MIAA Week Seven

October 12th, 2022 8:00pm

MIAA Week Seven

What a tremendous game down in Pittsburg, Over 10,000 fans were in attendance for the Pittsburg State 24-22 win over Northwest Missouri. A great atmosphere for a fun game that came down to a two-point conversion. The playoff chase is heating up. Let’s take a look at the teams with two or fewer losses in Super Region Three.

GAC (4): Ouachita Baptist (6-0), Harding (5-1), East Central (4-2) and Henderson State (4-2).

GLIAC (4): Grand Valley (6-0), Davenport (5-0), Ferris State (5-0) and Saginaw Valley (4-2).

GLVC (4): Indianapolis (5-0), Truman State (4-1), McKendree (4-2) and Quincy (3-2).

MIAA (7): Pittsburg State (6-0), Nebraska-Kearney (5-1), Central Oklahoma (4-2). Emporia State (4-2), Missouri Southern (4-2), Northwest Missouri (4-2) and Washburn (4-2).

That is 19 teams battling for seven spots. There are a few games that could knock teams from playoff contention this week:

Harding at Henderson State

Indianapolis at Saginaw Valley

Quincy at McKendree

Emporia State at Nebraska-Kearney

Washburn at Northwest Missouri

Let the madness begin.


Week Six Game Recaps

Pittsburg State 24 Northwest Missouri 22

Pittsburg State dominated the first half and Northwest Missouri scratched and crawled their way back into the game in the second half. I know the Bearcats were frustrated with the way the game ended. However, Pittsburg State was the better team and earned the win. I did not like that Pittsburg State went into a shell on offense in the second half but the gamble paid off. 


Nebraska-Kearney 39 Missouri Western 18

Nebraska-Kearney keeps rolling while Missouri Western keeps back sliding. The Griffons have lost four in a row after a hot start to the season. There is some room for optimism for Missouri Western. The Griffons did not have a single three and out and only punted once. Unfortunately, the Griffons turned the ball over twice, missed a field goal and turned it over on downs three times. As for Nebraska-Kearney, the Lopers ran the ball at 6 yards per carry. 


Washburn 45 Fort Hays 14

Chance Fuller was out again for Fort Hays and Washburn took full advantage. However, Fuller being out is not an excuse for the 45 points the Tigers defense allowed. This was the best Washburn has looked all season as the Ichabods completely dominated. Washburn is looking good heading into their showdown with Northwest Missouri this week. As for Fort Hays, this has been a brutal year for a team that was expected to contend for a playoff spot in 2022.


Emporia State 44 Central Missouri 27

How good is Braden Gleason? TJ Davis is the best player in the MIAA, but Gleason is the best passer. The Hornets offense shedded the Mules all day. Central Missouri scored a couple late touchdowns to make the score look better, but this was a blowout. 


Central Oklahoma 55 Northeastern State 6

Did you miss this game last Thursday? Do not worry, you did not miss much of a game. Central Oklahoma is flying under the radar a bit but the Bronchos are playing great football right now. The Bronchos can still make a lot of noise in 2022 with Washburn, Pittsburg State and Nebraska-Kearney still left on the schedule. 


Missouri Southern 37 Lincoln 14

Missouri Southern jumped out to a 17 point lead in the first quarter. Since Lincoln does not have Patrick Mahomes, the Blue Tigers were not making a comeback. Missouri Southern settled for three fields from inside 30 yards. The Lions will need to convert those opportunities into touchdowns the rest of the season. The Lions need two more wins to finish above .500 for the first time since 2013.


MIAA Week Seven Power Rankings

  1. Pittsburg State --

  2. Nebraska-Kearney --

  3. Northwest Missouri --

  4. Emporia State --

  5. Washburn --

  6. Central Oklahoma --

  7. Missouri Western --

  8. Missouri Southern --

  9. Fort Hays --

  10. Central Missouri --

  11. Northeastern State --

  12. Lincoln --


MIAA Picks

Last Week: 6-0 (100%) 

Season: 27-9 (75%)


Week Seven Game Previews

Two big games on the docket this week. A third loss will eliminate a team from playoff contention. Let’s dive in.


