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October 29th, 2023 3:00pm

Inside D2Football - Pete Sterbick


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hello everybody and welcome to inside D2 football along with Justin pizzy Tony

Nicollet Matt wh Wiki Chuck Bitner Chris Ferguson and special guest tonight Antonio Clark I am Brandon Meisner it's

pleasure to have you with us so what's going on tonight uh we'll talk about the top 25

battle between Western Colorado and Colorado Mines the GSC had a top 25

Battle of its own Basta state was at West Florida overall four teams lost to

unranked opponents we'll talk about that and more in our top 25 review and we'll

do a deep dive into tomorrow's Regional rankings what could they look like well you'll stick with us you'll find out

we'll also do our pick segment answer questions and criticisms in the overtime period and all that and more so we're

getting close to crunch time at the end of the regular season what a great time of year so thanks again for watching

inside D2 football tonight we start with a battle of undefeated teams as Western Colorado traveled to Golden to try to

establish our Max Supremacy but the or diggers reain Supreme with a

42-7 win a a good win by the iggers Matt yeah a game I thought we were all kind

Game Recap

of waiting to see and you know I'll tell you right now was kind of the main game I was really most intrigued about 5,500

sellout crowd and uh you see kind of right away uh mines gets after it Max

McLoud with the with the score from Maka then uh you know get they're getting after the quarterback right away

and uh mines was really control in the first half despite the fact that the

score was not really changing a whole lot here's Maka getting loose this guy's got the guts of a burglar I mean just

look at him and then get he gets pushed out of bounds just gets right back look like nothing then we you know we got

rooper here for the score and mindes is up 14 nothing and it's they're in

control kind of the whole way and then you know you get get a touchdown pass right here you know from Western and

they're right back in the game then we get to the second half and the snow's coming down and mines is running

the football real good and not allowing much in the run as you can see here as they kind of gang up a little bit uh

Moko rolls right finds his man and this game is starting to change a little bit we got a 21 you know Point deficit they

picked off uh you know two passes five sacks I mean they're they're they were really getting after uh Western up front

and then you see here he finds his man the back Maka does and yeah this is just

kind of how things were going as the game continued it it kind of felt like Western lost a little bit of their

Spirit once the score really started to turn fumble here and uh then mine scores

again to kind of close out the action in a 42 to7 contest and you know if we're

gonna be real honest I it was a little bit of a let down I thought Brandon for us because we were expecting really a

knockdown drag out game and uh got a feeling my guy Antonio was thinking the same thing yeah um I I I understood that

mind's front seven and I I knew I knew how serious they were but I also thought

Western's was and I think M's kind of kind of put that notion to bed throughout the game it maoka he did his

thing as he always does but uh how how they pushed around Western as the game

went on as the snow came down it was really crazy to see up close in person Antonio let me ask you as as our guy who

covers the armac um You' got a chance to obviously be at be at a whole lot of big

armac games uh how would you rate this one in terms of the environment with it and everything else and did it kind of

have a a big game feel oh it was a huge game like um it it drew me back to some

of my playing days like we played mindes in 2016 when they had Justin dvor who won the Harland Hill that year and we

ended up beating him um we were ranked in the teens they were in the top 10 it

was it was insane but it was bigger now because they've done Renovations the stadium is huge the energy the Western

fan showed up the Western sideline was packed out like the tailgate before was awesome it was a great environment and

the attention that the RAC got this week I think it bodess well for the conference as they try to become more

and more competitive at the national level yep very good well tell you what let's go ahead and get it from uh the

point of view for the man on the sidelines Pete cic head coach at Colorado School of Minds joins us Pete

thank you very much for being here tonight you bet thanks for having me appreciate it coach uh first off congrats on your

big win uh as we just mentioned we kind of weren't expecting it to go exactly like that um heck even a few of us dopes

here on the set might have even picked Western I don't know who I could be speaking of but uh you know the game got

going you know all of a sudden it got pretty one-sided after we thought it was going to be really a tight match and you

know what were some of the things that really gave you the impression that things were going well for your squad uh in that first half well we were able to

come out that that first series and we had a 16 play Drive um that we ended up not scoring on but the fact that we were

just able to kind of do what we had planned on doing which isn't always the case um right and then you know we

turned it over and our defense kind of made him go backwards um you know and then we got to a fourth down in the Red

Zone the next Drive and um you know defense did the same thing got it back to us and we were able to score after

that but our defense coming out and just being relentless to the ball I mean that's just it's kind of our kind of our

our Mo and our staple and our identity is populating the football and um trip Thomas our D coordinator does a great

job and he had those guys really ready and you know it's it's interesting with with the coverage like Antonio like you

were talking about sh showing a pretty good light on the armac but our guys hearing about Western and hearing that

people were thinking they were on our level um I think our kids kind of took offense to that and um it probably just

added to the you know the fuel of the fire and as much fire as we already have intrinsically it only helped us and um

you know so early on once I saw our defense playing like that I knew we were going to start scoring some points and a

little later than I would have liked but you know we got rolling pretty good and and uh it was really fun to just see

things go according to what our plan was coach how important was it

establishing and just winning the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball in this one it was big time you know

anytime you can get on a quarterback's toes early um and put some some contact to him it's going to make him question

himself um you know they have some good receivers they have some guys with some speed um but you know to to take

advantage of that speed you got to give your quarterback time and so those receivers can get separation and they just didn't have much chance of that um

you know and then our ability to spit the ball in the perimeter make them run sideways and um pick up first downs that

way but also hand it off and change up our personnel as we went along and our Line's pretty good um and we were able

to lean on them off and on throughout the game and pick and choose when we wanted to throw and so that was that was

absolutely huge for us coach you might have noticed but people tend to focus a little bit when

it comes to Minds on your offense that Harlem Hill winner you got um you know I

couldn't help but notice yesterday how much juice your defense was playing with you know you guys play with a lot of

energy and I know you're an offensive guy but you know you probably couldn't help but notice how your group was

harassing Drew Nash and you know making him really uncomfortable you know five

sacks probably speaks to that but what were your observations on the defensive effort yesterday yeah I mean that's just

an identity thing for us our guys fly around they love to play ball um trip has them ready every week and you know

we off of it you know being an offensive guy and call plays um we like to be able

to keep ourselves you know both sides of the ball really when the defense is playing well then we can keep doing offensively what we have planned and

then when we're playing well when we're scoring when we're in drives with touchdowns it allows trip to to keep

pulling the trigger on those blitzes and mixing things up and keep people on their heels um and we like everybody

calls it team football but when we can really feed off of each other it's just it's a blast I love seeing those guys

fly around on defense and keep getting the ball back to number 10 yeah you know your your team hasn't

played a ranked opponent in over a month and you kind of touched on this a little bit earlier that you guys are kind of

