Inside D2Football - Bracket Reaction and Playoff Predictions

November 12th, 2023 1:00pm

Inside D2Football - Bracket Reaction and Playoff Predictions


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well hello everybody and welcome to inside D2 football with Justin Polizzi Matt

Witwiki Chuck Bitner Chris Ferguson and Tony Nicolette I am Brandon Misener thank

you for being with us for what is going to be I think an outstanding and fun

show uh so what are we gonna talk about well you know what we're going to talk about it's the playoffs uh we'll also

end up picking the round one outcomes we'll try to dissect them as best we can uh in the overtime period which I think

will be rather spicy today we're going to answer questions and criticisms of us or of this bracket feel free to get your

comments and we'll flag them throughout the show uh once again thank you everybody for uh joining us it's a

pleasure to have you with us so uh a couple hours ago the bracket was

released we'll have that up on the site shortly after the show but uh let's we're just going to go ahead and look at

the bracket round by round see how we got there and then at the end of the show we will all pick the winner so I'm

going to go ahead and switch us to the other layout Chuck and let's go ahead and let's talk about super region one I

will announce it uh super region one we have the uh tiffen dragons as the number

one seed and the three seed is Kutztown who will host Virginia Union two seed is Charleston who will

host New Haven and slippery rock is the four seed and they will host fellow psac

opponent East Stroudsburg so tell us a little bit about how we got here chck well there's a lot to unpack um I'll start

with this the seven teams that make up this region are six of the seven teams

that I expected to be in this bracket plus Shephard which is we're going to see a little bit later so if you include

Shephard among the six traditional sr1 teams those are the seven teams that I

expected to see in the playoff field representing super region one after all

the games were played yesterday we went through all the results looked through all the numbers those were the seven teams that I landed on the biggest

variable was going to be is New Haven in as like a six7 seed or are they an

earned access team the implication there is if they're an earned access team then

they must play a two seed so that's where the nca's rules get a little bit convoluted and in my opinion unnecessary

because we know how important it is to try to minim miniz air travel in this tournament but when you have to send New

Haven to a two seed you take some options off the table because for a New Haven team you have bustable options

here teams like Slippery Rock and Kutztown those are bustable destinations from New Haven uh but Charleston is just

beyond that 600 miles so now that's a flight so that rule where an earned access team must play a number two seed

I think is revealed here number one this tells me that New Haven is in fact an earned access team um I'm I'm pretty

sure that's what this means but then that also means that we have fewer options on the table for how to pair

these teams because if New Haven has to go to Charleston then we've got two other teams that we can send to our host

institutions so that's where we see the swap with Virginia Union and Shepherd

come into the picture uh the reason I say that is for Kutztown both of the other traveling

teams which again would be East Stroudsburg and Shepard if Shepard was still part of this bracket those are

both rematches for cutdown they're all in the pack East so they've all played each other so what I'm seeing with the

switch is that that was done to avoid a first round rematch at Kutztown because

either East stoutsburg or Shepard is a rematch there so we bring Virginia Union into Super region one send them to

Kutztown again that's a bustable trip and then we send Shephard into Super region to so

talk about them a little bit later so that's a little bit how we got to the

teams now I do think it's worth talking about one how tiffan ended up as the one seed and some of the other things that

we see here um so tiffen gets the number one seed by virtue of Slippery Rock uh

losing the pack Championship going into yesterday they were the two 10- and0 teams Kutztown uh manhandled Slippery

Rock um took them out of the uh the pack Championship uh picture won that that

game in a very impressive fashion tiffen took care of their business a really impressive win against uh a good Finley

team team yesterday so the dragons are actually the only uh so I think for the

committee this ended up being a very easy pick for tiffen to be number one so then the question became well what do we

do with Kutztown how high do they go how far does Slippery Rock fall uh I think the what they landed on made sense this

was actually how I swagged it when I looked at it last night this morning tiffen one Charleston two cuts toown three and slipper Rock four so I think

that all fell into place pretty cleanly and pretty nicely the other big result yesterday was East Stroudsburg beating

California I did not see that happening I thought that California was going to be the more complete team a little bit

better team EAS albur played a tremendous football game yesterday outplayed Cal uh really gutted that out

late in the fourth quarter got a great win and that ended up being the play in game that we thought it was going to be

gets the Warriors into the bracket so uh overall I thought it was fairly easy to land on the right seven teams we got a

little bit of a switch there that we didn't expect I think this adds some excitement um bringing Virginia Union in

otherwise you'd have some rematches here uh so we minimize the effects of that I think you know East Stroudsburg going to

slippy rock is something I didn't think was going to happen a couple weeks ago very exciting matchup there um so this

is a really good looking field for super region one uh with that the little bit of a switch to to get a team from

outside in the bracket so I think it looks really good I I think for the most part this was done

correctly what do you guys think any any holes you can shoot in this I I got I got one I mean I know

we're going to talk about a potential rematch in super what super Region 3 and

I just looked at the map and it I don't it look it looks like the math wouldn't have worked to move you know one of the

gleak teams over the super region one like You' be right at right at 600 miles or uh you know to to do a swap so yeah I

don't have a problem with this you know I got I kind of have a dog in this fight now CIAA is back in into uh super region

one for the first time in numerous years so um you know I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can do

against uh the pack uh in this case so yeah and I think you see a little bit of

that on the screen right now just seeing some of the things that Virginia un can do um with their offense so uh yeah I

like this I like this matchup and I think Chuck you're exactly right about or access and it is kind of nice to to

not see the the hcu conferences have to get earned access or somebody else has to take that that banner and run with it

and yet here we are again with the Northeast 10 doing that and my observation here is Slippery

Rock I think is going to be an interesting four now because they seem to be you know we thought a fairly

overwhelming one until they had a pretty underwhelming performance yesterday and

and bring it a question how good are they so uh I I think I think this makes

super region one pretty interesting as to is Slippery Rock still looked at as the favorite is Tiffin maybe now uh

because they're gonna have to play one less football game uh but they're going to end up meeting up if if you know

Slippery Rock were to were to win and so there there's some interesting things that I think are happening right there

um you know Charleston seems like they're almost kind of waiting in the weeds a little bit you know uh I'm

surprised if they even know they're in the I'm surprised if they even know they're in the tournament I don't think they knew they won the

NC oh they didn't yeah they uh took about 24 hours to figure that out and and you know realize that's something

they should be proud of post a story yeah I mean come on Charleston do better um sry go ahead no I agree with you on

that and I think you know Charleston is is a team that you we haven't really talked about a whole lot they could be a

team that's you know maybe uh like you said a kind of a te team that could to jump up there but tiffen I think is

really interesting because I think that the schedule was ended up being a little bit of a disservice for them because of when they caught the good teams that

they normally play when they played Ashland early in the season we were a little down on Ashland I think they were you know two and or one and two at the

time we didn't really think Ashland was was you know a good team turns out that they are um later in the season you know

they caught Ohio Dominican when they're just kind of you know out of steam and I think Finley might have been a little

bit deflated so I think we still kind of don't know quite what to think of tiffen but they are a really really good

football team they're they are a team that changes a game very quickly if you look at some of their results they've

had some weeks where they started a little slow in the first quarter and then a quick series of events and all of

a sudden they're up 17 points um they can change a game in a hurry um so I think that they are a very tough one

seed for for the rest of this bracket I think a lot of these teams don't know much about tiffen um that might make him

dangerous if feel like another underrated team or under mentioned team is uh is kown you know we we don't talk

about them very much in here they are in the playoffs again unranked um in our poll uh tell me about them Chuck yeah I

mean after the 0 and2 start and and actually both of those were games that they could have and probably should have won but when you start 0 and two and

you're kind of fighting from from behind for the rest of the season um it just takes a while to kind of build back up

to being like a ranked team a top 25 team but they they really kind of you know controlled most of the sack East

although really down the stretch there were a few games where they underwhelmed a little bit you know they they I think

they beat Lock Haven 7 to3 they beat Shippensburg nine to7 um those were kind of some puzzling results that made me

think that they didn't have the offense to beat slippy rock that was really what I felt going into that game I knew they had the defense I didn't think they had

the offense and it was really some of those results I was looking at thinking that they weren't going to be able to score enough with slippy Rock Well turns

out if you shut out Slippery Rock for 59 minutes you have a pretty darn good chance of winning um their their defense was just

absolutely phenomenal yesterday for the Golden Bears but the game plan that they had yesterday that attacking Slippery

Rock with the downhill run game and then the way they beautifully mixed in the quarterback draws and the screens uh

just brilliant game planning I cutdown won that game during the week they didn't they didn't just win it on Saturday they won that game Monday

through Friday lastly guys I think you know the Virginia Union piece here coming in here

for for old heads like most of us uh that's an interesting little twist

yep you know how would how how would uh Virginia Union do in sr1 um we're not used to having a new

team going into sr1 like this so I find that very interesting and Virginia Union's got a a strong offense and and I

don't think can be discounted in this field so I think it really makes for for an interesting uh group right now and

I'm not going to lie guys when this came up on the screen because it's the first one that they showed I spent the next 15

minutes with my brain seeing red because I couldn't understand why Virginia Union got moved into Super region one and I

didn't see feris so I thought to myself did I get the did did someone get wires crossed so you know and then we

obviously found out that this was uh Shepherd going elsewhere was all about trying to get rid of uh a repeat matchup

in the pack and I'll be honest with you I'm all about that because we always want to get rid of repeat matchups if we

can so if the committee went out of their way to do that kudos to them in my mind yeah well they they needed to

continue and do that just a little bit more because we we we have a couple more rematches well and but let's face it

guys too I mean you just brought up Ferris I mean the idea of moving Ferris into this region probably went by the

wayside the minute silly Rock lost yesterday because they drive to Tiff and that's

that's the selling point right well Ferris could have been eastberg in this in this mix right here Ferris could have

very easily been right there and but well but strab but e Stroudsburg

wasn't on wasn't seated neither feris isn't seated either

well I think you meant that they they could have been paired playing slippy rock is that what you meant yes oh okay

