a lot of you know decent opponents and I knew that they were going to kind of come into this final

week of of September this key to the city rivalry against sou Falls and that

would be kind of a way for me to get a better idea as to how good I think they are uh this was the most points that

they have scored in any one game of this rivalry that they've had with sou Falls

um they're 5-0 now and with a 4929 win uh at U you know at USF a game

where they scored every possession in the first half and got themselves out to

you know 3522 lead uh I just think that they're a squad that we we can't deny

that they have to be a stock up uh team right now sure undeniably a stock down team Ohio

Dominican yeah sorry Brandon on on on mute there

uh so for those of for everyone who's new to uh D2 Ohio Dominican used to be

in the gleak and they were a good gak team they were the out outright gak Champs in 2013 uh went all the way to

the National quarterfinals in 2014 lost to evental national champ CSU Pueblo uh

you know so I mean this is a team that perennially was really strong in the gak and so when they moved to the GMAC you

thought okay they along with a couple of the other gleak teams that went down there were going to Faire really well and so far they have I mean seven and

three seven- four has been the worst that you've seen out of Ohio Dominicans since they've uh made that move and so

to be sitting at week five here in this season and be one and four uh that is not a trend that we were expecting for

the Panthers it's definitely not something that uh we're used to seeing out of them now their defense three of their losses came by a combined six

points but when you're you know giving up fourth quarter leads to Thomas Moore and Kentucky Wesleyan and then you're

just not competitive against ashin the week later to drop your third straight um yeah gosh the rest of the season has

got a big question mark hanging around it now for Ohio Dominican and you still have uh GMAC Front Runners Finley and

tiffen later on in the schedule so how they address these next few weeks with some win of goal games against Walsh and

Lake eie coming up is going to be critical for them or this could be their first losing season that they've had in a long time definitely Stack Down for

Ohio Dominican all right a team with stuck up Charleston

Charleston 5-0 um Midway through the season you know they're a team that uh

six and five a year ago and has really turned it up this year know they actually lead the Mountain East in

scoring scoring defense and sacks right now um now granted you know they got a

really challenging schedule coming up the back half of this this this season they've got to play uh uh Notre Dame

they gotta play Frostburg Fairmont and West Virginia eight and the last three

you know have one loss so a lot of sorting out to do in the mountain East

but uh certainly a stock up uh team at this point all right A Team not uh having the

kind of season they want their stock is down the wasburn ibots yeah we don't like to kick people when they're down

but uh things are pretty tough for the uh for the Eads right now there one and four just not really where we expect to

see them granted if if you have just a couple injuries which they do right now they're without their starting

quarterback who was you know a potential allconference player um he's been

injured the backup is starting to come on a little bit I think that there's some encouraging signs for Washburn but

it's very difficult right now they're they're doing all right defensively but they've really got to find a few more answers for that offense to to put a few

put some more points on the board uh even the lone win that they have was a pretty uninspiring 24 to10 win over

Lincoln that that's just a team that they should out Talent by you know Leaps and Bounds um and it was kind of a

struggle to win that game so um not doing very well right now not looking very good and you know being in the MIAA

still a lot of tough games ahead so uh the road to a winning season is is gonna be very difficult for Washburn all right

and finally let's end on a positive note stock up for Lenor Ryan disregard the

the graphic it is Lenor Ryan yeah guys Leno Ryan right now

sitting at 5- 0 uh just absolutely dismantled UVA wise this past week 56

to3 they've scored 118 points their last two home games uh the bearers right now

are averaging 42 points a game offensively and they're only giving up just over five points a game so really

really impressive up to this point they kind of get into that meat of their schedule now they go to that big

showdown at Limestone 12 o'clock at Gaffney this weekend follow with Bart and Newberry and Wing So the the meat of

their schedule is in front of them but so far Lenor Ryan has has lived up to uh the expectations I think we've all had

for him very good well that is our stock up and stock down segment for this week

we'll be right back just wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who have

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[Music] football before we move on I want to

mention a few others who we haven't had chance to add to the graphics that have supported D2 and inside D2 foot

Matt D Michael K George T Molly Z Brian

K Uh Kevin H and Marty M appreciate your support very much it allows us to do

ridiculous things like go to pizza or pizza eating contest in two Fall South Dakota all right let's look at the news

and notes uh couple of random tidbits from this past week Lock Haven B

Millersville they are three and two the three wins marks the most in the season since

