Inside D2Football - Second Round Preview

November 19th, 2023 5:00pm

Inside D2Football - Second Round Preview


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all right well hello everybody and welcome to inside D2 football with brand

with Chuck Bitner Matt Wiki Justin pizzy Chris Ferguson Tony nlet I am Brandon Meisner what do we got in store for you

guys tonight well uh we'll have a new National Champion we're going to talk about that fair State's quest for a

three peat comes up short in the first round of a game that shouldn't have happened in the first round uh we will

also talk about the rest of the results from around the country we'll also pick round two outcomes and we will answer

your qu uh questions criticisms in the overtime segment where I think we are

fired up and ready to go so again thanks for watching uh inside D2 football thanks for making us a part of your

Sunday night or for some of you uh your your time during the week we really appreciate it uh tonight we're going to

start with what was obviously the game of the week like I said a game that should not have happened at this

juncture but Grand Valley with a 2114 win over Ferris State the Bulldogs will

come up short in their quest for three repeat uh Tony you were there tell me about what you saw in this game yeah

Brandon well uh first of all it was a fantastic day I mean anybody was get lucky enough to get a playoff game in

November and have weather like this was really great um but this was you know for as much as we all talked going into

last week that this game would be different than the one in the in the regular season we were all correct about

that because they went back to rock fights in this game uh this was the

stars of the show in this game were uh Jim Lewis for Grand Valley State and Ryan Hodges and Tony n's nephew Tony and

East uh for FIS State the defensive coordinators had these games dialed in

uh both teams were held 200 yards below their season averages in terms of offensive output uh every yard that was

gained in this game just seemed like it was a trial and a uh just a tribula I

mean it was just unbelievable the def the defensive play in this game very few big plays Grand Valley kind of got the

better of that with a couple of uh second half touchdown passes that proved to be difference uh but in general this

was just defense just playing lights out on both sides of the ball and I think

when you look at it I mean Guys these this is the sixth time that these two teams have played in the last 25 months

25 and a half months so they know each other so well and that just was on full display in this game it was physical it

was stingy and it was Rock fight part three and uh you know just at the end of

the game the Lakers were able to make a a couple extra plays and come out on top but this is this is why these games are

coin flips between these two teams because they just know each other so well they were both so well prepared and that's what you saw on the field all

afternoon you know Tony uh the uh the big story about this game was

that Tony anise the head coach for fair state was serving a suspension I understand that you have no

way to quantify it I understand that it's simply going to be an opinion but

what effect do you think that had on the game if any at all I I I think the only time that I

remember thinking to myself boy this is having an impact was probably at crunch

time um when Ferris is down 21 to7 they get the ball at their own 20 yard line

and they go on a 17 playay 65 yard drive

that ends with an incomplete pass on Fourth and goal from the Grand Valley 15

and they they took over possession with just under nine minutes to go and that

drive ate just a hair under seven minutes off the clock and so when you see that drive making all that way down

the field and come up empty and to have manage the clock in that way something tells me that that's not how uh Tony

would have drawn it up now it doesn't mean that they wouldn't have executed it that way because that was just the story of the game I'm not kidding when I say

every inch was a scratch and Claw Fair it's what it was both ways and so I mean

it's not like that wasn't indicative of the game in its entirety but when you have when you're down two scores and it

takes you that long to go down the field and then you still come up with empty that to me was the only thing that really I kind of noticed because because

because the ferris their first half touchdown was on a brilliant two-minute D so I mean game management clock

management and that for the a lot of the rest of the game really wasn't an issue that was the only time where I felt like it may have made a difference at the end

of the game gr Valley's up 21 nothing or excuse me 217 uh they got a punt deep

within their own territory bad snap fumble by the the punter whatever you want to call it uh Ferris is able to

block end up scoring a touchdown to make it 214 was there ever a point where you as

an observer there thought oh here come the Bulldogs again you know finding some way to to pull off Amica at the end well

anytime you're dealing with teams in the top five they know how to win ugly so I you know everybody that we follow

that's at the top end of of the brackets and the top ends of our polls always seems to find be able to find ways to

win ugly and different points and that's what Champions do and so for Ferris basically not to pack it in that's

that's what you'd expect for them but I mean did it feel like it was going to be something where oh my gosh here we go

you know maybe but I mean I don't know I mean in the same regard when you looked at it logically yeah they got that score

but they still had to get an onsa kick which yeah they succeeded but they still had basically two or three plays to try

and go the length of the field or at least like a half of the field and just I mean it was an uphill climb sure but

uh I don't know I mean maybe maybe a little bit but again I don't I I don't know if it was necessarily anything where the whole

crowd was just like gez Bo here we go again there a lot of people would already left to be honest with you on

both sides because you know I mean it's it was you know once once that drive I was just talking about didn't n any

points I mean it was a two-score game gr Grand Valley basically had to try and run the clock out Ferris only had two

timeouts left at that point and um you know so even when Grand Valley was uh

getting ready to punt before that I mean they had run the clock down to under 30 seconds I think so it was it was the the

odds were long even even even as the way it unfolded you know you might not know the answer to this and I apologize for

putting you on the spot if you don't but the the the score that got the Lakers up

to 21 was a pass to Cody Tierney if you watch the highlights uh Sean Stevens is

is yelling at the other debackers are trying to chase him down what happened that he was so wide open was there some

kind of miscommunication or or what were what if anything were able to decipher from all of that that went on you know

the only thing that I could tell and I actually was able to talk to a couple of other people uh after the game who had

some Bird's eyee views of things I honestly think it was a just a miscommunication on the ferris back end

and it was a blown cover at first I I actually honestly thought that somebody fell down but I watched the replay a

couple of different times I I think it was just a just a bad fit in terms of somebody overbought overbid on the play

action and it was a miscommunication on the back end and it was just a busted coverage and I mean everybody's prone to

that at some point I don't care who you are all right and uh I want to also talk

some of the things that I thought from the game Talking to wit talking to other people um what did you think of Malik

Mitchell getting most of the snaps or a majority of the snaps considering you kind of never know which way the the the

Bulldogs are going to head when it comes to the quarterback snaps he he got the majority of snaps in that game it seems

like uh well when they did moveed the ball uh well it was mostly through the

air I mean they did end up with 182 yards passing they only had 79 yards on the ground um and you know I mean Carson

gulker when he was in there um was only six of 11 um and again he tends to be if there's a more

predictable uh you know approach offensively for Ferris it's probably when guler's in there because you know

they're going to try and run power a little bit more but he only ended up with uh you know less than two yards a carry yesterday did take a big sack late

that impacted that number but I I just think in general the offense had a little bit more pop to it for Ferris

when Mitchell was when Mitchell was in there um and at different times he was actually pretty successful in the past

game but again that was the thing though no real big plays there really weren't any big plays in this game other than

the The Tyranny touchdown that we just talked about uh and then the third quarter touchdown to to Daryl Johnson

other than that both teams again it was just it was just so scratching claw for

everything you know you're old enough to remember this Tony but uh back in

2005 2006 and then 2007 Grand Valley Northwest Missouri had a heck of a

rivalry going with championship games yeah and then and then um and then one

semi-final game and during the semi-final game uh Bob Davy I believe was the color analyst for the ESPN

broadcast and and he said that it just seems like it's the same game that's

been played now for the third time between Grand Valley and Northwest does

that seem kind of like what you know this was that kind of game that you remember from the mid 2000s between

