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October 15th, 2023 3:00pm

Inside D2Football - Scott Wooster


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hello everybody it's time to get started welcome to another episode of inside D2

football I'm Brandon Meisner along with Matt Whit Wiki Justin pizzy and Tony Nicollet we have a lot to talk about

tonight we have a bunch of top 25 matchups uh there was one in the gak between Harding and was Baptist there's

another in the glvc Indianapolis visited Truman we'll review some of the other

top 25 scores look at stock up stock down uh obviously we'll do our pick segment as always and in the overtime we

will answer questions criticisms and any kind of comments alike so once again

welcome uh to the show tonight though we start with um the first top 25 match up

the big game of the day the anchor bone classic it was Grand Valley coming out on top

Anchor Bone Classic

49-28 an outstanding effort by the Lakers yesterday Whit you know what every time these teams meet Brandon it

feels like the regular season Super Bowl of D2 and uh you know you see right here

obviously lot of excitement in the yard for this one both sides pumped up right

away Grand Valley gets a stop and then takes a shot downfield and Cody Tierney comes up with a score and a little bit

of somersault with that uh they're up seven nothing right away Grand Valley is and uh then right on the heels of that

they take another shot down field Kyle not with with the score and Ferris is

kind of wondering what's happening where you know it's 14-0 game and Grand Valley does not let their foot off the gas you

know you can see here Avery Moore gets loose uh ends up going in for a score

and all of the sudden what do we have going on here they're up you know 35 you know Goose right away and then you start

to see a little bit building back here with gulker getting to Thompson for the score and then Malik hitting Thompson

for the score and the game gets a little bit close now a sudden we get it down to

3528 and then you know once again huge play uh from Avery Morris he gets loose

they can't tackle him he just keeps on running and they get a little distance there just enough and uh obviously Come

Away uh with the huge win anchor bone classic I mean it doesn't get much

bigger than this at our level and uh qu quite quite quite the win there for for

Grand Valley right Tony really quick before we bring on Coach what were your thoughts of the game you were there in

attendance yeah uh definitely was and you know it was awesome to have Chuck be

able to come in and and witness the game as well just to see and one of the comments that he made to me is look I

obviously I'm a glyc guy I'm I'm I'm I'm in these these environments all the time and and have been going to Grand Valley

games for a long time so I suppose it seems common place to us but he was like hey we don't see a lot of this in other

parts of the country so it was really fun to see just what it can be and to see a game in an event like that live up

to the hype as far as the game itself um I think the thing that struck me the most is you know having been at both

games last year and we called him Rock fight part one and Rock fight part two this one had a little bit more of a

roller coaster effect in that uh it was Haymakers instead of just throwing rocks

because you know gr Valley to scor 35 points in 17 and a half minutes a game play was just you know I mean you just

don't see that very often when you're talking about two F top TI teams facing each other and the way Ferris responded

after taking that punch speaks to to what kind of a championship caliber team that is and then conversely after all

the momentum was with them really for the better part of two quarters Grand Valley had their response their response

to the punch and so just to see two teams really duking it out like that uh and and have it just be exciting all the

way through and even though it wasn't nip and Tuck maybe like last year's uh tilts it was it was still really

exciting to be a part of awesome of course one one of the best in in division 2 one of the best rivalries for

sure and right now we're going to bring on the Victorious head coach of the Grand Valley State Lakers that's Scott

Worster coach thank you very much for joining us tonight on inside D2 football

yes thank you Brandon and uh thank you for all you do um for D2 football been a

deuce as a player and as a coach a great part of my career so really appreciate

what uh what you do and all the guys do for this level of football thank you very much so uh you know Tony kind of


touched on it but he had 16,000 fans uh in in lovers uh it's uh your first game in the anchor

bone as the head coach what were your feeling how did the atmosphere feel to you oh it's incredible it doesn't get

old I mean 15,000 for Colorado State peblo um in our home opener 15,000

Family Day assumption you know the number 20 team comes in number 19 team comes in and then uh yeah 165 for this

it just does not get old walking down that ramp coming out of the hosit the damster locker room down the ramp um

they pop that smoke right we got the uh the intro music playing and Sand Man and guys go down do

the lover leap um it just never gets old it's it's awesome the support Grand Valley State um you know we're the show

in town west Michigan's football team and uh the students and just incredible atmosphere week in week

out coach you know some early impressions in watching this game it felt like right from the jump your

defensive coordinator Jim Lewis was really looking to disrupt Malik Mitchell with some middle pressure with AB