Juiced for the game because of perceived whether real or is not real disrespect

um did that light how did that light a fire under under your rear ends and and

is it is it real disrespect or is it just like a case where Jordan would always find something to get him

motivated it's funny you bring yeah it's funny you bring that up um because I I read that book Relentless and um we talk

about we we actually had our seniors read that book and he would I kind of identified with that you know always

looking for extra motivation um you know I don't I don't know how real it is I don't I don't know that we truly felt

disrespected but we wanted to just prove what we thought was the difference between us and them um you know

obviously we started out playing Grand Valley and Angelo and and we get into conference play and I I think there's

definitely some good challenges in our conference but yeah we hadn't played a ranked opponent in a while and you know

we were excited to go do that here at home and love the idea with them coming in with you know in one of the polls

being top 10 and and Jazz has a great program I think they are a really good team um we just liked our chances going

in we felt like there was some matchups for us that we could take advantage of and fortunately it came to

fruition you know it's kind of wild that if we look back coach to even preco 2019

okay you're you're the OC there you know you're just starting off with Minds got

a what a a true freshman John Mata mind this is before

Co he ends up being your starter you guys go 12 and one you win a playoff game over some sou fallam that I'm

familiar with and I mean it's crazy to think we're now talking about

2023 and he's still your quarterback um what is your relationship with John and

you know is he kind of like having another coordinator on the field at this point yeah he's definitely come a long

ways in that regard um you know in 19 the first game we played was against Adam State we just didn't have the

production that we wanted um offensively we got the win and we decided to go with

JN over a couple older guys um and so early on I mean he hadn't taken a lot of

reps in Fall camp but he had shown enough where he knew there was something special there plus is just the type of person he is if you meet him you can

just get that sense he just he has that Moxy and that presence um but the game

plans were I mean not not unbelievably simple I was I was up in the Box it's not like I came down on the field so I

could communicate with them um I trusted him but as we've gone along things have gotten more expanded in the game plan um

you know and he he made some checks the other day that were real veteran type checks just little things and they were in the Run game um which was just

awesome and we you you know the two or three times he did it we got first downs on short yardage and um so yeah it was

it was really cool and you know when you get to that point with the quarterback he's GNA have you know a certain amount of recall things to revert back to

things you've experienced together I think his anticipation of what I'm gonna call probably more than anything you

know he tells me I knew you were GNA call that on that you know when we're on the 12 yard line on third down or what whatever it is um and it's hard to fake

that you got to build it um so it is definitely pretty special at this point and we have a great relationship I mean

it's we we're both competitive and fiery and you know me coming down to the field and calling it obviously as the head

coach has been you know a little bit of an adjustment but honestly I think it's made our communication better um maybe

he doesn't feel that way sometimes if he throws a pick or something he's gotta I'm right there instead of having to ignore getting on the headphones for a

couple minutes but but it's been great he's he's a a real special player you kind of almost answered my

question for you there coach but what what have been some of the challenges of going going from the booth being just an

offensive coordinator to being a head coach and all that that encompasses not only just you know on the field but all

the off the field stuff like what has that transition been like for you you know I I had done it before I was at

mcferson College in 2012 and 13 um with less resources so I mean I I was

coaching two positions and calling it and doing all that kind of stuff and our staff has been I mean Tim Brandon has

the offense coordinator title and he has a heavy heavy INF on the game plan coach Anar lion he's right with me on the

sideline and um I really lean on him a bunch and then Ryan dedrick's up in the booth he's a receivers Coach and he's

great with the pass game so you know I might be the one making the calls but those guys they car of me a lot of the

times and making suggestions even if it's on Sunday Monday Tuesday as we're as we're getting into the week um so

that's been huge but it's been different you know you deal with with meetings and different things that you know you just

weren't dealing with before and that's just that's how it goes but for sure having done it before for a couple years

um has definitely prepped me and then you know when you have a veteran team there's probably a lot of things I'm not

great at within being a head coach yet that hopefully I can get to that point but we have so many veterans around us and they're probably masking some of

that so hopefully they can keep carrying me along you know I've got one final question for you and kind of piggies

back on everything we've talked about and on AC's question that he just had but I want to tell you a story about a

friend of mine coach Mel Churchman from Northwest missou in the College Football Hall of Fame one year his team had to

play Early they had to play like Arkansas Tech and I could be getting this wrong but I remember his his

statement then like pit State and Nebraska Omaha were like the first three games and he you know he survived that

and he talked about now we can breathe and we can get along to the business of developing this team and I kind of

laughed that you know he felt he had to survive an early punch and then he could develop the team do you and again feel

free to tell me if I'm wrong but does do you do you do does that resonate with you this year because of the early

schedule and then some great games at the back end yeah it was interesting when I got the job was which was

obviously a lot later than a lot of people get a head coaching job is at the end of April um then May 3rd officially

and one of the first things I told our guys that that and I wasn't going to depart from what Coach Moore had planned

for us you know I was a part of this and but I wanted to make sure we started from the start you know and we talked

about national championship last year all the time and and and that was great but we started 0 and2 and we had to

climb back every week and and backs against the wall and that was great that we did that but we didn't you know I was

I told the guys I don't want to be 0 and2 you know let's so let's really lock in early um so that was a huge Focus for

our guys I me we didn't overemphasize it but at the same time you know that was something that we wanted to get off on

the right foot um so yeah once you get past we got past those first two games there probably was a a brief sense of