Grand Valley and Northwest where it was going to be a a a reasonable score and

it was going to be a battle for every yard the entire time yeah it definitely felt that way I mean it was

just again I sat there watching that game and again here what I to what I told you guys these are two offenses

that I'm pretty sure finished if they weren't both in the top 10 in terms of yards per game they're close both Valley

was yards per play leader this year yeah but but I'm talking yards per game and Grand Valley actually only ran 59 plays

yesterday so they were a little more efficient I guess you got to give them that nod as well but both those teams

were held well below 200 yards below their season average I mean just in a

playoff game and you go out and and you can't and you get close to half or a little more than half of what you're

averaging I mean that's just again the level of play from the these those defenses was just it was astounding um

but yeah I mean it just it just again it felt a lot like um uh the two games from

last year and and and you're you're you know your metaphor for those Northwest games from back in the a is at I mean it

was just scratch claw you know uh who makes the mo who makes the fewest mistakes that type of thing right uh

we'll eventually uh we'll we'll talk more about Grand Valley I think when we're predicting the next uh next week's

games and doing our pick them but let's talk about a few things before we move on about FIS State obviously their quest

for three three repete uh falls short it's hard to do nobody's done it since

North Alabama in the in the mid 90s they're the third I think the third team to be able to attempt a three peat

uh they've had a heck of a run and I mean obviously they're not going away but they're not they're not they're not

going anywhere right exactly but this this run has been pretty incredible also

considering that one of their losses this year was uh to Montana who's ended up and had a really good season at the

FCS level so correct what they've accomplished is incredible and obviously they're not going anywhere but certainly

uh need to pay some you know give give them some kind words because what they what they've done is great unfortunately

as I said a couple of times and I'm going to keep saying this I am not going to give up on this this game shouldn't have happened in the first round it's

ridiculous that it did and something needs to be uh fixed because this should have been a

Regional final or a semifinal or even a national championship game in some way

rather than uh two versus three in the first round but uh and again two versus

three in our poll which you know hey that's not the be all end all but I think most folks would agree with for

yourself I think it is it is well but my point is my point is is you've basically

taken uh a sec a two seed and a five seed and devalued both of them

agree that to me is what you what what you've done I mean if if you're G to bother seeding teams there should be

some sort of reward for earning your way up to those lines and if you're gonna

basically do this unseated you know whatever craziness below you've basically taken the two three and four

and and and either devalued them or overvalued them either way it's it's

you're creating you're creating you're you're you're you're taking away what the point of seeding is in the first

place agree congratulations Grand Valley you're in the two seed you used to be

able to get a buy for that you no longer can and your reward you got to face your rival the Thunder three ranked team in

the country who lives uh you know it's about an hour away it's it's we're gonna

fix this yeah and pits number five yeah that's true Chuck yes so all right

anyway great game great outcome certainly the game of the day it was a great game it really was those teams

both fought so hard yep all right let's go ahead and move on and we're going to wrap up super Region 3 the outcomes uh

not in doubt in a couple of these games but uh uh nonetheless Pittsburgh state comes away with the

354 victory over Indianapolis you know the gorillas only LED two to nothing

after one quarter and only LED 15 to seven at the half uh you know I personally didn't give Indie enough

credit going into the game but they they managed to be competitive throughout the game uh pit ends up winning 3514 as I

said but uh it was a a nine-point game going into the fourth quarter Chad Dodson did play for pit and he threw he

was efficient again 20 of 28 282 three touchdowns Ty

Pennington uh is the second quarterback for pit he carried the ball eight times

76 yards so he he made an impact on the on the ground and Devon Garris

Elite 100 player six receptions for 93 yards uny gained

336 uh of offense so I thought that they showed well and uh but nonetheless we're

going to see a great game next week when uh Grand Valley will host Pittsburgh state uh a game that wasn't so close was

Central Missouri at Henderson State I'm sorry excuse me Henderson State of Central Missouri let me go ahead and

bring up super Region 3 Bracket and switch that view uh bring that up so

people can see the scores um and uh Central Missouri wins this one easily

5614 they Leed 35 nothing after one and 494 at the half and just shut it down U

Zach zabowski had 467 yards passing he had seven touchdowns utterly ridiculous

during the regular season I it's hard to remember numbers like that in the playoffs posil had four receptions 69

yards three touch Downs uh for the mules but they thoroughly dominated that game

and U and will move on and they will play out Harding which I think makes one heck of an interesting matchup this

upcoming week right uh going ahead and moving to Super region four uh let's

start out it's it's an interesting super region because all outcomes were

surprising in different ways we'll start with buiji state at UT peran Basin you

know B uh bami's scoring a lot UT peran Basin is certainly scoring a lot this

year but we end with a 10 to3 Road win by bidi State an impressive win for the

Beavers Whit yeah uh you know in in taking a look at it you we were all kind of

thinking that this game was going to be high flying and we were going to have

you know which team's going to be able to kind of Hit the Deep shots and everything else else but miji really

turned off the verts and you can see this right here they uh first drive you

know buran's best Drive of the game actually and they go ahead and get a pick and then they block a kick shortly

thereafter and you know it it was a very tightly played game I mean both teams just L over 200 yards offense uh but B

miji was able to play a little bit more efficiently nice throw here for the

touchdown but Mii was able to play with the lead and they were also able to to Really you

know take quarterback Kenny hearer and make him have to really do his best to

escape the rush you know he he was able right there to go ahead and hit their longest play of the game uh a little

over 30 yard completion right there but uh otherwise he was having to do a whole lot of running for his life ball tipped

here for a pick uh they picked him off twice B miji did B M's defense uh

they're front four uh one the day they they were the difference in this ball game and uh really kind of forced uh

peran out of what they wanted to do offensively and uh as a result of that

we had an outcome that was much different and a style of game that I

thought was really different than what most people were expecting so so we I got a question for

you here you know premian Bas likes to play like Up Tempo and to what extent

did the Beavers upset that the Beavers were putting peran at a

lot of second and Longs and things of that sort and it really I think made

peran have to dig into the Playbook a little differently than they were expecting and you know Chris it was

interesting because while you know like Kenny Herer had he was her leading rusher their quarterback was he had

about 90 yards but he had to carry the ball over 20 times because he kept getting flushed out nothing was open

down field because as you know Chris they like to live vertically down the field the pass that you saw for 30 plus

yards was their biggest play and uh you know beiji did a really nice job with

that and really disrupted uh everything about what the Falcons wanted to do

offensively right so is a surprising outcome stillwaiting

the uh destination for Bizzy will it be at home or will it be on the road when

they face central Washington who won at Western Colorado

1613 in overtime uh what I think was a surprising outcome with we've not given

Central Washington much credit this year and they were able to pull it off on the road so Brandon I you know and watching

this here I I I you know it was one of those things where the the game was kind

of slow going not not a whole lot similar from the one we just saw a moment ago uh where we had after three

quarters it was three nothing and that was the Lone score right there and you can see their new video board in the

back as well at the stadium um but uh Tyler Flanigan the leading rusher

thousand yard rusher the best offensive player in my opinion on the central watchh uh he was only able to play two

plays and and seemingly left with an injury uh but you go ahead here and you and you see physical ball game you know

still three nothing here at this point um then all of a sudden Central wash uh

fourth quarter they hit a post right here and all of a sudden business is picking up and it's a seven to3 game