Swanson coming from different you know different spots there in the middle and then it seemed like you guys were kind

of out Fox and feris there which is something we don't see a whole lot of um is this something that you guys saw

Jim Lewis

maybe in their Montana game where some pressures were getting to him or what did what gave you guys the feeling like

this was the way to win this football game have you uh have you ever met Jim Lewis not so if you uh you get a chance

to meet Jim Lewis you would be uh you you understand um just aggressive nature

you know and I've been on the other sideline trying to block that stuff all the way back to our first playoff

appearance when I was at way State he was at St Cloud State um and uh played him in the playoffs and then obviously

uh when he got to Grand Valley State and I was at Wayne State um yeah it's just aggressive nature and uh you know we're

just we're aggressiv minded people and uh you know the calculated aggressiveness in it to um attack

whatever uh structure whatever they have you know whether it's six-man protection fiveman protection if they're keeping

people in um he's going to find a way to to disrupt and and and and affect the decision maker right and uh and pressure

the quarterback and um just he's he's the best to do it you know the blitz patterns like you were talking about um

The Contours that he shows um in terms of you know the the you know defense of

dour right now in division two football the 61 front the extended 4-3 called the

Bearcat called The Crush what whatever it is right and um you know from that front uh playing the bare front um you

know and then getting into third down and playing some three down you know just the Contours he presents to you um

the structure that he presents to you and then the blitz patterns out of it it is it's challenging and it's um you know

it's like I I attest back in my old days when I was a high school teacher coach and I coached freshman basketball and I

didn't know much about basketball but uh we put the full court press on and uh maybe you give up a couple early but

just that constant pressure right on that point guard just up in their face uh over time there's some cumulative

effects to that and you kind of saw that play out yesterday afternoon so coach you're talking about

aggressiveness and pressure um I don't know if you're going to get a better example of that than being up two three

scores already early in the second quarter and going in with an onside kick

I mean the joint was I think everybody was like what are they doing and obviously it worked beautifully so you

must have there must have been some work done on it just what what's going through your head at that point and makes you say hey man let's roll the

dice here and see what we can do to really put the pressure on yeah and I think you know just again calculated

aggressiveness the big part to that call you know you see it on tape and then to me it's just all about timing right Tony

like just when is the time and you've been at Grand Valley State Games and the TV timeouts right the media and a big

part of that was um you get a score get a score and you got media right afterwards well I didn't want a media

timeout you know so I was just waiting for that moment where it was going to go you know right back to action um to to

kind of pop that in there and uh Colin kayab worked on it like you said the work that goes into something like that

um our our our kickoff specialist did an awesome job and then Stone SME a guy

from right here in Hudsonville um has just been awesome on special teams and we kind of kind of had to to to design

and rig to him he made a great play was the goal to make Ferris onedimensional

on offense that you know the lack of ability to run the football yesterday was probably the the the game that I've

The goal

seen from them that they they that they couldn't run uh is that was that the goal going in yeah absolutely and and

you talk about Coach Lewis and and his mentality and then my mentality is you know you go back and you talk about this

rivalry I grew up in the Ohio State Michigan rivalry BM Beckle Woody Hayes and then um throughout the years and to

me um it's a Bo shm Beckler thing you know you have to run the football um if you're really good at running the

football the defense has to stop the run or spring ball and fall Camp's going to be miserable for the defense right and

um that's who you know that's who we are that's how we're built um you know so uh

stopping the run it's you know try to try to eliminate that part of the game

plan week in week out whether it's far State um Kentucky State secondo Valley State next week Northern Michigan that's

that's How We Roll so um obviously with a quarterback run system um it's

challenging because you always got the extra hat and then you had the option elements and then you had the vertical elements and you know obviously they

present some challenges and and that was uh the The Majestic part of Coach Lewis

and um coach dunny um our dline coach did an awesome job and then in the back end um put a ton of pressure on those

guys right and Coach postma did an awesome job and they uh they got their explosives and and and they po some out

out there but in the back end of the defense our guys played um tremendous because all the pressure was really on

them and I thought they you know did an awesome job of hey we give something up

you know go one for one let's get it back on the next play Let's uh let's settle down and get them stopped get the field goal team out there gets in the

red zone so coach you just mentioned the defensive line and the back end of the

The linebackers

defense talk to me a little bit about or talk to us a little bit more about your linebackers I mean we all know about Abe

