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October 22nd, 2023 12:00pm

Inside D2Football - Josh Lamberson


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hello everybody and welcome to another episode of inside D2 football along with Justin py Tony Nicollet Matt with Wiki

chck Bitner and Chris Ferguson I am Brandon Meisner as always thank you very much for joining us what do we got going

on tonight well it was a heck of a weekend in division 2 four matchups of top 25 teams some results that will

impact teams and some that will impact the super region rankings come out

tomorrow uh we will review some of those games uh we will look at our stock up stock down segment as we always do to uh

judge the trends of some teams we'll also go not a deep dive but a dive into

what we think tomorrow's Regional rankings uh could look like and then we will answer your uh questions criticisms

of the overtime period after our pick segment but uh once again thank you very

much uh for being with us tonight uh we're going to start tonight with uh

quite a game uh an offensive explosion in warrenburg as Central Missouri uh

comes away with a 7727 win over Emporia State and it was uh there's no other way

to describe Chuck but that it was an offensive explosion yeah I had prioritized to watch this one because we expected it to

be kind of a highflying high-scoring kind of a game and it certainly looked like after the first quarter we were set

for an epic shootout it was 28 to 20 after one quarter of play but really as

we got into the second quarter Central Missouri's defense started to make some stops and that's really where this game

started to change a little bit because at one point late in the second half Central Missouri forced empori into

three straight three andout possessions and at that point Central Missouri's

offense is still rolling they started this game with seven straight touchdown

drives and all seven of those drives were no less than 75 yards so it's not even like they were taking advantage of

a short field from a turn over or a big special teams play they're just marching down the field uh to open this game and

once the defense started to make those stops the mules really started to get some separation and it just became too

much uh for Emporia to be able to recover from so let's read through some of the superlativ from this because it

truly was amazing 317 rush yards 659

passing yards for Central Missouri individually Zack zabowski 615 passing yards eight touchdowns that was an MAA

single game record marcelus Hawkins 183 rush yards 3 TD arel Smith 137 receiving

yards 3 TD Zion perry9 receiving yards in a touchdown just incredible numbers

it all adds up to 976 total yards 11 touchdowns 77 points and the thing is

this is a good football team they were playing it's not like they did this against a you know a really bottom tier D2 team or or somebody that just was a

total mismatch Emporia State is in the top half of the deepest conference in

division two that was a good football team that Central Missouri did all that too so I I was just beyond impressed I

don't even know how to make sense of it but thankfully we have a guest who can help us figure out how went yesterday

that's right you don't have to make sense of a check because hopefully Josh lamerson the head coach at the University of Central Missouri uh can

help us with that Josh thank you very much for being with us tonight on inside D2 football guys really appreciate you

having me on um and I know I said this backstage but really appreciate you guys for advocating for our for our game at

our level um it's it's fantastic what you guys do I know this takes a lot of time and commitment on your part so for

you guys to be um Advocates of the division 2 level I I I think I speak for all coaches and everybody at this level

I I really appreciate it coach we appreciate the kind words um looking at

your game yesterday a lot of big numbers to digest but uh one that we saw right away a homecoming crowd of more than

12,000 and uh tell us a little bit a little bit about that atmosphere and kind of what it means for your crew to

play in front of that well I I appreciate bringing that up it it was a fantastic atmosphere just just from the

the general um part of being home homec coming here in Warren bur at UCM people they do they come out and they support

their Athletics and uh we've been fortunate enough this year to to kind of give them some things to cheer for and

as you know in a in a football game 18 to 23 year olds feed off of of other people's energy and uh with 12,000

people in the building or in the facility yesterday I I think it was uh huge for our guys to be able to feed off

of that most of them wearing red and black and and they made a lot of noise on third and fourth down and really

encouraged our guys and cheered them on um really from the opening B so coach I read through some of the

stats and the the superlatives on the offense but I'd really like to start with your defense because I thought that

they really had a huge impact on the way this game played out because I was thinking this could be the kind of game

where one or two stops per half might determine who wins this game and your defense did a lot more than that I think

nine punts that they forced in two turnovers so tell us a little bit about how you assess the defense from yesterday yeah I I I thought they did a

fantastic job um you know obviously Emporia State is is very very talented on offense um and it starts with their

quarterback and knew we needed to get pressure on him one of the things Chuck that I I really thought was an important part of the football game was you know

we took the football and we were able to go down and score early on our on our very first possession but that we forced

a punt on the first possession of the game uh for Emporia and then our offense went down and scored so we kind of

started with a 140 buffer you know five minutes into the game and you know then they were able to to kind of come back

on that but but I thought that initial movement in the football game really played dividend and then you know the

second half they were able to come out and shut him out the entire second half that you know that hasn't really happened to Emporia and that's a credit

to our defensive staff and and Coach Jones for what they did um you know during the halftime adjustments and were able to to really put a lot of pressure

on their quarterback and and by all intents and purposes um

suffocate that the very talented wide receiving Corp you know you've had a

great offense all year long going into the game you know I I know you're a confident person I highly you thought

you were going to score 77 so what were the factors that led to the explosion

yesterday this is this is this is gonna sound kind of strange uh Brandon but it

you know we we we do have good players um and and I think that and that that

Testament to them yeah absolutely but I I would say um a lot of teams have good players Andor state has good players um

around the country and what we have been able to do with with our players is Empower them and build a culture is of

of trust and love and relationships that they are allowed to play free and so they're allowed to go out and they make

to make plays but they're also allowed to go out and and make mistakes and our guys are are not keeping score by the

scoreboard and I I know that sounds totally counter cultured to everything that we do but that's not the way that

they're judging success um they they literally are judging this group loves to be around each other they love to

practice they love to go out and play uh in games and the opportunity for Saturday afternoon and playing in front

of 12,000 people that is that's the kind of stuff that you know that they focused on and our offense yesterday was able to

go out and do the things that they do every day in practice you know all of those things all of those plays that we

made uh yesterday were were all byproducts of of what they do every

single day and so yes you know obviously a confident person but very very confident because of my belief and and

what they do in the dark and what they do every day at practice and how they behave and how they prep and how they play um so it wasn't huge surprise for

anybody wearing red and black yesterday for what the offense was able to come out and do so coach I want to get you to

talk a little bit more about that because uh two weeks ago when we did our first discussion of who the Harland Hill candidates are I said that mid-season