then uh you know we go ahead roll left Cameron would have been best to do that as well and uh we go ahead get a score

and this game's got a lot of excitement and they kick a field goal uh you know right before the the the final buzzer

there and we're going overtime uh 5050 ball on a second and 15

and all of a sudden uh Darius Morrison he ends up with two touchdown catches uh

nine grabs over 100 yards and uh they're they're basically uh deciding to kind of

end the season right there for Western Colorado which I don't think a lot of people saw uh including the announcing

team that seemed really surprised by that um but um I was it was an

interesting game Brandon because in watching at the first three quarters we're like watching paint dry and then

once we got to the fourth quarter things really picked up and it was I mean it was there was a lot of suspense and

since it was such a low-scoring game every score really mattered and uh to

see uh you know a freshman quarterback who hasn't started the whole season able

to kind of make some big throws down the stretch I really thought this was almost like his coming out party in the end

there um and you know Migel has really come on

for them when they needed to in certain moments like this I thought he made some nice plays was made some athletic ones

uh yesterday as well and uh you know big big big win for Central Washington and

now Brandon we kind of wait to find out from uh the NCAA since these were two

unseated teams now we're kind of waiting for them to figure out who's a host which is

uh let's go here already well yeah we'll talk about it again in the overtime but

this is this is ridiculous there was an answer that was formed seven days ago to this question

why are we just not answering the question all right we'll talk about that in the overtime we're not giving up on

any of this crap this year we're gonna continue to focus we gotta keep the crap going I agree that's all right well uh I

won't use that that term again but it could be used to describe the defense

played by Minnesota state goodness gracious Augustana a 5124 win over Minnesota

state you were in person at this game with and it was a dominating performance

by the Vikings well just like Tony said uh we had great weather you know 55 60

degrees in Sunny uh I was doing a lot of sweating but that's another story and uh

Augie gets off to a great start right here uh Devon Jones four touchdowns in

this one Mano was having a hard time keeping track of him uh he's heck we for

them uh here's the tip ball that almost goes back for a score ball comes loose

at the end there might have been a Touchback but wasn't called that so Augustana has got the ball at the two

yard line and uh they go ahead and who do they hit it Devon Jones again uh so

he's he was a big difference maker in this one there was five straight turnovers in the in the first half for

uh Mano and uh really put them in a bad spot uh look look at uh quarterback

Casey Balman he escapes here all six seven of them and they're not GNA bring him down he he scores on that uh he also

had a very good game for the Vikings but there's no avoiding bran in that in the

first half when manal starts off drives a field gets gets field goal looks like

okay they're they're they're going to compete today and then five straight turnovers four four interceptions in a

fumble and Augustana goes into halftime with a 17 to3 lead which didn't seem like the end of the

world then when Augie took the kick uh you know after the second half back for a score and marched the field he was

like okay this is not just a first half thing anymore so uh really impressive win for

Augustana uh Coach Jerry oy's first playoff win there they've made the dance

a few times but uh pretty pretty sweet win for him one of my friends likes to

say during his broadcast um what is it's it's over but it's not done yet is that

what you felt like after the the kickoff return you know what my my my podcast

partner Tom Frederick messaged me when it was or or tweeted me of course he couldn't just message me he had to call

me out but um he he said it was 24 to at the time and he said wh does this apply

to the it's over but or you know it's over but it ain't done yet and I said and this is at like 13 minutes left in

the third quarter I said not yet Tom and then bam bam and we were 37 to3 and I

was trying to find the mimidi game on my phone at that point so that's all that fantastic all right well you know

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guarantee all right let's move on to Super region two guys

uh it's uh we're going to talk about this in the overtime uh because Todd not happy with the way the

bracket shook out and we're going to show you that in the overtime uh because he called it the Gulf South Conference

playoffs and let's start the Gulf South Conference playoffs uh talking a little bit about Del State go let's talk about

Delta State and West Florida Delta State wins 49 to4 in a rematch and gets

revenge and uh Justin how were they able to dominate West Florida like they did

well I think part of it was this game never aged well right this rematch never aged well coach Coy was fired up to

begin with by having to play them first round and it didn't age well you know I mean it wasn't that long ago that that

they lost to West Florida at home so this was kind of that rematch that that opportunity get back at him that chip on the shoulder that they had and they they

didn't waste any time in getting this thing going they had a 35 nothing lead at the half ended up 4914 and 447 yards

offense I mean this was a game that it just felt like Delta state did exactly what they wanted to do they had their

way offensively defensively they kept the Argos quiet they couldn't do anything in the first half which is

really surprising uh from what we typically see from a West Florida team Patrick shog was 19 of 25 for 39 or 318

and six tutes and he also had six or 10 carries for 22 yards you mix that in with six defensive uh stops and a pick

six or four turnovers and a pick six the defense was was complimentary that Patrick xog had it going offensively he

was able to throw the football um run the football and some other things I

thought that were pretty interesting was that Delta State averaged 12.2 yards per game uh or 12.2 yards per pass attempt

I'm sorry in the game and then the four turnovers with a pick six so it was it it felt like it was a complete

domination uh by Delta State a little bit of payback there uh for the Statesmen and Justin I watched this game

last night before I went to bed and a couple things that that stood out to me um Delta State's defense just really

teed off on going after Peewee Jarrett um y Aros don't really have a a credible

threat with a conventional rushing attack and I think Delta State they really kind of knew that and game planned for it and they just went after

Peewee Jared and I think they forced um at least one interception I think and two fumbles from him early in the game

and I I felt that that really had a huge impact one in just building the lead but just the way that game was going to go

the other thing that I that I noticed was you know almost everything that they they did with shog just turned to Gold

it was just kind of one of those days where everything came out well but Delta State's offensive line started wearing

down West Florida in in the second quarter I mean you could kind of see that the Argo defensive line was was

starting to struggle early in that game they they did and and it's again we saw

some untypical things from West Florida the the the Frederick hervey uh pick six

that were that was there in like second half it just looked it looked like the

West Florida offense was out of syn it was thrown right to him and there was nobody around him in any direction for at least five yards um and and they they

had some exotic I thought some um exotic pressures up front they were able to

stunt a little bit and just West Florida just seemed they seemed almost at a sync Chuck it just it it didn't seem like

them on both sides of the football and and like you said everything Delta did was just rolling it didn't matter what

they did it just kind of worked its way out I I have an interlude

here because I look at not just what Delta has done which you know the 35

really stood out to me um in the way they shut down West Florida same thing

that we saw with Central Missouri and you look at what has happened in super Region 2 in particular I mean I can

understand why Tod feels the way he does based on these results I mean good grief I mean there's clearly a a uh

the seated teams just ran all over the unseated teams here whereas you didn't

see that you know in super Region 4 yeah and and I think and I like I said

this game I don't think aged well for Delta State I think it was in you know that they hadn't forgot about it and

they felt like they had something they wanted to prove if you if you watch the game I mean again it just felt like from start to finish it was all Delta State

and I think that's you know Brandon you talked about with Coach Coy he he kind of set that tone I thought early in the

week on Monday at his press conference and and you know if if that's how it is on a Monday by the time you get to