Swanson he's you know been all- americ a couple times but my having the opportunity to call a couple of the

games over the last couple years I've seen firsthand you see a making plays but you see Anthony cardamone and you're

like this guy can make plays too and obviously he had a whale of a game yesterday talk more about that group and

how they've developed even in the context of this year yeah and uh you know you look at the stat line for for

cardi there man like 11 tackles four tfls three sacks a pick six a pbu I

don't know if I've seen a more disruptive football game right by a linebacker and uh the coolest part to me

as the head coach and just being a you know an execution fundamental it's just the old line coach in me um is to see

like some of those sacks he was the spy guy and just trusting the scheme and trusting the timing of it you know just

popping his feet popping his feet there goes the flush boom you know and he hits it and uh the drop obviously um just

takes an awesome drop breaks on the football to get the pick six um so so you know just obviously tremendous

athlete tremendous feel for the game of football awesome instincts you know he was a a mome county guy UD Eisenhower um

football player and then to to to to partner that with the skill and the trust in the scheme was awesome to see

but Damonte MCC played a heck of a football game last night or yesterday afternoon JT pop was set edges at the

outside linebacker position Jack GCE um played extremely well so uh yeah some

some depth there um you know you can feel you you have the confidence and Trust to take a All-American off the

field um against a fair State and you know our play doesn't uh play doesn't

change you know coach at the it was an interesting situation when you guys got to 35 donut Chuck and I uh Chuck bner

from our show and I are re sending messages to each other saying this is where it gets a little bit tricky

because all of a sudden now you guys it's hard to you know do you stay aggressive do you you know or do you run

the risk of now going from being the hunter to the hunted and then you find yourself in that second quarter things

all of the sudden Whittle down to 3521 going into half and it felt like

you know things were changing a little bit tell us a little bit about your feelings on that that whole window as

that was occurring yeah you know we talk about starting fast and uh I guess we did that

last night y afternoon and uh no I mean I'm with you with like I looked up at

the the scoreboard and it was 1234 1 two 34 after we scored the 35th point and um

my background my Master's work my graduate work was in sports psychology studied flow you know you studied

championship football teams uh throughout the years and you listen to like the pton Mannings and the Michael

Jordans and and these guys in you know a game there's going to be es and flows

know and and and when you talk about flow you talk about momentum uh those are realities in sport those are

realities in football games like this so there was a huge part of to me just

managing you know they were going to make a run it's it's a great football team you really talented football team they're goingon to make a run uh they

chose to go with Carson gulker and that kind of spark some things and got got some things going um so just managing

that um you know as I look back um the the big turning point was um we

go to a quarterback run and there's a turnover with 130 uh right before the half right and it's something that's

blocked up and we should rip it and just you know a couple execution errors obviously won didn't have great ball

Obsession there and the ball comes out and uh that was a huge kind of one that kind of you know we didn't manage the

The turning point

momentum great right there because the execution ER and then obviously the lack of ball Obsession on that play because they go into to score and that's what

made it 21 uh without that like I said you go in 3514 and you feel like you really manage

that momentum and then come back out start fast in the third quarter so yeah that was the point where it's like all

right you know um you know we got to come back out start fast in the third quarter we did not do that um we did the

opposite of that and uh it really took until late third quarter fourth quarter and but there was a feeling um from me

just knowing this group of guys this group of men and uh that our response in the fourth quarters obviously it started

with with the mindes game and then it's kind of uh built on through we got to do a much better job in the middle eight we

got to do a much better job second third quarter um and we've worked to work to

get that an assumption we did a really nice job coming out in the third quarter but we got to continue to work on that

and grow there and and there can be some tremendous growth with that football team in the middle a um but I knew the

identity of this football team and who they are in the fourth quarter I've always said this like our guys when they

have to do something they do it and I said this I know it's probably become a little cliche but that's what men do

right when you have to do something when you have to be there uh for your brother down the road you have to be there for your wife you have to be there for your

kids whatever um men show up and they do it and we had to go score when it it came down to a seven-point lead and we

did um and probably the the most difficult field position we had went 89 yards converted a huge third down