Zach zabowski is the clear leader and I was pretty surprised some of my uh my buddies here on the show thought I was

uh kind of crazy about that well if he wasn't the leader then he sure is now so I mean obviously we can see the stats we

can see the production but tell us a little bit more about who he is as a player the leadership he brings to the team and what he brings to to the

offense yeah and and thanks for bringing that up Chuck and you know he we we have a mule of the week um and it's it's our

guy that best represents everything that is good about UCM football in our football tribe and that it has nothing

to do with stats it has nothing to do with uh performances you know in between the stripes and and Zach actually won that this week it just so coincided with

his record-breaking performances for what he did on Saturday but it all goes back to to Zach's competitiveness uh his

leadership the way that he interacts with his teammates the trust that he has built with his teammates the way that he

hangs out with those guys and treats those guys outside of the stripes um I think one of the things that Zach's work

ethic uh he's been around the game his entire life his dad's a football coach there's never been a moment that has

seemed heavy for Zach um he legitimately loves to play the game of football uh

and he doesn't he's not afraid of making mistakes he he he embodies our free fast

physical and fun mode and and is one of the most competitive humans that I've ever been around but not so competitive

that he gets lost up in the moment and and gets tense and tight um Zach I think the bigger the moment uh the more free

he gets and I think that's that's a contagious thing to the rest of our football team I think they feed off of

that confidence they feed off that um attitude that that he brings to our football program and and one that I

think if you watch our offense it it really um permeates throughout everybody that's playing on that side of the ball

and then our defense as well coach uh last year in your first year at the helm for the mules you guys

wenton four- seven uh now this season you guys are seven- one with your only setback a tight loss against pit state

who's ranked what third nley in our poll uh you know looking back at it you know

may maybe two months from now when you look at this season what do you think are going to be the biggest reasons for this

upswing I I think it's all about the relationships it's all about the culture it's all about our player empowerment um

you know when when I got hired last year you know it was late February and came into a situation where I don't think

there was adequate time for for me to get to know the staff and the players to get to know me and there wasn't a lot of

trust and and there there wasn't a foundation of of relationship there and I think I think that just takes time um

and it takes investment in people and I think that's one of the biggest shifts that we have made we we've had enough

time to to get to know each other uh we've had enough time to to build that trust we've had enough time to invest in

each other's lives that what we say is not just words that are floating out in the universe but they're things that

we're going to back up um and that we genuinely care about the individuals in our program and I know that gets said a

lot around the country but it but it really is true here and I think that's the biggest uptick for what we've been

able to do is invest in each other um whether it's a coach to coach or player to player player to coach relationship

that we have it's really been everybody in our program that's bought into that um and I think you know obviously the

success is a byproduct of that I I TR believe that is the culture that we've been able to build here and and the

trust and relationships and love that are that are going on Josh I kind of want to piggy back on that for a moment

because we've talked about some of your players and your culture and and that sort of thing and and the relationship

you have with each other you have uh you know a handful of new players this year I'm interested in how did you find them

you know and because I know it can be a thousand different ways and then how do you get them to buy in so quickly or how

do you find the person that's the right yeah uh this is going to be a different

answer uh to be real honest with you and so when when we were in the offseason you know the staff and and all of us we

we prayed for God to send us the people that needed us and that that was that was one from you don't ever know uh

exactly what that's going to do and and who's goingon to wind up at your front door and you know it was it was a lot of

hard work and it was a lot of deciphering through names and it was a lot of phone calls and it was a lot of text messages and all the things that

that happen with that but I but I truly believe what has been set forth here is is not it's not from us um you know I'm

just a byproduct of of all of it and I've been blessed that I get to sit in in the front of the bus and um have been

blessed with a phenomenal platform but it's uh it's been through a lot of hard work and a lot of prayer uh through my

myself and our staff uh to be able to find these guys and for these guys to be able to find us um I think it's a it's a

two-way street in recruiting and um I think we have been able to fight find the right type of people that had some

skill that had some ability that maybe weren't utilized um properly in their

own mind or maybe weren't just in the right mindset to be able to be to to be

able to to use their skill set uh where they were at at that point in time and I think um you know with our with our

relationships that we've had with our young men in our program I think that it enables them to to truly believe in

themselves uh and it again not the fake superficial stuff uh but the belief that

that they can go out and do some really special things on a on a Saturday and and enjoy the process of doing it right

Josh got one final question for you and this one's about you you know we're not we're not telling

any secrets here that things didn't go very well uh when you were at Nebraska Carney obviously things are going well

now yeah how are you different how are things different from then to

now well I think I'm a lot different from the standpoint of you know when I was when I first got the opportunity to

to be the head coach at the University Nebraska Carney Extremely Blessed for Dr plinsky Dr Paul Pinsky to give me that

opportunity at that point in time in my life but I I think that my ego got in the way um you know to be totally honest

with you I thought I was probably a lot more important than what I actually was I I I micromanaged I I hired people and

then didn't let them do the job that I hired them to do because I I thought that I I knew a lot more than I actually did um and and unfortunately in in life

sometimes you yeah have to you have to learn that hard lesson and um you know I

I made some decisions there that that weren't the best decisions and whether it was hiring whether it was recruiting

um you know the the whole facet and I I really own those things uh from a standpoint is I I did not do a very good

job uh at that at at the University of Nebraska Carney at that point in time in my life and had to learn some things had

to go and and talk to my mentors and my role models and um you know learned a lot from coach Adam Doro with my time uh

with him at Christian University and you know just prayed for another opportunity I didn't know when that was going to

come um you know and extremely blessed and fortunate to to have this opportunity here at the University of