2016 Central Washington's Tanner vul had two interceptions in the Wildcats win

over Western New Mexico it was the third game in a row that vul had two interceptions wow he had six in the last

three games and seven for the season wow and uh finally Patrick shog entered Delta State's win or exited excuse me

Delta State's win over West Alabama Early in the second quarter uh he did require an injury timeout and did not

return at the the time of his injury Delta state was already up 28 to nothing end up leading 37 to3 at the half so

holding him out may have been precautionary we don't know it will be interesting to see how he is and

hopefully he is okay because he is one of the most exciting players at our level all right gentlemen and he's I

just say and he's my fantasy football

quarterback Fergus he got you a win or you still a donut on the year I'm still a donut on the year it's been rough up

here like that's my picks right there fer we in the same boat bro yes yes well

speaking of pickham let's go ahead and look at last week's results lots of

green on the board and uh you know Matt uh Chris and I would like to point out

how right we are and how wrong you were about a northern Sun result that's uh we

we'll just leave it at that I I you know what uh once again the the if I'm going to miss a game it had to be one that's

on the pick them right and then I was going out of my way to tell my guy Chuck

about how iup was gonna take it to Slippery Rock then all of a sudden I

turn on the game it's 21 to nothing I was like this is not going well for my boy ch ch Chuck said he would not be led

astray I I think I I think I baited you with some grandiose comments about how slippy Rock's the best team in super

region one right now and then you counter that with your grandiose comments about how wrong I was well I took the bait truck I took the

bait let's uh let's go ahead and look at the ones to watch uh for this week uh

Millersville is at East Stroudsburg uh that's that's pretty interesting matchup Chuck well it certainly was looking that

way until last weekend when Lock Haven rolled into the vill and upset him but yeah this is still a very good looking game I don't think one loss you know

keeps it from being interesting C certainly not and and we we celebrate Millersville for having some success

that they haven't had in a long time too I'll tell you what though I I saw East sturg and kown on Saturday and East stalburg looks like a playoff team to me

in super region one they're they're very good right uh also Thomas Moore is a

Kentucky Wesley and again a lot a lot of these teams are actually coming off losses but sometimes that actually can

make the story more interesting to see how they respond um in the psac as well

California is at iup um we'll see how iup responds in that one uh Newberry is

at Barton Newberry coming off a loss and then Lenor Ry and Limestone Justin

quickly is is limestone the last obstacle on the way to Lenor Ryan sack

Championship or I mean they still have some tough games on the road at Newberry and at Wingate so they they this but

this is the first one and don't forget Kataba you know they're playing well right now so okay they're gonna have

some tough road tests ahead of them but uh this one this kind of starts that Gauntlet if uh if they're the real deal

if we if they are who we think they are okay very good let's go ahead then gentlemen and look at the pick them for

this week we're going to go with Virginia state at Buie State Delta State

at valasta State Minnesota duth at Wayne State Emporia State at Pittsburgh state

and Benedict at Miles um let's go ahead and take them in order we'll do in the

order that I see them because it allows Chris to pick last on the CIAA game so

that'll work well Justin you're going to start out and pick the winner between Virginia

state and buoy [Music] state to me it's pretty clear Cloud

Virginia state okay okay uh I would pick Virginia state as

well I hope it doesn't end up being a route on this one Whit

you know I was I was trying to find an angle here to like buoy but I just didn't like their outcome this last week

yeah uh I gotta go with Virginia state here okay um Chuck uh well thanks to uh

D2 kerg who is CIAA Red Zone uh I saw that uh buoy state was in quite a bit of

trouble yesterday and got to flip that on and see quite a bit of the fourth quarter and watch buo State lose to the

fighting blue Bears of Livingstone College in Salsbury and uh yeah that's

that's a stock down if there ever was one so I'm gonna go Virginia state here okay all right and uh