Saturday it's gonna be turned up so um and and I felt like Delta State carried that over onto the field you know hey

this is what they think of us and and and and and it you know we could sit here and talk about that all day but but

again I thought it was it was a convincing win from Delta State in West Florida it was untypical guys I I mean

we haven't seen a West Florida team play like that in in a minute particularly in the playoffs yeah they shut down John Giles

I mean Y when you don't have a running game and you shut down one of the top receivers in the country I mean what else can you really expect well and and

it felt like in the second half it's um it felt like West Florida was trying to get it all back on one play instead of

just trying to execute and get themselves back into it it felt like they were trying to take the big plays and try to get them you know get those

35 points back or or whatnot and one or two plays so uh but but yeah all right

let's go ahead and move on to the second game in the Gulf South Conference tournament just kidding uh Limestone

goes to valdasta State and the Blazers don't really have that much

trouble with limestone in spite of the of the score but it's a 6240 win 41 win

uh for valdasta State tell me about this one Justin yeah so this is a game that

you know I kind of we kind of talked about you know it we could see the potential here uh of it being a shootout

you know offensively um and that's kind of what it was it was a little surprising in the first half or at least

I felt like it was um it it was 31 to7 at the half valdasta was up and had 585

yards of offense and and really I thought dominated that first half and and kudos to Limestone for kind of

digging themselves back into it end up being 62 to 41 um and and most of those

points for um Limestone came in the second half so again I feel like they came out and they battled their way back

into it guys um Samy Edwards had 27 completions six touchdowns 344 yards for

the Blazers and and just they they were able to get themselves in that game um and they they built that lead up delta

made or Limestone I'm sorry made a little bit of a run there in the second half and Clos the Gap but just really

for for valdosa State the offense was able to score some points and I felt like the defense for valasta made some

plays in critical times during this game they were able to to step up they were able to make those plays get the stops

when they needed it and that's kind of what we wanted to see and the offense they didn't miss a beat and we kind of thought that was going to be the case

question I had going into this one is are they gonna be able to control the run from Limestone um because limestone's throwing the ability to be

able to break off some big runs and stuff like that and I felt for the most part uh valdosa state was able to do that again their offense is going to be

tough to deal with uh throughout these playoffs but their defense stepped up made plays and I think that was the

reason they came out of this one Victorious I just want to say something

here because I remember last year I kept

receipts about how so many vosta folks had something not nice to say about

termaine Jackson and Company and what they've been able to do in year two and and now they've won the playoff game

they are ahead of schedule here I just want to note for the record that they're rolling and now

we've got a big rematch coming up a huge one but you know again Head and

Shoulders Head and Shoulders above much of the rest of the super region and what

they were able to do 62 points that's huge in a playoff game I had some

thoughts fer F fer you know what and when if you don't pick them this weekend they're going to keep receipts on

you and you know and that's fine and that's perfectly fine we'll get to that we'll get to that let's not get ahead of

ourselves I know I know just an observation and I like the

foreshadowing that for but um uh Justin last few times I've watched

fasta there's their receivers and their speed um I don't know if there's another

team I've watched in D2 this year who who's got that kind of depth speed and athleticism at wide out the depth of the

receiver room and the plays that they're able to make and Sammy Edwards has gone

from being kind of like the new guy the guy who's replacing Ivory Durham to now

a guy who's in like the top five top 10 quarterbacks conversation and down there

coach po they think that he should be Player of the Year not the guy they're going against no you're 100% right and I'm

going to give credit to Rick uh Rick Buie who's the offensive coordinator down there um I know Rick he's a

phenomenal football coach I'm not surprised to see the offense kind of growing with with his with his

leadership there calling the offense you know he I one thing I've noticed is he's been able to get those guys open he gets

those the receivers like you talked about wh he gets those guys open gets them open in space gets them the

football and lets them be football players um I've seen that a bunch of times we saw it a couple times on

Saturday um and he just he's able to the the offense is coming into their own the

defense is coming into their own and they're starting to make the plays that that we kind of expected to see right with like um again but going back to it

offensively they do a phenomenal job um of getting those guys open the one thing I it just kind of sticks out to me is

you know if the corner sitting soft they do a great job hitching it up getting the ball in space putting a foot in the ground and getting north south in a

hurry and getting a big chunks of yardage same thing if that corner squats down and presses they're burning right

by him and they're getting the ball out in space and big plays sought against West Georgia saw again this week so yeah

they they've become very complimentary offensively it seems like they're adding a the vertical component all the more

right now and that gets a little scary if they're able to pull that off well

and if you do that it it really opens up those run Lanes inside right that's that's one of those things I think we've

seen um in the past is just when you can throw the football or when you can run the football you have to load a box and

you get one-on-one matchups on the outside and you give those guys opportunity who are you going to double or are you going to Single leave them

open you know if you sit soft now you have safeties coming up trying to make you know on run fit it just becomes a

it's a cat and mouse game where you kind of get the leverage you get the momentum if you're valasa um to to to being able

to do that those guys on the outside and particularly if you got that quarterback that can get that ball out there and he

knows how to make those reads he knows who to how to read the defense and get the ball out there you're going to see some big explosive plays and I and I and

I would say with as we look ahead to this coming week and we'll talk more about it but this is a different

valdasta team they have gotten better every week and and they've grown into their own and we're seeing that right

now I think they're playing their best football of the season and they showed that on Saturday agree right let's go

ahead and move to the last game and I'll be honest with you to me this was the most interesting game in super Region 2

Everybody Knows Why Super region one member Shephard was shipped to Super Region 2 they played at Leno Ry it

didn't go well for Shepard though a 63- 17 win and lru just dominated this one

Justin they did and and you talk about playing your best football this time of the year that's what Leno Ryan's doing

right now Leno Ryan scored first and I and Shephard answered it was 77 there about halfway about four minutes of play

in the first quarter and then after that it just seemed like it was all Lenor Ryan they had 617 yards of offense 461

of it in the air Shawn White is making the most of his opportunity under Center 25 completions five touchdowns

398 yards for the quarterback um they they had 461 yards total in the

air that they've set they set all sorts of Records on Saturday but it just felt

like the Bears offensively were clicking they put up points they put up yardage and then the defense Kudos that defense

and and that defensive staff they buckled down it was it was um it was 3517 at the half and they shut them out

in the second half and it just I think it goes to that coaching staff and those kids and that grit you know they they were able to find out a way yeah they

had that lead in the first half but it was just it felt like domination in the second half they shut that thing down and it was all Lenor Ryan they were able

to get it going offensively you know guys were the receivers that Shawn White was able to hit the hit the receivers in

space they were making plays there was a couple times uh the receivers on the perimeter just just flat out made the

DBS Miss put a foot in the ground you know shuffle put their foot in the ground went left right and and the DBS

had no answer for it the Run game was there the Run game is complimenting that pass game that we've seen when you have

Dwayne McGee in the back field you have to load the Box you can't let him run on you we saw that and then defensively you

got guys like John Ross May and that defensive front good grief I mean they're just getting after the the quarterback not giving him any time

pressure um you know Andre Jefferson four tackles two sacks it it just goes

on and on it was a career day and what felt like it felt like utter domination

by the Bears on Saturday and I think they're playing their best football of the year right now particularly the last

two weeks John Ross May in there to catch a pass because he sure got one on defense

with the interception yeah absolutely absolutely fer I mean you know I didn't know what

to expect in this one just because you know Shepard um a little surprising this

year I didn't I didn't know I didn't know how they'd match up and and I think it was just uh they really answered the