I gotta yep yeah yeah they could have been in that place of straussburg I suppose absolutely yeah but it it's when

when I saw that that didn't happen right away our dream was over yep so I KN I as

soon as I saw that as soon as I saw that New Haven was still in sr1 and they had

shipped Virginia Union to sr1 I said oh Ferris is going to be playing at Grand Valley and anyway all right that's

enough super Region 3 one talk let's move on to Super region two uh these are

our seeds Benedict is the number one seed undefeated uh number two seeds Delta State

who will as we've talked about have a rematch with West Florida um three seed

is valdasta State they'll play Limestone and the four seat is Leno Ryan who will play Super region one um member Shephard

so Chris first and then Justin tell me about super region true two please well

Benedict was kind of a no-brainer s similar to Tiffin and that they're um they're not they're undefeated so and

got through got past all Ben state pretty easily uh yesterday so um you

know much of the rest of this was pretty predictable uh and when you have

somebody like Lenor Ryan who just manhandled uh tuscum that I mean that just wasn't

really much of a result the same thing happened with vasta who um you know West

Georgia was kind of playing close to them for a while and all of a sudden boom they're they're up two scores and

and and run it away with it in the third quarter so um and then Delta uh who had

choan and I mean that wasn't very much of a fight either so um you know

surprisingly surprisingly not surprisingly the the the loser of the CAA championship game was going to be

out of this deal um you know we kind of everybody I think that I certainly talked to thought Limestone was going to

take that their spot and that's exactly what happened um you know over somebody like am Mars Hill or Windgate um and so

uh you know and then the shepher swap with Virginia Union because you know it had been predicted that Virginia Union

was going to be going to Leno Ry for you know a couple weeks now and then we had

the swap happen so not a lot of surprises you know unfortunately given

geography um you've got a rematch here with Delta and uh and West Florida but

we did avoid a rematch of limestone and and Leno Ryan so uh All In this was

relatively predictable uh with everybody who needed to win winning out not not really many spoilers

here no yeah I agree I agree with a lot of what you said Chris you know when I looked at this Benedict obviously yeah

they're gonna be at the one Lenor Ryan uh kind of Right Where I thought they were gonna be the Shephard the Shephard

flip was was a little you know caugh caught us off guard I think but you know the defense for Lenor Ryan is is pretty

darn good and and you and you flip that with Shepard's defense that game's intriguing to me a little bit Leno Ryan

yesterday I mean everything they did was just working offensively defensively special teams wise and they kind of

pretty much steamrolled tuscum for the most part but uh the question I want to have is really that Shephard offense and

and you know as I did dive deep into the tape this week kind of what are they gonna be able to do against Leno Ryan so I'm intrigued about that matchup when

you look at the uh Delta State West Florida game you know that wasn't as surprising just geographically because

of where Delta state is and and really um you know West Florida it's that's the

easiest team to get there so uh but but Delta Delta State's got a little payback on their mind right you know they they

got they got to avenge their loss against West Florida uh and so I I think this is intriguing it's it's you know

we're gonna Crank It Up week one and and and kind of see where it is when the dust settles but uh you know I'm excited for this matchup you know I think if if

the offense at Delta state is rolling you know that was a a one possession game there late until until late there

last time they played so I'm excited for this matchup um you know as these teams have gone on they've kind of had um

particularly last couple weeks of the season um say lesser opponents if you will and so it's it's this matchup is

going to be a lot of fireworks I think I think there's gonna be a lot of offense scored and it maybe you know who whose defense can can create more turnovers or

get more stops that's going to decide this one and then that last game down there at State Limestone not surprised I

think we all kind of thought this may could happen you know Limestone um handled business this week up at emry

and Henry and they pulled away late it was it was close there in the first half and and they just they just handled

their business they lose two games early they lose the game to Leno Ryan and they just handled their business they got

themselves in position that when the dust settled they had a chance of making the playoffs and they did it um I and I

think their offense I think they can go toe-to-toe at valdasta I really do I think it's going to be um you know they

have a pretty strong Run game and we've seen it give fits to to valasa over a couple games this year so I don't know

if if they're going to you know defense are going to have to make plays in this one but offensively this should be a shootout I think and this game might be

closer than we think it's going to be um particularly with what Limestone can do valdosa state had a great showing this

week against West Georgia guys played really really well um and took took home

um the peach basket trophy so you know just it was a great a great weekend there so I'm excited about these

matchups I think I think we're going to see some some interesting matchups and uh I'm excited you know to me as a coach

look it's time to strap it up and go play I don't really care who we're dang playing we just got to go somebody's going to be across the field from us we got to go take it to them whether it's

this week next week four weeks from now it don't it doesn't dang matter we're gonna go out there and try to win and and and you know be playing on December

18th Justin you know what um when I was you were just kind of breaking down I I

mean when I looked at this I was looking at this late last night probably later than I want to admit and I was chatting

with Brandon and I said I think the travel thing has to match this up

exactly like we see it here yeah but I just had instead of Shephard naturally

we had Virginia Union there uh because Virginia Union vasta was over 600 miles and all that I think the vasta Limestone

game is really interesting Limestone has All-American caliber running back receiver um they can score and uh I

think that that game has a 50 to 40 kind of potential to it because valaste has

really come along and their quarterback Sammy Edwards is slowly becoming from a

top 10 top 20 guy he's getting inside of that and he's becoming a heck of a

player for them and uh he really does what they want to do at the quarterback

position for valdasta spreads the ball out like crazy and I think the valdasta

defense has shown clear improvement from year to year they had a little bit of a third quarter yesterday but otherwise

they were getting after them you're you're right and you know we've we asked valasa to win games this

year and show us that you know they they belonged here and they've done that they've answered every question that we've thrown at them and and to their

credit and you flip that you look at Limestone I mean they played two golf South teams early this year they took

their losses they learned they grew they developed they kept coming back week after week and that was the thing was

you know when you start 0 and two like that guys how what what do you do what like what how do you respond to that and

they just kept growing they kept kept getting better okay you have a setback against Lenor Ryan not a big deal you

just keep getting better and you put yourself to be in position to to be here right and so uh I think they're primed

to to you know give valasta all they can handle and and you know maybe look at going on to the next round you're they

got to the playoffs last year they they've played a couple golf South teams they played you know some elite elite

games early so they're not going to be enamored at you know whatever whatever that stigma is there with the go south

maybe they're ready to go in my opinion Chuck you know you and I had talked

about this yesterday of we run the risk in this tournament we said this 24 hours

ago of having two Mammoth collisions in the first round against with teams that

are have been in the top 10 the better part of the last few years we got both of them and you know Delta and West

Florida here what what are your thoughts when you saw that well first of all I think all three of your host teams in

this region are probably looking at this and saying this is a tough matchup for us in the first round um so I think the

Delta State West Florida thing is very interesting because you know if if you're Delta State obviously you think you're the best team in this bracket all

all these teams do as they should they think they're the best team in this bracket so if you're Delta State you think you're the best team I think you

also undoubtedly believe that West Florida is the second best team in this bracket so on the surface that's that's

a tough draw right you gotta play West Florida in the first round of the playoffs you know I welcome that if I'm

Delta State in this situation you know you just have to spin things to to get yourself into the right frame of line I

welcome that you know West Florida is the only team to beat us let's just take care of this in the first round you know

if you play him in the second round or third round odds are you're you're going to take some injuries along the way everybody's going to be a little bit

more beat up take him out now you know bring him bring him down there to Cleveland we know that uh that that's a

tough place to play bring him down there get him at home beat him and move on uh

I welcome that matchup if I'm Delta State at this point um couple other things that stand out out to me um for

Benedict you know not that there's really a favorable draw here because these are all good teams not going to

play golf South team uh in their first game uh that's probably something that uh Works their advantage of course we

thought that last year too um but that's probably a good draw for Benedict I would be really curious to know what

Lenor Ryan thinks of having to play Shepard instead of Virginia Union um

just knowing that the sack plays the CIAA a lot and they win most of those games or they win

a lot of those games I'm kind of thinking Lenor Ryan probably thought we're going to get Virginia Union you know they haven't played for a long time

but they know that conference they're probably thinking that that's a very favorable matchup for them now you're

looking at swapping out a Virginia Union kind of a known quantity just by extension from a lot of common

opponents you swap out Virginia Union and now you bring in Shephard you're probably looking at that and saying hm

that's a really tough matchup for us but I also think it's going to be a great great game so uh lot lots to unpack in

this region I think all three of these matchups are fantastic all right well let's go ahead

and we will talk about super Region 3 that's up next just wanted to take this

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[Music] football all right as you see the

display has super Region 3 Harding is the one seed as the undefeated team in

the super region um after Harding uh number the two seat is Grand Valley

they'll have a rematch with Ferris State number three seed Pittsburgh state they

will host Indianapolis man seems like uh I saw that sometime in the near near recent

past uh and then a four seed Central Missouri will uh host Henderson State

which admittedly is an interesting game to me at least it's something new but I

think we all predicted or understood that this would happen you know especially there were options but as

soon as we saw that uh New Haven stayed in in super region one that it was going

to be a rematch and it's all based upon geography Harding I think deserves the number one seed I think that they're you

know as an undefeated team um I understand the criticism of uh playing a

conference only schedule we've harped on that all the time but I think you know over the course of the Season Harding

has shown that uh they're a strong team and I think that we've been more complimentary of them than we've ever

been in any other season they seem to have been dominating U every team in in

the GAC and kind of imposing their will in almost uh every game that they've

played now they'll face the winner of Central

Missouri and Henderson State and for people who love football or in love

especially I know wit does likes to see different Styles different kinds of offenses um those are two very different

offenses and it will be interesting to see if Harding um excuse me if his Central Missouri gets past Henderson