Game of the Week: Emporia State (3-2) at #13 Nebraska-Kearney (4-1)
Saturday, 1pm
All-time series: Nebraska-Kearney leads 14-11.
Last Year: Nebraska-Kearney won 42-35.


Emporia State


Points Scored

31.7 (2nd)

31.3 (3rd)

Points Allowed

21.0 (5th)

16.5 (3rd)

Total Offense

449.0 (2nd)

385.5 (5th)

Total Defense

344.3 (5th)

338.5 (3rd)

Pass Yards

312.3 (1st)

114.8 (12th)

Pass Yards Allowed

208.3 (6th)

220.0 (8th)

Rush Yards

136.7 (7th)

270.7 (1st) 

Rush Yards Allowed

136.0 (5th)

118.5 (3rd)

The two of the best offenses in the MIAA square off in Kearney this week. The Hornets do it with the arm of Braden Gleason while the Lopers use the legs of TJ Davis. Emporia State has to win out to have a shot at the playoffs this year. That would mean upsetting the Lopers this week and beating Northwest Missouri in the season finale. As for Nebraska-Kearney, the Lopers have been rolling since the loss to Pittsburg State in week two. I wanted to pull the trigger on the Hornets to pull off the upset but I could not pick against the Lopers rushing attack at home. Also, I have little faith in Emporia State’s kicking game. 

Nebraska-Kearney 31 Emporia State 30


Washburn (4-2) at #20 Northwest Missouri (4-2)
Saturday, 1:30pm
All-time series: Northwest Missouri leads 32-7.
Last Year: Washburn won 17-16.



Northwest Missouri

Points Scored

36.0 (1st)

27.8 (5th)

Points Allowed

23.8 (7th)

16.0 (T-1st)

Total Offense

453.2 (1st)

382.5 (6th)

Total Defense

395.0 (9th)

265.3 (1st)

Pass Yards

309.0 (2nd)

218.3 (5th)

Pass Yards Allowed

237.0 (10th)

227.3 (9th)

Rush Yards

144.2 (6th)

164.2 (4th)

Rush Yards Allowed

158.0 (6th)

38.0 (1st)

The best offense in the conference takes on the best defense in MIAA. Washburn has scored 35 or more points in five of their six games so far this year. On the other side, the Bearcats have yet to allow over 24 points this season. Something has to give and I do not believe it will be the Northwest Missouri defense. Now the Washburn defense has been putrid this season, especially against the pass. Can Northwest Missouri exploit that weakness? Who starts at quarterback for the Bearcats? Braden Wright has played through injury the last two weeks and got knocked out of the game last week on the final touchdown. Mike Hohensee was healthy enough to suit up and throw a touchdown on a trick play and attempted the 2pt conversion pass to try to tie the game. I expect Hohensee to be the starter this week. The loser of this game is officially eliminated from playoff contention. I do not think the Bearcats will let that happen, Northwest Missouri wins a close one.

Northwest Missouri 20 Washburn 17


Fort Hays (1-5) at Central Oklahoma (4-2)
Saturday, 2pm
All-time series: Central Oklahoma leads 8-6.
Last Year: Central Oklahoma won 24-14.


Fort Hays

Central Oklahoma

Points Scored

24.5 (8th)

27.5 (6th)

Points Allowed

31.7 (10th)

18.5 (4th)

Total Offense

378.3 (7th)

351.5 (8th)

Total Defense

379.7 (8th)

339.3 (4th)

Pass Yards

367.7 (3rd)

184.8 (9th)

Pass Yards Allowed

195.8 (4th)

211.2 (7th)

Rush Yards

110.7 (10th)

166.7 (3rd)

Rush Yards Allowed

183.8 (10th)

128.2 (4th)

I like what Central Oklahoma has shown me this year. The play at the line of scrimmage has improved dramatically since week one. Fort Hays on the other hand has been underwhelming. I can understand the offense struggling with Chance Fuller in and out lineup due to injuries, but the Tigers defense has been putrid this year. You do not see a Coach Brown led team allow 180 rushing yards per game. Central Oklahoma is the better football team this year and grind out a home win.