Donovan Johnson guy you probably haven't heard of much but just runs a great dig route great protection uh Kade rips it

in there he makes a play and then we get the thing rolling and uh really start the fourth quarter that way um with uh

getting back to the 14-point lead then we get the stop um so when we have to do something we do it and I trusted that

and I trusted our guys to get it to the fourth quarter and do that so there's a huge element of of you know knowing this

Red zone

football team knowing the men that we have here in the Hosford football Center that uh when they have to do something they do and uh you saw that full display

yesterday coach when Avery scored on that 40 yard run at the uh you know in

the to get it to 42 were you then able to breathe again yeah you know it's uh

it's h it was one of those and and it was a key to the football game too with like you know you talk about Red Zone

and you talk about uh not not getting the field goal team out there on offense and getting the field goal team out there on defense and uh We've we haven't

been to our standard this year in the red zone so huge key to this football game is and obviously against a defense

like Ferris um you know you get the Red Zone and and the space constricts and

all that stuff and so we scored I think three or four of our touchdowns from that 35 to 40 area 36 37 yard line and

that was a huge key because you don't have to snap the ball again with that reduced space so it's um it was huge it

was absolutely huge and you want to talk about execution they brought seven uh Gabe Brown uh Gavin kasu at tight end

CLE iberg was the lead back on that Kyler Blake Jones at Center picked up the the the mike you know it was all

seven of them and uh we clicked it off perfectly and Avery hit it great Tempo on the run and then uh you know a little

bit of recruiting and genetics takes over there and he uh had an awesome

stiff arm and found his way into the end zone and you know well I think yeah I think the unsung heroes certainly are

your offensive lineman and how well they did um one last thing for you coach is that you know your squad was was

dangerously close to starting o02 this year year you know you guys had uh you know you guys had a tough game at mines

which let's be honest playing at mines is a tough game and then you guys kind of had a bit of a firefight with peblo

you guys get out of it okay yeah a little bit yeah um now you guys are are really

rocking and you know H how would you kind of grade where you guys are at here

at this point in the season to me you know just growth mindset you know the carollyn D stuff

like I'm a huge believer in it and um just get better every day you never arrive I think I've been on those

football teams and been part of those football teams that you finish fall Camp you like this is our team and this is how we're going to roll you know and and

coaches always talk about the growth from week one to week two you know that's the most growth you're going to have but the awesome part about this

group of dudes is one to two tremendous growth and then we go through you know two to three three to four we go to the

bye-week and week four week five tremendous growth and then again tremendous growth in into week seven and

we're just looking for that exact same growth uh into week eight we still searching for this complete football

game um that we haven't quite played yet and um so to me it's you know when you

talk about the report card when you talk about where you're at I just I I just love the fact that we're growing from

week to week and we're getting better at something every single week obviously it was the fast start the great fourth

quarter um some tremendous Synergy we're scoring in a lot of different ways we're scoring on offense we're scoring special

teams we're scoring defensive touchdowns um we got a kick six against Kentucky State um we're scoring every you know

every which way um continue the disruption and so to me it's just how much more can we grow if we continue to

grow not if when we continue to grow to week eight nine1 11 um you know that's

that's to me uh the report card is the continued growth and and already how much we've grown since week one all

right very good well Scott thank you very much for joining us congratulations on being one and0 in the anchor bone

classic great week seven win that a Scott wer the head coach at

First in tenders

Grand Valley and the Lakers uh um have rebounded well from the from the early

loss and they uh look to be in control of their own destiny the rest of the way let's add Justin and bring him back and

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so yeah this is a uh they're doing this as kind of a a new thing as a a business

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of that just for enjoyment right that's exactly right but anyway uh go to their website

it's first and tenders let me bring the other graphic back up it's not the bossas pizza I I do like the graphic by

the way yes so again it's first in and I'm gonna be dressed up in that outfit Brandon uh all right the diap the number

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business partners with boss's P Pizza and Chicken but let's go ahead and

Top 25 results

transition folks and uh let's look at the top 25 results lots of great games top 25

matchups as we teased earlier but tonight we're going to start this

segment with a battle in the GAC where Harding won

41-10 over waso Baptist and it was a impressive performance by Harding in

this in this one yeah this was a game uh obviously the biggest game of the year

in the gak and uh coming on in both teams up for big rivalry here uh Harding

goes goes kind of against their their option here runs the other way for a score they did that twice in the

football game both very successfully uh first half was otherwise a little bit of a battle of field goals um maybe not

their most riveting contest and then in the back half of the game uh things picked on up here harms with the fake

and gets the score um from there uh Harding goes and kind of continues

getting uh advancing their lead a little bit and then you could tell as things went this was a huge play right here

where there's a sack inside their own five Harding gets the football and then

scores shortly thereafter and starts to you know I I mentioned you earlier in the night Brandon that first team to 20

wins this game and I was right and uh you know Watchdog gets a stop there but uh not this time and uh so Harding goes

ahead and starts to get out and stretch your legs a little bit in this one uh on their way to a a 41 to to 10 win and uh