State to play Harding that would be very interesting matchup but uh nonetheless

Central Missouri draws Henderson State and um that will be interesting one uh

for me all right so the two three seeds uh we'll start out with Grand Valley and

Ferris State all right uh I'll save it for the

over all right um because there's a lot places to go with this I'm G save it for

the overtime uh Grand Valley you know had a uh you know an outstanding Game

beat fairis State earlier in the year um Lakers playing playing pretty

good Bulldogs maybe a little bit better uh than you know they kind of had a low

in the middle of the season I think that they've improved a little bit maybe and

maybe this a little bit more consistent or maybe that's just a product of playing weak opponents I I I don't know

all I know is that I've seen this game and um we're going to see this game again in um you know in a few days the

one thing that's interesting to note about this um Ferris will be playing the

game without head coach Tony anise who has to serve a onegame suspension by the

NCAA so it'll be it'll be in interesting to me because if Ferris had played a

team that we think that they would dominate an's absence would be

irrelevant but this one this is a game where they really need him on the sideline they really need him making

decisions and it would be uh it'll be interesting to see if uh how the um how

the Bulldogs play without him there uh the winner of that game uh will face the

winner of Pittsburgh state and Indianapolis now uh Pittsburgh state

really hasn't been playing uh as good as it should may maybe that's just maybe they've hit their ceiling I know I've

talked several times that they need to be more consistent uh they have they have not been and quite frankly they

forced uh six turnovers against UCO yesterday and only won 20 to1 I don't

think the guillas probably like where they are heading into the playoffs but they will host uh U Indi a team that

they played last year and you know and they just uh blew the doors off of U Indy because uh it it was not it was not

close last year uh we'll see if it's an improvement this year but uh that's the way um super Region 3 shaped up the one

question we all had last night was who would be the seven team one through six

was easy who would be the last team I thought it should be Henderson Matt and Chuck thought it should be Henderson

everybody else thought it was Henderson it should be Henderson and that's the way it came out so I think explain

explain to our view explain to our viewers if you would who may not understand why we were thinking that

there has to be a decision made there in the GAC what what when the numbers came out for us last evening and we were

mulling this over what did we run funny thing Chuck sent me a message or sent us all a message and it said how how the

heck do you figure this out and it was all three teams from the GAC and they they were all like had the same numbers

across the board and really I I think that we did so that like you know WIS

lost strength of schedule there was also a circular uh firing squad of who beat who so there was no way to really figure

that exactly out what it came down to uh wins against ranked opponents or did we

even determine that that was the same chuckp things yeah yeah there were

a couple things in play there and and also should should mention that you know obviously Henderson States went over

Wasa was you know a huge Factor here right um but that really opened the door

for Missouri Western to be the team that made the bracket well they would have yeah except except that Missouri

Southern took them to overtime and beat them so there is this really short window of time where we thought Missouri

Southern was going to make the playoffs because we expected them to get bumped out by earned access so right there was

a short window of time where we thought Missouri Western was going to be the team to get in but then Southern you know just played really hard as they've

done all year got a great win for themselves and then that opened the door for Henderson State so but yeah there it

was very difficult to figure out among those last couple teams who it was going to be but I was even looking at the pi

category and like thinking that the one thing that was going to get Henderson in or the one thing that differentiated

them was the win against the good team on the road so their Pi was a little higher anyway that's how close it was as

you as you guys know if you're looking at Pi Things Are exactly the

same they could have just thrown their hands up and put Davenport in too I mean that's the

thing they score a point the last two games I mean like six quarters yeah yeah

oh that's right yeah you know I mean I'm I'm making I'm joking but we all knew Davenport was gonna lose last year no I

know I know you were joking too Tony I mean those were there were all kind two lost team they were a two lost team but

you yeah I think their strength could have been there yeah they their case wasn't as strong I get it

before the before after week nine the discussion was Davenport we

don't know anything about him because they haven't played anybody etc etc I think we found the answer when they

played Grand Valley in feris state well so all the only data we have of them is negative true and in Davenport's defense

they didn't have their quarterback yesterday either so I exactly so hey along those lines Brandon go back to

Pittsburgh state for for a moment because I know you said that you know maybe the pit state in the second half of the Season we're seeing is not as

good as the not as impressive as the pit state in the first half right um Chad Dodson was injured in that last series

back in the Missouri Western game and I believe he did not play yesterday I am unsure I did not know

that tell you the truth chck yeah that's the trth right he's got he's got an ankle I think yeah yeah everybody you

know that that you know I I think you pit State obviously still going to be a prohibitive favorite in that matchup but

it perhaps uh it perhaps levels the playing field a little bit I I think they'll win oh but hey we'll we'll talk

about that in the overtime but he before before we forget B yeah I think what we ended up landing on with Harding I don't

think we ever actually mention it here or not Harding um Henderson is that Henderson competed with Harding and the

others didn't in the GAC and that looked like the biggest difference

was Henderson's whole body of work they just look more competitive than the other two right that's exactly right um

and again that's you know the it's basically the same thing we said about Davenport they didn't compete compete

when uh when they they could have and Herson was the one who would did not get

the doors blown off so all right let's go ahead and switch to Super Region 4 um

as you see on the screen Colorado Mines uh number one seed as they should be they

will face the winner of Augustin and Minnesota state um a rematch from

earlier in the year excuse me um the number uh two SE

is Western Colorado they will host Central Washington uh UT perum Basin gets to

host the football game that's great for that young program they will host bidi State the winner will play the western

Colorado and the central Washington winter uh Whit what are your initial thoughts on the way this shook out yeah

I'll I'll start at the top here um you know I don't want to say it's kind of what I thought it was gonna be kind of

what I thought it was going to be and uh Colorado Mines is the clear cut number

one and uh frankly they've been bulletproof I mean we've we we've had

you know a handful of weeks ago we had a plenty of teams that were still unbeaten not so many teams still unbeaten this

team has done so and uh you know they've been swinging the hammer while they've been doing it so Mata is healthy uh

their defense is playing fantastic um they're going to be really really tough

to to beat and uh you know it's at the beginning of the year if we would have thought that they were going to be

undefeated on the one line I think we all would have kind of raised our eyebrow like I don't know about this they had a lot of reloading now I moved

to the next game with with Augustana and Augustana um other than a crazy snow

game against Wayne State uh they're an unbeaten team you know and they've

beaten some good squads like Bano here uh when I was at this game earlier in the year and uh I'm trying to contain my

excitement for the idea of them playing for a second time here at the same stadium and everything uh joke inserted

and uh but we I knew that there was going to be a northern Sun rematch of some sort just because of the geography

and sr4 was going to come into play undoubtedly now on the FP clip side here Mano has been L jackn Hyde uh first half

of the year they look like they were maybe a top five team nationally since that time they've been a little bit

shaky they've been searching for offensive identity um you know if they can throw the football like they did

here earlier in the year against bidi uh they can be a real risk and and get their running back and you know Sheen

Butler lawon going uh he had a great game a few weeks ago against Winona went

for 170 and three scores this last game 60 yards no scores and uh I don't know

who they are anymore week to week to be perfectly honest Brandon um you know so that's that's the kind of the top half

of the bracket what the winner get in Minds uh then we have Western Colorado

at the two seed and they've kind of hung on to that two seed despite the fact their strength of schedule's gone down

uh because they have a head-to-head over UT preman Basin uh now last time we

talked about this team uh they were kind of getting dump trucked against uh mines in in a game that we really didn't

expect that kind of outcome but we can't you know pass over the fact that they have been a very good team the rest of

the season uh they run the football well they get after you defensively they're not afraid to Blitz uh all kinds of

pressures uh you can see some of that right here uh that's not going to be a very easy team for a central Washington

uh to go in and play now Central wash as we take a look at it here Brandon they're a squad that lost to an ni that

kind of raised a few eyebrows um you know won that I don't even know if they're going to end up being in the playoffs that they're

the right so um at the same time Central

Washington is a good defensive team a physical team who is a running football

team okay uh they're kind of old school that way um unfortunately when you you

start getting boat raced like peran Basin did with that the second half yesterday uh it's kind of hard to come

back and UTPB was hitting shots down the field on them and they kind of didn't have an answer for that um so I think

that this is a tough game for Central Washington here uh another long travel game for them and so forth uh but you

know Western Colorado hasn't been tested a whole lot in the last five six weeks

so that's an interesting matchup uh for us right there uh and then we get down towards the bottom and we've got

UTPB uh who we had their you know their coach on a week ago uh here's some some

footage of them uh and and their quarterback Kenny hearer who's Kenny hearer is kind of a junior Mata guys uh

he is he he can do it all for them very seasoned veteran and can throw the ball

down the field can run when he needs to and they have some athletes uh they can

run the football but they will take some shots downfield on you and and uh this is a team that's kind of got that little

Aster next to them like how good are they exactly um and we have them playing

B miji State bidi State's goingon to be going from from Canada Jr up where

they're at uh all the way down you know almost to the bottom of of of where

we're at here you know in Texas and so that's a long trip but uh you know you

look at beiji bidi is going to get after them physically so it's going to be kind of that Northern Sun physicality trying

to impose themsel on a team that's going to want to play a little faster and uh it's going to be a very interesting

matchup that way um bigi keep in mind was in the playoffs last year down at

Angelo uh hung around for about two thirds of the game and then Angelo had their way with them in the end but um I

we we've got some interesting matchups we got some flights like we expected uh bidi will be on a flight Central wash is

on a flight uh so we have a total from from what I saw three flights in the entire field and we've got two of them

right here what is your what in your opinion because you said there were some

interesting games I've got to think that you think the UTPB bidi game is the most

interesting in round one I do um stylistically it's interesting you're gonna have a matchup

between Brandon alt and Kenny hearer y probably two of the top 10 quarterbacks

in D2 uh who can both sling it um not many other quarterbacks in the in in the

tournament here are left of that caliber um so I I think there's a lot of little

interesting things there bigi has traveled in this kind of game before so they're not some Noob to that either um

but UTPB is brand new to having a to to for the playoffs so there's a lot of

stuff going on there in that one um what what are some other games uh that you guys Chuck you and I kind of talked

about this early earlier any of the remaining ones which one kind of catches your eye the most well what I I know for

you you know an nsic rematch is is less than exciting because you're watching that league and watching those teams

really really closely but from the outside I I do think that Minesota State going to Auggie is very interesting and

what I really want to get your take on is where are both of these teams right

now because it feels like you we talked about pit State maybe not being the same team now that they were you know five

weeks ago I kind of feel like maybe that's the same thing with the Mavericks because early on in the season they were a very