Tony so yeah guys Virginia state pretty explosive on offense so far this year

and for me with buoy uh kind of a lack of explosiveness on office just makes me worry that they can't keep up with them

and I don't know i' have to defer to ker on this but I want to say buoy State's turnover margin this year is somewhere

north of minus 10 um it's it's it's not good if it's not

minus 10 it's close and if you're to give give the ball away that many times to an explosive offense like Virginia state I don't know how this isn't an

easy Virginia State win okay all right Ferg tell us why we're

all wrong no I I I um you know this is really interesting because Buie State's

one of those teams that you count them down and and out and then they come back in shy but the last two games that they

faced they faced St Augustines and Livingstone who when they played them both were

winless now they barely got by St all but they you know struggled mightily and

it it was just ugly I've never seen Buie State play like that in recent memory

and um you know they're just really struggling on offense now now Virginia State's really interesting because of

the fact that they've had some quite a few injuries and so because of that um

they actually had to turn to um last year's starter Jordan Davis uh who is a

different style of of quarterbacking than than the starter but he but I mean

he's a gunslinger he threw for you know over 300 yards and and Virginia state is just rolling here um so it I think this

is a pretty easy pick um to go with Virginia state you know on the outside looking in

okay all right let's go ahead and look at the next one Delta State at Vasa

State much more interesting game because of the U potential injury to Patrick

shog but uh I will go ahead and I'm going to pick Delta on the road to beat

vasta uh wh well well

well uh I'm not too concerned about the Patrick shag injury I think that that was uh you know that getting him out at

the right time avoiding you know he didn't I I flipped on the video and I think that he's going to be fine good I

think this valasta defense is quite a bit better than they were a year ago and

at the same time their offense is different than they were you know uh with Ivy Durham but they're still

scoring plenty uh I'm taking the Blazers

in the upset here at home and I'm saying they're back all right very good um

Chuck uh I I I I need to see it from valasta

State before I say they're back I'm not saying that they're that that they can't be but I need to see it before I have

that confidence um you know trailing Shuan in the second half um does not

give me confidence so I'm going Delta State Chuck it was a trap game they're okay

now Tony what are what are your selection yeah I'm right there with Chuck I you know barring something I

mean obviously if Patrick Shea can't go then all bets are off at that point but uh if he's able to play and he's able to

be any semblance of his normal self I I I still like Delta State here okay uh

Chris all right so Ferg you do the right thing do the right thing first of all

have you gone to both these schools I mean

most my opening my opening line was going to be any school I go to right now is like not doing very

well based on last year's experience Delta State would have lost his

application that too that too um the one thing that scares me about valasta is

that they give up a lot of points um they play these games really close and

and they and they just giving up that many points to show on is just that really that's really scary but they also

put up a lot of points too and I think this game could easily turn into a bit of a shootout um so I'm probably going

to um beg for mercy on these uh mid terms and everything I need to turn in

right after the show and I'm gonna pick Vasa also in the upset all right make sure you at your

profession I didn't know which way he was going on that one I didn't either but there a lot of back and forth I

think it's an academically wise decision uh Justin you're the last uh to pick

between Delta and vasta is that guys I look at this thing and I I can't like if

shog plays you know I think that's that's the question right is if Patrick shog plays but I I look at valasa and I

try to find a way and I try to find a reason and I can't they have to show me something before I can say hey that

they're they're back or that they have a chance um you know I we say the defense is

better giving up 36 points to chaan I I don't know but so I think if shog plays

I think it's Delta State and I don't think it's close if he doesn't play I think it becomes a shootout then and

valasa state may get the edge but I'm gonna take Delta State in a game if shog plays is not close okay very

good let's go with duth at Wayne State and start with

Chuck I I want to say that Wayne State can win this game I think that they're a pretty solid team um two really good

quarterbacks in this game probably two quarterbacks who are a little under the radar in D2 at least you know outside of the northern Sun um I just think duth is

a little bit more proven right now and I I took a look at wall Jasper their quarterback over the summer I I really

like him as a player I think he's a Difference Maker so I'm going with Bulldogs okay uh

Tony yeah I I think I'm in the same same cut here Brandon where I I'm just GNA go

off of duth um because I I still I look at who some some of the wins that both teams have had and I don't know that

anything's overwhelming any of us at this point yet but I still just yeah I think it's a show me game for Wayne

State I I think they can win but I just don't think they will I go I'll go with the Luth okay Chris the fighting wall