God dang we we did what we planned and and what we talked talked about doing and our guys just were did a great job

executing both those game plans and coming through and you know then you get into a conference and that you know your next goal is just week by week staying

in it and I always say each week's kind of like its own case study that's how we treat it you know we don't change

anything you know like extensively but you know you cater it to who you're playing and and just try not to get

ahead of yourself and you get to this point you got a couple games left and we got we got to handle our business but

it's uh it's pretty awesome to be to this point and just with a great group of kids and we got a lot bigger goals

ahead and we just got to keep rolling very good well Pete we really thank you for joining us tonight wish you the best

Bosses Pizza

of luck the rest of the way out yeah thanks so much for what you guys do for D2 really appreciate you guys thanks a lot thank you very much that was Pete

sturing the head coach at Colorado School of Minds uh let's go ahead and talk about Bosses Pizza and Chicken Whit

um we obviously failed our eating contest but uh I don't think we need to keep bringing

that up even though I just like up the fat guys right there I like the way you did what's that what' you say I'm sorry

you up the fat guys let's go in any case uh uh there was something

that resonated with me um in their advertising as I was looking at the website and uh they had mentioned

something and a quote from the website says an independent pizza delivery restaurant that goes to battle against

all the change we often aren't able to do all the marketing that the big boys can do and to get new customers to try

our product and that very much resonated with me and what we've done on D2 football for 20 uh 24 years now and uh I

just uh would hope that anybody who lives in an area where there is a boss's pizza and chicken would uh try them out

and of course last week we talked about uh their first in tenders which is a

different uh a different menu item than than people are used to and Whit had them on the show ate them on his show

and felt that they were good so we' invite you to check those out as well uh also if you look uh at the upper right

hand corner of the image that's on the screen right now you can see the link to franchise so if you're a business person

if you are interested in uh partnering with boss's uh pizza and chicken click

on that link tell them you heard about it from us I think it's a wonderful business opportunity there are lots of towns in my neck of

the woods in the MIAA where I think it would be perfect uh in fact one of them might be where my alma M's located I

think that would be just a home run in that town as a sports bar with the with

the pizza and chicken but if you are interested in that please click on the franchisee or the franchise link and

join the bosses uh chicken and Pizza team well let's go ahead gentlemen and

Valdasta vs West Florida

let's talk about the top 25 uh the results from that let me get

the right orientation and we'll bring up uh the scores from the top 25 and let's

start with h West Florida a hosting valdasta State and valdasta was able to

come away with a 3128 win an exciting win for uh the

Blazers Chuck yeah well a couple of us took a flyer on uh on taking valdasta for the win in this one and I was I was

one of them the funny thing is I I actually thought that was a bigger reach than than picking Western Colorado uh so

I was proven wrong on both fronts but um no this was a very interesting game because you know I spend a lot of time

digging through stat sheets and box scores after I watch a game because of all the stuff that we do and this is

definitely one of those games where if you showed me the stat sheet afterward I would have said well you know better

luck next year alasta because there's no way that that's a winning stat sheet um but they were opportunistic they made

some stops when they really needed to um and they were very resilient in this game you know valdasta was down 14 to

nothing and when they fell behind I thought boy this this just kind of feels like where things have gone wrong for

them uh over the last year or so just kind of falling behind and playing from behind and just not being able to catch

up well the defense really kind of caught fire made a couple stops they got a defensive score in this game which was

big and then they really were able to start working their passing game the interesting thing that I thought was you

know a huge Factor in this game and I actually thought it would be Peewee Jarrett rushing the ball was a huge X

Factor and that's not normally a big part of West flor's game plan uh but they really needed him because we know

that if you're going to beat valasta you attack straight at them you run the ball downhill at them that's their weakness

and they really used Peewee Jarett to do that but in the end it wasn't quite enough the Blazers did hold up to their

passing game really well uh and you got to give a lot of credit to vasta State they made plays when they really had to

including the the touchdown pass we saw at the start start of that highlight reel so this is a really really big win

for for valdasta I think it takes some pressure off the coaches takes a little bit of pressure off the team probably

restores a little bit of confidence and in everybody there including the fan base so you know there's still work to

be done there's still tough games ahead but this is a really really big win that vasta had to have right uh another team

Lenor Ryan vs Wingate

or a team that fell from the ranks of the unbeaten was Lenor Ryan the Bears

fell at wing it uh 34 to 30 a real real fun ending to that one Justin yeah it

was uh you know this game was a phenomenal football game when you looked at it in the pregame it was two of the

best defenses not just in the sack but two top 10 defenses in the country and that's kind of what you were thinking it

was going to be was a defensive Showdown uh and and that really wasn't the case you know Wingate got the scoring started

early um and and every time Wingate scored or Leno Ryan scored the other team had the answer it was score for

score pretty much the whole game it was phenomenal and and it's not really what you were thinking it was going to be

again with those top 10 defenses but it really came down to to the fourth quarter in the last couple possessions right so uh wingit or Leno Ryan rather

uh they take the lead with 101 to play okay they score they they go up and it's 30 to 27 Wing gets the football back and

it's a 75 yard touchdown pass to take the lead with 50 seconds left so it's back and forth Leno Ryan has the

football they're down to the Wingate 20 uh in and Wing get um about 25 yard line

with about four seconds left and have a shot for the End Zone ultimately Ferguson's pass gets picked off in the end zone but it was a back and forth

football game and it was a game that you really kind of felt like whoever had the football last had a really good chance

of winning that football game and and just some some stats kind of from the game that really stuck out to me and

again like you said Chuck it was one of those things that uh when you looked at the stat sheet it really didn't tell the tale of the tape um you know these games

the last two games have been decided by one possession and that just talks about how good these teams are and what's

interesting is Lenor Ryan uh had 483 yards of offense that's the most on the

winggate defense in over two years so that's a phenomenal job just you know it was a shootout and uh and actually you

know it it it really the de and actually there was it was I'm trying to find the number right here guys it was 922 yards

of total offense between both teams on a game we thought defense was going to talk about it for their day but uh

either way it was a great football game Leno Ryan just fell short uh and and falls from the ranks of the unbeaten and and I'll say this we we kind of rote off