impressive looking football team I mean they're nine- two it's a great record but it just feels like maybe they

haven't been quite as good down the stretch as they were earlier in the season whereas Auggie you know other

than you know playing in a snowstorm is you know very possibly an undefeated football team it just feels

like there's a lot of momentum on the Auggie side versus the Minnesota State team that you know they they got here

but how much is left in the tank for them there's quite a bit to unpack with that Chuck because you have Todd Hoffner

who's got how many playoff wins for the Mavericks coach OJ at Auggie has done a

tremendous job there but he's still seeking out his first playoff with okay so there's a little bit of that going on

first off um you know Hoffner is just really comfortable with playoff football

um I mean he he's had teams that have really you know done well um the Mavs

are going to try and be physical Augustana did really really well at defending that last time uh Augustana

also shut out beiji uh for the first half of yesterday and was able to keep their passing game from going which I

didn't see coming I think that maybe I have underrated August's defense this

year and uh so I I there's a lot of stuff coming into this also how many Northern Sun teams are

prepared to have to beat the Mavs twice in a

season just think about that yeah do you think Austina actually dislikes this first round matchup even though they

would never say it publicly you think there's some of that in house I think that they would have been

okay getting somebody else um but but at the same time I think that they've had a chance to kind of

absorb that this was a real thing because there was a good chance they were going to get on the four line and

then you were going to have somebody like this coming to play you because they had to there was only G to be one Northern Sun team to host Brandon so

they were naturally going to have to host either beiji or them and they just saw beiji yesterday so I'm happy we're

not seeing the same game played two weeks in and the same goes for Central

Washington wait what do you think about if you're if your mindes obviously they get the first round by but if I'm

looking at those three matchups I I almost think that I dislike getting the

winner of August and Minnesota state more than getting the winner of the other two games if I mins in round two

what what do you think I think they saw they saw Mano

last year and and you know the Mavericks really gave them a ball game yeah the Mavericks gave them quite a scare um

they were up 21-7 in that game you know man um I I I don't think you want to see

Mano coming on in if they were to play well to advance obviously uh August St

has got a ton of offensive weaponry and you pair that with how well their defense has played they could kind of be

a team that is the squad that you may not want to get you know outside of mines in this whole

deal yeah you know hey when you started talking about a team not playing as good

as it had been Chuck I I wondered if you were gonna go with bichi where is you could you definitely

could they just not did not look good yesterday is is that just a you know a

single game thing or is that something that's been lingering in is part of a trend now but miji played well you know

just what a few weeks ago they played at duth they jumped on duth at duth and and

kind of dominated that game Bluth made a late run but um but mid's offense

they've had times where I've talked about before where they struggle in the first half and then in the second half

they control the action win a game Augustana didn't let that happen yesterday and August's Jared erson has

been maybe one of the best running backs in division two in the back half of this season he's been huge for them week

after week well there you have it that's a

look at the four brackets in the 2023 division 2 playoffs um be we're going to

pick all of these games but before we do want to remind you about our big sponsor

bosses uh pizza and chicken now as you see there that's my favorite picture that's why I've chose it I love the the

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got to do the boss challenge but everything else is a great idea thanks W I didn't need didn't need

to remember that all right um let's go ahead and pick all these games then we

will go to the overtime where I'm sure it'll get a little fiery tonight uh G to

bring back up we'll just pick these one super region at a time uh we will start in super region

one oh my goodness this is going to be miserable trying to write all this down uh

let's start with Slippery Rock and East Stroudsburg and Tony you get to go

first yeah I I don't know I this one I I I

struggled with this one quite a bit um just because I don't think slippery rocks gonna play that lousy two weeks in

a row but I also am curious as to whether East stoutsburg can

formulate we could go um I think oh go ahead please continue Tony locked up

sorry yeah so yeah no sorry about that so yeah I I I

I'm but I I I had to think about it all right you locked up again are you

which team you gonna go with Slippery Rock gotcha okay all right uh

Matt East stoutsburg gets in uh get it's a win to get in and

slippery rock plays poorly this seems like things are going in different directions here uh I'm sorry East sturg

plays I think they're good defensive team I just think Slippery Rock is going

to be really upset about the way they played and uh I think I'm gonna take

them to win here I concur slippery rock and a a rebound game in which they

handle East Stroudsburg Chuck man I'm really impressed with Easter alburg winning that game

yesterday to get themselves into this position I I I'll be honest I didn't think they had it in them uh I didn't think that they had the offense for it

I'm really impressed with with what they were able to do yesterday but you know there's kind of just been this theme all around division 2 this year with teams

rebounding after really bad performance and I I think Slippery Rock is gonna come back and show us who they really

are uh so I'm gonna go with the rock

Justin so I think I I 100% that you know

for a team like Slippery Rock to uh to to lose back to back is probably not

gonna happen but on the flip side of that East straber had to win their way in and they're playing with The house's

money right now because a lot of people didn't think they were going to be there I'm gonna take East straber in the

upset all right fer

brck okay all right um our next game New

Haven at Charleston and wh you get to

start well I have been on the Charleston bandwagon for a little while now and uh

you know New Haven's got a what take a flight to get there and everything else I just I like Charleston uh in this one

here and I will cheat off you pck Charleston as well hopefully they know

they have a game Chuck uh new New Haven has the defense

to win a playoff game I don't think that they have the offense for it so I'm gonna go

Charleston Justin Charleston okay

Chris same here Charleston I think the same like Chuck um I think Charleston

could make this thing interesting as we C saw them go flat earlier this year but

I don't I don't think it's going to result in them losing this game Tony

yeah I'd be real surprised if charlon doesn't doesn't win this one all right

um last game in super region one is Virginia Union traveling to

Kutztown um I am going to pick Kutztown to win simply so that I can appear on an

HBU trash talking video

all right Chuck um well I love the matchup I think it's gonna be a lot of fun I think um

probably the recency effect is going to sway me so much because I saw what Kutztown did yesterday and I've seen

what their defense has done all year um so I'm gonna go with the golden bears at home

okay uh Justin yes this this is interesting to

me because I think for me J buyers I mean when he's in the lineup they're a different team right

like they can run the football they do some really good things they played well yesterday defensively and really fville

State really didn't have any much much offense to go off of there um this is gonna be a tough game on the road

against an unfamiliar opponent I'm gonna take Kutztown and it

continues yep Chris oh come on uh I don't even need to

ask do I you don't because I'm definitely not going with cuts down on this one and one of the reasons why is

because when a CIAA team gets to into the playoffs for two straight years that

actually is a good thing uh where they kind of learn from the experience and I think that this is going to be a very

competitive game for sure but I think Virginia Union is going to be ready to pull off what what would be an upset to

most people I got you I I can see especially because cstown is not a team that's gonna score a ton of points so

it'll play kind of game that Virginia might want to play right

Tony so I I I hear what Justin's saying about uh you know being an unfamiliar

opponent uh and that's going to make it hard for Virginia Union something tells me it's gonna make it even harder for

Kutztown I I just don't I wonder if if especially if Jada breaks a couple of

them and all of a sudden things are just a little bit shocky and whatever else does kown really have what they need

offensively to be able to keep up or to recover from that there's something that smells funny about this game to me I

actually like Virginia Union here all right Whit uh I think Virginia Union I

watching a little bit of them I think they're just going to be more athletic offensively I think that they are going to be able to hit some big plays and at

the same time uh if I was uncertain at all Justin you with your

leanings made this a virtual lock for me to take Virginia fantastic all right let's move

to Super Region 2 uh we will start with a 4 five game where Lenor Ryan hosts

Shephard and check your first man I didn't want to go first um I

don't even know if I'm gonna have a pick ready by the time I write a column later this week um this is a toss up

um I I really don't know which way to lean on this one at this moment um I

think Lenor Ryan being the home team certainly helps um I think they've been a little bit more consistent this year

um but this is a tough draw for them and I think Shepard gets what's a kind of an

a little bit of an upset since they're the unseated team I'm gonna go Shephard right Justin yeah this game's gonna be

interesting I think this is gonna be a battle of two really good defenses ultimately I like Leno Ryan's offense right now a little bit more than I like

Shepard's um I you asked me this later in the week I may have a different answer for you but if you're asking me

right now I'm going to take Leno Ryan uh in this one well I don't plan on coming back to ask you later in the week

so answer all right Chris yeah um shord has been pretty hot

and cold uh and that scares me a little bit whereas Lenor R's been a little bit more consistent and uh for Leno Ryan to

be in in this spot right now I feel pretty good taking them so I'm going with bears okay uh

Tony I I I think I like Lenor Ryan here I just to mean they've just been more consistent throughout the season and at

playoff time that's what you want so I like Leno Ryan here right

Matt well I mean as you guys know I haven't really been on the Shephard bandwagon this year I just think that there's a lot of difference between

their squad year to year and it's kind of hard to keep that expectation um I

think Lenor Ryan is a more complete team um I just think that they're GNA they're

going to win this game at home yeah right and and I will pick Lenor Ry as

well easy decision for me all right uh let's go Delta State a rematch against

West Florida you are the first

Justin yeah we talked about a little bit earlier you know this game I this is a tossup this really is this is gonna be a

good game I think um I'm I'm I'm tempted

to no I I think I I feel pretty good about Delta State at home I've kind of rode with them uh for the last couple

years I thought you know I I feel pretty comfortable you give them a couple weeks off they got

revenge on their mind at home in the playoffs I'll take Delta State okay

Chris I'll take the uh okra as well all right Tony yeah I'm with Delta

State on this one too guys all right Whit I thought Delta State let that one

get away last time and um I'm just not convinced that that West Florida is what

they have been um I'm gonna go Delta State

here I'm going to pick Delta as well and Chuck well I didn't want it to be

unanimous which is part of why I went with Shephard in the previous pick but yeah I like Delta State here

too I mean West Florida feels like they're in a transition because they are you know

it's it's the safer pick for all of us all right and finally valdasta state

will host Limestone and you pick first Chris well my my tuition money is only

going one place and that's where I'm going as well going about a state oh now you're on the bandwagon for okay I see

all right Tony uh I don't have any tuition dollar uh you know incumbrances with this one but I still like valdasta

