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Mascot:Red Raiders
Colors:Red & Blue


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Stadium:Seth Grove Stadium

2019 Shippensburg Schedule

Record: 0:3


09/07/2019 1:00pm

ClarionClarion   Watch    Listen    Live Stats48
ShippensburgShippensburg   Watch    Live Stats28


09/14/2019 6:00pm

ShippensburgShippensburg   Watch    Live Stats19
Slippery RockSlippery Rock (17)   Watch    Listen    Live Stats54


09/21/2019 1:00pm

ShippensburgShippensburg   Watch    Live Stats7
Cal UCal U   Watch    Listen    Live Stats58

09/28/2019 1:00pm

BloomsburgBloomsburg   Watch    Listen    Live Stats0
ShippensburgShippensburg   Watch    Live Stats0

10/05/2019 1:00pm

West ChesterWest Chester   Watch    Listen    Live Stats0
ShippensburgShippensburg   Watch    Live Stats0

10/12/2019 12:00pm

ShippensburgShippensburg   Watch    Live Stats0
ShepherdShepherd   Listen    Live Stats0

10/19/2019 1:00pm

MillersvilleMillersville   Watch    Live Stats0
ShippensburgShippensburg   Watch    Live Stats0

10/26/2019 2:00pm

ShippensburgShippensburg   Watch    Live Stats0
KutztownKutztown   Watch    Listen    Live Stats0

11/02/2019 1:00pm

ShippensburgShippensburg   Watch    Live Stats0

11/09/2019 6:00pm

ShippensburgShippensburg   Watch    Live Stats0
East StroudsburgEast Stroudsburg   Watch    Listen    Live Stats0

11/16/2019 1:00pm

IUPIUP   Watch    Listen    Live Stats0
ShippensburgShippensburg   Watch    Live Stats0

Recent Shippensburg Columns

PSAC East - Week 3 Preview

September 20th, 2019 8:00am

We are one week away from divisional matchups.  This week is the second round of all out-of-division, inter-PSAC conference matchups. 

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PSAC East - Week 1 Recap / Week 2 Preview

September 10th, 2019 12:00pm

The opening week is behind us.  The PSAC-East did their part to help the PSAC earn a clean sweep on Thursday night as the conference as a whole went 5-0 to kick off the 2019 season. 

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PSAC East Preview Week One

September 5th, 2019 9:00am

Week 1 has arrived throughout the land of NCAA Division II football.  It's mostly an out-of-conference matchup week for the PSAC-East. 

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PSAC East Season Preview

September 4th, 2019 8:00pm

It’s the time of year many of us have waited for—time to get a new season of Division II football underway. In less than 24 hours the opening games of the season will be playing out on football fields across the region.

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