MIAA Column Changing Hands

June 27th, 2023 8:00am

MIAA Column Changing Hands

We are about two months from the start of the 2023 MIAA football season. Unfortunately, I will not be writing this column for the upcoming season. 

I have been blessed to write this column for three seasons over the last four years (curse you COVID for stealing the 2020 season). The countless hours of researching, writing, watching and attending games have been worth every second. Thank you so much for reading this column along the way.

I love D2 Football and especially the MIAA. This decision was a difficult one for me to make. I was in the insurance industry over the last three years. If anyone knows anything about insurance, it is that insurance is boring. This column brought much needed joy to my life. In February I left the insurance world and this August I am entering the world of teaching. With this career change, I knew I had to give something up so that I could give the high school kids I will be teaching my best efforts. I am still going to cover high school 8-man football in Missouri this fall. I know this column takes time and effort and it deserves to get that dedication from the columnist. I would not be able to fulfill that requirement this year. That would not be fair to the readers, student-athletes and the teams of the MIAA. The most passionate conference in D2 Football deserves the best.

So while I will be taking a step back from this column, I still plan on helping with D2Football.com in some form and fashion. I cannot walk away from the talent that is going to be on the field this fall in the MIAA. From TJ Davis to Braden Gleason to Chad Dodson to Mike Hohensee. The MIAA is stacked with excellent quarterbacks and the defenses are top notch. I am not sure what my new role will look like right now, but I am definitely going to be in and around D2 Football. 

Anyways, the column will be in good hands. My friend and colleague Anthony Crane will be taking over for me. Be nice to Anthony, especially you Bearcat fans, even though he is a Missouri Western alum.