Wing get at six and three five- two in the league and they've clawed their way back into this thing so uh kudos to

coach Reich and Coach Reich and his staff you know it's been mentioned a couple times that the stats don't always

Wayne vs Augustana

tell the uh the story of the game and I think we've got another one just like that Whit a 14-2 win over Augustina as

the Vikings fall from the ranks of the undefeated yeah kind of a wild deal I saw him a week ago really have their way

with Mano and then all of the sudden they find themselves in this uh and you

know uh all of a sudden they they're trying to move the ball and Bowman's getting sacked and uh Wayne's kind of

getting after him a little bit uh Wayne scored on a on a deep pass then all of a

sudden they get a pick six here and it's a 14-2 game after a series of bad snaps

by Wayne which uh weren't exactly easy to Corral in the snow everybody seems like they're

having a lot more fun than they're really having and um then uh erson with the fumble who had an otherwise very

productive day I mean Augie had a had you know almost 300 yards offense but

they turn the ball over three times through the air one time on the ground there and they they kind of finish with

a pick here on the sideline and it uh it was kind of a wild deal Brandon because

Wayne finishes with 20 yards of offense okay now they had you know they

they they had positive yardage but they had almost 80 yards in bad snaps and

well that counts so it's not like that that doesn't count and uh so just kind

of a wild deal they got themselves up 14-2 Auggie tried to dig back but just

it was too hard to execute offensively especially in the passing game with that kind of weather Matt let's stay with you

Minnesota Duluth vs Bethany

and talk about one more Northern Sun game tremendous comeback attempt fall

short but midy state with a 38 31 win over Minnesota duth on the road yeah and

and Bal me good weather up at duth of course um you know go go figure but uh

bidi got after duth right away and uh alt was hitting targets all over the

field uh they were complimenting that with rushing and this was a 28-10 ball

game by half and uh you know Kyle wall Jasper the the linebacker quarterback

for for duth uh was still able to go ahead and and and Lead his group back

and and they battled and battled and battled and got this all the way to within a touchdown at the end but uh you

know you see him here hitting a wide open Target just kind of a blown cover there and bidi was able to hold off Toth

but duth kind of proves that they're that team that could be dangerous if they somehow got themselves into the

dance but at the end of the day bigi still proves that they are one of the top

teams in the northern sub very good pretty good weekend uh


with a lot of upsets and surprises couple other things to mention uh two monster upsets in the top 2 Bloomsburg

beats number 21 Shephard and Southwest Baptist beat number 22 Truman State uh

one of those will certainly have an effect on the regional rankings uh two

unbeatens came back after being down two scores in the second half to win against

unranked opponents Davenport over s Sagen Valley and

Central Washington over Kingsville couple other notes John Maka

set a new division 2 record for total touchdowns in a career passing the previous Mark of 171 set by Tyson bent

last year and the PAC Championship matchup is resolved one week early

Slippery Rock and Kutztown won the divisions with a game to spare and will meet for the psac

championship more to come on inside D2 Football October is Breast Cancer

Pink Clover Foundation

Awareness Month and and inside D2 football are teaming up with the pink Clover

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searching pink Clover Foundation well I have to imagine that

Regional Rankings

uh let me pull that down first folks I have to imagine that a lot of people are here here um so that they can hear what

we have to say about Regional rankings uh it's exciting time of year in a time to really dive into them uh let's go

ahead and take those rankings in order switch back to that I'm going to start in super region one tonight um thanks

for Inc blot for the use of his data um as you see with the sort by the Numbers

it's slippery rock tiffen Charleston East sturg Frostburg State Kutztown and

Cal would be the top seven now that's just by the uh raw

numbers and we took a deeper dive and we're going to try to predict what we think they might be tomorrow so uh Chuck

super region one what are your thoughts on the way they might look tomorrow I


think the top three are are pretty well set and pretty easy I think you've got obviously you got two nine and0 teams

you start there slippy Rock has the advantage over tiffen with in all the metrics so you're going to have slippy

rock at one and tiffen at number two I think Charleston's a pretty clear number three based on the record the strength

of schedule the wins against teams over 500 I think that they are a very clear number three where it gets interesting

is when you get down to number four when you look at the the records that would

suggest e Stroudsburg is going to be number four and I won't be surprised if they land on the four line it's very

possible that the committee is just going to group these teams by the zero loss teams the one loss teams and the two loss teams and then rank them within

those groups it's very possible that they will do that but I think if you really dive a little bit further I think you have a

good case to move Frostburg State up to the number four position right behind Charleston who they lost to yesterday

Frostburg has three wins against teams that are over 500 they have vastly Superior SOS to East stoutsburg and I

think if you put them at four you have to remember that Kutztown has a head-to-head win over East stoutsburg so

you know typically head-to-head only comes into play when when two teams are very close to each other and the records are equal but I think it when you look

at the SOS um the win's over 500 and that head-to-head I think you could put Kutztown ahead of them but then you also

have to put California ahead of Kutztown um so I go Frostburg for California five and Kutztown at six unfortunately that

bump SE Stroudsburg potentially all the way down to number seven uh now that's not saying that this is how it's going

to go I I will kind of be surprised if the committee does do it that way but if I was ranking that's probably how it

would come out um keep in mind guys we still have a lot of football to be

played even just among the group of teams that I'm talking about this week you've got East Stroudsburg at Shepard

huge matchup Finley at Ashland that's going to be a a big factor here because Finley is a team to to not o Overlook if

there's somebody who could jump into the picture who's not even on this page potentially could be Finley because they

have OPP well they've got two uh quality opponents coming up so they've got um

they've got Ashland and they've got tiffen coming up at the end of the year so if they win both of those games that

really changes the picture here quite a bit I think uh so Finley really could be a team that jumps into the picture uh if

they win both of those games and obviously that would also then give tiffan a loss so it really would Shuffle the order here quite a bit um and in the

last week of the Season you've got several games we already talked about slipy rock and Kutztown K and E strawsburg play in that last week of the