Central Missouri very good well Josh it's been a pleasure having you with us here tonight wish you the best of luck

next week and for the rest of the season awesome I really appreciate it guys thanks for having me thanks coach all

right guys have a great night all right that's Josh lamerson the head coach at the University of Central Missouri uh

we'll bring the rest of our crew back on and Chuck we will not isolate you in that manner the rest of the show uh but

we will talk about we find another way to isolate him or

not hey wh let's talk about first intenders we've talked about boss's Pizza a lot but instead let's talk about

uh first intenders uh we mentioned them last week on the show tell us about them

again yeah well I I had them since our last show how's that sound give us a

report then yeah yeah um you know like when you get those tenders where they got all like

the the crunchy stuff is like overdone in it and it's kind of not a good experience this is exactly the opposite

of that this is very meaty and uh I would absolutely do that again and I had

spicy barbecue which um would definitely was spicy barbecue um I I that's

important yes absolutely um no sometimes I get spicy barbecue it doesn't have much dip to it Brandon this had uh like

second bite I was you know kind kind of roof my mouth a little hot so okay but

uh all good with it and I would do it again very good well again uh you know

we've mentioned several times you can go to Bosses Pizza and Chicken first and tenders are different go to First and uh maybe that would be an opportunity for somebody locally to to run that out of their out of their house

but uh not their house their I was doing running the ghost kitchen earlier today yes all right uh but on your screen you

see a mobile version of uh boss's Peach and chicken they're looking for franchises around the Midwest go to the

upper right hand corner if you uh are interested in that and of course if you go there tell them you heard about them

from us because uh they're they're a supporter of us and we want to support them and uh we really appreciate what they've done for us all right folks

let's move on and let's look at uh things that happened around the top 25 it was kind of a Topsy Turvy day lots

of results as you'll find out in the pickham that we did not predict accurately that things happened uh that

we did not think would and the first one that happened that was a surprise to all of us or the first outcome that was a

surprise was Minnesota state thought they'd go into Augustana and and and

Come Away with a victory instead Austina dominates 28-10

a win for uh the Vikings pretty impressive win Whit yeah pretty much exactly what I expected you know they

were just going to shut down the manor running game anyway uh yeah kind of kind

of a shock with that but uh yeah I was in attendance there so you probably see my big butt any moment here we're going

to Yes uh there you go I'm in the background here on this score to erson on a fourth down play where man blitzes

and uh Auggie makes some pay that we got to 14 to3 at this point and uh Mano

trying to run the football with Sheen Butler Lawson this was a story of the day he couldn't get going for a third

straight game under 100 yards he didn't even have 50 in this one I believe and Augie just did a tremendous job against

the run and erson gets loose again uh for the score man KO kind of lost track

of him a few times in this game he had a 85 yard touchdown run uh then we we've

got lamin for the score and Augustana uh really impressive game I I would say say

Brandon that that was the most impressive win under coach OJ there uh

period and he's been there since 2013 uh which is now a long time and uh

they I've never seen their defense play that well at home um you know under in

in his tenure and it just really was a shocking outcome and uh it's the Vikings

are going to make a jump in in the top 25 as a result of it I'm guessing no doubt I have no doubt about that so it

obviously helps them the rest of the way in a tough super region four yeah in terms of the regional rankings let's

move on to Super Region 2 where you'll see in the picking results uh Delta

State we thought they would beat West Florida West Florida thought you guys are fools and they uh went into Delta

12421 tell us about it Justin tell us about it not on

mute there there we go there we go no this is game we all Pi we all pick Delta

State right and yeah yeah brother if you're gonna if you're gonna talk on mute you're gonna have to shout a lot louder than you did sorry about that

sorry you're good you're good you hear me now right no I thought y'all could hear me I

thought I thought it didn't matter I'm loud anyway but uh no guys this is a game that you know we all picked we all

picked Delta State and uh when when we thought about this game to begin with I think we thought a lot of fireworks a

lot of offense was going to happen and that really wasn't the case it really became to me the story of the defenses

um I thought you know West Florida scores 14 unanswered in the second half to win 24-21 Delta State had a had a

2110 lead at the half uh and they just never got anything going West Florida made some great adjustments at halftime

and their defense stepped up Patrick shog ended up 13 uh for 31 I believe 13 of 33 I'm

sorry for 186 um and just didn't really seem to get in a rhythm particularly in the second second half and and just seemed

like West Florida could do everything you know got everything rolling and Delta State just didn't they just they

couldn't get it going when they had the opportunity to um and and again I when you look at this game there was a lot of

penalties there was 22 penalties for over 200 yards of penalty yardage uh it

was pretty sloppy in that but overall and and the other the other thing that really got me was that the time of possession uh West Florida held the ball

for just over 40 minutes of of game action so yeah that's that that was a

little surprising but uh nonetheless uh you know West Florida proved that you know it was you know maybe was just a

fluke and uh and uh but 24-21 the Argos with the win right now this game was a

was a toss-up game we all thought H the next one we're going to talk about that is UT permium Basin goes into Angelo and