State anyway wa well you know my guy TJ I uh I I'm going

with vasta not not actually because of that I just think that they're playing pretty well right now um but I do think

limestone's gonna give them everything they can handle and I expect that to be one of the maybe the best first round game great I think quite frankly this is

a very interesting game to me and I was just thinking I was gonna pick vasta and I think I think maybe we all

will but it's still the most interesting game in this super region and uh in uh

the first round Chuck uh I think Limestone can create a lot of problems for valasa state but I I

got roasted for taking limestone in the first round last year and I'm not gonna do that again this year I do think I do

think valdasta stays just a little bit more athletic than they are so I'm gonna go valdasta but yeah I agree I think it's a really good matchup

Justin you know this is gonna be I I'm gonna take this one as the upset for me

of the first round I'm going to take limestone in it guys I I think they can run the football that can cause some problems for valasa State they have the

ability to throw the ball they're explosive offensively and you know they're not going to be in shock and all

you know against a golf South opponent they've played two of them this year they' played some really tough games I

think limestone's Prime for the upset all right thank you for being making things interesting all right let's

switch to Super Region Three

and we'll go first with the four seed Central Missouri hosting Henderson and

Tony we are back to you guys when you see an offense as potting in Central Missouri it's just

it's hard not to think they're going to do that every single week um and I think

just the the brief historical you know context that we have between MIAA schools and GAC game teams and games

just lends me to to the idea that I don't know if henders Henderson's really got the the defense to be able to keep

up or to keep Central Missouri tamped down I really don't know if their offense is good enough I I'm going to take the mules here part because they're

at home but I this game actually could be really interesting I'm actually looking forward to this one a lot all right uh your turn

Whit I kind of echo those thoughts um Henderson State can get after people a

little bit up front and um I'm kind of interested to see how they do uh and if

they can get some pressure and disrupt things on the central Mo passing game I just think the central Mo passing game

and there the off in general I just think at home that it's just too much and um it'd be different if we're

talking about you know like a a team that was one loss run beaten Henderson

just got in uh I'll take Central uh in this one yeah I think central is the

obvious choice in this one I don't think Henderson the best offense they they would have played would have been hend

uh Harding and this is you know 180 degrees different I don't think they'll

have seen this caliber of player this year in the GAC so I'm picking the mules

Chuck uh two of the best quarterbacks in D2 in this game but um you know I think central is just GNA have a lot more to

cover the field uh than Henderson so uh great job by Henderson getting here I I think that they'll compete but yeah I'm

G gonna go with the mules all right Justin will you make things interesting and pick Henderson nope will

not all right Ferg the hew Give me the give me the

mules okay all right uh next game Grand Valley Lakers facing feris

State Bulldogs uh Whit you get to go

first Okay so we've had plenty of time to mle this one over because we've known it's coming for a few weeks um feris

State I think has a bigger ceiling and a lower floor and the hard

thing is to know which one of them you're gonna get and I think we've been getting more of

Ferris this year than we've gotten in the last few uh the Lakers showed them that if

they come out and they me how that can go and the problem is is now Grand

Valley is the hunted FIS is the hunter so things have flipped and I

really struggled with picking a winner here uh I'm going to take Grand Valley at home I just think that they've shown

this year the overall scheme of things I think they've been the better football team so I'm I'm gonna go with them all

right I'm gonna pick the Lakers as well um we'll talk about an overtime I'm

obviously not happy this game is happening this week but we'll we'll enjoy it why it's here

yeah you know Brandon we kind of talked about this is this isn't like f FBS

where you have Georgia and Alabama playing in round one of a 2018 tourney

perfect world you wouldn't have that so it's we're we're gonna need to work on something on going so this doesn't

happen in the future yeah in 2000 Northwest Missouri hosted North Dakota State it was one

versus three in the country that was only with 16 teams you'd think with 28 teams we could manage to avoid this kind

of matchup in the first round well we could have but we'll get into that in overtime sorry right I'm blowing off

some steam now all right Chuck well just like last time I expect it'll be 35 to nothing in the second

quarter um no it'll be a different game this time around um but I I I just feel

like Grand Valley is a little bit more of a complete team this year a little bit more consistent uh certainly would

not Shock me if Ferris wins this one but I'm G to go with the Lakers

Justin I I don't I don't think this game's going to be anything like we just saw earlier this year I think it's going

to be a completely different game I think I think far State's playing a lot better now than they were then um but I

think Grand Valley is a much more like you guys said a more complete team and a team that's that that they understand if

they want to get to where they want to get to they have to beat this team and they're gonna and whether it's now or

three weeks from now it doesn't matter they they know they have to win this game so I I I think Grand Valley is gonna win this one all right what do you

think fer how be S yeah I mean I I I feel

contrarian but I I'm a little afraid to do that because of all the reasons that

y'all have also said too so I'm gonna stick with Grand Valley as well all

right uh Tony Here's the final so guys everything you guys have all said is

100% accurate and I I agree with most of it I think Wayne kavat though on the broadcast of the bracket release kind of

said it you know uh there's a certain a bit of the change of the Hunters versus hunted and I think until somebody does

something about Ferris in the tournament they're the team to beat and so and beating teams twice in the same season

is enormously difficult uh that's part of why I picked uh Delta State over West Florida in this in in this year's

version of things because the the tables got flipped last year and we saw what happened in last year's version I I

don't know just I there are all I'm with Chuck this is a coin flip game anybody could win no result would surprise me I

just don't think Grand Valley can jump on them 35 nothing again um and and I just don't think you're going to see

that not that they have to have have that to be able to win but uh yeah beating somebody twice the same year is

just enormously difficult until somebody does something about the champ they're still the champ so I'm taking feris all

right um Pittsburgh state hosting Indianapolis so this last year in person

it was not a contest it will not be again this year um no matter if Chad doson plays or not pit State rules all

right uh Chuck oh I I picked you Indie in this matchup last year just you did

that's right just just to throw some you know have some different picks out there

and you know there's a lot of UND people that watch and support D2 football and I would love for them to have some success

but I I I I don't see it pit State wins this you know what though Chuck you're

you're my friend you would love if I dated a supermodel but some things are just not happening so Justin why I care

if you're dating a supermodel yeah right what's what does that do for Chuck what's in that what's in it for me yeah

come on prob careful remember Whatever Gets said

is is uh on the internet forever so be [Laughter] careful all right Justin I'm gonna take

Pittsburgh state okay Ferg I'm not choosing Andy somebody else have

to do it Tony I was actually looking for a reason

to try and pick Indie in this one too because I think we all know that their passing game is a lot more complete and

potent than it was last year um and I know that we think Pittsburgh state I

think at different points this year we've all kind of talked maybe backstage about how maybe there's some holes there

and certainly that got uh exposed a little bit over the last couple of weeks and not having Dodson certainly didn't help him either but I yeah I just I just

think there's too much of a physicality Advantage for pit State and I just even even if they're depleted a little bit I still think they're going to be at home

it's gonna be hard to beat them off so yeah I gotta stick with the gorillas hey

wh I think this game is gonna be closer than we expect I think that Indie will

has enough offensive weapons to stay around but the pit defense I think is just too tough and uh

I think pit wins a lower scoring game all right let's move to Super

region four gentlemen and we will start with Augustina in Minnesota state

check your first uh

Auggie right how about you

Justin something's telling me Minnesota state any the

upset Chris I went with aie last week and I'll do it again give me aie okay

Tony like I said before guys beating the same team twice in the same year I don't know Minnesota state didn't have play

all that well last week I maybe they're looking ahead they definitely did not play a good game against augustan the

first time around there's something smells about this one to me I I'll probably be proven wrong but I'm taking Minnesota state too all right

Whit if this was going to be early season Mano I would take them all

day um I don't like what they've become in terms of uh I don't know what they

are anymore I don't know what their offensive identity is um they can't run

the ball like they want to the passing's been shaky I know a lot more what I'm getting with Auggie I'll take Augie here

okay I want to pick Augie as well all right let's move to Super

region that was H it we got one more game left sorry about that uh two more games Western Colorado and Central

Washington um and who goes first to be after Chuck

Justin you go first sorry about that y western Colorado

okay Chris yeah I just think central is going to get behind and they're not going to be

able to get to catch up like you mentioned earlier so I like Western in this game

Tony I think central Washington's got a little more physicality maybe than uh Western wants but I I still just think

Western's a little too explosive so I'm gonna take I'm gonna take Western Colorado but I think this game might be

closer than than maybe it looks like wh early thing watch in this one if

Central wash can get Flanigan going in the running game if they can start pounding the rock uh this game could

flip on us here um that said uh I still think that's just a tough task they're

Planet elevation and Western Colorado everything that goes with that um I think Western Colorado is gonna be ready

to ready to show up here it's good observation they're always physical

still think Western Colorado is going to win this one Chuck uh well I think Tanner vul will have at

least two interceptions for Central Washington that's typically his standard um and that'll keep them in this but I

do think that Western Colorado is just going to be a little bit better all right and our final game is

UT perum Basin hosting the midy state Ferg you get to go first well oh this is

this is another really interesting fun game and uh for variety of reasons

you've got the New Kids on the Block in peran Basin playing a team that has uh

had some success in the playoffs um here I I I think I'm going to go with

the upstart I I've been kind of uh on peran basin's uh uh watch party for some

time now and I'm gonna stick with them um in in this game okay uh

Tony yeah I it's it's always hard to pick against a team uh that's got some playoff experience and knows what to

expect in these instances like B miji does here but uh hey man I took the flyer on perme and Basin back at the

beginning of the year to win the Lone Star and that ended up working out pretty well for me and uh I I if I'm

Chris McCulla I'm telling my kids hey look nobody expected us to be here we're playing with house money let's just go

do what we do we know we got better athletes than those guys let's go hammer it out I I I think Premier Basin wins

here Matt UTPB throws the ball on verts really

well down the field and they are fast and athletic and their quarterback can do it very well I think that beiji is

front four is gonna get after him a little bit and uh I think that the bigi

offense I think they're going to bounce back here I'm T I'm staying with my Northern Sun team I'm taking the Beavers

to win the upset on get the upset on the road I'm heading in the other direction wi if this game were a home game in

which bidi could play in cold temperatures I think that would be very helpful oh no doubt I've seen I've seen