Season Frostburg and Fairmont State play in the last week of the regular season so there's still a ton to resolve in the

super region just with the teams that are that are uh that are in play right let's go ahead and transition to Super

Super Region 2

Region 2 where Chris is our expert uh as you see by sheer data Benedict is one

valasta is two Delta is three Leno Ry is four Mars Hills five West Florida and

Virginia Union round out the top seven what are your thoughts on super Region 2

CHR CH well I mean certainly a huge jump up

for valasa state after Lenor Ryan uh you know takes a loss and I think that's the

kind of chaos that I I was certainly concerned about with super Region 2

going into this week um and so the way that Vasa kind of kind of vaults up like

that I mean that is a huge jump um you know certainly what's also interesting

is that we talk a lot about um potential rematches in the first round if if

things were to end today you kind of looking at like a Lenor Ry fav State part two who wants to see that um I'm

not very fond of that and I actually wanted to ask Chuck that but my internet start acting crazy about super region

one a little bit because something that's kind of unique is a USC pimbrook

that is on the 10 line in super region one but they are just flat out right right in the super Region 2 footprint

and and that could certainly present a really unique scenario for the committee um you know also pretty big

jumps um Virginia Union uh now really in the mix Virginia state right there right

behind them and and basically you have like this just log Jam of CIAA teams um

right there at the very bottom of the of the ranking so you know somebody got to

win right and you know baring an upset by W hel state which I just let's not

even talk about that or I have to grab my wine glass uh you've got a pretty big rivalry

coming up and then you've got the the championship game so um just a lot to really look into or or look forward to

this weekend probably the one team that's not on this list to to really think about is wing it uh they're sort

of sort of on the outside looking in just because they are three losses but you know if if uh super Region 2

continues to be as chaotic as it's been um then certainly uh I think that they're probably right on the outside

looking in to get into the top 10 very good all right let's go ahead and move to Super Region 3 and I'll

Super Region 3

actually take this one um I think that the teams could be grouped in as many as

four groups but to keep it simple do three groups um with the help of Matten

shuck uh you take the first two they're clearly Harding and Pittsburgh

state now there's a question that will be answered tomorrow because it is known and we've

known this since we've been doing this show and trying to predict these things that a GAC team and an MIAA team will

finish with 500 strength of schedules that's not the case this year because of Pittsburgh's game against Sue Falls

yesterday that's going to give Pittsburgh state um a slight or maybe

not so slight SOS advantage over Harding uh so the question is tomorrow

it should look at like Harding over pit State as you see on the screen uh but at

the end of the at the end of the season if both remain undefeated there would be

a flip and pit state would be in the number one spot um and the question is

do they does the committee want to have to deal with answering those questions so it'll be interesting to see where

they land uh tomorrow I got a question for you yes

like how big of a deal is it to see Harding in that number one slot because I don't think we've seen that in a long

time if ever well they might I don't know if I can recall it but it's not surprising because of the way their

schedule set up you know that they've played the the teams that give them the strength of schedule boost and as you

see it's 522 over 516 and otherwise everything else is kind of just the same

is exactly the same we're used to a Gak team on the top though what's

that we're used to see a Gak team I I got we don't have we don't have Ferris Grand Valley at the top we don't have

Northwest Missouri State in there so I got you okay just a different picture okay hey fair enough good observation

Chris um all right uh speaking of gak team uh Grand Valley and Indianapolis

are in the next group now if you look on the screen Indian Apolis would be ahead of Grand Valley but I think uh we think

that this Grand Valley strength of schedule is 100 points better and they're also three in one versus teams

over 500 so even though there's one loss flip Grand Valley and Indianapolis making Grand Valley three Indianapolis

four now now we've got five through nine Truman made this a little easier by

losing so um we have uh you know one fewer one lost team but Central Missouri

uh probably at six their strength of schedule's better marginally and three in one versus 500 Davenport is

undefeated now um they're hard we got them at six you know from I was looking

at him it's hard to evaluate uh the strength of schedule and winning percentage because they really haven't played anybody it's really hard to

evaluate them but it's better than uh the rest of the group watah uh Ferris

Southern Arkansas and then that's the order watto would be seven Ferris would be eight Southern Arkansas

uh would be nine um anyway that that's kind of the way that it could come out

tomorrow no guarantees uh as you know Ferris I'm sorry did you have

Ferris 10 uh Ferris at eight feris at eight yeah oh okay I'm sorry trumman 10

then okay yes I didn't even go to 10 uh yes yeah I didn't I just stop I stopped there I I've been saying that you know

one lost team is going to get left out obviously that's not going to happen because my inability to predict the the

Southwest Baptist upset of Truman really still a wrench in those plans but um I I

think you know the two lost Southern arkans has a chance I don't think there's any chance that a 10 loss Truman State or a two loss Truman State with

their numbers would would be in that so we don't have Ferris in the top seven

right now do you have any if you're a ferris fan watching this do you think

there's any fear of them not getting in the top seven no can't come the end of the season no I don't think so well well

there would be lose to Davenport right you know I mean they beat Davenport they're gonna have a head-to-head and

and obvious I obviously think Davenport's goingon to lose the Grand Valley as well but let's say that they

pull some upset and somehow beat Grand Valley they have to Lo they have to beat Davenport or they should be out anyway

the numbers and and all the criteria won't matter they should be out it that's that's the way I see it I I I

just I just want to mentioned that basically the gleak has the GSC problem

you know it's hard to schedule games to begin with you get games on there and you kind of see Fair six and one right

and that makes it a bit challenging when you've got teams that have a little bit more um body of work to show for it so

now so now they're basically in a win or go home scenario they're already in the playoffs

here and they've got to beat Davenport to sort of get in as y'all have mentioned so I just find that really

interesting to see and I think a lot of viewers are seeing that feris at 9 is just really really surprising but it it

makes sense yeah I've complained about the scheduling issue how it affects the gak teams how the MIAA would have the