Bel I felt like they answered the bell and said hey wait a minute I don't know if they felt like hey why did they why

did why did it get switched or whatever or you know I don't know but they just kind of to me it was like all right

we're gonna handle our business from here on out we have an opportunity and and they're taking advantage of it week

to week so again I I can sit here and talk to you about the stats and and the records that they wrote on Saturday all

night long but I mean again just playing really really good football uh at this

point in the season yeah one thing I would just kind of throw out there there is the the the maturation of Shawn White

you know he struggled last year and to have carried this team at that quarterback spot this year what he's

been able to do it certainly notes a warrants recognition yeah and he lost

the job earlier in the season too you talk about that Justin he he was actually taken out of the lineup for a

while and and came back in the last couple games has just been incredible yeah Jaylen Ferguson take had taken over

at quarterback and then um I believe he had he gone out I think he got injured or banged up and since Shawn White has

been in I mean it's basically pin his ears back and go and it's just he's got

the hot hand right now at quarterback and uh it's something that's it's really interesting because you know you have

the ability to when you have different quarterbacks but the team still continues to grow it talks about that maturation of a team and of a program

and I think that really says a lot about the program that they've built at Leno Ryan where it doesn't matter it's that

next man up mentality and if you get that opportunity you go in and you make the most of it and the guys are playing

for that the guys are just doing their job because you see that on the you see the you see the running

backs they're hey it doesn't matter who's giving us football we're going to run hard the offensive Line's going to block and the receivers on the

outside they're special they're they're they're special and they're making plays and again it doesn't matter who's under Center I mean it does but it doesn't

right like they're going to do their job and they're going to play for each other and that's we've seen that with with

them and that's that's a pretty special characteris sck and trait I think for a team to have right let's go ahead and move to

Super region one where there was another interesting game for the reason that you guys know that I think well let's start

out with uh the earned access New Haven charger putting up a pretty good fight

against Charleston but Charleston wins at home 5244 Chuck uh what are your thoughts on

this one well that game didn't really get to 52 to 44 the way you might think that it did You' kind of think this was

a back back and forth shootout uh Charleston actually jumped out to a 24 to nothing lead in this game and I

thought oh good lord this this game's over because 24 points is a lot for New Haven that they don't get there all the

time New Haven has been very limited offensively all year they have a great

defense uh 54 52 points from Charleston was actually a bit surprising Chargers

have a great defense but they have been very limited offensively all year but boy you have to give a lot of credit to

them for for two one getting off the mat when they were down 24 to nothing in the first half of that game and then finding

some answers that they haven't really found all year um to be able to come back and and make this a one- score game

at the end actually had a shot you know with an onside kick there in the last couple minutes to to maybe even get down and and tie this football game and maybe

even uh maybe even take the lead so uh very very interesting game I I totally dismissed it guys I was at the uh the

Kutztown Virginia Union game and of course once once things started I'm on the nca's website because God forbid we

gave you a mobile app for this fancy Championship pass that we're going to charge you for so I'm on the nca's

website trying to figure out how to put in credentials and access the game and by the time I kind of get there I see

it's already about 17 to nothing and then it's 24 to nothing I totally dismissed this game and I didn't know

that New Haven had actually come back until I got back to the house so then I watched the whole game last night and I

I really was impressed with the way New Haven bowed their way back into it but you know Charleston's the team that's

moving on and I I think that they they will have a few things that will be a problem for Kutztown you know we're

going to talk about Kutztown in a minute we talked about them a lot last week I think Charleston has some things that can create some matchup challenges for

Kutztown and they're playing this at home so uh obviously a great day for Charleston you coming off their first

Mountain East Conference Championship Siobhan Wright had six rushing touchdowns in this game we've talked

about some of the quarterbacks and that was something that stood out you know in a lot of games there were quarterbacks that had huge days days Siobhan Wright

who was the Mountain East offensive player of the year six rushing touchdowns uh in a playoff game like

this that that's hard to do so huge props to him and a great day for the Eagles right uh also I've talked a

little a little longer on that no you you guys know the day that I've had so I'm lucky to be awake at this point uh

let's move on to uh couldst in Virginia Union though Chuck the game that

obviously I thought was the most interesting uh from the standpoint of a super Region 2 Team moving in to the super region one

bracket Kutztown wins this one 38 to4 you were at the game and it was complete

Domination by cstown hey hey before y'all do that before y'all do that we don't have to talk about this game

Brandon Chris why don't you give me your thoughts first then so gosh go ahead

Chuck please since you're actually there so please it's probably a little tough to hear for the CIAA Crow I think we all

expected a little bit better um for Virginia Union I think we we obviously gave them a lot of respect going in this

game it was 3-3 in the picks you know three of us thought Virginia Union actually had a really good chance to win that game so we won't point out who

those three were but it was three three in the picks so we were giving them a lot of respect uh we thought they had a

great chance to win this game and you know part of it is you know when you have conferences that don't intersect a

whole lot you you really do struggle to kind of get a feel for how are they going to match up on the field and the

the P AC and the CIAA don't play a lot of games against each other it's been a

while it just doesn't happen I mean Clarion played at Lincoln but that doesn't tell us a whole lot from from

either side of things when was uh when was the CIAA in super region one was that about 2012 was that the last year

may about 2007 to 2008 or nine I think to about 16

or 17 I could be wrong on either side of that because I know you know Winston Salem was the representative yeah yeah

um stay tuned stay tuned for for changes coming in 2025 but yeah that that was

historically where that was but no I I I thought that Virginia Union would have something for Kutztown and they they

just really didn't and and I was not shocked that Kutztown shut down Virginia Union's offense frankly I expected that

we know what Virginia Union can do when they get the running game going I knew that Kutztown would be able to stand up

to the running game and and just didn't feel like Virginia Union had something else that was really credible that they

could go to um I mean Christian Reed's a very good leader runs that offense very well s sadii very good playmaker at the

receiver position but I just didn't think that they'd be able to consistently loosen up that Kutztown

defense and that's that's kind of how it played out so that didn't surprise me what did surprise me was just how well

Kutztown was able to attack that Virginia Union defense going straight downhill first two drives of the game

everything Kutztown did was just between the guards they're pretty much just running right behind the center and getting right down the field and you

know Virginia Union just didn't strike me as a play from behind kind of team so at 14 to nothing you felt this this this

isn't good and then when Kutztown got the punt block for a for a touchdown that put him up 21 nothing in the first

quarter it just kind of felt like a comeback here just isn't going to happen so you got to give Virginia Union

a lot of credit for getting off the mat they made some adjustments and they tightened up defensively a lot in the second half you have to give him a lot

of credit for that but I think Kutztown was kind of just m managing the deficit at that point as well so you know when

you're up big at the half it's you just kind of want to get out of there and I think that's kind of how Jim Clemens and his staff managed the second half that

that's exactly how I explained it to somebody last night yeah that you know from the outside looking in that's

exactly what I thought it happened but still you know it was uh I got to I got to meet coach Parker and a couple of the coaches uh coming off the field was

tough day for them but really appreciate them being gracious and defeat and it was um it was nice to get to meet them

all right and uh the final game of Su of round one uh East Stroudsburg comes up

just a little short Slippery Rock responds well after lossing the psac championship game a 4514 win you know it

it actually didn't really start off that way um you watching the first quarter it kind of felt like oh man East stoutsburg

has watched the game tape from last week when Kutztown attacked Slippery Rock both offensively and defensively and

they took some notes from that game plan and they're able to replicate it because early on East stalsburg was having a lot

of su success with the running game uh they were doing a pretty good job with taking Kyle sheets out of the game plan

which that's what Kutztown committed to taking Kyle sheets out of the game plan for Slippery Rock and the straussburg

was trying to do that early on and they were having some success and you got to give a lot of credit to Slippery Rock

for making some adjustments that worked in early in the game because that's that's just what they weren't able to do

last week um and they're they're a staff that's kind of renowned for that like they make very good adjustments throughout the game last week it just

didn't work and and this week it started off looking kind of like it was heading that direction again and and they were

able to to course correct and and get themselves headed in the right direction so exactly what they needed to kind of

get themselves back on track heading into a big match up with an undefeated Tiffin Squad so uh great win for the

rocket wasn't perfect uh but you never expected to be in a playoff game against uh a nine- win