Texas teams not play very well in what I would even consider my all days and uh

but I'm gonna go with UTPB at home in conditions that will be favorable to them Chuck yeah I think if bigi can

really successfully Turn the Page and treat this as a new season and kind of forget what happened last week that

they'll compete and this will be a tight game um but you know last week's loss was just kind of a gut punch and I I

worry about a little bit of a hangover effect and then having to you essentially have a short week and travel down to Texas I think those are all

things that just work in favor of perum basin on top of them being a really really fast and athletic team uh so I'm

going with the Falcons all right and Justin you are the last to go give me

the New Kids on the Block okay fantastic all right well that's uh that

will be our pickup we'll see how we do it's uh it's interesting how we're gonna we probably should do

well because it's not like we designed it for a 50-50 outcome way we do with

the pickup so we should do well if not we'll just shut this thing down and go

home we should probably do pretty well so all right folks uh just reminder

we're going to go to the overtime period i will not stop the stream this week you will not have to go anywhere um give us

a minute to Star some questions we got a good start on it but I want to make sure that we hit what we want to do

um want you uh we'd ask you to like share this video or like and share this

channel you do whatever you can do to promote D2 football and what we're doing here um both on the website and uh on as

video products so uh follow us on social media uh it's at D2 football everywhere

you find us you look at D2 football and that'll be us um we'll have the playoffs

scores this Saturday keep an eye on them we don't have to sort by super ages or anything

with so few games it's easy to keep track of them uh we also have the biggest collection of uh best D2 fans in

the country on a message board many of those guys from The Message Board are also in our comment section right now so

wanted to uh tell them thank you and and if you like to engage with them all week

at a place that's focused only on division 2 football um then uh you can do that there but uh that'll do it for

the regular segment uh we will be back in just a minute and we will start the

overtime segment here on inside D2 football thanks for


watching [Music]


all right everybody I'm going to bring us back give me one second and I will add everybody to our

show all right fantastic um I think we've got enough

start that we have a good place to get started started um Chuck you want to uh

go ahead and make our first selection of the night no Brandon I'm going to let you drive this because I know that you've got a lot that you might want to

talk about Ste the conversation around the selection so I start a few things I know you start a bunch so um I I you

know I I know that the dialogue is probably going to go towards you know how some of the pairings worked out then I I know you're passionate about that so

I'll I'll let you have that uh okay C wants you to come back to

Allendale for the playoff match up apparently I am and you

avilable you and you alone are responsible for where the Lakers win congratulations to you Chuck on that one

I I'm available send the right yeah I wish they I wish there's a way to organize these a little bit better um

like so because you know some of them are all on the same topics uh all right let's just go with this one first who's

most likely to advance further after the swap Virginia Union and super region one or Shephard and sr2 that's a cool

question that's a cool

question well you know they both have um they they both have really tough first

round matchups and so to me I would say that

uh you know maybe shepher uh maybe a little bit more the

Virginia Union but uh yeah

I think if if Virginia Union could beat Kutztown then you get the winner of

Charleston and New Haven Virginia un can play with both those teams for sure I think

so so yeah I don't know maybe Virginia Union yeah I the bracket sets up better

for Virginia Union and but you got to give a certain nod to Shephard just because they've done it before

right right let's take that one down and there's a bunch of super Region 3 stuff

and I'm going to group that together um so we'll we'll get to that anybody

who's complaining about super Region 3 um Joe would like to know if we think Benedict makes it out of the

region oh man I you know I when I covered the sack for a long time and I I

remember doing the research on how many times a team not from the Gulf South won

that region and it was like two out of 20 years something like that I mean you

know the best teams in that region are in the Gulf South beni's a really good team uh I think that they can win some

playoff games make it out of the region I I doubt it but you never

know I think Benedict's front um they got a good front four that can get after

people and that could really disrupt the passing game of valasta or a delta or

something like that and um so and they would be playing at home so I'm not going to disregard all that I mean

they've been playing so well this year now have they seen competition like what you're going to see in the G GSC no but

at the same time um I I'm I'm interested to see them play and and and get a

chance at the best team of the GSC on the other side I think that'd be

interesting let's go ahead and take that one [Music]

uh Hey Ferg got a question for you what's your opinion of the CIAA Champion still a championship gain still

being in Salem Virginia some I guess many conference fans W it moved back to

North Carolina well being back in North Carolina like a Durham County Stadium

for example is kind of better it's a better uh it's better in the foot it's more in the footprint but I think the

footprint helps a little bit more Bluefield being kind of where they are now like technically it's a it's

technically in the footprint um I think Salem has Embrace this game more than um

what other venues have done which is why I like it in Salem myself

um yeah I I I don't think it needs to move I like where it is and for this I

think this yesterday there was like they were fireworks at the game like that was the first time that's happened in a very

very long time I mean that just shows you how much they actually like having that game there so I don't think it

needs to move and that's a city that's used to doing that kind of stuff right I mean the D3 stag Bowl was there forever

they did a wonderful job staging that yeah I went to it twice in in that stadium was a great great event

yeah right okay let's go ahead

and one I want I I have one go ahead yeah I just have one I want to speak to I we kind of threw a couple of shots in

um somebody asked about what's the cheap shots in Charleston they're not understanding what they were about yeah yeah it has nothing to do with the team

I want to make sure we're clear about that it doesn't have anything to do with the football team um Charleston won the Mountain East yesterday U their first

Conference Championship since the formation of the Mountain East winning your conference Championship is a big

damn deal it is for any AB big deal for Grand Valley and they've done it how many times

um they didn't get a game story up to acknowledge and celebrate their conference championships until about

3:00 this afternoon that's why Brandon and I were dumping on them a little bit that that's not cool you know get

celebrate your team put it out there acknowledge them let them get the accolades that they deserve for doing

that so it's not us dumping on the team we're putting a little pressure on their sports information to um to do a little

bit better to to celebrate the team in their right to be clear it is a criticism of your Administration not of

your football team all right let's look at um sorry I was checking checking

private messages uh I want to leave all the three what I mean I'm not saying

Benedict doesn't deserve a playoff spot but the number one seed that's that's a tough I mean it would be a tough

argument not to have him number one wouldn't it there's no debate about it okay yeah my conversations with the

Committees over the years and I realize this isn't written into the criteria but

every Committee of which I'm aware is always going to give a nod to anybody who's undefeated it's just going undefeated is

just insanely difficult and so if you're the only undefeated team in the region unless you're strength of schedule is

for absolute trash it's gonna hard for you be not to be on the one line right I

mean let's be honest after what happened last year Benedict does have some things

to prove to people sure but at the same time it can't simply be it I understand the

criticism and maybe we engage in some of that ourselves this year uh but it just

seems like that you know they're the only undefeated team and it it seems easy may maybe I I know I've I've seen a

couple of comments where people said that more weight should be given to strict the schedule and I get you on

that but you know in the current situation I think that they're they are where they should have been um f Ferg

let me ask you a question while we're talking about you know HBCU how you know

you you obviously do a few other shows other than ours how will the Virginia Union to

sr1 first of all be viewed slash received is the perception going to be

that there's going to be every bit of chance for them to succeed there what are your thoughts yeah uh uh there have

been a couple instances where like moving to sr1 I thought would have

played out a bit favorably especially when you look look at those buy State teams um where they had to go up against

the Busa that was Vasa State you know two years and uh had they been in sr1 I

think their chances of getting out of the region were a lot more favorable um I I think that you know

ctown does represent a bit of a challenge on defense but I think the the

one thing about Virginia Union that a lot of folks don't don't realize is uh how good their defense has been um and

they typically do rise to the occasion and that has been a kind of a bell weather uh for when the ca gets into

these positions uh having a really really good defensive line has just wrecked Havoc um in playoffs and so I I

really am looking forward to it I think their chances are a little better going into sr1 rather than staying uh playing

mounting up against the Gul South so I think it's one of the most interesting matchups in the tournament

yeah all right um sorry I'm still in the comments still trying to read

uh what do we think about the pay wall put up for the playoff games seems really odd that the NCAA did

this it also seems like a money grab that only benefits Warner Brothers uh Discovery Sports uh from what I

understand there is money that will be returned to the schools for production cost or whatever um but

uh I liked it when it was free I do like it that they're all under the same

Banner what are your guys's thoughts so I had a chance to talk to a couple of athletic directors about this exact

Topic in the last two weeks and the the the Genesis for this was

essentially uh the NCA looking at things like flow Sports subscriptions the success of the MI

network uh some of Success With The Lone Star Network and kind of coming to the conclusion that there is a market that's

willing to pay to watch these games and it does cost money to Stage the event

and if they feel that they can monetize it um you know obviously we would all like for it to be free we we all want

things to be free but if they feel that they can monetize it um and if that

Revenue goes back into the schools or back into the tournament then I'm I'm okay with it

um you know of course we'd all like it to be free but as long as the money's going back towards division Tu to these

institutions or to the tournament in some way then I obviously I hope it succeeds and kind of trying to read the

room on Twitter with a lot of Sid feedback this is not going to be a thing

that they're happy about at all um it's the rub I got and Brandon you correct me

if I'm wrong you saw some of it too was that this is just going to be a lot more piled on in their plate in some way

shape or form and um that it may it's

it's not going to be kind of maybe what it appears what what was your thought Brandon kind of seeing some of that

feedback uh I I mean i' I've had a lot of different Insider stuff comments that

have come to me and um I kind of just my

I have two main thoughts about a wit the first one was like Chuck they're gonna

they're going to make a dime wherever they can make a dime sure my SEC my second thought is everybody's going to

freak out who does not pay attention like uh we all do when they're all of a

sudden having to pay for it on Saturday and we're gonna have an an entirely um

second round of complaints and stuff like that that was what I immediately thought that's that's a fair point and

you know that prob the word probably needs to be put out there a lot that this is going to be a pay thing coming

up I I think we all kind of knew that we've been slowly moving in this Direction guys with enough leagues that

it shouldn't really be a surprise unless you have been in a league where you've never had to you know that kind of thing