insular schedule and not the inability to schedule gak teams and they would have nobody to play and then they would

try to use that against gak teams at the end of the year and I just

that's not not fair I mean quite frankly so it happens with the CIAA quite a bit

as well so it's uh it's kind of sobering to see it happen to other conferences as

well but I just think that's just kind of where we are as a as a division quite

honestly it happens on the edge I mean anything on the outside of the circle is what it is it's easier to schedule in

the middle which is one of the reasons that the schedules of the northern Sun the G and the MIAA have been an issue

over the past few years but I save all my rants now for the overtime so let's

Super Region 4

go ahead and get to Super region four and Matt take it away on that one please

yeah super region four uh M's obviously kind of made the path to number one I

think Crystal Clear uh you see them right there they they're probably the number one overall seed in the land when

you take a look at their Factor 9 and0 with a 628 SOS five wins over 500 better

good Governor um so when the question becomes okay what's it look like after them and Central Washington

has 72 games uh their strike the schedule isn't good in the company of

the teams chasing them and then from there they've got two wins against 500

or better also not a great number so I think Western Colorado ends up on the

two line tomorrow because of the fact they have 100 Point higher strength to schedule they've got another win over

500 um if we had to go all the way down to Performance indicators they even have

that so I think unless there's a judgment placed on Western Colorado

getting blown out against mines which there could be uh I think that we'll still see Western Colorado on the two

line uh then as you kind of move down the page from there uh peran Bas and I think is a is a strong four and then you

get into the 567 thing where we have one lost teams from the northern Sun kind of

vying for who's next well 567 for what it's worth doesn't matter all that much

anyway because 567 are all on the road if the playoffs started tomorrow so uh I

right now five should be Augustana because of the fact they have the head-to-head over uh Mano and mano's got

a head-to-head over mid midi and if you take a look at them left to right they're pretty similar so I thinking

Augustana mano beiji then we have kind of a distant eighth um and I I wouldn't

doubt that these top seven you see right here Brandon are going to be the seven okay because eight nine 10 are G little

ways to go so if we're taking a look here Wayne State let me let me interrupt

let me interrupt for a second just to be clear is is the gap because of the number of losses is it that simple the

yes and because the teams that are being chased all have good strength of schedule already okay so it's not like

the there we're we're chasing somebody at 567 who have weak numbers okay okay

um Wayne State is who I would have next on the eight line because of the fact not only do they have strong strong

strength of schedule but they got three wins over quality opponents there okay

Angelo's only got one so I would have Angelo then on the next line which is

nine and then I actually have Minnesota duth on the 10 line who's just below peblo there uh only because they have

one less loss but uh that's a crapshoot and and either Pueblo or duth really has

a long way to go even if they're on the page to be real for okay very good all

right well that's a look at what we think will happen um tomorrow or what

could happen tomorrow in terms of the regional rankings we will look at our picks when we come

Thank You

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This Weeks Games

football very good let's go ahead and look at how we did last week our picking

results uh not not a bad week lots of green um had

some uh issues 50-50 on the West Florida valasa game that's good overall not a

bad week uh you know what we were all looking really bad when it came to New Haven until they pulled it out at the

end and then those of us who uh picked mines were feeling comfortable

throughout the entire game I was one of those dopes who took Western and otherwise I had a perfect slate

well then it's not perfect I mean if it wasn't for all the calories I've eaten I'd be thin so let's go ahead I

regretted that decision before the first quarter was over all right let's go ahead and look

at the ones to watch uh this week we're g gonna touch on those Fort Hayes at

Central Missouri Allen is at Benedict Delta is at West Georgia Tuskegee at

Miles and uh pit State at Missouri Western Ferg I want to ask you about the

two siac games uh what are we going to learn

what what what are going to be the results of these outcomes oh man this is a pretty heavy slate um so you know

Allen went up against Edward Waters and I thought that would be a lot closer than it did and you know Allen's

quarterback David Wright's actually one of the one of the um really really really good signal callers not just an

SI but but the in division two in my opinion and he but he's known for

throwing interceptions and he didn't and I was just thinking if if he could stop throwing interceptions I think Allen has

a really good chance to like really just taken off and they did against that water so um you know Allen and benedict

for those who don't know basically they're both in the Columbia South Carolina area so this is a rivalry game

and uh and it should be fun U Allen's offense against Benedict's really strong

defense especially defensive line um you know Benedict started off slow against

uh Savannah State but they showed why they they blasted the third quarter and

and you know I mean it was easy game after that but so so I I think Benedict's going to carry this one going

into the championship game Conference Championship game but uh I I think that it does have the opportunity to be uh a

bit uh entertaining uh as we get there now Tuskegee and Miles uh you know miles

fell to alinny uh you know that was kind of a 50 5050 game uh and so I wasn't

necessarily Blown Away by it but you know I thought miles would kind of you know find a way to win and uh it

certainly shuts them out of the playoffs most likely at this point um but uh you know pretty pretty huge game for these

two these two teams I I do think miles is gonna bounce back against Tuskegee in

this game but uh still there's a very exciting finish huh it was surprising

that outcome yesterday yeah right right right uh but I think

it's going to be pretty exciting finish in the SI for sure it's very entertainingly this year that Allen

Benedict rivalry is is really interesting because you mentioned that they're in Columbia the downtown

Columbia they're literally across the street from each other and we have we have a couple of rivalries that are like

that in D2 and that's one where like you could stand in intersection and you look to your left and that's Benedict and you

look to your right and that's Allen like they're literally right on top of each other other um I think when Allen first started up the program they played their

games in Benedict Stadium while they did so this is one where they like they literally see each other like all day

every day so it's it's it's pretty cool and obviously Allen's never had this good of a team to bring to the fight so

I think that could be a pretty good one um I think the favorites are gonna

win in the MIAA the Fort Hayes uh will or Central will for Hayes will put up a

fight but Central's going to win that one Missouri Western having a great year well you know what for Haz is having a great year too a bounce back for them

after a couple down years but I think the favorites are going to win in the miaaa Justin um what threat does West