Team all right well let's go ahead and share some news that has just coming out

um let me see if I can share that with everybody

here looks like um let me change the layout gentlemen

um looks news is what we're getting at here guys that's exactly right gotta push gotta push buttons and talk at the

same time not necessarily you have enough trouble doing those things separately much l time exactly so there we go finally came

up bidi state will be host in central Washington okay in the uh sr4 playoffs

be a one o00 local kickoff at Chad Anderson stadium for Midi state so an an

answer that we should have had 24 hours ago we have now so I'll be honest Brandon I'm I'm mildly

surprised why I'm happy for my I thought it was that I thought it was gonna be mid I don't even know what the question

was can you explain to me what you thought the question might be no um because Central Washington

whether it was myself whether it was when Chuck and I were digging around with the regional stuff inkblot anybody

had Central Washington at five um and bidi at seven okay um

however you know when when all of the committee members go to place their vote

Brandon and they go all do them privately the question becomes two

things with Central Washington and bigi is if you're you're going to go vote the

teams how do you not see the nii loss

that that Central Washington had um you know I realized it was a team that made

the playoffs and is now bring in their equipment Monday Montana Tech but at the

same time it's an ni loss and it is what it is guys um if this isn't against

Northwestern or Morningside or something like that we're going to be real honest with ourselves and uh at the same time B

midi State you while having one more loss than they did uh Central wash in terms of the D2 stuff uh I really felt

that they had some bigger wins so it really comes down to how they really

would have voted would they have had them as low as you know seven or five or

what have you uh at the end of the day I think they got it right here um because

I think overall bichi probably has a little bit better resume I mean if we're going to truly assess the

teams right very good I I thought it should have been them without a doubt but thank you for explaining that all

right uh when we come back we will pick round two playoff

results we'll be right back with that in just a minute just wanted to take this

opportunity to thank those who have supported D2 football this year D2 football is free but it isn't cheap your

report helps offset our expense and allows us to expand our coverage if you like what we're doing

please consider supporting us visit ssport or if you want to do it the

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football welcome back and and it is time to take a look and predict the outcome

for uh super or excuse me for second round games across the country um tell

you what let's go ahead and do this region by region that graphic seems a little bit hard to see um so let's go

ahead and look at Super region one and we will pick those games

first and then we will move in numerical order uh we have two games

slipper Rock will be at tiffen and Charleston will host Kutztown uh we're going to go in order

that you see it on the screen so I'm at the top I will go first and uh let's go

ahead and um I will

take flippy Rock to upset tiffen on the

road okay and uh chuck would you please go next yeah I don't want to I don't

want to put all my best stuff out there because Carrie Mo and I are going to do a super region one podcast sometime

later this week so we'll have a lot to say about both of these games um I think they're both really good I think Tiff's

a really good football team there's still some unknowns there with how they're going to match up against a team like Slippery Rock but I I know they're

very good I got to talk with a couple coaches actually yesterday at the Kutztown game who believe the Tiffin for

real um but I think the uh the bounceback win over e straber was exactly what slippy Rock needed I think

the Rock's going to come out a score better in this one all right and since I changed the layout I messed up the uh

order Justin go ahead and go next please yeah well there we go but um plain and

simple I think slippery rocks can get get back on track keep it going this week and I think they're gonna come out

on top okay uh what we got next Whit go ahead please conflicted on this one I wanted

to go with tiffen um however they're all conference quarterback um case Martin has played

through eight weeks took a shot and uh his backup has

been playing ever since playing fine but he has taken over since that time so I'm

mildly concerned um about you know him going up against Slippery Rock having a

quarterback who's uh you know going to be in the Harland Hill conversation so uh I'm I'm going with I think is a

little bit more safe pick at this point slippery Rock's very experienced Tiff will be their second time in the in the

D2 dance so I'm gonna take Slippery Rock here okay um

Tony yeah my uh old school gleak uh Alli

or Allegiance really has me wan to pick tiffen as well

um yeah gosh this one's tough you know what I I I really was leaning towards slippy Rock for all the reasons that you

guys said I feel like they're they're probably stronger at quarterback they're experienced um but uh I don't I if you

could find me uh a team in this bracket that's got more a bigger chip on their shoulder than Tiffin I I don't know who

it is so I'll take I'll take the the shoulder chip and and and roll with the dragons

on this one right Ferg the only thing that concerns me

about tiffan in this game is the Reliance On The Run they've got three fantastic running backs that they

use and they sort of pound you and and I just really wonder if slippy rock is

able to take away the Run what can they do um in the pass game um so with that

being said uh I'm going to also go the safe route and choose slippy Rock on the

road okay uh let's go next to uh

Kutztown at Charleston weird order Chuck please go first uh yeah so you know again I'm

going to save some of my best stuff but I am going to go Kutztown here and I know it's going to feel like a little bit of a homer pick I'm picking both

psac teams and that's kind of my territory but uh I I I do think Charleston has some answers for what

kown does I think that Charleston's a sneaky good football team uh really like what I've seen from them uh it's just a

fundamentally sound team Quin Sanders in his second year as a coach has done a great job so you know to Tony's point

about tiffen had a b a bit of a chip on their shoulder I think you could absolutely say the same thing about Charleston one a and one B you know this

this is a team that's very very close to being undefeated you know they lost on the road to a a pretty good Fairmont

State team probably played their worst game of the year against a good team and still almost won it so you this this is

a really good team they've won games in lots of different ways um some I'm throwing all my praise on them but I am

picking Kutztown to uh to win the game just

cown with I really want to Pi Charleston in this one um I'm impressed with what they

can do offensively uh obviously they like to run the fall and they're good at it I just think that this may not be the

easiest match now with kown and how well their defense is playing at this very

moment um cut Down's a little bit more experienced in some of this stuff with

regard to the postseason I'm GNA take cuts down here okay

Tony yeah guys I I guess this is going to be an up and all flyer region but yeah I mean Chuck you you you're you're

dead on it man right it's like tiffin's got the big chip but charlson's probably got just as big of one and they seems

like we've underestimated them in a lot of ways all year um I I tend to believe kown is probably

the better team here but you know what I like I say I looks like I'm going to be the only contrarian on both these games

so I'll take Charleston on this one too because like if we underestimate him again then then shame on all of us right