A lot of people are caught off guard by this and I think that's probably what got a lot of Sids pissed off because they're in the the line of fire of

everything right right so you know when people start hearing about this you know

there that's one of the first that people go to and I I I think it was pretty probably pretty unfair that that

they didn't know that this was coming Le a lot of them did not know that this was coming I A lot of people are pretty upset about it right right everybody

found out on Twitter at once right right

um talk about something positive one last thing on that I'll be interested to see what we're talking about in a week

or two because I want to see how they're going to do that wall because let's face it you can't watch every game at the

same time so are you going to be be able to watch games after the fact without having to pay or is the pay the same I

just I'll be interested to see how all of that works because there are a lot of people who are going to watch games after the fact I do believe that there

was something in the announcement about on demand viewing I believe that's

bad I'm sorry did what did you say with yeah if they don't have on demand then that's bad oh it'll be a colossal

failure if they don't and we'll we'll leave we'll be at the front with our pitchforks and torches right uh from

what I understand is $20 for the rounds up to the semi-finals correct um okay uh

in the extra time please acknowledge matus record yesterday you guys knew exactly what that was Whitten Chuck you

guys had talked about that in our chat yeah Chuck you've covered this more in your recent stuff than I have uh

obviously Chuck he's broken some records what do you have uh John

Mata yeah H that guy we didn't talk as much

about mines this week because you know they're you know they did everything we expected them to do they're the number one seed in their bracket they're not

going to play this week so we didn't talk as much about mines and also they played Fort Lewis last week who's yesterday who's a you know bottom five

in the entire country so we didn't talk about them as much but yeah Maka set a new college football record for alltime

touchdowns in a career like cumulatively whether it's rushing passing um uh

receiving I think he's at 181 um I've got that up in one of these tabs 181 I think total touchdowns and I

believe it's not just an NCAA record I think they also compile against NAIA which is why they were specific about

saying it was a college football record so just right another unbelievable accomplishment in a career of one of the

best players You' ever Hadis two right all right so um want to want to Circle

back to the uh discussion about uh the pay-per-view because there's some uh

comments that have come up um Doug I'm gonna ask you to type in

another comment I'm not understanding what you're saying here the platform for

the pay-per-view is inconvenient because it's on Roku Google TV Etc I thought that would make it more

convenient so if you would I mean I know that Whit won't watch anything on the computer but he'll watch it on his TV

all the time yeah I think as long as people know where to go find it I think it it'll be okay so my understanding is

that they're doing you native apps for Roku fir stick Google TV and all that stuff I'm I'm thinking or assuming

you'll still be able to go on to websites and and enroll and do it there just like you can with flow Sports and

the MIAA Network you can watch those on your phone or your computer and all that stuff so I think it's G to be the same

yeah it's not I mean it's not gonna be on cable television or something right that's where we're going but um okay

let's talk about Western Colorado been playing on their soccer field this year because of their

Innovations um but apparently the stadium might be open this weekend is that true that is my understanding yes

um they have said that it's in the mountain now they they are still doing a lot of construction work I think the new

Fieldhouse and restrooms and all that stuff is still under construction but the field is ready the lights are ready

they actually posted a few photos from the field and yeah my understanding is they are gonna play it in the in the

bowl sweet that's that's pretty cool you're G to open your renovated stadium in the playoffs that's that' be exciting

yeah all right um stay keep it right there western Colorado struggled a bit with black

hills they beat peran early in the season at 7,000 Western has that advantage of home

do you guys really think that that altitude makes that big a difference uh

I we're not flying I'm gonna tell you from teams playing the northern from the northern Sun who have gone and played

there in the playoffs it's a thing and uh you know they've they've had

somewhere you know the defense is on the field for a bunch you know then the

offense turns it over and the defense has got to get it back out there and they're gassed um Tony did did Grand Valley have

much of that experience with that mines you know when you're watching the game

uh it didn't seem like it but anecdotally I've heard different things from within the program uh from some

folks I know at Grand Valley that it it I'm not going to say it swayed the outcome but to say that it had no impact

wouldn't be fair either right okay all right um we're slowly whittling it down

to a super Region 3 B Fest

um all right uh which is what I'm trying to do here uh Matt do you want to go ahe

well let's try yeah feel free to throw that the ink blot thing out that that

inklot do you have that by chance Brandon that's what I'm bringing up right now bud so guys our guy inklot who by the

way um he did he's done a fantastic job

all this whole you know playoff window of putting information out there he put

this on out and I thought this was very interesting he put this out you know

what uh noon today and if you look at it guys he's he had what his forecast was

going to be yeah I'm gonna stop and then I'm going to share the uh the image itself because

I think you'll be I'll be able to blow it up better yeah understood understood so guys as Brandon's doing that ink kind

of put this out there like as if he was the guy who's gonna come up with the field quick note he has two flights on

here not three interesting huh so as as we take a

look here here's the big catches bottom right corner he's got new Haven since

they got to fly somewhere right he's got them flying to Western Colorado because Western Colorado has

got to host somebody from a long way away okay then right above that he has Central wash going to

UTPB to my understanding unless I got it wrong those are the two flights in this whole thing so he's actually saving a

flight and you would then if you move up the line to the top right of the page he

had Minnesota state getting shipped on over to pit state to save a flight in this

process and then if we go ahead and we take a look all the way to the top left

there is the fox in the hen house Fair State going to play in sr1 against

Slippery Rock so I found it kind of interesting the fact that he was able to

narrow it down to two flights not three which we have in the field right now now

Chuck mentioned of course that and and he's right if New Haven would win then New Haven

would present an an immediate flight to UTPB or whatever that would be my initial thought is is that I would

rather con go with what's already known meaning I know for sure I have three

flights right now in the bracket if I can make this two and the likelihood of

New Haven winning at Western Colorado as the EA is low to begin with so I think

that that would be a money save in my opinion as I look at this

um FIS estate would not create a win would not create any additional travel

Mano if if if they were to win inste of pit state that doesn't change the travel

to Grand Valley no matter what anyway neither one of those two were going to be able to bust there so I gotta be

honest with you guys think this is a better bracket 100% all right you know here's I have

fer got Ferg's got a question Brandon oh sorry well what one thing I would kind

of question here and this is just the devils in the details but the amount of

potential rematches that that are on the board in this in this layout I mean we just saw UTPB and Central Washington

play right and then you've also got what C cown and and shepher and that's a

rematch um and I think there was one more is Augie and bigi ain't that a

rematch too but why the by the way let me let me let me speak to this further where you're going F because auggie's

gonna have a rematch with somebody no matter what right right that's right but

but you could have complemented what he has here by doing the Virginia Union

Shepherd trade y you follow me there yep because that would have changed

anything on this on this sheet in reality so I mean I just when I look at

this I think oh this could have been done better and then all of a sudden the whole the biggest beef that's going on

nationally right now is Grand Valley fairis State why is this happening round one if you guys go and look on Twitter

and you look at you know different stuff there that's the biggest beef you could have gotten rid of that beef alog

together right here with this you know I I've thought about this a

little bit and when the rules came into play that

what is it 5 six seven were going to be unseated in an attempt to save money I was cool with

it I'm rethinking that not that it's going to matter but I'm rethinking that because what has

resulted is repeats repeats repeat because they're not because they're not

locked into a two versus S so on and so forth so in my opinion if you're going

to save money which I totally understand

then anytime there's an ability to swap teams to another Super

region with increasing cost it should be done and I don't care about I mean some

people will talk about the strict regionalization we've obviously eliminated that with the ability to move

people in and out in the rules strict regionalization does not exist anymore any argument that it does is shown to be

false in the rules uh so if we're going to have a situation where um you can

save money then we also have to have a situation or we also have to use those

rules to make a more interesting playoff with fewer rematches and I I don't care

about your push back you're you're anybody who's pushing the the the that

the regions are strict is a small thought it's a small-minded person

with a with a with no imagination and who only cares about doing things the

same way that they've always been done except for now we're doing them even worse I I I would just mention I I

thought about the shepher moving to Super region to and even in the second round right they're still within the 600

mile radius the other thing is it used to be 500 miles and they expanded out to 600 exactly just to try just to try to

save money out of this process and so th this is a if we just tweaked ink blots

map to do the shepher Virginia Union swap it's an even better deal than what

we got and it's just very unfortunate that uh for whatever reasons that we

didn't get something like this I think this would have start division to very well my my biggest beef with this F is

that this was not unavoidable this whole Grand Valley Paris thing we've got proof

here it was avoidable and it was GNA be less flights so that that's that's what's frustrating to me is is this was

out there and um you know yeah yeah yeah the biggest

complaints going to be on this whole thing is that New Haven you know I I I friend I know who said well then you're

you're taking New Haven completely out of their own Fishbowl and going across the country with it who cares that's the

bigest beef of this whole thing if that's the biggest beef of this whole thing and we get rid of the the other

matchup then I'm great with it yeah and there's a couple points to make about that GE geographically speaking Central

Washington has to do that every time they made the playoffs because they're so far out so New Haven is not any

better in this particular case to me this map the worst teams to make the field um for the NCAA is beiji because

there's nobody really near nearby them and either Grand Valley or Ferris

because if they both make it they're all right there and they're stuck having to play them play each other in the first

second round a lot of times and and it sucks for those schools uh because of

the way that this this whole thing is is mapped out because of the focus on on money and

not the if we and I I think that go back to the whole week zero thing for me because week zero they say oh we were

worried about the student athlete experience right well the student athlete experience to me is getting these opportunities to play these

different games and and not playing the same teams over and over again to control your destiny to get to the

championship so I mean it's just a farce to

me yeah there are lots of I'm gonna unstar them but there are lots of comments about Ferris and Grand Valley

have to play in the first round me mirroring Twitter I mean that's what a lot of the complaints are here's Eric

semi-final in the first round well done I mean it's more more of that

um no says they don't care about putting the the the best product on the field I

I think they operate under the the notion of saving money and avoiding push back but this limited thinking is

causing more push back um and maybe they don't care about push back from us maybe

only push back they care about is from small-minded administrators go ahead

they don't they don't care about push back from us and you know I I do understand that we look at this very

differently we're fans and we're Advocates specifically for division 2 football we want to see the best tournament we want to see the best

matchups we want to see different matchups the people that actually Design This their their task is to facilitate

all this and I don't think that they look at it in the same way as they trying to get the best tournament I think you just look at it from the

standpoint of facilitating it but no your spot on Brandon when when you have these rules in place that allow you to

create a better tournament without extra cost why wouldn't you do that agree yeah

it's inexcusable it's inexcusable and and yet with all of that said guys and everything you guys are saying is