Georgia pose to Delta State so I'm G tell you what this game is really intriguing to me for two reasons

one West Georgia and we haven't really talked about it we didn't talk about them when we're talking about Regional rankings guys they have two losses right

they're their last two games are Delta State state so we haven't mentioned them in the playoffs but let them win those

last two games and then see see where it goes from there right right but on the flip but on the flip side of that the

other thing that's intriguing to me is coach KY Patrick shog and Company they've had two weeks now to Fest around

a 2421 loss to West Florida right give them two weeks yeah let let it sit there

and and fester and stew for two weeks and see what happens they're on the road this week at West Georgia this is going to be a classic

game I I think it's just it's going to be exciting to watch I think Delta State

if they come out firing like we think that they can I think it's going to be an offensive shootout you know West Georgia can score points but uh this

game is gonna be exciting I I'm really excited to watch this one very good let's move on to our pick them this week

Pick Them

where we see East rburg at Shepard Limestone at Barton Ferris State at

Davenport Finley at Ashland and Virginia State against Virginia Union

uh we'll start in the order you see him e Stroudsburg at Shephard and Ferg you get to go

first well um you know East stosur's coming up where they what their one

losses to cown and uh you know it's going to make things really interesting

going against a shepher team that you know is coming off of a very shocking very disappointing loss to the fighting

Chu biters uh ah I I don't know if I'm really sold on ESU

right now I just feel I don't know I just feel like when they go up against

teams like this that they just really let me down so I'm not sold I'm gonna go with shephard I kind of agree with you I

had that same gut feeling about East rowsburg that they kind of let you down a little bit Whit your

turn well I'm gonna bring some hate um for if anybody wants to send in their

mail to me feel feel free too I haven't had Shephard rank the entire season not one week I didn't believe in

him and uh I felt like I was kind of proven right a week ago and I think they've had

a softer schedule I think Stroudsburg is defense is good enough to win not sure if they're gonna have enough on offense

but uh I'm riding the East Stroudsburg train here very good uh

Justin I'm GNA Cur I'm gonna put the curse on wit I guess because I was gonna take East straussburg on the road right

instantly I'm questioning my pick yeah too late get ready to really want

to take a Pepto boo Mall because I think I'm taking eastburg too I guys

I shephard I you know having been to that stadium and seen how that Community

comes out after they coming off a tough uh you know disappointing performance a week ago you just think they're going to

come angry but when I look at the fighting Jimmy ters man they're more consistent the defense is better I don't

I just I'm just playing a gut call here and just taking East Stroudsburg very good Chuck well I actually saw both of

these teams play Kutztown in back-to-back weeks and um I kind of came

out of that Kon won both those games but I came out of that thinking that East stoutsburg was a really good football

team uh Shephard's good too but they have some warts they have some problems we certainly saw that yesterday um you

know Shepard's tough to beat at home but I I actually just think e strawberg is the better team right now so I'm going with the Warriors all right very good

Limestone at Barton Limestone six and three Barton five- two I'm going to pick Limestone to

move to seven and three with oh

uh I you know I've had somebody on the panel here coach po telling me for weeks

that limestone is the best three lost team in the country country which it's an interesting comment best three lost

team I didn't know he lived in Allendale I thought he lived on the East Coast yeah only insiders will know that one

so I uh I like Limestone I I I think they could have been a playoff team and

because I don't think they're gonna make it but they just tripped up a little bit too much early in the season I'll take

Limestone here okay and

Chuck yeah Barton's just been a little up and down uh this year they've kind of

they've had they've had some good weeks they've had some bad weeks I think Limestone You know despite having the the three losses I think they've played

at a more consistent level so I'm going with the Saints and Justin well you know what no

let's go to Tony first well and I maybe I'm missing something is isn't Barton five and

four yeah one of yes yeah for the rankings but yes Tony what would

be these Graphics if we didn't have one that was a mystery oh well that's I'm

not yeah I'm not I'm not criticizing the graphics again that's you know that's part of our weekly quiz for the viewers

so that they can say oh that's not right which one which one did Brandon mess up in a rush to get this crap

up actually they're actually nine and0 no and so to me again I mean I take

a look at that I've heard similar things about limestone and for me Barton's lost three straight I mean you got two teams

going in different directions I like Limestone okay uh

Chris yeah as much as like I like Barton um when you look at who those four

losses too I mean it's the top half of the sack and and limestone is certainly

one of those teams that belongs in the top half of that conference so uh I'm going to go with the Saints okay and

Justin yeah so this is this is going to be I think um it's going to be interesting

because limestone's got to be able to stop that Bart and rushing attack if they can do that I think their offense is is a little bit too powerful for the

bulldock defense and so I think limestone's going to win assuming that they they're at full strength and they have uh you know everybody there on

Saturday I think I think Limestone will uh win all right uh next first state of

Davenport wh um watched fair amount of the Davenport

game the other day I think they have some weapons offensively that can hurt Ferris um I just think if Ferris is

focused and if they are hungry to make the playoffs I like Ferris to win this

game okay chck yeah Ferris is certainly the more talented football team but you know it's

going to be interesting to see what their approach is to this because I think that they're going to be a little shocked and pissed off when they see the rankings tomorrow tomorrow and does that

really Inspire them and they want to go out and prove who they are and what they are or you know are they a little bit

dispirited um regardless you know fah State's the better team I gotta go with them