Harding you know when you when you take a look this is a big rivalry and uh it

also really sets up some of the things that we're going to be looking at for playoffs going forward uh if Harding is

undefeated in in the GAC uh all of a sudden they're probably hosting a playoff game at home and and things of

that sort so a whole lot on the line uh in that game right there all right another Super Region 3 matchup this one

in the glvc uh Indianapolis goes on the road and beats Truman State

38-17 pretty impressive performance by the Greyhounds as well yeah it was Brandon and and like Whit was talking

about when you start talking about playoff amplifications and the odds of somebody possibly getting a home game

this had all that as well because when you look at the remaining of the glvc schedule these are two teams that you think are going to be favored the rest

of the way so the winner of this one was going to have certainly the inside track um and and and have you know the things

set up the way that they wanted to so this was a nip tuck game until late the latter part of the second quarter when

you see Indianapolis here getting an 82 yard uh block field goal return for touchdown uh Truman kind of just never

recovered from that and I think it was a matter of Indianapolis just being more complete uh the rest of the way in terms

of special teams and the way their defense played uh you know the Greyhounds won the turnover battle uh by

one uh actually got a great uh interception return late to kind of seal things uh set them up for a two- yard

scoring drive but also like just even on field position you know they were able to uh extend a drive with a successful

uh fake punt uh then late in the game two were able to pin uh Truman deep

inside their own five and and just kind of squelch any chances of them right well that was making a

West Florida vs West Alabama

comeback so despite Truman kind of winning a lot of the statistical battles in this game they they W they weren't able to close it

out sorry about that Tony we had a glitch I thought I thought you were done talking so no worries oh my bad um all

right we had a earlier Matt you were joking about field goals being boring well everybody prepared to board in this

one because West Alabama holds the upset of West Florida and if you like offense

you hated this game it was a 10 for West Alabama but nonetheless they

get the win yeah guys this game was you know when you come into it and you start looking at it you know West Florida

comes into this thing undefeated division two got a lot of momentum top 10 ranking and start the game off with a

with a field goal there and then West Alabama responds next Drive they go down they score a touchdown and then it's

bunch of punts there on Out West Alabama actually came out in the second half kicked that field goal to take a a

10 a 103 lead and then it wasn't until late in the fourth where West Florida got that other the second field goal but

overall I mean it was a gritty win for West Alabama you got to give them credit guys I mean they're you know lost the

last two coming into this one against Delta and West Georgia came into it at two and four for them to grit this one

out against the top 25 team you know their defense at West Alabama we we know is pretty good we know you know they're

pretty strong so for them to come out and and win this football game and do what they did it was an impressive win

if you do like field goals uh and and and you and you like defense you were probably pretty excited but uh not

necessarily I think what we all expected going into this one yeah and then you know coach or

coach Brandon to kind of round things up well if we get to the point where I've got a coach division yeah yeah that was

that was the thought actually we wanted to get your thoughts as a coach on that game but um no uh kind of our final big

game involved uh you know your old school brand in Northwest Missouri State

uh you know trying to kind of play The Undertaker and get back up off the gr off the off the canvas against Missouri

Western in a in a game that's always a great rivalry contest uh kind of tell us

a little bit about that if you would well it was and you know for the first time ever well the first time in 20

years you know the Bearcats are kind of playing for pride and it's kind of impressive because that coaching staff has never

had to do that any member of that coaching staff hasn't had to do that for 20 uh 20 some years but uh miss you know

the two teams traded field goals then Western got on top with the Reagan Jones uh sneak the Northwest answers uh as a

pass to uh to tank uh young and then you see there that Trevon Alexander makes a

great uh catch to stay in bounds so the Bearcats are rolling then uh right here

uh Kon Griffin gets loose so the Bearcats at this point are up uh

24-10 but uh they're driving potentially take a 31-1 lead and uh Desmond Green

steps in front of that pass takes it back uh the entire way we've got a new ball game it's close once again so

instead of a three-score lead it's a two you know it's a two-score game then Amari Eden here finds trayon James in in

the end zone and uh here's the the Bearcats trying to run the game out Jay

Harris gets the first down doesn't go down and Missouri Western is able to strip the ball and so they have got a

chance with about a minute left um fortunately for Northwest unfortunately for Missouri Western Shane Frederickson

is able to step in front of that pass and preserve the win for the Bearcats and uh you know that's something that