Salient um and there's the Uproar over this over this game and whatever

else the group of us Backstage on our side uh text strings that we've had

whatever else we were all saying basically three four weeks ago this was going to happen we knew this game we

knew this game was GNA be on the schedule Absolut was gonna happen and there was there was a very

very short window of time yesterday after uh Henderson State beat

Wasa that we thought uh well okay now Indianapolis is going to be still

potentially an earned access team or actually leading into the week sorry and they're going to be on the seven line they're going to have to play at two so

do they get shipped somewhere or do they end up playing at Grand Valley because we knew Grand Valley was going to be the two after they won there was that brief

window a time we thought something was going to change other than that we've been on Ferris Grand Valley and we can't

say anything necessarily predictive of it but we all knew this was what it was gonna be there's really no surprise to anybody that's that's on this panel not

a and that's that's why and I know that this you didn't come up with this CLE but that is that's something that's

floating around in your world I know it's it's it's absolute nonsense we predicted exactly what was going to

happen based upon the rules as Tony just said any Conspiracy Theory with this is nonsense it's not the rules guys it's

just we've seen the committee do this because the rules are open to what you see on the screen it's not the rules

it's just the Tendencies we know what the Committees do and you I mean there's a certain

element of this where we've just learned to accept it because no no no you

you're not going to get the kind of creativity that this would have brought I and it's the fact that the rules offer

this and make this plausible and and it doesn't get pursued is baffling it really is but but

not surprising we all called it agree it's we all called it yeah and

I guess the most frustrating part is is just as a fan in general is you're never going to get an explanation the

committee's never going to tell us anything and and I don't know I mean just seem

having some kind of understanding of what the rationale was I mean at least some poor guy has to get on the on the

screen and and you know when they announce the college football playoff for the the 1A guys at least they could

say well this is what we thought I mean you can disagree with it but at least they tell you here we never hear a word

hey Matt would you would you address this uh because soggy toast says he

likes the unique matchups with ink but it results in the same games for two weeks in sr4 yeah and we do know that

but explain why sr4 is unique in this situation well F first off we're looking

bigger picture I'm not literally sitting here going each super region you know and going oh is that better is this

better is this better um the biggest problem that we currently have with the bracket is Grand Valley playing Fair

State round one end of story it's not even close it was avoidable we're showing that it was avoidable um if

auggie's going to have is playing Mano they played them a month ago so it it's

okay would it would it that stinks in the first place so the fact that they're having them you know it would have to be

playing a team that they just played okay all the worse um yeah but at the same time we're looking at Big Picture

we're not looking at this small of the

world all right um let me go ahead and hide that all right and I agree I mean that's one

thing we have unique perspective I think all of us that we think about this in terms of from from in terms of the whole

thing not just our little neck of the woods even though some of us are assigned to cover that neck of the woods

I do think we all have the best interest of the entire division two world at uh

at heart so um the fact that you had at Mano at pit State we haven't really even

talk much about that I gota be that's interesting as heck yeah yeah it is I

mean uh a lot of history those two you know with those two teams being storyed

programs I mean there's just a whole lot there that all of a sudden is really really interesting yeah and we don't

have a really lot of real really interesting on the board right now Grand Valley Grand Valley Indianapolis is a

little boring but I mean they haven't played each other in probably five years I think something like that so I mean

that would have been better yes it would have been would have been better than somebody they played five weeks ago well and and quite frankly uh it's it's

a disservice to Grand Valley that they have to play such a tough opponent in round one well by moving feris to Super region

one we actually get ourselves a chance to have more of a true semifinal with maybe the four best teams where let's be

honest we don't feel like we're getting that right now uh we'll see what we got here um do

we want to leave this up Matt or should we pull it down oh the I think it's Rand

course so everybody gets where we're going okay all right so we got a couple other random

comments um agree Bradley um he wants to

do away with the strict regions we we love at least I love the idea of automatic conference championships fill

in the rest to 28 and then seed then organize it regionally and try to save

money that way um I I think that would be the most interesting uh way to do

that um talking about Henderson since it's still super Region 3 Henderson was the

only game that Harden trailed in all year so that speaks to their competitiveness but that's it speaks to

two things it shows why Henderson was uh probably and rightfully deserves the

seventh spot and maybe it shows why Harding deserves the the one for sure sure if they trailed once this year you

know pretty that's pretty good all right um not I think that's the only that's

the most interesting thing out of super Regent 3s you got a team that wasn't even on the list days ago and they wind up making

the bracket I I'll give the committee that one so if if dog if you're if you're right that there's more interest

uh that there's more interest they'll try to make money off of it maybe that's true but if they're making more money

off of it we shouldn't have idiotic decisions um that we have there there

should be more you know more decisions made with the kids best interest at heart not just somebody's ease of

administration at heart Brandon you and I spoke last night uh when we were up

too late pontificating on all of this stuff and I said you know what if you want to grow D2 football if you really

want to grow it then this coming weekend have a Friday night double header have

an early game have a late game and have it on this platform that we're all going to or whatever the hell and so then go

ahead and and then take your games on Saturday and don't put them all at the same time when they have March Madness

they don't say okay guys we're going to start this whole tournament off on Thursday we're gonna have every game

played within a two-hour window so you can't possibly watch I mean yeah FCS

does a great job yeah the FC you and I've talked about that before the FCS does a great job with how they stage

their tournament for television that's right they they have started to to move that out you get all the games played

Friday night or within the course of Saturday okay you have two games Friday you could have for example Limestone at

alasta as your curtain jerker or the opener to the whole deal then you could have your night game maybe that's

Western Colorado hosting Central wash then you start off at 11 o'clock the next morning Chuck because you guys got

a noon start out there at Slippery Rock or something like that and you just kind of move throughout the day and you have

let's say a 4:30 game eventually and then a a 7 o'clock game uh

you you could actually make this have have actually somebody two people sitting at a desk hosting this that's a

crazy idea I know um you know have kavati and you know somebody else and I

mean make this a happening that's all I'm saying I I just thank you whip for

naming my retirement occupation I'm gonna be a curtain [Music]

drier you know one other thing uh it's a wrestling term for the first wrestler out from behind the curtain no I get

what it is I I told Wht or shared something with Wht that actually three of us were

directly affected by if you guys remember back in 2006 they actually had Sunday uh late afternoon and night

semi-final games yeah and that that was awesome you know uh and that was I I

don't know it was special to me I don't know if it special to you guys but I thought it was pretty awesome well I don't have great memories of one of

those but yeah that that's those games were on Sunday night and I think I was on ESPNU was still kind of new and uh it

was a way to get some exposure and in those days we didn't have streaming where you could get any game you want

online whether you're paying for it or not you couldn't just get every game you want and it was a big deal to have those

games on the ESPN platform hey uh Darren wants to know did

Southern Arkansas get punished for beating monacello no they got they got punished for not beating anybody not

being competitive against Harding and Washington Southern Arkansas they got punished by the other good teams

yeah when Brandon talked about like the screen like what the hell do we do with these teams it was it Southern Arkansas

was in the conversation they had you know bad lopsided losses to both Harding and Washington and I think that's kind

of what took them out of the conversation let's go ahead and Martin

we knew Chuck we knew that early on because they had a high SOS and they were getting no respect in the regional

ranking so it's pretty apparent there was a judgment being made on their two blowout losses right my my old friend

Martin from uh Kingsville had a question about bowl games earlier and I have to

admit I don't know much about D2 bowl games it's not really on my radar Bud um

so I I didn't have an answer for you that's why we didn't put the comment up um so according to the broadcast Chad

Dawson at pit has a sprained ankle could play but Aaron believes that Chad is

having a hard time planning his foot to throw well lucky for them that uh maybe

they got this opponent instead of another one not I don't know he might be able they

might be able to eek out a win without him there so um Chuck did you just star the wrestling no I did oh okay put put

that on the te for me you got it buddy a wrestling term in West Texas has produced so many wrestlers that's

ridiculous okay Bruiser Brody Dusty rhods Terry Funk Stan

Hansen there's more but there's been a whole bunch yes West Texas is is if you

go on the Wikipedia machine I bet it'll tell you about it but anyway get get go back to the show I just had to have my

moment there it's good if that keeps you happy that's that's I'm all better now I've I've been

known to be a fountain of you useless information in my life but I I I I I I bow to the

master and that dude loves wrestling he loves wrestling Tony we're gonna have to

have a stream about old school pro wrestling apparently apparently Wht

loves wrestling but he does not like dominating in fantasy football because

fergen Whit finished fourth and sixth well there's eight people so I've finished in the upper half get off

me I would have finished last all right um my boy Reggie ratl had a good year

for Paro too so all right uh guys uh uh

you know there were lots of comments that we wanted to add or that I wanted to add but I wasn't going to keep everybody here here for four hours I

appreciate your comments and uh I I think that's where we're going to end though unless anybody sees anything that

we need to address before we go okay throw this I'll just throw this back up there we did talk about earlier so you know if

you want to find the earlier in the recording of the overtime we talked about it we'll have some information

columns dur in the week but the short of it is yes the NCAA is basically taking ownership of all of the games up until

the semi-finals so you will have to pay to watch any playoff games up to the

semis what's this does this mean something to you yes it's a poor spelling of Bruiser Brody okay close

enough yes as long as you knew what it meant okay Frank goodish Frank goodish is his real name speaking of good

information good God all right guys uh that will do it for tonight fun uh

overtime hopefully we'll have some fun games and uh no matter we will uh

hopefully see you next week on inside D2 football see you later