or San Angelo and wins 2823 but it's pretty good game fer yeah

I agree and uh it it was kind of hard to to really see if uh premium Basin was up

for the challenge and they certainly were um but early on it it was more so

Angelo who had gotten up to a 10-point lead twice uh as they went through the

first half and it took really the third quarter uh for for uh premium Basin to

finally Flex their their will a little bit and outscoring Angelo 14 to3 uh

really close that score they didn't score in the fourth quarter and and even though Angelo had opportunities the

prian bases defense stepped up for two interceptions uh uh to sort of salt away

the game you know kind of what mentioned what uh uh uh Justin mentioned about

time possession uh I think per and Basin took the same uh style of play uh that

West Florida did they actually had the ball for uh a little over 35 minutes to kind of keep uh Angelo's offense off the

field um and then you know lastly do want to point out Kenny hearer uh had

all was uh counted for all four uh touchdowns in this game you know kind of

a underrated quarterback in in at the division two ranks right Chris let's

stay with you and talk about one more game uh in my opinion and tell me if I'm

wrong a shocking outcome Elizabeth City with a 1716 win over Virginia state yeah

you know and I had kind of heard something um uh earlier this week that uh you know this could act this outcome

could actually happen and I just said what what do I look like in my column if

I picked a one- win Elizabeth City te City team to win over a undefeated

Virginia state I just like I just could not do that to myself and clearly I was

rawed but you know what what was really interesting here uh Elizabeth City is a

team that you know despite uh now only winning two games of the Season they've had numerous close losses uh you know

well with within one score I think like three or four games where they lost by one score so they're certainly coming up

uh despite the record and and and and Virginia state really I think slept walk through this game and they paid a price

especially at the very end when they could have tied the game and they missed an extra point and and and in recent

years that has been an issue for Virginia state where they have games that have that are winnable and then

they just can't get through their kicking woes and it bit them again uh this year and unless it's probably going to

knock them out of the top 25 uh to when the poll comes out tomorrow uh let's look at some other news and notes uh

running back Sydney Gibbs became Shaw's all-time career rushing yards holder on

Saturday uh post earned their first win in program history 16-13 win over

Franklin Pierce uh they started football last year and they had not won in their

first 16 games congratulations to them Harding known for rushing and they

certainly backed that up yesterday 631 yards in a win over Southern Arkansas

it's the second highest total in program history Braden Jay had 202 and Blake De La Cruz had 2011 so two backs with 200

and uh everybody is uh reminding us today to talk about Tyson bent he did

win his start for the Bears so uh congratulations to him to win uh his

first start as an NFL in his first start as an NFL quarterback especially for

what's really not a very good team so that's uh pretty impressive by Tyson we want to congratulate him on that uh more

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searching pink Clover Foundation right very good it's time now

to look at our stock up stock down teams uh four of them this week let's start

with a stock up and it will we'll start with st anel Chuck tell us why they

deserve to be uh to have that green arrow pointing upwards well I wasn't sure I wanted to uh talk about St anel

on the stock up stock down because we talk about him all the time on this show but um huge huge congrats to St anom for

where they are at right now though they did not do well out of conference lost the first two games of the season did

not look like they were set up for a good season at all since then they have gone 5- one their only loss is on a kind

of bad day against the Southern Connecticut State but they are currently leading the Northeast 10 standings which

for those of us who've been around for a while the thought of St anel winning the Northeast 10 Conference Championship is

just mind-blowing um personally I'd love to see it happen uh they've been working really hard to improve the program there

just look at the last three weeks guys the big three in the Northeast 10 are the teams that we generally believe are

the ones that could be in play for the championship Bentley New Haven and assumption in the last three weeks s

antom has beaten all three of those teams wow uh which is just really really impressive for them to be playing at

that level and and uh one at assumption it was a really kind of sloppy day with the weather tough conditions down a

couple players and they gritted out a shutout win at assumption so I'm I'm just pleased to see what's going on

there with the Hawks and the Beautiful campus up there in New Hampshire and uh huge stock up for St anel football fun

to be able to talk about it uh a team that's probably not going to be happy that we're talking about him in this manner North Greenville stock

down yeah guys after starting two and one uh they've lost four of their last

five and right now the Crusaders are only averaging about 19 points a game on offense uh giving up about 28 a game so

right now they're they're a little bit on The Struggle Bus but uh this week they have Mississippi College and they finish up with shorter so a couple games

that are within reach for them but but right now they're they're on that downward Trend looking to break it here losing the last four to five okay uh

Chris Edward Waters heading in the right direction you know it's another team that we don't talk about very much on

this show and uh you know formerly known as uh everybody's homecoming opponent uh

yeah ER Waters has made some teams pay this year uh for U being the homecoming

opponent just ask to Sky what happened after uh Saturday before uh

so yeah yeah yeah 30,000 people saw that one oh brutal just brutal uh you know uh

El Waters uh on a five game win streak they've beaten some blue bloods in the SIC uh with Tuskegee and this week

against Albany State both at the very end of the game um just to show you how competitive they are uh their

quarterback gyron Russell uh actually has improved his game now has passed for over 2,000 yards to season uh huge