Super Region 4

they've done is that beat Divens has won a lot of games with big plays especially at Missouri Western but I thought it was

a real gritty in for a team that's not in a position that it's usually in so well and and then playing the role of

spoiler at that point in games going down the the stretch here right you know I think that they believe that they

still have a shot at the playoffs okay I don't believe that I don't believe that but they can believe that yeah exactly

right so you know you know speaking of that um let's talk a little bit about

super Region 4 in the playoffs and we're not going to get into a deep dive it's not time for that yet but what the the Lone Star is kind of

interesting right now Central Washington is five and0 so what are your thoughts

on the Lone Star with yeah you know we take a look and we don't see Central

Washington uh you know in the polls and things of that sort it's it's a it's a

weird deal that's going on right now Brandon they're five and0 against D2 competition I should um hasn't

necessarily been real pretty along the way but they're five and0 um they have a loss against an FCS and

an niia neither one of which are going to count against them you know in terms of the election criteria and then you

have Angelo sitting there with with two losses but you know they're kind of bowling their neck right now and you

have uh you know Tex uh you know UT perum Basin who is kind of looking like

the team with maybe the biggest upside uh they can score a ton of points they got the best quarterback in the

conference and you start to look at the Lone Star and you say okay what exactly is going to PL pan out here central

Washington has some tough games left I don't know Brandon if they're gonna be able to hold on and stay unbeaten

because if they stay unbeaten that's going to really kind of put a a little bit of a wrench in what people are maybe

looking at with super Region 4 teams are think you know you think teams like Colorado Mines is probably the top team

and you got Mano and maybe have bidi and you have you know Western Colorado

well if undefeated Central Washington makes the dance it's going to make people really have a hard time figuring

out where exactly do they sit they're not going to play as many games and so forth so we just kind of wanted to point

out that while the lone star hasn't gotten a ton of attention or love so far

this year uh Central Washington is kind of that team right now that you gotta keep your eye

on right and you know the super Region 4 is always kind of interesting because it seems that more three lost teams and two

lost teams make it than in other regions and it'll be real interesting to see how Central Washington's record with fewer

games plays out there no doubt all right there is more to come on inside D2 football October's breast cancer

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stock up stock down segment and let's start tonight

East Stroudsburg Notre Dame

with an up we're going to start with East Stroudsburg they're looking and trending in the right direction right

now well who better to be positive and happy and cheery and talk about the PE

act than Wht but uh you know what they've caught

my eye because I was taking look brand at Super region one and you know what right now they're kind of in that

playoff mix and uh you know they they've got they got one loss and you're taking

a look at the fact that they they beat Westchester for the first time in about

10 years you know uh on Saturday they are top in a top 20 uh ranked nationally

defensively and you know what they are a team that is really leading way on the

on that side of the football and uh I I really thought they were worth

recognizing uh unfortunately for the Notre Dame Falcons we've labeled them as

stock down yeah Brandon I mean you know coming into this year I think you know based on what they've been putting on

the field the last couple of years we had some pretty decent expect ations for them um you know when you look at the

early part of their schedule okay they get a couple of early wins and then you know losing to Glenville and Fairmont

those are just teams you kind of don't expect them to to drop games to and yeah they were Three-Point Contest so at

least they were close they rebound and get a good win over a good Frostburg team but then uh you know this past week

I think a lot of us picked them to beat Charleston and maybe we under sold Charleston so shame on us for that but

to go into that game you know especially with a guy like adri Lawrence averaging over 100 yards a game you know you think

you should be able to control Tempo and run the ball really well and they kind of did that but sorry the Notre Dame

defense got rolled in that game uh I want to say it was 384 yards rush or 370

yards rushing by Charleston in that game right so you know it's a big game and they got a chance to get their season on

the right track and keep their playoff hes alive and their defense just did not show up so stock down on H on the