Ferg you know how we kind of have gotten into these super regions and one

conference tends to dominate the number of teams in the playoffs in their super

region so I need Charleston to look me in the right now because I need to say

something here I need you to understand that we cannot have a all P act final

okay I am also going to roll with you because I do believe that you can overcome U what cown can throw at

you very hence forth I also will go with the golden eagles

here all right and I will pick goodtown very impressed with last week win and uh

back to last few games let's move to Super and start with Lenor ry's visit to

Benedict and Justin gets the pick

first well I think if Lenor Ryan continues playing the way we've seen him play the last two weeks uh I think Lenor

Ryan is going to win and probably probably not leave any

doubt in it if if they continue to play Benedicts had a great season I think they're a very good football team I just don't know they can play at the level

that Leno Ryan's been playing at so I'm going to take Leno Ryan in this one right Whit you I really wanted to pick

Benedict in this one um I think they're defensively up front I think they may get after Lor Ryan a little bit here and

there at the same time um I I think Benedict after their their game last

year and their showing I think is this is approv it game for them uh and I think Lenor ry's already kind of gotten

a little bit you know know the off their shoulders right now with regard to

they've already won a playoff game to get here so they're going to be a little more relaxed uh I I like Lenor Ryan on

the road in this one okay Tony you know I I think what's really

making me struggle here are two things um one Lenor Ryan the role that they are on and two I I look at Benedict I look

at Ben and what they did this year they basically had one game where somebody

played them within less than 21 points I mean they had just dominated everyone

and normally you'd look at that and think okay gosh they're just they're just World beaters I think what worries me for them in this one is after a week

off and they haven't really faced a lot of adversity this year this is playoffs now it's it it it's it's GNA be tough

but their defense is just so good I I'm gonna take Lenor Ryan here but I don't

know how good I feel about it I'll be honest with you I think Benedict's kind of sneaky better this year and while it

is a prove it game for them I think they're gonna surprise everybody with how well they play right

Chris well um yeah this is a bit of a tough one too and it's a bit sobering

for a number of reasons um it's very likely that whenever uh Benedict season in that you

know chennis Barry their head coach probably probably will be going to the FCS um he's been link to a number of of

different jobs um there deser deservedly so GE and deservedly so absolutely so

there's any way for Benedict to sort of rally around that and try to make the

the best of what's left of the season that's certainly a rally cry um but I I

my concern with them is Leno Ryan has just a lot of weapons to to go at him and I think that that's my concern and

and the reason why I go l r in this

one in most of these picks my gut tells me to go with

friends that are you know four and five years in some cases but the trend with

Benedict L you know was a very short one and that was to be beaten in the playoffs last year in the first round

they've got a prove it to me I'm going to pick Lenor Ryan in this one and Chuck you get the last word on this game I

almost kind of wonder if this is one of the situations where the bye is not an advantage for Benedict just because you

know they they played so well they won 11 straight games and you kind of take that week off obviously resting up is is

certainly you know there's a lot to be said for that but it kind of breaks up your momentum a little bit and Lenor Ryan's coming off the two best games

they've played all year so you know they're kind of in that you know mentality now that they just want to keep it rolling

I think this will be a better showing for Benedict this year in the playoffs and I if they win it certainly will not Shock me but I'm going to go with the r

and I'd like to congratulate benedict on their playoff win this

Saturday all right uh next one we have excuse me valasa State traveling to

Delta State and uh it's your turn to go first Whit

well valasta on this Redemption tour that Ferg alluded to earlier uh has had

a chance to uh get West Florida and um I think this is maybe the

time now where as well as they're playing uh I'm gonna take valasta on the

road in this one um in what I think could be a pretty high-scoring game and

one of the best games in this round in my opinion okay uh Tony

ah you know we always talk about hard is to beat teams twice I just in this instance Samy Edwards been fantastic you

guys are right they're really rolling um I just look at it from a playoff

perspective from an experience perspective you're not gonna get any better than Patrick shog probably in this whole region and at home um to me I

think this is Delta State um but boy no result here is really going to shock me I just I just I like I like Delta State

in this one this is their time now to keep it rolling F gentlemen I have a question what is

the strongest if you're in from an engineering perspective what is the strongest

shape I know where you're going with this I think I do too all right it's a

triangle it can't be it can't be destroyed it can't be that's right it's a triangle it's a triangle and the Delta

that you have here it's going to be very hard to beat uh but if there is one team that could probably take them down in

this in this particular super region it's by a state uh on the Redemption tour so I I too am going to stay with

the Blazers and uh and uh I I know that the Delta folks are very active on

Twitter uh so I'm pretty sure that uh a misfire on this pick and we're probably

going to hear about it so I really do need you to come through God a

thank you Ferg I'm with you hey hey whit they're playing for his pickham life yes

exactly yes all right some videos made I'm not uh I'm not gonna involve math or

science or shapes or geometry or anything I'm just but I am gonna pick Delta to win this one at home still

angry about playing in the GSC playoffs check uh I'm going Delta State here as

well but I I do think that this is going to be a very good game I I think you know a few things have changed since the

last time they played you know I think Vasa State really knows who they are now um they have a ton of momentum uh

they've done a great job maximizing their strengths they've done a really good job minimizing where they still have some liabilities U but I think the

Delta State just has too many mismatches where Delta State can be had uh so I'm

going with the Statesman at home on this one okay and Justin round us up man when

I go last there's not much left to say um but I I will say this I I think that valasa State team is a lot different

than the team Delta played earlier in the season I I really do I think they're playing much better football they figured some things out um but I if if

Delta State continues playing the way they played this past week not too many teams are gonna not not too many teams

gonna be able to beat him so uh I'm GNA take Delta State in this one in a game that I think is going to be closer particularly than the last time they

played and this has the potential to be a a pretty big shootout I think it's going to be the defenses that can that

can create turnovers that are going to be the difference in this one though all right uh Now we move to Super Region 3

first game one that I think is incredibly interesting Central

Missouri at Harding let's go ahead and pick that one first and Tony you get the

start oh my gosh

I I yeah I'm I am at a loss here guys I'm I'm gonna take Central Missouri just

strictly on a hunch um but man I mean if anybody's Gonna Keep that that offense tamped down

I mean I Harding Harding I'm taking Central Missouri but I don't I'm I

basically a coin flip to me okay uh ferk this is gonna be the first time I'm

GNA take a one seed and uh you know I do like Harding to um you know every time

we look at playoff off Harding we always look at them as going against a team that's a highflying offense a lot of

times and and they find ways to keep the game very close yes they do and so to me

I think that that's going to give them a chance um rather than uh what what they

experienced uh from their uh Great American Conference uh stable mate last

week when I look at this one I think in order to beat Harding because of the

style that they play a team has to be satisfied to play complimentary football

first of all it's hard to stop Harding but second of all they go on long drives control the ball so much you're it's

going to limit the number of possessions that a team has especially this year with the clock rules being modified a

little bit uh I don't know that Central

offensively is a team that is is going to be stopped by anyone who does not play the style of

game that Harding does so the question becomes can Harding playing that style

uh beat Central and I'm actually going to pick the Bison at home to beat the mules uh

because I believe that their offense will actually frustrate the mules offense by not letting them be on the

field gonna go with the Bison uh chuck ah fascinating matchup guys for

for all the reasons that some of you already said I mean four four shut outs for Harding this year it's just such a

great defense um you the way they stand up to Henderson State and what they do

um I I love this matchup I I am G to go with Central Missouri I think that they just have something really really

special this year and it kind of feels like man if Central Missouri could get through Harding they might win the whole damn

thing um they they could be a spoiler in in this entire bracket um so I'm I'm G to ride with the mules I just been

really enjoying watching what they're doing this year and you love that Harding team but I I I think Central Missouri can get it done Justin man look

at that dang mule head that thing is good looking I'm gonna go with the mules in this one oh my