Improvement from from last year uh and then also they they lost to um uh uh

Fort Valley State by three uh that just shows you how competitive they have been at the top half of the

siic awesome uh one last one stock down Concord tell us about

that yeah you know looking last year we thought that this this was a squad that

they were right on the brink of making the playoffs um you know nine and2 record and then preseason season we were

going ahead and doing you know picks for for who was going to win their conference uh you know and we're looking

through all this and all of a sudden weeks later with you know Jack mangle good quarterback still there for him and

everything they find themselves 0 and eight and uh I mean it's this is maybe

one of the biggest surprises nationally that you know a team being quite this down so um you know this

season's lost obviously at this point uh just a matter of kind of uh how they rebound uh you know going into next year

at that point all right very good well guess what folks when we come back we

will preview tomorrow's Regional rankings just wanted

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[Music] football fantastic welcome back uh as we

talked about a couple times tomorrow the will be the first Regional rankings that are released with the caveat with

they'll be in alphabetical order tomorrow correct right uh tomorrow what we're going to be looking at is

basically a shot of 10 and for each super region that they're going to have

alphabetical order because apparently the NCAA is fearful that everyone will lose their minds if there's actually

rankings attached to all that stuff like the past well let's go ahead and look at uh each

one of I had lots of things to say but I don't want to YouTu I was teing you up

there I was teing you up anyway uh we'll start my rant early in the show today uh let's go ahead and

look at Super region one bringing up uh the the numbers as computed by our friend inklot uh looking at Super region

one they're sorted by uh the winds wind loss in the strength of schedule uh

that's the sort that we're doing there uh Chuck what are your thoughts super region one well you know since we we are

just going to get a list of 10 teams in no particular order I don't really expect any surprises I think if you kind

of look at the way these are ordered 1 through 10 that's pretty much what I would expect to see when this list comes

out um if they were ranking 1 to 10 we'd probably have a lot more to discuss debate and and nitpick who belongs in

what positions but since we're really just getting the list of 10 teams I think this is a pretty good snapshot of

what you're going to look at I think some of the things that are interesting to think about for the future one

uh we still have a lot of games to be played among the teams that you're seeing just in this snapshot here um

including some coming up this weekend Frostburg State and Charleston have a big meeting that's coming up uh Shepard

KN Stroudsburg still have to play uh tiffin's got some tough games coming up slipper rock is going to have most

likely the conference Championship coming up in the in the psac so there's still so many critical games to be

played that are going to impact all this and the one that I think is kind of interesting to keep an eye on is finle

as Finley's well down the order right now the SOS is low um they're they're probably landing around 12th to 13th

right now Finley's got a lot of important games coming up and if they can win out um I will be very interested

to see how high the Oilers might be able to jump so definitely still a lot to

keep an eye on but I think for Monday I'm not expecting any drama with this list all right let's go ahead and move

to Super Region 2 and Chris tell me your thoughts on what you see there well I

mean I think it's uncharacteristic to see uh uh it's very characteristic to see the the undefeated teams at the top

here you know after that what we started to see is a number of conferences start to beat up on each other uh especially

after the the result that happened yesterday with Delta falling from the ranks of the unbeaten uh particularly

interesting uh to skegee you know that's they're going to the turkey day classic

so uh not really going to be in Hunt for playoff spot uh which you can move those

Folks up uh Virginia Union and Virginia state meet week 10 uh V AA uh back on uh

the playoff hunt after what happened last year but they've got to play the the the gang of West uh West Florida

West Georgia and West Alabama and that is a uh pretty tough uh Gauntlet uh uh

uh to get through um starting with uh West Florida uh this week and you know Lor Ryan's got Windgate um seem to be

surging up uh and the sack championship game and and even Benedict you know they

they may be facing a potential rematch with somebody like a miles um so there's just so much uh to sort of work through

uh in this particular U matchup also of note uh El Waters um provisional member

uh in division 2 not they don't they do not uh qualify for the playoffs uh this

season GL you said something I didn't know what that little I meant there and I assume that's what the discussion is

there there's a few of those around the country so from 2 to three Brandon uh this is kind of your home region uh very

very deep field and we're already kind of looking at the prospect of anybody with two losses is pretty much already

out tell us what you're seeing that's exactly what I'm say I don't think there's any doubt about that unless there's just a major collapse at the top

of every conference um but there it looks like eight teams are fighting for

seven positions um Pittsburgh State's going to be in a good position if they can went out uh because they will have

played Sue Falls and they'll do that this week uh rather than Lincoln who'

been part of the MIAA schedule pit State strength of schedule because of that will finish above 500 that's going to

give them um a little bump especially if it's uh head-to-head with Harding at the

end of the year because we know Harding's going to be we expect him to be eight 11 and0 but we know the

strength of schedule is going to be 500 uh I expect any apples out Grand Valley

to win outman to win out Central Missouri to Wi out Davenport um I was

not impressed with their win this weekend at Mary um and I I was I was thinking that you know they would finish

with two losses I don't think it's inconceivable that they won't have three uh and then so you got Ferris there also

you know the the giant of the region right now looming with one loss it'll be interesting to see where they end up and

that theoretically could be another another Super region because of the geography we're not going to go down

that road yet and then Wast Baptist so who will be the two teams or three teams

at the end with one loss fighting for that last POS uh position that's what's

going to be interesting to me but uh uh that that those are my thoughts on super Region 3 let's go ahead and look at four and uh

Matt what are your thoughts on super Region 4 yeah when you first arrive here Brandon you notice that you know you got

two armac teams right at the top uh for those who haven't given this a look previous to this point that may be a

little bit surprising uh both have played you know good out of conference and so their SOS is strong along with

being unbeaten uh then from there uh some of the other things that you're going to notice as I move down the page

right now Angelo's on the 10 line I would expect that they'll probably be on that you know in that grouping tomorrow

as well um their strength of schedule at 6:31 is really high in listing here now

the natural thought was that they got their third loss you know last night and they're probably out of the mix I still

think they probably are but I'm not going to count them out entirely um in the event a three loss team were to be

getting a getting a little bit of love they might be that one um otherwise I

really think that if we take a look up to about bigi and duth those eight teams

are really the grouping that you're going to have as playoff teams and one of them isn't going to make it and migi