Falcons all right coach po stock up Tusc him tell us about him yeah guys they

come off this weekend beating UVA wise 35 to7 they've won two in a row um

they're sitting at four and three overall and they've got emry and Henry and Ur in the next two weeks and not to look too far ahead but they that sets up

that big Showdown against Mars Hill at home on the 4th of November so right now tuscum is trending in the right

direction playing good football getting better you they lost to Barton three weeks ago in a 1714 uh kind of shootout

there um a game that could have went either way so uh you know there there are a couple plays right now from from

sitting at 5- two and and so I think tusum they're starting to play well and they're starting to play good at this

time of year which is really important uh as we start trending here towards the end of the season all right very good

that is our stock up stock down segment uh for this week the pickham segment is

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[Music] football all right well let's see how we


did last week nobody excuse me had a perfect week um but uh several four-

ones which is pretty good for us um obviously a lot of us whiffed on the

ferris game and um but other than some uh no we didn't not all of us sorry I I

understand that you know what take your Victory lap because you sure we sure give it to you when uh

you game go oh anyway uh not a bad week overall for

us he took watah though I know that that should does that negate the other easily

One to Watch

okay fair much all right let's look at the ones to watch for this week so Allen

five- one will'll be uh facing miles at five- two that'll be a great siac

matchup Harding after the big win over watch do can they go on the road and beat Southern Arkansas

yes all right very good yes they can all right Charleston uh as Tony said not

getting maybe enough credit or maybe we're just trying to wait and find out and be sure but Charleston uh six and0

will play at Fairmont State and let's look at that Wing It 4

and3 at Barton who is 5-2 and Pittsburgh state 7-0 at Northwest Missouri four and

three normally those are records that would not uh be included in a uh ones to

watch but I think the Bearcats are playing good football on the last two games and probably pose a real threat to

Pittsburgh state yep having said that we didn't put him on the pick them because I figured everybody would put would

choose Pittsburgh state all right let's move though to the

pickup and this week we have California Slippery Rock


UT permium Basin at Angelo State Minnesota state at aastana Emporia State

at Central Missouri and a wounded West Florida team at Delta State uh let's go

ahead and start with Cal at Slippery Rock and I'm gonna go first and I will pick H

Slippery Rock in this one Whit you're next Cal's offense is good but I I take

I think Slippery Rock is uh the clear number one in super region one and I like him in this one

okay that you said Cal right oh I'm sorry slippy Rock no okay slippy Rock I

was doing two things at once which means I was doing neither of them well so probably on me so

Tony now he's quote now he's quoting uh fizer ads with Travis Kelce in them so

okay things at once right was you never something you full a it so

yeah we've been talking for weeks guys about how we think slippery Rock's probably the best team in super region one so until somebody does something

about it it's hard to pick against them I'll take the rock okay and Justin uh I'm kind of with you Tony I

mean it's GNA be hard to pick against him at this point particularly I think at home so I'm gonna take Slippery Rock

fair enough I I'll own that one we all pick the same team but we will get Chris's and Chuck's uh selections UT

permium Basin at Angelo State Whit start this one out for us in this one here I

actually uh and I don't know if Angelo we've got in the graphic Angelo 6 and0 but um Angelo with with two losses

correct yeah okay correct yes that's okay and you UT per and Bas and I think

that there really have something uh developing there I'm going to take them to win this game on the road okay

right Tony well and guys we've talked about it until somebody does something about it or proves it um you know I

think we all have that Missouri in us right so show me but uh I don't know man I I picked peran Basin at the beginning

of the year I mean part of part of it was a bit of a flyer but now I gotta roll with them so I think I think they

actually can can get can get over Angelo on this one and and really start to establish themselves as the front runner

in the LSC so give me Bas brand Justin this is a week where I I have no grasp

on a lot of these games um I feel like I'm treading water here with the same as the rest of the season great job all

right's well you're right uh no I you know I think a two loss Angelo team I

you know losing three games in the season I just don't see that um burm and

Bas is going to be tough they're going to be you know one loss and and they're playing well right now and I think that's the part to me that really

catches catches me so I'm going to take Basin on the road and they're playing well

okay I will pick Angelo at home to win and we will uh we'll see how that one

turns out all right what do we got next Minnesota state at Augustana Tony you get to

start yeah I give the Vikings credit for getting about the seven and0 but you look at who they've played and it's uh

it's not exactly a murderer's row and Minnesota's already Minnesota State's already handled a couple of quality

opponents and have really started to establish themselves as probably the most physical team in the nsic I don't you wh may have thoughts to the contrary

of that but uh I really like the Mavericks here

okay all right

Justin Minnesota state um Minnesota state yeah I'm taking them on the road

this week yeah I uh you know think that augustan has a pretty good team I think

Minnesota state one of the best teams in the country and there's a difference between the two I'm going to pick uh the