Central Oklahoma 27 Fort Hays 17


Missouri Southern (4-2) at Central Missouri (1-5)
Saturday, 1:30pm
All-time series: Central Missouri leads 24-16-2.
Last Year: Missouri Southern won 30-28.


Missouri Southern

Central Missouri

Points Scored

24.7 (7th)

19.5 (10th)

Points Allowed

22.3 (6th)

30.0 (9th)

Total Offense

326.2 (10th)

326.8 (9th)

Total Defense

347.3 (T-6th)

423.8 (11th)

Pass Yards

166.2 (10th)

218.2 (6th)

Pass Yards Allowed

187.5 (3rd)

243.5 (11th)

Rush Yards

160.0 (5th)

108.7 (11th)

Rush Yards Allowed

159.8 (7th)

180.3 (9th)

Last year Missouri Southern stunned Central Missouri with a 30-28 win in Joplin, this year the Lions are the favorites going into the game. Missouri Southern has vastly improved over the last two years, especially on defense. On the other sideline, Central Missouri cannot run the ball and the defense is a leaky faucet. That is not a winning formula, hence the 1-5 record. Those five loses were against top teams in the MIAA and the schedule lightens up down the stretch for the Mules. A win here could set the stage for a strong finish to the season. But in the end, I am taking Missouri Southern in this one.

Missouri Southern 24 Central Missouri 23


Missouri Western (2-4) at Northeastern State (1-5)
Saturday, 4pm
All-time series: Missouri Western leads 11-0.
Last Year: Missouri Western won 57-24.


Missouri Western

Northeastern State

Points Scored

22.3 (9th)

16.8 (11th)

Points Allowed

24.7 (8th)

26.8 (11th)

Total Offense

407.7 (3rd)

262.2 (11th)

Total Defense

347.3 (T-6th)

405.0 (10th)

Pass Yards

197.7 (7th)

150.2 (11th)

Pass Yards Allowed

186.0 (2nd)

199.8 (5th)

Rush Yards

210.0 (2nd)

112.0 (9th)

Rush Yards Allowed

161.3 (8th)

205.2 (11th)

Missouri Western has lost four games in a row butI do not think this is a bad football team. The Griffons have moved the ball on offense (third in total offense) but have not executed in the redzone resulting in poor results on the scoreboard (ninth in scoring offense). There is still a chance for Missouri Western to win four out of five to end the season and finish above .500. It starts this Saturday, the Griffons will get a much needed win over Northeastern State.

Missouri Western 52 Northeastern State 20


#6 Pittsburg State (6-0) at Lincoln (0-6)
Saturday, 2pm
All-time series: Pittsburg State leads 11-0.
Last Year: Pittsburg State won 59-7.


Pittsburg State


Points Scored

30.2 (4th)

10.7 (12th)

Points Allowed

16.0 (T-1st)

45.7 (12th)

Total Offense

396.0 (4th)

248.2 (12th)

Total Defense

279.0 (2nd)

502.3 (12th)

Pass Yards

264.0 (4th)

188.7 (8th)

Pass Yards Allowed

185.5 (1st)

289.8 (12th)

Rush Yards

132.0 (8th)

59.5 (12th)

Rush Yards Allowed

93.5 (2nd)

212.5 (12th)

The best team in the MIAA travels to Jefferson City to take on the winless Lincoln Blue Tigers. Great timing for this game for Pittsburg State. The Gorillas get a week to get healthy and ramp up for the final month of the season to preserve their undefeated record.

Pittsburg State 56 Lincoln 6