and delut play this weekend so that's going to help kind of sort things out a little bit in my opinion yeah playoffs

start early for lots of teams this year you know when it's when when the the one loss scenarios in three and

four are making this very interesting into the regular season while

transition transition I do just want to mention because I I appreciate that every year we have people who are kind

of getting exposed to this process to the F for the first time and it is complex the selection process and how it

all works it's complicated there's a lot that goes into it and you'll have to forgive us if we don't want to rehash every detail of it every week when we do

this show so I just want to mention we do have some resources that can help you if you are new to this or You' seen it

for the first time um I have a column that I kind of rehash every year and and update with all the details of you know

how this works what goes into it um we actually have a pre-recorded segment we did two years ago that runs through all

this so I'll be posting that on tomorrow and we'll tweet it out so if

you're confused by some of the stuff that we said um don't worry we'll take care of you Chuck will Chuck will take care of

you Chuck was volunteering work for everybody else I like it good yeah all right uh let's go ahead and

transition uh to let not can we skip it have we ever skipped

it because we were so embarrassed by it I only had two wins last week I'm right I'm right at that part yeah it it was uh

it it was not good let's go ahead and switch back to the default view and

bring up our pickham results oh lots of red folks all right

it's I I don't think it's embarrassing but you know you hate seeing so much red but at the same time isn't it fun that

those upsets happen because you know otherwise if it's just chalk all the time what are we doing here sure you

know so I I I think it I think that's fun you know and

went three and two so we were still up you know Tony you can just keep

your didn't say anything I I just I just want to mention one thing here every

time there is unanimous it's it's almost like the kiss of

death somebody has to take the the plunge and choose the upset and take one

for the team this year this this week for the for for the actual team is what

yes in this instance yes all right uh so we weren't that proud of him but again it made for a fun day and competition

competition's fun let's go ahead and and and look at the ones to watch this week

uh Central Washington uh is going to play at Texas A&M Kingsville uh you know we we've been

critical of central Washington but I thought they played pretty well yesterday you know you know and watching them in their game yesterday they've had

a change at quarterback and um they were able to go ahead and do a little more Zone read stuff and you know basically

they they kind of look like almost like watah in that they're really run heavy

and strong defense and uh I thought last night was one of their better moments of the Season frankly and uh I think with

the change at quarterback and some of the turnovers they've had at that position in the past that could be a big thing for them uh you know if they were

to get some more stability in that role and we'll stay with you uh su falls

playing at Pittsburgh state Jim glogowski in year one at sou Falls

proving he's either crazy or Brave and not afraid to go on the road to play the

gorillas yeah you know I gave him a hard time about scheduling this game I said you sure you know you know what you're

in for here and um you know they su falls has been young they' they've

continued to get really dinged up and he's going through a tough uh a tough stretch here with this new uh this new

cougar team um we really thought that this was going to be a better game when it was scheduled way back when hasn't

quite turned out that way um it's an interesting non-con game uh for all the reasons we love non-con games like this

but uh obviously pit State's a big favorite certainly it'll be more it'll be it would be much more interesting

non-conference game in two years than than it is right now so uh conference

game though uh Lenor Ryan 7-0 at wingit 5 and three uh can can Justin can wingit

rally the troops and pull off an upset in this one you know I I've been impressed with wing get here the last

couple weeks they've gotten a lot better since I saw them play week two so um their defense is is solid the offense is

coming along I I don't think it's uh it's just going to be a rollover for Leno Ryan I think it's G they're gonna

have to fight and and scrape this one out they want to keep that perfect record intact um I think Leno Ryan might be

um I mean they've got it rolling right now they went to they went to Newberry a tough place to play they did a great job

down there did what they were supposed to do and now you go to Wingate and this is another game in in the schedule that

you looked at and you said this is this is going to be a challenge and if you want to be the best these are the games that you have to go through and you have

to win so uh the challenge is there for Leno Ryan and like I said wingit they're they're trending in the right direction

right now I've seen some really good things out of them the last couple weeks and they're much better than earlier in the year so this one should be a pretty

good one guys right hey Tony I want to talk to you about this CU earlier in the year I feel like we'd kind of written

off sagov Valley and they're they battled back they're four- four uh Davenport seven

and0 I I'd kind of mentioned that you know maybe Davenport would pick up a loss that uh you know I hadn't planned I

thought they would lose the ferris and Grand Valley in the year is there a chance that Sagen can pull this one off this uh this week or am I just dreaming

uh there's always a chance Brandon but I mean I don't know man I I I share with

sentiment that Davenport's win uh yesterday at Mary wasn't necessarily the

uh the convincing one that maybe we all might have expected uh at the same time

you know sagov valy yesterday Wayne was without their starting quarterback their number two

guy who's played a lot this year didn't throw a pass Wayne possessed that g the ball in that game for 42 minutes and out

gained sagov Valley and yet sagov somehow find a way to scrap together a wi now with that said if it's if against

Wayne State you're only putting up 190 some odd yards of offense I don't know how you're going to go to DAV and be a

team that's as balanced as they are and has the the weapons that they do because uh Wayne State you can't accuse them of

having those same those same weapons available to them so I can Sagen win that game sure uh based on what I'm

seeing so far over the last handful of weeks out of them I I would I don't know that I'd pick them it's you can tell me

I'm wrong it's okay let's let's look at the last game of the week um last game of the ones to watch

when this game was chosen the thought process would be that Augustana would be seven- one and Wayne State would be six-

two obviously neither one of those things happened uh it's now an 80

Austina at Wayne State but maybe unlike the gak game that we just talked about

Whit Wayne State still poses a threat to August standa don't they yeah I mean I think this is no different

than like in the MIAA if you took a look at an Emporia who has fallen a little bit recently maybe that's your Wayne