God hey look look look damn mule has the head of a donkey and I've been called the hell of a lot

worse on Twitter so we're gonna ride to d i i promis to never do that again if

you wouldn't talk about it

is it my pick I'm sorry I didn't I did yes sir please go okay

um I uh I think this is the most interesting match up of the whole bunch

yeah just because the Clash of styles everything else um you know I I I'm

struggling with it like you are Brandon as to is that really going to mess with the T Tempo and the being in Rhythm that

the mules are used to now I tell you right now if you're GAC folks and you

know people Harding folks are going okay who's the Central Missouri team yeah they're the one who just boat raced that

Henderson team that played you close so that's a little bit of a concern right

there but the Clash of styles and the way Harding you know runs the flexbone

and man when you play them as I've said before it's like playing a team you know with running clock and I think they're

going to really take away the amount of plays Central MO is going to be able to run in this football game I'm taking

Harding to win at home okay uh moving to the second game in super Region 3

Pittsburgh state is at Grand Valley uh first meeting ever between these two

blue blood programs I'm really excited about it Ferg you pick first Grand Valley

I'm going to go with the Lakers as well uh Chuck please go H Grand Valley yeah I

think the Lakers win this one Justin Grand

Valley Whit I'm far in way my biggest concern

if I'm pit state is Grand Valley getting after my quarterback up front um I

really think that Grand Valley Le the country in Sachs right now and I mean

you you've seen the way they've gotten after Ferris before and they Chang Ferris because of that um I still think

that because of pit State's defense they will be able to stay in this football game I have Grand Valley winning um in a

very close game and Tony you're the final win for this

game so uh I'm with you Whit on Grand Valley ability to get after the

quarterback I think that's going to be um a significant play in this game and I'm going to throw you the

converse I think pit State's inability to get after the quarterback is going to play a role here they only have 16 sacks

for the season um and if Grand Valley can establish any kind of a run game and

Kate Peterson's then able to go play action at all and he's uh either not pressured or he's escapable um I just

think gr Val is going to be able to move the ball pretty effici in this one I I like the Lakers here as well okay all

right uh moving to Super Region 4 let's talk about the first game

Colorado Mines hosting Augustana um I it's time for me to go

first I'm gonna pick Colorado School of Mines uh Chuck I think this is a really

tough matchup for mines because I I think that we have probably undervalued Augustana for most of the season

um probably just because the early part of their schedule was kind of light and then you know they had the tough loss against Wayne State but I think we've

probably undervalued Augustana it's a really good football team they have a lot of offensive weapons they play very

physical defense I think this is a tough match up but I think it's also just a really tough ask to go to to Golden and

win this one so I'm going Colorado Mines but I think it's close Okay

Justin man look at that dang Viking head oh my God disappointed when dang blaster

uh whoops its tail on Saturday mindes the logo is one of the best for

sure I don't know that that's determining who's gonna win or not uh oh yeah

Tony baby Tony go ahead I to me I I I'm with what everybody said

about alast I think we have undervalued them and I think this is a team that can give mindes some issues um that said I I

I also think mindes has kind of got the mantle now of hey until you do something about him especially in terms of this

region yeah that you can't win or you won't win yeah exactly somebody's gonna have to do something about them until

that happens I'm I'm taking M all right Chris I'm going for the upset here I

think Augie is pretty hot right now and uh I just think that that bodes well

going into a game that could be very offensive heavy um so I like as much as

I like mins and and if they get past this then I think they're going to Faire very well going forward but I think it's

be a very big test for them and I'm going to choose a and the upset okay

Whit uh you you guys recall last year man KO went to mines had them at 217 at

one point and let them off the hook um this Augustana team is better than that Mano

team uh they're better defensively they're more complete offensively um Jared erson is a

fantastic running back Mano decided uh yesterday that they were gonna not let

him win that football game everything else did and um Casey Bowman has really

kind of come into his own and he's got a lot of targets and uh as much as I

realized mindes is an overwhelming favorite you know certainly in this super region if not even further

um I'm going to take augustan and the upset here

okay and finally our last game Central Washington traveling as we found out on

this show to Bidi State and Chuck you go first man I have missed on bidi State

picks for like the last two years when I when I when I pick them they lose when I pick the opponent they win um so I don't

really know what to think here I do think being able to stay at home is is an advantage here but you never know I

mean Central Washington's got that road warrior mentality now they've been down to Texas what four times in the last

month now they're going out to to Minnesota we've seen what they can do with that really tough defense um guys

I'm gonna go with a minor upset here I'm gonna go with Central Washington winning appam miji I've got my guy Tanner vul

with at least two interceptions he only had one last week I was a little disappointed get two at bidi and I think

central Washington gets an upset win here okay Justin and Justin if you pick a team

based upon a logo I will kick you out of the studio I'm just right go ahead

please no I you know I think and you said it was a minor upset

Chuck I I you know I think it's it's a good thing to be home particularly this this time of the season but you know

when you have to travel like a team like Central Washington has had a travel this year it galvanizes you it makes you a little bit tougher particularly as you

go um I I think that counts for something when you get this late in the season having to go on the road to piji

so I'm gonna take Central Washington okay wh you know with Tyler Flanigan

seemingly having a shoulder or whatever he had when he went off the field the when I was watching yesterday um the

fact that I mean I think he's their best offensive player um I think they were able win a lows scoring contest with

Western Colorado yesterday because I think that Western Colorado probably made a bad decision

decide to play that kind of game with them and uh I don't think bidi is gonna need to play that kind of game I think

bid's got enough of an explosive offense but miji plays damn good at home I got

the beavers in this one

Tony yeah so for you know we talked about uh one a of underestimated on the

year is probably Tiffin one B might be Charleston one C's got to be Central Washington because I feel like I know

I've missed on them a lot this year I think maybe we all have a little bit um

and I I I get the whole they're used to traveling they're used to playing on the

road they basically been doing it all year I understand how it galvanizes them I just I I think I'm with wit here I

think B midi state is so tough to beat at home um and at some point yes it

galvanizes you but at some point you run out of gas too um and so to me bidi is at least the a little bit more experien

I think in terms of playing pressure games and what have you and so I'm gonna I'm gonna take beiji at home hey

Chris yeah I think the one thing about bidi is that they they have a better

offense than what western had last week and you know that was sort of what took

them down against peran BAS was per bason also had a pretty good offense as

well um and high potent so I think that that's going to be the Difference Maker

uh for bidi you know as good as Central was Washington's defense is I think they're going to get behind early and

they're not going to be able to catch up you know I think one of the most

interesting things that's happened the last few seasons is bid's transformation

from a team that's soft passing team into a physical team that that plays

more complimentary football it's been pretty impressive you know having said that Central Washington's not going to

fear number one going on the road number two playing in any weather that bidi can

throw at him likely and um will not be intimidated be scared anything like that

but I think B is going to win at home and move on to the super region for

finals all right let's go ahead and uh want to just remind you to follow us on

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