Jasper is for me okay all right

Justin duth okay you could hear the confidence when

I said that too right was a very heavy side wasid it's not an expression of

confidence uh I'm I would like to pick Wayne State but I'm

going to go with the Bulldogs as well uh Whit well duth has um just been

hammering some teams and uh however I think Wayne State and uh

veteran quarterback with Mr bone I think that he's GNA be able to see some of these blitzes coming I think he's going

to find some guys in open space that are going to make plays Wayne's been getting better week by week I have the wild cats

at home fantastic all right very good let's move to Emporia at pit

State and let's start with Whit this time this was a tough one for me I think

inore States can be really motivated to show that they're that this season isn't

all of a sudden going to go sideways after a loss like they had because now I mean you run the risk of having a second

loss here in a row I think that this is going to be a heck of a ball game but I just can't take them winning at pit

State I think pit State's defense is gonna be the difference okay all right

Chuck yeah pretty much just second everything that wit said I I think Emporia State is going to come out with

a really good effort and a good game plan after losing last week but that pit defense at home is just going to be

really really good and I can't go against the gorillas at home in this one okay uh

Tony all right so I am normally a show me guy I thank you everybody we've talked about that and I've even had a

couple of picks already in this pick them this week where it take where I'm a show me guy and I am gonna break my own

rule here I I just there's still something about pit state that doesn't sit right with me I look at Emporia even

in a loss they scored 31 they're averaging 39 a game they throw the ball all over the lot I think they're going

to come out and just be completely focused and want to prove that what happened last week was more fluke than

anything else I'm I'm taking Emporia bounce back again all right

F you know pit is the type of team that wins close games and I think that that

matters I I think that Emporia kind of showed us that uh yeah they they could

be a bit vulnerable and so uh I think that they're going to lose to straight I'm going with pit okay

Justin gorillas baby okay you know what's interesting about this is you

know tracking the games pit seems to have been like a slow starter in a lot of games and it you know the question

is is are they playing down to their opponents a little bit uh or do they

just start slow as the characteristic of their team slow start against Emporia

could be bad um but having said that they haven't lost an MIAA game in a

season and a half so I'll go with the gorillas as well and finally we've got Benedict at

5-0 versus miles at 4 and one and Tony you get to start this

one this is the one that I think I struggled with the most just because you know miles their only loss is at one

doua Pine Bluff and I know Pine bluff's not great but you're still playing up a division they only lost by a point

um but I just think Benedict has been consistently more explosive uh

offensively I I don't know if miles can handle that or keep up with it if they have to so I'm gonna take Benedict in

this one but I I sat there and almost had to flip a coin to do it okay uh

Chris yeah I I think you make a lot of good points um I'm trying to look at

something really quick if I could find it because I just want to verify this is

what opponents have scored against Benedict 0 0

73 and three that's how brutal again we just

talked about Vasa right playing chaan and how Chan put up all these points they put up three points against

Benedict like benef Benedict's defense is just that good and

so I agree miles is like a 4-1 team but they're undefeated in division two you

know they split a pair of games with FCF squads um but the way that Benedict's

defense is likeed out combined with how offensive potent they have been I don't

think this is going to be a close game so I'm going with Benedict uh

Justin I mean you gotta beat him to prove it so I'm gonna take Benedict in this game kind of like what you said Ferg I mean you have to beat him and

show us that that you can score on them so I'm with you Benedict I agree Benedict seems to be the clear um

favorite in the Sak so Whit means I choose Benedict I was looking at at

Miles and you know some of the things that made me think you know maybe they they can hang around with bendic but I

was looking at points allow just like Ferg was and it's really hard to ignore

that especially when they're putting up the kind of numbers they are now I realize they've played you know what

five games and the opponent's total wins amongst those are four you know total so

I mean I get it but at the same time they've really been taking care of business and I think they will again this uh this coming Saturday okay you

get the last word this week um miles is good um and they're a stock up team for

sure remember they were one and nine last year so to be four- one a point away from being Five-0 that that's

that's a heck of a recovery so you know props to them for that um but I really like this Benedict team I I watched a

little bit of tape on them and I I know the teams they've played are all pretty bad um I mean Lane's not terrible but

you most teams they've played are pretty bad but I just really like what I see they pass the eye test they perform well

they're so well coached um I got to see the team in that conference that can beat Benedict so I'm going with them

okay very good all right folks uh just a reminder that uh we will discontinue

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football [Music]

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