State you know against a pit or something like that um I you know I expect Wayne State to come in there and

look to rebound they lost yesterday after being up 19 nothing against Northern State um they they had a tough

go of it Nick bone their quarterback had four interceptions very unlike him two of them went for pick sixes uh

instrument Al in them losing by two points so I I would expect this is going

to be a darn good game obviously auggie's the clear favorite based on record and everything else just don't be

surprised if this is a real good game very good all right let's go ahead and

move then to the picking for this week what do we got Frostburg State at

Charleston assumption at New Haven basa State at West Florida midi State at

Minnesota Delo and Western Colorado is at Colorado Mines wow what a good game uh let's

start with our first game Frostburg State at Charleston Tony you're at the

top you get the pick first well I'm gonna stay true to my uh

my MEC conference pick uh Champion pick from the beginning of the year so I'll give me the give me

Frosty okay and I'm still the jury's out on whether I would go pumpkin spice or chocolate on that Frosty by the way all

right I will go with Frostburg as well and since I am a man I would have coffee for

all right Chuck please go next already met already trending here towards

Frostburg I I kind of thought maybe I might be one of the only ones to go that direction um I'm G congratulations on

your win this week charl yeah I can I can see this one going either

either way for sure um I'm going to go Frostburg I think their defense makes the difference here um Charleston really

just kind of struggled for consistency at Fairmont State on Saturday um made a lot of costly mistakes turning the ball

over and Frostburg is just the kind of team that can force those similar mistakes um also small factor here

Frostburg played on Thursday night this past week so a couple extra days to prepare for this and rest up so I'm

going to go with Bobcats okay uh Whit what do you got well since I was two and

three this last week in the pick him I thought I might need a little bit of a pickme

up be so now since the Bears won look out

Charleston didn't have their best performance yesterday they're going to show everybody they're the class of the

league go get them Charleston all right and

fer you know I was um this is such a tossup I agree

um and frosty does have a pretty good defense but at the same time I just have

to wonder you know if charlon has a bad game like that and they only lose by three against one of the the top end on

the NBC and they can correct those mistakes that you know I think that they can take this game and so I'm liking

Charleston to learn from their mistakes and uh and bounce back this

week fantastic all right Justin you are the last for this game

yeah this one I I can see going either way I think the decision maker for me and this one is uh the defensive backs

coach at Charleston and stepen Palmer he played for me uh a couple years ago so for that I'm taking Charleston Oh I

don't I didn't like whether you went with that the other team it's it's it's the

way it is all right that's right next game uh

assumption at New Haven I'm going to pick first and I'm going to pick the Chargers to win at home and Chuck you

are next um assumption's pretty banged up right now um they have a lot of starters that are out it definitely

impacted them this past week including losing their quarterback um for the rest of the season he didn't play last week

not expected to return um and New Haven actually had this past week off so with that extra week to rest up and prepare I

I just think this really points towards New Haven winning this one okay uh Matt

I gave this game a hard look and I was having a hard time finding something to grab on to and so um that said I'm I'm I

guess I'm by I'm more on New Haven because I'm less on assumption so we'll take New Haven here okay uh Chris I'm

going with new New Haven as well okay

Justin New Haven's defense is only giving up 12 and a half points a game I'm GNA take New Haven in this one I

like it Tony by any chance would you like to pick assumption so that we know

that hav guys I Chuck took the words right

out of my mouth assumption is banged up both of them had uh really ugly games

against St anel consecutively but new Havens had the extra week to kind of get stuff right so I mean they're at home in

in addition to all that it's hard for me to pick against the Chargers here fair enough well

congratulations assumption on your upcoming win all right let's go with valasa State at West

Florida Chuck you can kick it off for us this is interesting because in the last

two weeks West Florida has played their best game and their worst game yeah so what what are we gonna see this week um

and you know I think the beating valasta state is a fairly I shouldn't say it

quite this way but to beat valate you have to have a strong running game and West Florida is capable but it's not

really their game and I think that gives a stay a chance to play with them and I just really like what the BL the Blazers

are able to do offensively I think they're very underrated at 7-1 um I hope they're back in the top 25 this week I

think they should be um this is going to be a bit of an upset but I'm going to go Basta State all right um

Matt well Chuck you just stole all my took all the thunder away uh West

Florida I'm not convinced this offense is

well up to their standard and defensively I think that they're better than they have been yeah but you know

they're good against the Run um I think vasta is good enough with the passing

game but I'm gonna take uh the Blazers here uh

Chris yeah I don't know guys I you know West Florida is the team that right La

you know we look at the last two weeks and that's a very short uh sample but they've been kind of up kind of down and

you know West Alabama um typically has a pretty strong defense and I don't really know it this one feels like it might be

a little bit of a track meat to me and and that's because I seem like Vlad OA seems to to allow that to kind of happen

and if they couldn't attract me I'm not sure they're going to keep up with Florida uh and something like this so I