Mavericks as well Whit finish us off you know when I when I've watched Augustana

they can really light up the skies uh at times and they've got some great athletes on the perimeter um this seems

like one of those type of things where if they were able to go ahead and really get that passing game going uh we got to

see Morehead give uh Mano some real trouble with that a week ago that said I

think it's going to be a very tight game I plan on going to it at Augustana and I do have the Mavs

outlasting Augustana just because I think that uh they just have too much uh

especially up front but man I'm I'm looking forward to it okay all right I am go we're also gonna pick West Florida

at Delta State uh gentlemen uh with start this one I'm going to step backstage for a minute and then I will

be back so go ahead and start with picking West Florida and Delta State yeah with West Florida and Delta State

West Florida

watching The Way West Florida this year guys um right now they're averaging at

about 32 points a game offensively um the last two seasons they've been at like 45 and 42 and they

had integrated a little bit more of a running game a year ago and they haven't quite had that success on on the ground

in the same way and they're just not efficient enough through the air I'm going to take Delta State in this

one Justin what are your thoughts buddy you know I look at this game and I

you make a great point with the the offensive production seems to be a little down Peewee Jarrett didn't have a great game this past weekend and and to

think West Florida has a is a three loss team I I I I don't know but I can tell

you that Delta state is playing really really well right now and that game being at home uh is a big game for them

and I think regardless of what West Florida schedule is that's going to be a game where where I think coach Coy and

the Statesman are are gonna they're gonna you know they're going to have a chip on their shoulder they're gonna be ready to go and I and I think they're

going to look to to make a statement in this game um and let everybody know that

that they're now the top dog in the in the Gulf South or you know at least make their case for it so um that being said

and I think the defense right now is playing well and I think Patrick shog is he he's weathered he you know he's seen

some stuff and so for all those Reasons I'm taking Delta State at home all right and Tony what do you got

yeah look guys if Patrick shog is potentially considered to be not all the way healthy and can still account for

four touchdowns against a decent North Greenfield team last week I don't know what hope I mean look West Florida's

still West Florida but yeah Delta State's got to be the team to beat here

okay and uh you know that it was a you

know we selected this game as one as one of the pick thems and but it was much more

interesting a week ago but we still knew that they had lost right toh West Alabama but it's hard to pick them to go

on the road so I'm going to go with h Delta State as well so um that is uh

what we were we'll end with the pickham and we'll get Chris's and Chucks and uh

unless they are wait until to get them to me on Saturday after the games we'll make sure that they're doing it legit

maybe we should make them tweet it out did we skip a game oh oh P Central on my bad I'm sorry

yeah well you know I doing two things at once again I'm a glutton for punishment here guys you know I gotta get some more

incorrect picks in so you know let's keep it rolling fair enough sound like me now Tony no no thank thank you Tony

so you guys have saved me twice one before the show even started and one right now uh Emporia State up 5-2 uh

against Central Missouri in a game that could feature 3,000 passes uh start wh

would you start this one too yeah this one you know I was taking a hard look at you know super Region

Three and Brandon I I mean I think there's a risk that a two loss MIAA team

may not make the field because right now it looks like Truman with one loss and Indie will probably both make it my

guess but in any event um I think Emporia State's going to rebound here

and I think that they're going to win at Central Mo interesting all right Tony yeah I thought that when we had

them in the pick them a couple weeks ago and they hose me so I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna turn coat and go with the mules

here okay Justin especially if they wear their quick their killer throwback

Unis yeah I'm going to take Central Missouri at home guys you know I've seen both these teams

in person and the Central Missouri offens is legit and pretty impressive and I'm gonna pick uh UCM as well so all

right hey guys is that officially the end of our pick him now I think so okay

let's just randomly pick a few more games Brandon yeah sure gny Wild Card might as well to make up for the ones we almost missed

all all right uh just a reminder uh we we'll discontinue the the stream on

YouTube and then restart it and I will tweet out and provide the link to the

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start the overtime [Music]

ASAP [Music]