Dustin fah State uh

Chris you know I I had the opportunity to see Davenport in in person and I

think they're a great team but I I I just don't know if I'm ready to elevate

them above Ferris in a game like this I just don't see it I'm going to go with

the Bulldogs well I think I think Davenport got lucky yesterday and or

Ferris State

fortunate however you want to look at it and I have been since about week two

I've been telling everybody how they're going to lose the last two so how could I uh pick anybody but Ferris but Tony

you get the last word yeah well and guys I mean we saw this a similar scenario last year right where Davenport was

undefeated going into the last two weeks of the season um and you know struggled

against Ferris and then really had a tough goal against Grand Valley in week 11 so uh this is a similar uh story path

that we're on here again and I don't think any this is nothing revelatory I think everybody said it I think at this

point when you look at I mean Fair David Port strength the schedule those far again they've been playing teams that I

don't think they have any wins or anybody who's got a 500 or better record and that kind of speaks volumes especially when you look at how close

they've made some of these games I'll give them credit for finding ways to win uh I think Brandon you're you're dead on

that they've got some weapons um I was a little surprised to see how uh little or

in little they used or ineffective myON Harris was against sagov valy yesterday I don't think you'll see that again I

think they'll try and get him the ball and and and see what they can do with him um I think to me the biggest key is

you know Davenport's a 16 17 point a game allowed defense which is you know

really good defense nationally surprising yeah can they get stops uh

against Ferris and can they get pressure on those quarterbacks and make them uncomfortable that's the key to keeping this close uh at the end of the day you

know again I got to go back to the Missouri the Missouri uh axom and until

I see it it's tough it's tough to pick against FIS state so I'll take feris right H moving on to Finley at Ashlin

Chuck go first please uh Finley they have the best defense in the GMX um was

very impressed with what I saw from them yesterday you know their offense isn't explosive but they can be sneaky good um

really good offensive line and that you know they've got size they've got strength um they tend to make plays when

they really need to have them um Ashland has won five in a row so this is definitely a tough game but um I'm going

Finley okay

Justin Finley other than I like the are they the Oilers yeah they are they are the

Oilers well that's why [Laughter] Tony boy I I really struggled with this

one guys um again you know I mean a Ashlin you gotta think on it face

probably came into the season with a little more talent and but you know Chang the coaching staff had to get everything figured out they did lose a

couple of all-timers um you know on both sides of the ball uh but they've wred the ship I like their momentum man I'm

still struggling with what to do with this one uh I'm gonna I'm gonna take Ashlin I don't

know why um everybody's points about Finley are are strong and and it wouldn't surprise me either way but

again I'll play the gut call and go with Ashen

B well you know neither one of these teams really blow me away and I think

I'm more excited about this game because it's Ashlin and I'm always interesting to see what Wht has to say so

there's that piece of it um but I think in the end I I think Finley um may have

a little bit of the edge give me the Oilers as well all right I will pick Finley as well and Whit you get the last

one fin well despite the fact that Ashlin threw shade my way last year in the playoffs before they departed um I I

am going way did they tell you congratulations on getting this last prediction correct or they just fade off

no for for those who weren't around for it um I think they they kind of clapped

at me a little bit and um that was okay because um you know uh the end was near

nonetheless and um so as I take a look at this here I I want to take Ashland I

really do for the same reasons Tony was mentioning but you know what I think Finley's just been a better team this

year I'm taking the oil this year right in one last game Virginia state at

Virginia Union and uh we'll start with

Justin Virginia state and I don't know that it's going to be close

Okay uh Tony it's a D2 game of the week here guys I mean a couple eight1 teams

man awesome uh yeah I mean you look at just week in week out what the

expectations are of these teams I get what Justin's saying Virginia State I just I don't know man sometimes sometimes you just got to do what you

got to do against the teams you're supposed to be Virginia Union had Virginia Union has not scored fewer than

42 points in five weeks and they've dropped three straight 50 burgers and I

get it may not be against the stiffest of competition but I something about that offense I don't know I'm I'm I'm taking

Virginia Union here I maybe I'll be proven silly but that's my gut I'm going with that Ferg I got a question before I

make my pick is that no way you can't do that there's no there's no on the- fly

research what is this yes there is yes yes is the is the winning streak does it

coincide with J buyer's return I'm just curious yes okay well well well except

for the first one right first yes the win streak is is with his return Yes okay I'm picking Virginia Union uh

Whit uh I like what Virginia unions rules doing and uh I'm gonna take I'm

taking Virginia Union despite you're cheating there Brandon

Chuck uh I like Virginia Union uh I think that they're you know one play

away from from being an undefeated team you know on a sloppy night you know they just had a really tough day and bad

weather against feville State you know last year they lost the one game that kept them out of the CIAA championship

game and and they were the best team in the CIAA last year I'm convinced of that lost the one game that kind of kept them

out of that I don't think they're going to let that happen this year rivalry game at home for them I'm going Virginia

Union all right and Chris you get the final word well let me just make this

about not either of these two teams for a brief second you know the fact that faval state has already wrapped up the

CIAA South for like what the seventh straight year or some some ridiculous number plays into this game a little bit

because the fact that now we've got two teams that are looking to face them in

the CI League championship game two weeks from now and honestly I wish they would just

end in a tie but unfortunately the rules don't allow that um so here you've got

Virginia state who's two weeks away from in the past from losing to a one win

team at a time and going through a lot of of injuries but a very resilient

bunch and then you've got Virginia Union who's had their own injuries and try to

figure things out at at quarterback but they continue to play the two quarterback system and they've got you

know JS one of the best running backs in division two and and depth behind them overall to

me um it's a very exciting game because I think that there's gonna be quite a

bit of offense in this game because Virginia Union is definitely can be exposed in the passing game and that's

the strength the Virginia state but in the end uh I really think

that Virginia Union is probably looking forward to a rematch against faval state

in much better weather conditions than the seven and0 game that we saw in which

you know remember like Wayne Wayne stay and Auggie and Wayne wins with 20 20

yards of offense they're gonna they're gonna play I I hope not because if I I'm not

going to the game if that happens but but remember you know faal State won

that game with less than 100 yards of offense and I think Virginia Union is looking forward to a rematch in much

better condition so they just got a lot to play for here and I I just think that Virginia Union is is going to come out

with just enough to take this game all right very good all right we'll see how

uh how the games how they come out next week so well you're all wrong

probably all right for the rec I'm out one thing if it does snow on Saturday I know Chris if you're going you're not

going if it snows on Saturday I'm done like I live in this region and it's 70 degrees today if it snows on Saturday

you're not gonna see me for a while dude it's like it's like 80 it was like 81 today where I live and it's gonna be

like 29 in a couple days I know

quit I'm out back weather patterns over here

moving way we're pushing that cold air

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