I'm going to go with the AR go on this one okay and Justin unfortunately Chris I

think you're right and and really unfortunately Chuck and and wit I I think you are are wrong so we'll revisit

this in AEK I don't know how to say it you're wrong watch Florida at home baby Chuck don't take that from him all right

uh Tony yeah guys I I'm I just West Florida is one of

those teams where you'd like you'd like them to like have an identity and you just can't quite figure out what it is

um and yet at the same time when I look at Vala I mean to me the only real team

they've played is Delta I mean look at some of the teams that they've beaten I mean even North Greenville we're talking about tonight what a disappointment that

they've been um I something tells me that if this does end up being a little

bit of an up and down type of game and I think that favors the

Argos I am now starting my assignments at a 10-point deficit yes

who you got I got the Blazers okay I think that uh I just think that West Florida's been

inconsistent and uh and I think uh that's it's it's just a gut feeling I have no data or anything to uh back me

up I just think they're going to do that all right uh Whit I'm going to skip you

since this is a northern Sun Game Y I got the ansers so get everybody else first all right uh

uh bidi State Minnesota duth well you know this game features two uh outstanding quarterbacks uh in the

northern sun and wall Jasper for duth and and piji and ALT that's could end up being a lot of

offense um as well I kind of Wonder um you know is uh duth going to have enough

to keep up with bigi and uh isi going to have a lot of turnovers because that

seems to have doomed them in the past in this one um I'm going to go with a

safer bet I'm going to go with bigi in this one okay

Justin so I really have no judge on this at all so I just want to confirm that Minnesota duth is the Bulldogs and piji

states the Beavers right that is correct be a quiz on this later okay because here's what I saying I I have bulldogs

and and yeah you don't want to mess with a bulldog but damn I never seen a beaver you want to mess with so for that reason I'm taking

beavers interesting mess you up now you see those teeth come on nowat hey hey hey hey Justin the best

gas station in the country is Wy it's a beaver it's a beaver

dang Justin congratulations on the new low of using I like green uniforms

better than red uniforms logic I'm embarass that was a good housewife pick yes I'm I'm embarrassed

for us all all right Tony I'm embarrassed for us all anyway but I keep showing up here any I don't know's that

say about me uh I think uh I think the close loss to mano a couple weeks ago is

kind of got B miji on the right track here for what they've got on the left on their docket I I like I like the midi in

this one all right uh I am going to take the Beavers as well um I think that they

will be able to slow down Run game enough to come away with a victory uh

Chuck yeah I I view this as a tossup I think both teams are very very good I do

think bid's defense is a bit underrated um you know duth they're they're a

really good team I think that they need to be able to do a little bit more than just hammer out you with wall Jasper I

think if they can't bring a little bit more than that to the table I think it plays into bid's hands defensively so I'm going to go with the Beavers okay

with you have the key key to the test yeah the truth is is that

duth has the the number one defense in the in the northern Sun they get to the quarterback a whole bunch uh and they

have a quarterback who is like tackling a linebacker however the midi can both run

and throw and they are right there as like the 1B for the top defense in the

northern sun and they also can get to the quarterback and like Chuck mentioned I think the fact that bidi is a little

bit more mult multiple uh and I think they're a little more battle tested so far uh I I like the Beavers here as well

so apparently we've all taken them which is once again the kiss of death all right and our final game the

game of the week hold on one second Brandon I'm sorry yeah so you can go with wit's logic of the stats or you can

go with my logic that the mascot fearful either way we get to the same damn spot you know what I me

yes believe that's known as a distinction without a difference you know

CA causation and correlation you know we can get we can get the same spot by

going a mile East or 25,000 miles west and coming back to that same spot all

right one is one is a better uh Choice all right let let's let's go with the

game of the week and we're gonna let Chuck pick last as the national columnist Western Colorado is at

Colorado mine so Matt get us started got I've been watching a plenty of both of

these teams on the armac app and uh you know Colorado Mines has been exceptional

and they haven't had you know a real good tester I mean they were down at half this week but then just totally you

know blew away Black Hills the second half um Western Colorado has been very

impressive to me they've had very good quarterback play um you know and then

they've also they got a running back I like and I like the way they play defense I got Western Colorado on the

upset this week you heard it right fantastic Chris man oh gosh I'm bringing the heat

right away fer I'm telling you my goodness the last

time that Western Beat

mines was 2016 so that's a that's a pretty long streak as is

and you look at kind of what mindes has I mean it's been a machine here yeah and

then every time we doubt western western makes a fool of us so I

don't they're not the only one they're right that's true that's very true

but I don't know if I could take the risk of choosing Western in this game I think mines might just be a little too

much so I'm going to go with Colorado Mines hey hey Chris how' that uh how'

that fear of the risk work out in your uh CIAA predictions oh my gosh yeah yeah

yeah buy state right I mean good greef no no no no I me Elizabeth City you said you thought oh that one too yeah that

was even but that was a greater risk than this one I mean I kind of at least thought about choosing

Western all right uh Justin please to be the best you got to beat the best and

and right now you you there's still a little bit to prove I think for Western Colorado not saying they can't do it but uh I think Colorado mind's at home all

right uh Tony yeah until I see it you know and maybe they're going to prove us all wrong but it's hard for me to pick

against mines yep you know mines uh for the first time in program

history really looks like they got a real chance to being the

national champion and I don't know if that uh if that changes after this week but I'm I'm going to go with them

because I believe they might be the best team this year uh Chuck please uh round it out for us well I must be spending

too much time talking to Wht throughout the week um I know I know I'm no one

ever says that Chuck what do youout the week except for people whose number you have may maybe uh maybe we just talked

ourselves into this but I'm actually going Western Colorado in an upset here as well and it really it doesn't have

anything to do with Colorado Minds I I still think very highly of them I voted them number one the last couple weeks I

think that they are an exceptional team this just feels like a spot where you know a streak is ready to come to an end

and I'm picking this almost more just on a f kind of like you look at those matchups in the NCA tournament like your

fives and 12s and um you know tens and sevens and you kind of pick your spots not even looking so much at the teams I

think this Western Colorado team is sneaky good um we know what they can do defensively I've been very impressed

with what they've been able to do offensively this year it's still a huge huge task to go into to Golden and beat

them but I I think Western Colorado can win this game very good chuck all right at least

at least it's not a bunch of uh teams being picked by everybody so it's a little bit more fun this week yep all

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